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My fiancé purchased here and it was disappointing!

2.0/ 5

An impersonal experience to ruin your special occasion The customer service was immovable, impersonal, and cold when trying to resolve issues that arose. Their communication regarding our issue was quite dismissive and failed to offer any accountability or compromise; and writing off everything to things outside their control. It was a simple issue and their process made it clear that they are unconcerned with the person. It demonstrated an all too common failure among businesses; a failure to remember that you are serving and collaborating with people who are coming to you to purchase an item to commemorate the best of times and the worst of times (in moments of loss); and that shortsighted focus on profit to the absolute exclusion of the people, the human beings you are working with is really disheartening and unsettling. The quality and policy issues were a concern, but their aloof and unaccountable approach is really what made the experience feel terrible and callous. Practically speaking: the quality was not as expected. It appeared, in person, more like fancy costume jewelry than fine jewelry to commemorate a special occasion. The photos as seen on the site also fail to provide ample and accurate profiles of the ring, which is really important!

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Not satisfied

3.0/ 5

Poor organization of work. There are shortcomings at each stage. The site is designed inconveniently for most users. There is a lot of excesses and it is difficult to find the necessary information. The prices are incredibly overpriced. I wonder why? Because you say: we have unique ideas! Yes, I’ll draw you a dozen ideas in 30 minutes much better, just an advertising move and no more. Also the support service: when I contacted them in an interactive chat, after receiving my messages, the girl redirected me to write an email. And what functions does it have? I saw the email myself on the website! The overall impression of the company is negative. I used the services only once and for the next purchases, I will choose another more reliable and experienced company.

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1 Reviews

Elegant jewelry

4.0/ 5

I ordered a gorgeous ring for my mom’s birthday. Elegant jewelry, laconic and luxurious at the same time. I can’t put into words how much I liked this product. I also ordered an engraving, made some changes to the design, and the jewelers perfectly coped with the task. The price also suited me, I expected it to be more expensive. This is from pleasant impressions. Now about the not quite pleasant. The parcel was delayed and mom did not receive a gift on her birthday as planned. The delay was not the fault of the delivery. The delay occurred because they could not finish on time. Yes, the result is great. But too slow. If jewelers worked a little faster, I would call this company the best today.

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1 Reviews

Incredible design

5.0/ 5

Incredible, just incredible design! Have you seen these rings? I was so impressed, I just fell in love with these products and just couldn’t refuse to buy. I applaud those designers and jewelers who have created such magnificent models. I am not a beginner and I understand jewelry, I buy quite a lot and often, but I saw this design for the first time. Each ring is a real work of art! Take a closer look at how the stones are arranged, how every detail is thought out! When I chose a ring and made a purchase, I had some doubts: would I get what I saw on the site. However, my doubts were in vain, and I received a magnificent ring at an affordable price. I give the company 5 stars, but if it was fashionable to give 10, then I would do it.

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1 Reviews

Capucinne Review

4.0/ 5

Everything is fine in this company, but I don’t like the approach to certification. Certificates are added only to some diamonds. At the same time, the company can arrange certificates for an additional fee. GIA certificates cost US$ 500. For other stones, the price of certificates depends on the specific stone. Do you think this is normal? This is nonsense. YOU either certify the product or not. That is, depending on the weight of the diamond, it is either certified or not. That’s what the support service explained to me. Guys, why should I think about the certificate myself? Isn’t that your job? I understand that the certificate costs money, but you should pay this money, not me.

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What is  Capucinne?

