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Got my money back

3.0/ 5

Terrible quality. I don’t understand who writes all these rave reviews about the quality of the product! Or they sent me a fake. I don’t understand what happened. I got a ring in which the diamonds barely held. The fastenings are very weak. I had to contact support representatives via video link and show them what happened. At first, they tried to blame me, but I managed to prove my case. Of course, I returned the goods and got my money back, but I was left with a very negative impression. Even if it was an isolated case, I don’t want to take any more risks and use the services of this company.

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1 Reviews

Reliable company and worthy of attention

4.0/ 5

I consider this company reliable and worthy of attention. For many years I have been buying gifts on this site for my wife and relatives, and everyone is satisfied. However, I can’t give 5 stars because of one unpleasant incident. On the eve of the New Year, I ordered a bracelet for my sister, and the order was supposed to come just before the holiday. And so it happened, the order arrived on time, but it was not the bracelet I ordered at all! I was also outraged because there was no time left to exchange the goods. You know, it’s very difficult to do this on holidays. Of course, in the first days of January, I resolved the issue with the support service and they apologized to me. Now I got the bracelet I wanted, but this incident left an unpleasant impression.

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1 Reviews

Delayed delivery

4.0/ 5

A great selection of jewelry and terrible delivery. That’s how I can characterize this company. I do not know why a company of this level cannot optimize the delivery process of its goods or conclude contracts with decent delivery companies. It was very important for me to get the ring on time: it was a gift for my husband for the anniversary. I even called the support service and warned about how important it was that the order arrived on time. I was offered to place an urgent order, but I refused because it was not necessary: there were 12 days left before the anniversary. I still can’t figure out what happened, but the order came 14 days after the application was processed. Later they explained to me that this is the fault of the mail, but I still think that in this situation there is a fault of the company that cannot optimize the process.

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1 Reviews

Helpful support services

5.0/ 5

I’m new to online shopping. Usually, I bought jewelry only in stores, after trying it on, touching and thinking. Nevertheless, my friends convinced me that it’s worth trying shopping online. Indeed, this way I saved a lot of time, and in the end, I got exactly the result I expected. I also can’t say anything bad about the delivery. In the comments, I read a lot of negativity about the delivery, but I was lucky and my order was delivered on time. In addition, I really enjoyed communicating with the representatives of the support service: the guys showed patience and answered all my questions in detail. I had a lot of questions as a beginner, so I thank the support service operators for their help.

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1 Reviews

Is Stephen Einhorn Legit?

5.0/ 5

Unfortunately, nowadays it is quite difficult to find really high-quality jewelry. I am happy that I have found a store and a brand that allow me to buy high-quality products. I agree that many products on this site are quite expensive, but the price is fully justified by the quality. I have been choosing a gift for my husband for a long time, he likes unusual jewelry. As a result, I decided to make a ring according to a special sketch. The company’s jewelers masterfully coped with their tasks. I also want to emphasize the quality of the diamonds that the company uses when creating its rings and bracelets: the quality of diamonds is very high. I am well versed in diamonds and I speak about it as a professional.

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London’s Stephen Einhorn Reviews: Is Stephen Einhorn Legit?

What is Stephen Einhorn?

Stephen Einhorn is a British jewelry brand that is known in many countries of the world.

It is a unique company that creates unusual and classic products. The designs that the brand offers are really special and differ in many ways from the generally accepted ones.

The company is incredibly versatile. The brand offers products not only for women. A great emphasis on the brand’s activities is placed on products for men.  There are also many categories into which the company’s jewelry is divided.

A Brief Background of Stephen Einhorn: A London, UK Jeweller

Stephen Einhorn is a family business that was founded in 1995 by Steven Einhorn and Jane Best.

According to the founders, the success of the company is the result of the attitude to work. Each product of the brand is made with attention and love.

To date, the company’s client list includes such global giants as Warner Bros, Netflix, Paul Smith Disney, and others.

The business of co-founders Steven Einhorn and Jane Best is also aimed at educating a new generation. They strive to ensure that their work is continued at the proper level and therefore pay great attention to the training of young masters.

The company’s managers pay great attention to the sustainability, ethical, and environmental origin of the materials that are used in the manufacture of jewelry. If you look back at the history of the company, you can see that the company started working with world-famous brands in 1998.

Steven Einhorn also made some jewelry for Tim Burton’s film Dark Shadows.

Including a ring for the main character performed by Johnny Depp and a necklace with a pendant for actress Eva Green.

This is not the first work of a London jeweler for cinema. He made custom jewelry for various Hollywood films and television projects, including the American TV series “True Blood” and the recently released fairy tale “Snow White and the Huntsman”.

