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1.0/ 5

They lie about their products and shipping, their customer service is a joke, they do not return calls/emails/chats, and they will steal your money! Read this review and others on this site about shoddy quality and business practices. I ordered a diamond and opal bracelet for my wedding anniversary from Allurez.com in July 2023. According to the order, it would ship in 2-5 days and I would receive it in plenty of time for our anniversary a few weeks later. The claimed carat weight of the opals was 13.2ct. I asked if this was accurate since they also said they were 6x4mm opals, which they also sell on their site separately and weigh about 0.25ct each. They assured me it would be close to the stated 13.2ct, but doing simple math it adds up to around 5.5ct. I decided to take their word thinking maybe there was some extra thickness or something and it would be documented when I received the item (more on this later). 10 days go by and nothing on shipping. I inquired and they told me they were still working on it. Another week goes by, and they claim they were going to have it overnighted that day, but that was a lie. Another week went by and I asked to cancel it since my anniversary had passed. They then informed me that I could not cancel it since their policy only allows cancellation within the first 24 hours after ordering. I informed them I would return the item immediately upon receiving it since they missed the date. I received the item a full month after ordering. There was no documentation included with the item at all. The opals were standard 6x4mm and thus the opals were well under (less than half) the claimed weight. I opened the box, took a picture, closed the box and that was it and immediately requested an RMA from Allurez. I shipped it back in the original packaging exactly per the instructions. They then claimed the item showed signs of wear and was not sent back in original packaging and thus not eligible for return. This of course is yet another lie used by them to try to shirk their return policy. They have been unreachable since August on any attempt to get a refund or even discuss the issue. As of late November 2023, they still have over $6000 of my money AND they have the item. These people are thieves plain and simple. I’ve purchased from other reputable jewelers such as Anjolee, Blue Nile, Siag, James Allen, and others, ALL have included documentation and provided me with a quality product that was accurately represented and shipped within the stated timelines. In some cases, I have returned items and easily received a refund without any hassle. This is by far the worst retail experience I have ever had. Do yourself a favor and take your money to any number of other jewelers who will give you better quality products and treat you decently. I have cases open with BBB and my credit card company to try to get my money back. Save yourself the hassle and take your money elsewhere!

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Took one month to deliver but worth the wait

4.0/ 5

I can’t say anything bad about the company’s products. Rings, earrings, and necklaces are gorgeous. The diamonds are also beautifully cut and incredibly professionally processed. But an unpleasant story happened with the last purchase. Item took approximately ONE MONTH to arrive (missed the occasion it was originally for). Why such a negligent attitude? The support service didn’t even apologize to me. They just said that if the product should come by a certain date, then it should be warned about it. Why should I warn you guys? Your rules specify the delivery time, so try to fulfill your promises. If three days are declared and the goods go for a month, then this is not a small failure, but a big mistake on your part

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1 Reviews

Not happy with customer support

3.0/ 5

All the enthusiastic comments about the support service are not true. Worst customer service experience of my life. I ordered an engagement ring on December 1st. I hope it’s not necessary to explain that this purchase was very important and I was preparing for the day when I would give a necklace to my girlfriend. I specifically asked that if the ring could not be guaranteed to arrive by December 25 I would like to cancel my order immediately. Yes, I have repeated several times that I need exactly this date and at the slightest doubt, I will not buy a ring! The support service assured me many times that there would be no problems, but the ring did not arrive on time. I got my money back without any problems, but I got a rock and I don’t trust this company anymore.

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Needs better service

4.0/ 5

This company needs to solve its technical problems as quickly as possible. It’s not the first time I’ve heard complaints, and now I’m finally faced with such a situation myself. Ordered a ring, and where the money through the next day. But THREE WEEKS after, the order was still “In Process”. I understand that there are technical problems on the site. However, they refuse to admit it. When placing an order, many people have errors. Guys, you have a lot of customers and your system cannot withstand the influx of visitors to the site. This is obvious even to me. Don’t you have enough money to hire good specialists? If there are more such failures, then I will abandon this brand even though I like the products.