Each piece of jewelry is a work of art to which the jeweler gives a part of his soul. At least that’s how it should be. Then the buyer will wear the product with pleasure. Capucinne company offers its customers exactly such products: every ring, every diamond is made and presented with love and care for the client. The company is quite young, however, was able to establish itself well on international platforms. In 2016, this company started with a simple store in Slovenia, but the development was so rapid that today all lovers of gold products know about Capucine. The range that the company offers is very different from what most competitors offer. The models are very bright, sometimes unusual and bizarre, immediately attracting attention. Many experts speak with interest about this company and predict its growth in the future. The company focuses on extraordinary and bright products that have no analogs. If you are interested in silver jewelry, then you can become a client of a subsidiary company, Capucinne Blue. So, Capucine is undoubtedly breaking records for the activity of jewelry sales online. The growth records are obvious. The company is developing rapidly, although it does not invest a lot of money in advertising. Advertising happens by itself from satisfied customers. The company’s website is very popular in the world not only because of the assortment but also because of the settings. These settings help to choose the perfect jewelry according to the most diverse parameters with minimal time. Even if you have your own idea that you dream of visualizing, the company’s specialists will easily make your dream come true thanks to the latest modern technologies and capabilities. “To give people joy and help them express themselves through jewelry” is the company’s motto, which each of the employees follows. All employees of the company should, first of all, think about the comfort of the client: this is required by the management and this scheme is adhered to by everyone who wants to work in the company. Jewelers and stonecutters who work in the company have a particularly good reputation. Their skill is amazing. It is known that the company’s management hires the best craftsmen from different parts of the world. At the moment, positive reviews prevail among customer reviews around the world. There are a lot more of them than negative ones. The company also actively communicates with clients on social networks, which helps to promptly listen to criticism, listen to new ideas, and monitor the needs of the client and their wishes.

Are Capucinne diamonds good?

Today it is quite easy to conclude about the quality of diamonds of any company. The laboratory gives the appropriate certificate, which describes in detail all the characteristics of the gemstone. The stones that Capucinne sells are undoubted of high quality, in addition, the company’s management pays great attention to the process of their extraction. Attention is also focused on suppliers. It is very important for the company that diamonds are mined in conflict-free zones and suppliers have nothing to do with conflicts. The requirements of the Kimberley Process are the most important parameter when choosing a reliable supplier. This applies not only to diamonds but also to other stones that are used in the creation of jewelry. The suppliers of precious stones of this company are mainly from Europe. All of them adhere to the rules of the Kimberley Process, according to which, when trading, the possibility of financing rebels and other people related to conflicts is excluded.

The diamond rings that the company sells are a vivid example of how the brand’s specialists know how to handle diamonds.


The ability to emphasize the beauty of the stone is one of the main distinguishing features of Capucinne jewelers. Important! Certificates are added only to products with diamonds weighing more than 0.5 carats. At the same time, the company can arrange certificates for an additional fee. GIA certificates cost US$ 500. For other stones, the price of certificates depends on the specific stone. You can find out more about this in the support service, where information on each specific stone will be provided. In general, world experts say that this company does not use bad diamonds, and considering also the original design, jewelry from their collections can be called high-level products.

Capucinne most popular models

As we mentioned earlier, the company is very different from its competitors in the models of its jewelry. Interesting fact: in different countries, people’s tastes regarding jewelry collections are very different. For example, the British prefer more classic models. Italians like brighter, more memorable and unusual products.

One of the most popular models among foreign buyers last year was the KLARA MOSS AGATE RING with diamonds. Even skeptics found the idea of this ring great.


An incredible idea, a wonderful combination of stones and a stylish design. The price of such a ring as of February 2022 is one thousand dollars. This is an engagement ring made of moss agate with a green gemstone of hexagonal or octagonal cut and round white diamonds . A unique alternative geometric wedding ring has attracted the attention of modern newlyweds.

Another popular model is the VERA LAVENDER SAPPHIRE RING.


The ring contains a lavender sapphire weighing 1.9 – 2 carats. This is a natural stone that has a unique bright lavender color. A certificate must be attached to the ring. At the request of the buyer, a similar ring design can be presented with sapphires of a different color: peach, red, orange, green …

It is also worth mentioning the ring that greatly impressed diamond lovers. We are talking about a model called GIANNA ONE CARAT


This is a fairly expensive model worth more than thousands of dollars. The model simultaneously combines a classic style with the use of diamonds and an alternative direction with a unique shape. This ring is for lovers of architecture and minimalism, a magnificent piece of jewelry in the Art Deco style!

Is Capucinne good for engagement rings?