It is also worth emphasizing that the brand is certified by Positive Luxury as a company with the world-famous Butterfly brand. Positive Luxury exists to promote both the social and environmental responsibility of luxury brands and the Butterfly Sign is their very significant accreditation, which recognizes the commitment of brands to create a positive impact on our world.

The Company consistently adheres to the optimized certification system supported by the United Nations in the framework of the Kimberley Process. Conflict diamonds are never used. Suppliers always provide KP written guarantees to the company, ensuring that they comply with all the rules.

The diamonds that the company uses to create jewelry are purchased only from legitimate sources that are not involved in conflicts.

All products made of metals such as gold, platinum, and palladium are created mainly using recycled metals. Unfortunately, at the moment, work with recycled silver is not carried out, but the company’s employees are trying to find the optimal solution to optimize this process in the future.

Stephen Einhorn Pros and Cons


  • Excellent quality jewelry
  • Good choice
  • A variety of product categories
  • High-quality materials
  • Guarantees


  • Prices for some products are overstated
  • Sometimes there are delays with delivery to other countries

Stephen Einhorn Reviews: Quality and Sourcing

All the jewelry that the company makes is handmade. This is a very important nuance for many buyers, recently a lot of attention has been paid to this in the world of jewelry fashion.

The manufacturing standards are very high. All workshops are located in London. It is also worth noting that all diamonds are selected manually. In the work of the company’s jewelers, without a doubt, only high-quality white diamonds of the highest purity and the magnificent best cut are used.

These diamonds enhance the brilliance several times, the fire and shimmer of a diamond are also of great importance and jewelers pay a lot of attention to these parameters when selecting precious stones.

Stephen Einhorn Reviews: Diamond Certification and Industry Quality Standard

For Certified Gemstones, the company undoubtedly provides buyers with a report on the classification of diamonds by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or HRD (Supreme Diamond Council).

Selecting diamonds manually, the company’s specialists adhere to incredibly high criteria. In the jewelry world, these criteria are known as 4Cs.

The diamonds that the company’s jewelers prefer to use are several times higher than industry quality standards. Here are some of the diamonds used:

  • H Color VS1 is an almost colorless diamond, this stone is not certified below 0.40 carats, however, personal certification can be made upon request.
  • Diamond HVS1
  • EVS1 is a rare colorless certified diamond with very small inclusions that can be detected by an expert with varying degrees of complexity.
  • DVVS1 – Colorless Certified Diamond
  • Diamond 4CS

Stephen Einhorn also pays great attention to the color of diamonds. This is one of the most important characteristics. Ideally, the diamond should be colorless, but for some orders, diamonds are also used, which have saturated colors of yellow, pink, and other colors, the rarest of which is red.

Stephen Einhorn most often uses colorless diamonds of the highest quality in the range from D to H.

Stephen Einhorn Reviews: Are their men’s rings good?

According to many customers and world experts, the company offers a great selection of stylish men’s rings.

On request, the client can choose different styles: bold, concise, luxurious, and many unusual designs that can emphasize the individuality of a man and the sides of his character. There are simple and elegant models, and there is really unique jewelry, very expensive and very stylish.

To add to that, in recent years, the company has been placing great emphasis on the production of wedding rings for men directly. Of course, the brand follows its traditions and is not limited to classic models, offering the newlyweds freedom of choice.

The brand offers its customers men’s rings made of different metals, recently a line of gold and diamonds has been very actively sold.

In addition, the company gives customers the opportunity to work independently on the design of the ring using special filters, it is also possible to schedule a meeting with a jeweler and discuss the design directly with the master.

Stephen Einhorn Reviews: Are their women’s rings good?

In Stephen Einhorn, women can find rings for every taste. Of course, quality comes first: the rings of this company are of very high quality and this is recognized by world-class experts. The company offers women rings of different directions and styles. There is also a large list of materials and precious stones to choose from.

Also, customers can choose the stones that are used to create a particular ring, in addition, filters are available at a price.

The rings that this brand produces are recognized all over the world as very high-quality. Of course, sometimes it is fashionable to meet negative comments on the web, but there are very few such reviews. Buyers and connoisseurs of jewelry appreciate rings for women of this brand very highly.

Stephen Einhorn’s Collections

The company offers customers a variety of collections. They are divided into three categories: Timeless Romantic and Statement. The first category includes collections such as:

  • Signet
  • Geo
  • Pearl
  • Thames Wood
  • Liquid
  • Animal
  • Pop

The second category includes collections:

  • Heart
  • Angel
  • Tsarina
  • Roundhaus
  • Light
  • Posey

The third category includes

  • Skulls
  • Arrowhead
  • Gothic & Rock

Each of the collections is diverse and rich in its own way. The goods in the collections are constantly updated, and jewelers are working on new items and designs.