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1 Reviews

Beautiful and unique

5.0/ 5

I’m thrilled. However, I have no words to describe the wedding set that we bought on this site. This wedding ring set is so unique, when people ask to see it, they say ” OMG! THAT IS BEAUTIFUL. Where did you get that? “. You know, there are a lot of unusual and bright models on this site that you want to buy immediately! Jewelry from this brand is very different from competitors. I mean not only the design but also the value for money. I do not know and do not understand how the company manages to sell such expensive things so cheaply, but I am sure that I have become a regular customer of this site.

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1 Reviews

Do not let the Convenience fool you

1.0/ 5

WARNING STAY AWAY. This is my first ever bad review on an item purchased. My fiancé purchased my engagement ring at the end of 2022. He proposed to me on Christmas Eve. Just 2 months later my stone fell out and was lost. I was very careful with my ring and was distraught. When we called Allurez they said a lost stone was not covered in the warranty which I understood. The solution give was they could replace the diamond for me if I purchased a new one. I decided to take my ring to a local more reputable jeweler who was shocked by my ring setting. That the setting that had been “custom” made to hold my oval diamond was for a square or rectangular diamond. This is when I became irritated. Not only did I have cleaning company’s come out to search for the stone, but I had someone come out and take apart my washer just for the hope that stone would be in there. All this time thinking it was my fault. Then finding out that not only was my setting wrong but there should have been no way my stone should’ve fallen out after only 2 months of having. I called the Allurez 1-800 number just to be told that everything from them was custom… “apparently custom for a square diamond”. I do believe the setting was custom but that custom was wrong. That I could send my setting back to be evaluated, or I could pay to replace the stone. No thank you. I WOULD NOT HAVE TO REPLACE THE STONE IF THE SETTING HAD BEEN CORRECT. At this point I have already purchased a stone and paid a reputable jeweler to fix my prongs to fit correctly around my shape diamond. Don’t go through the same emotional rollercoaster I went through. Go spend your money elsewhere. The convenience of the online purchase is not worth the quality you will receive.

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1 Reviews

Is Allurez Legit?

5.0/ 5

This company has a lot of dignity. It seems to me that everyone knows about the quality of the goods, so it’s not even worth talking about it. I’ll tell you about the support service. Great customer service. I was having an issue with my payment method and was worried that getting this ring was”t gonna happen. The guys helped me solve all the problems. They spoke to me very politely and patiently. Believe me, I have talked to dozens of people from the support service earlier. And I have never had to deal with such professional employees as in Allurez. Without a doubt, I can recommend this company because they think about customers and sell high-quality jewelry.

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What is Allurez?

The company is undoubtedly among the best. This is evidenced by many factors, in addition to positive customer reviews, the quality of products is also confirmed by several world-renowned experts. The main focus of the company’s work is on the quality of diamonds and precious metals. The company started its work in 2010 and many analysts call the success of this jewelry brand “rapid”.

The company’s executives had a plan according to which the work was developing. For example, one of the important points of the plan was undoubtedly the participation of only top-level professionals in the process. The company did not employ mid-level specialists. Also in the plan of the company’s management, there was an item “price reduction”. Yes, the managers have done everything possible to sell jewelry of the highest quality at low prices. Of course, it took a while to achieve this, it took time. Nevertheless, a few years after the start of work, buyers were able to evaluate the result.

At the moment, many experts recognize the company as the benchmark of the optimal price-quality ratio. The successful policy of building the assortment and pricing has led to the fact that the company is named one of the most actively flown in America. The company continues to improve the system to do everything possible to optimize price reduction. Because in the first meta, according to the company’s management, there are customers.

If we talk about the assortment, initially the greatest emphasis was placed on wedding rings and their design. Nevertheless, over time, the situation began to change, and the assortment expanded because today the company’s assortment includes a lot of various jewelry besides rings.

Masters make jewelry of this brand at the factory in New York. An important point is also the fact that the company’s management pays very much attention to the origin of diamonds. Diamonds are bought only in ethical zones. By the way, according to the research of the company’s analysts, it is diamonds and diamond products that are served most actively. Diamonds have been and remain the bestseller of this brand. All diamonds are certified. The company is not among the companies that try to avoid certification. In addition to wedding rings and wedding sets, the company sells products such as watches, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, and earrings.