According to many world experts, the company has become the founder of completely new styles and trends in engagement rings. Unexpected design solutions attracted the attention of not only experts but also buyers to the company’s collections. Undoubtedly, the wedding rings that the company offers to its, customers are known for their originality. The company’s designers use different stones, mix styles, and present completely new solutions to customers! Today, the company offers customers not only more than 300 unique models but is also ready to help in creating a ring according to its own design. The site is perfectly equipped for this, besides experienced jewelers will help with advice. After you fill out the custom order form, the company’s employees create a sketch, then a wax model. If you have approved the layout, then the finished ring will be left to you in 7 = 8 weeks after approval. Uniqueness is the main advantage of rings in this company. All jewelry lines cannot be confused with any other. At the same time, experts and specialists note that the jewelry collections of this company have undergone a real evolution. From laconic and classic models, they have grown into incredible experiments with colors, Stones, and metals. On social networks, you can see a lot of positive reviews about collections of jewelry for weddings and engagements. More than 90 percent of buyers are satisfied with the product and write that they are ready to recommend the company to their friends.

Capucinne payment options

The company stands out among competitors because, in addition to standard payments by debit and credit cards, cryptocurrency is accepted for payment. This is a very important point that many customers pay attention to. Not all jewelry companies can offer such services to their customers. So, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the list of cryptocurrencies that the company works with: BITCOIN, DAI, BITCOIN CASH, ETHEREUM, LITECOIN, USDC. The process of buying using cryptocurrencies does not differ significantly from a standard purchase. In addition to this function, the company has developed payment programs for goods in installments. As for card payments, sometimes there may be a problem with the order amount exceeding your credit limit or your card will be rejected for other reasons. In this case, initially, you will need to contact your bank because in 90 percent of cases the transaction failure is the fault of the bank. You can also pay for the goods via PayPal, according to many customers it is very convenient and many use this service. When paying this way, just use your PayPal details and log in to complete the order. Regarding installment payments, initially, you need to contact the support service and inform in what order and for how many months you plan to make the payment, by this, the optimal plan will be selected for you.The company also offers an Affiliate marketing program that can help earn commissions. Affiliate marketing allows the website owner to receive commissions for qualified sales to which he belongs capucinne.com .

Capucinne warranty

The company provides good and reliable guarantees. For example, the warranty on the product is 1 year and is valid if the product has not been subjected to serious impacts. If the experts see any damage to the product, the refund will not be carried out. This is justified by the relevant article in the Law on Consumer Rights. Also, by this law, if there is a manufacturing defect or defect, the company is obliged to take back the product and repair it within a maximum of 45 days.

If the manufacturer does not repair the goods within the term or does not replace the goods with a new one, the consumer may terminate the contract.

Capucinne return policy

The refund system exists, however, only for those products that were not made to order. You must notify the company about the refund within a maximum of 2 weeks. After placing an order for a refund, you send the goods by mail, but you pay for the delivery yourself. Unlike some firms that take these worries on themselves, in this case, the client pays regardless of which country the order was made from. In principle, the product, taking into account the road, must be returned no later than 30 days after the order is received. What happens to individual orders? Such jewelry can be returned only if you find a manufacturing defect or the product is very different from what you ordered. If the product is somehow personalized, if there is an engraving on it, for example, then such a product also cannot be returned for a very significant reason. The Company reserves the right to refuse to return goods that, according to the results of the experts’ assessment, are not suitable for sale, damaged, or have signs of use. Important! The fact that you did not like the product can not be a reason for a refund.

Capucinne customer service

Every day, the w service receives a lot of calls and most of them are made by people who have not read the list of the most frequently asked questions. But to get acquainted with these questions is the fastest way to find answers to your questions about products. If you have a question that is not on inonhe list, then contact the company by email:

Nevertheless, according to customer reviews, chat remains the most convenient method of communicating with customers. In an interactive chat, they answer almost a slice and advise on the most important issues.

Q Are Capucinne real diamonds?

The company uses only real diamonds, the quality of which can be easily confirmed by any leading laboratory in the world

Q Does Capucinne have sales?

Not as often as customers would like. But sales and discounts are still being made. You need to follow the announcements on the company's website and on social networks.

Q Where are Capucinne from?

Diamonds are bought only from suppliers from conflict-free zones, a lot of attention is paid to this point

Q Will be charged tax for my order?

Buyers are responsible for all customs fees, taxes, or receiving fees incurred.

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