Is Stephen Einhorn UK good for engagement rings?

The company offers its customers stunning engagement rings.

The “gold with diamonds” line is considered especially popular and successful. Diamond rings of this brand, according to most buyers, are really great.

Most of the rings are unique. Jewelers pay special attention to wedding rings and try to make these models memorable and reflect the festive mood and significant moment.

The ring can be made of  the following materials:

  • Platinum
  • White gold
  • Rose gold
  • Yellow gold
  • Silver using Fairtrade gold.

Wedding rings of this brand are distinguished by the fact that the design of each product is carefully developed by high-level professionals.

Prices for most rings are quite high. This is due to the high quality of diamonds and precious metals used in the manufacture of rings.

Is Stephen Einhorn UK good for Bracelets and Bangles?

The company offers a wide selection of various bracelets. The bracelets that the brand offers differ in many ways from those offered by competitors.

The English style has always been somewhat different from, for example, American or Italian. There are many bracelets in the brand’s collections that can be called universal. These jewelry pieces can suit any occasion and any outfit.

The collection of women’s bracelets is a mixture of absolutely classic and more modern designs. These are bracelets that will last you a long time. They are designed to last a lifetime — the type of jewelry that will be passed down from generation to generation.

A large assortment of handmade women’s designer bracelets has received a lot of positive feedback from buyers from all over the world. Women’s bracelets are made of solid recycled yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum, and silver.

The products are made in a London workshop.

Stephen Einhorn Payments

You can pay for the purchase with a credit/ debit card immediately, but the company also offers various deferred payment options in cooperation with Klarna Bank Sweden.

Payment is available in 14 days: this installment method applies to citizens of countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

Does Stephen Einhorn UK offer a financing service?

With the help of the Klarna financing service, you can use monthly payments, it is very convenient and the service is very popular. General information about Klarna and user conditions for each country can be found at klarna.com.

If you are purchasing abroad using a bank card, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the terms of currency conversion. In each bank, these conditions are different and can significantly affect the final price of the goods in the currency of your country.

Stephen Einhorn Delivery

The date of dispatch of your order will be communicated to you by e-mail and, therefore, the delivery details will be sent to you. Depending on the city and country from where the order was made, the delivery time will vary.

If your product is in stock, then the product is shipped on the second working day after receiving your order.

If your product is not in stock, then it is manufactured and production may take different times depending on the complexity of the order. This time can be from 10 to 28 days. In rare cases, in the presence of very complex work, the production takes several weeks.

The delivery time to your address is indicated in the Delivery Information section.

Stephen Einhorn Warranty and Return Policy

The company provides the terms of the product if for some reason you did not like the product. You can return the jewelry within 14 working days from the date of delivery. The product must of course be returned in its original and unused condition. Also, the packaging and receipt must be intact.

The company will refund you the full cost of the standard product, but the cost of delivery is paid by the customer.

The Money Back Guarantee does NOT apply to the Gift Certificate.

Also, you cannot return an individual order. In individual cases, the company considers the situation and makes a separate decision. The most problematic thing is to return the goods on which there is a special engraving, for example with a name or mention of an important date. Such items are rarely refundable.

Important! The money-back guarantee applies only to purchases through the online store.

In addition, the company guarantees the quality of its products and guarantees that you will receive the goods without any manufacturing defects. The company also guarantees that you will receive exactly the product that you ordered in the store.

Stephen Einhorn Customer Service and Contact Details

You can contact the company’s representatives via the support service by phone or email:

Feedback on the work of the support service operators is very good.

Customers write a lot about the fact that the support service operators can understand even the most difficult situations and in addition, are perfectly versed in the nuances of jewelry.

Stephen Einhorn London, UK Social Media

Stephen Einhorn is also active on social media. They have Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), and YouTube accounts where they post the latest updates and connect with their customers.

So, don’t forget to follow or subscribe on the social media platform of your choice.

Q What should I do if I need something in a hurry?

No problem, in case of an urgent order, you need to contact the support service and the operators will help solve your question. As a rule, an additional fee is charged for urgency.

Q How do I pay duties on my goods?

If you are charged local taxes, your country's customs office should contact you by phone to inform you of the fees before delivery. Each country has its own conditions and its own tax payment process, there is no single scheme. Often the courier presents you with an invoice indicating customs duties at the first attempt of delivery. The company is not related to customs duties determined by the legislation of a particular country.

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