Allurez Pros and Cons


  • Good value for money
  • Professional support service
  • The ability to pay for the goods in different ways
  • Convenient return system
  • A wide range of high-quality jewelry
  • Diamonds with very good characteristics


  • The warranty for the product is only 12 months
  • Sometimes there are delays in delivery
  • Sometimes the products in the photo and reality are different

Is Allurez jewelry good?

Undoubtedly, the company offers a very wide selection of jewelry, which of course is not limited to rings. If we look at the assortment as a whole, we will see that in recent years, attention to each category has been significantly “leveled”. For example, a few years ago in the production of the company, maximum attention was paid to wedding rings. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this, but some customers complained about the small assortment in other categories. Well, the company’s executives listened to the wishes of their customers and now you can see an incredible number of bracelets, earrings and pendants, necklaces. Every piece of jewelry on this site is of high quality. You can choose ready-made jewelry models, or you can form them according to your taste.

For example, the site has a function with which you can independently choose the material and stone that will be used in your jewelry.

It is also worth mentioning that not only diamonds are used in the company’s jewelry. You can also buy products with topaz, opal, ruby, sapphire, and other stones.

Recently, many vintage models have appeared among the company’s jewelry. This fact made the company’s customers very happy, many customers thanked the managers in their comments for expanding the assortment in the vintage direction.

In addition, the company has taken an important step toward expanding its customer base: now there are many pieces of jewelry for men and products with the image of the zodiac sign in the assortment.

The company constantly offers its customers new surprises, and the designer is working on creating new models.

Is Allurez good for engagement rings?

Sure. After all, wedding rings are one of the company’s greatest strengths. It was with wedding rings that the undisputed success of the brand began.

Indeed, it is in this category of goods that special attention should be focused on because the brand’s wedding rings are famous all over the world. Many models have become popular far beyond America.

So, on the website you can buy wedding rings with:

  • Diamonds
  • Gemstone
  • Lab Diamond
  • Moissanite

For many years in a row, diamond rings have remained at the top. Indeed, the models, the design approach, and the quality of these rings make a strong impression on buyers.

The company’s clients can buy a ready-made wedding ring, but also with the help of filters on the site, they can replace the stone, the material. That is, it is not only possible to design a ring to your taste, but also very easy.

As soon as you start modeling the ring on the site using filters, you will see a question from the support service “How can we help you? “. With the help of an interactive chat, a support representative can virtually accompany you to help if problems suddenly arise.

It is worth noting that ring modeling is also popular, as is the purchase of ready-made models. After all, the range of ready-made models is constantly replenished.

For example, recently a lot of excitement has been observed around the rings of the antique orientation. At first glance, these are ordinary wedding rings, but if you look closely and evaluate them from a professional point of view, then you can see the antique design in the ring. An important point is the fact that antique motifs are perfectly combined with modern trends.

The price of wedding rings is not too high. However, it is the affordable prices for high-quality rings that have always distinguished this company from its competitors.

Therefore, we compared all the factors with confidence, it is fashionable to say that this company sells good wedding rings.

Are Allurez diamonds good?

Many articles have been written about the diamonds that this company uses in its work. Indeed, there are a lot of positive reviews about the diamonds of this brand. For example, the company offers a wide variety of diamond shapes. Among them:

  • Round
  • Cushion
  • Asscher
  • Oval
  • Pear
  • Princess
  • Emerald
  • Marquise
  • Radiant
  • Heart

Diamonds that are used in the creation of products are necessarily certified. This is a prerequisite, without which the diamond will not be used in the product.

Important! Do not think that the diamond certificate does not matter. According to managers, this idea is popularized by those companies that do not want to spend extra money on certification.

All the precious stones used in the brand’s jewelry are natural and of high quality. The company guarantees this fact one hundred percent. In addition, there is information on the official website of the company that when customers re-sell products, it turns out selling the goods is twice as expensive after evaluating the product by experts.

This suggests that the company sells very high-quality diamonds at a very low price. Important! The company does not use synthetic or laboratory-grown diamonds in the creation of its products.

The company uses diamonds in various types of jewelry. Experts often point out the fact with professionalism the company’s jewelers can emphasize the beauty of even the smallest diamond.

Is Allurez good for watches?

Initially, most of the company’s customers focused only on the wedding rings of this brand and did not pay much attention to watches. But gradually, when the company began to gain momentum in popularity, the watch also came to the fore. So, what can be said about the watches of this brand? The watch is of high quality.

There are watches for men, for women, and unisex. All three categories are very popular at the moment. Representatives of the company claim that the brand’s watches are very carefully created following the style. It is the style of watch that has recently been given maximum attention.

For example, everyone has known about the quality of watches for a long time: the quality is time-tested. But from the point of view of style and design, the company has a lot of competitors with whom it has to constantly fight. At the moment, the company offers both traditional models of watches and ultra-modern models. It is fashionable to choose a watch on the site according to your preferences thanks to very convenient filters. It is fashionable to choose a product not only by price categories but also by material, shape, dial, and other parameters. Today, these watches are undoubtedly among the best, they are bought all over the world. If quality and style are important to you, you can be sure that watches of this brand are a good choice.

Allurez Payments

The payment system that the company offers is undoubtedly very convenient. The client can choose a lot of convenient options. For example, the company accepts credit and debit cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. You can also send money by bank transfer. This scheme is most often used to transfer money from another country. You can also pay for jewelry using Amazon by placing an order on this service. Most often you can hear questions about PayPal. At the moment, the answer is positive: you can pay for the purchase using this system. The company does everything possible to make the payment convenient, also offering financing programs. It is possible to pay in installments, there is also an Affirm program with which you can choose the most convenient option for you to pay for the goods in installments.

Allurez Delivery

If we are talking about delivery within America, then delivery will be free if the order amount exceeds a thousand dollars. If your order costs less than a thousand dollars, then you will pay about $ 5 for delivery. By the way, the rule of “thousands of dollars” also applies to sending to other countries: if the order exceeds the specified amount, the client does not pay for prosperity. We remind you that international customers are required to pay any applicable customs duties, duties, or taxes that their country requires when importing goods. This amount has nothing to do with the company’s payment policy, therefore, this amount will not be returned for refunds, of course. The list of countries in which delivery is carried out is updated from time to time. For example, as of today, goods cannot be delivered to Nigeria and several other countries. Most items will be shipped out within 1-3 business days. If you are waiting for a piece of jewelry by a certain day and the delay may spoil your plans, then please notify the support service about this circumstance to adjust the terms of shipment.

Allurez Warranty

The company’s warranty period is 12 months, but if you wish, you can buy additional years of warranty, it’s inexpensive. So, here is a list of what exactly the warranty covers. The company is guaranteed to help you in the matter of changing the size of the ring. The company’s jewelers will polish and apply a rhodium coating on your jewelry. This will help to keep the product from scratches.

The warranty also covers the manufacturer’s defects. Of course, such a case is practically impossible given the quality control, but still, this item is included in the list. The warranty does not work if there are lost stones or stolen parts; damage caused by improper use or negligence; or general wear and tear, such as scratches and dents; The shipping cost for warranty service is paid by the customer.

Allurez Return Policy

According to the company’s return policy, you can return the product within 30 days. Of course, provided that the product is in its original condition, packed, and not used.

Diamonds or diamond jewelry should only be returned together with the original Certificate. If there is no certificate, the company will deduct about $ 300 from the buyer.

You cannot return personalized jewelry with engravings or make it according to an individual sketch.

Allurez customer service

The support service of this company is famous all over the world and has even been awarded certificates of honor. Indeed, the support staff is working 100 percent. You can call customer support at 1-800-554-3509, Outside the USA: 646-627-7353.

You can also contact the support service by writing an email at service@Allurez.com

or using an interactive hour on a web page. For text messages, you can use the number 646-846-7900

Q Is Shopping With Allurez.Com Secure?

Yes. It is safe because the company uses the latest technologies to save customer data and prevent fraud.

Q Can I Send Someone A Gift From Allurez.Com Or Ship it To A Different Address Than Mine?

Yes, there is a function for adding addresses on the site. You will see the function during the checkout process.

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