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1 Reviews

Hearts on Fire Reviews

5.0/ 5

I want to say some words about this site and the company. I have been their client for many years and I am always satisfied with my purchases. Why did I decide to write? Because I am outraged by the number of comments on the topic of overpriced prices on the site. Gentlemen, are you really living on earth for the first day? Don’t you understand that a good diamond can’t be cheap? It makes me laugh and sad at the same time when I read the outraged exclamations that the diamond is too expensive. Have you seen his cut? Anyone who really understands precious stones will undoubtedly understand that diamonds of this brand are sold at a very affordable price if their characteristics are taken into account. Why write stupid comments about prices if you are not a jeweler or at least a buyer who understands the characteristics? If you don’t see the differences between these diamonds and others, then perhaps you really have nothing to do with this site. Undoubtedly, I give 5 stars. Great company, great website.

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1 Reviews

Hearts on Fire Reviews

4.0/ 5

As a rule, I don’t write comments, I don’t have such a habit. But working with this company impressed me so much that I decided to write anyway. So, even though I was faced with the need to change the goods, the company worked clearly and smoothly. I was buying a birthday present for my relative and chose a beautiful bracelet. Unfortunately, it was only after receiving the goods that I realized that I had made a mistake with the exchange. I was very worried that I would not meet the deadline and they would not be able to send me another decoration before the holiday. I talked to the representatives of the support service, explained the situation, explained how important it is for me to get the bracelet on time. Fortunately, everyone met me halfway and accelerated the process as much as possible. I did not expect that people so sensitive to other people’s problems work in this company. I confidently rate every point of cooperation with this company at 5 stars.

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1 Reviews

Hearts on Fire Reviews

4.0/ 5

A good company that I can safely recommend to my acquaintances and friends. Firstly, the site has a very user-friendly interface. To be honest: it is impossible to choose everything in such detail in the store. The online service provides more opportunities. You can select all the parameters, and also create your own design. The interface also allows you to select the stone you need after studying all the characteristics in detail. I like this brand, and my wife and sisters also like this company. The only thing I can call a minus is the price. The price of diamonds seems to be somewhat overpriced. Yes, I know about the patented method of cutting, but in other stores, you can also find excellent diamonds, but at a lower price. Because of the high prices, I give four stars instead of 5.

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1 Reviews

Hearts on Fire Reviews

3.0/ 5

Guys, I don’t understand why you are all praising this site so much. What is so special do they offer? Do you believe in this advertisement about a special cutting method that they patented? Ok, they patented it, but many competitors also cut diamonds professionally. I came here to write bad words to the company, I just want to convey to you the information that in many other companies the price-quality ratio is much better. The products of this brand are not bad, but I did not like working with this site for several reasons: high price, unprofessional operators in the support service, and a lot, too many questions when returning the goods. I give this site three stars.

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1 Reviews

Hearts on Fire Reviews

4.0/ 5

In general, my feedback about this company is positive. I have been using the services of this site for several years. In general, I like to shop online, so this site satisfies all my requirements. Very practical and convenient. As a rule, I order jewelry for myself and my sister, we both love diamonds very much. I especially love earrings. Many people say that the best product of this company is engagement rings, but I think that earrings are the best thing they have. Even though I am a real fan of this brand, once I had to face an unpleasant situation. So, on the second day of use, something happened with the clasp. Perhaps I carelessly fastened the earring, pressed too hard, or there was a manufacturing defect, at that time I did not understand what was the matter and called the support service. I was offered to return the goods and allow the experts to determine the reason that the lock of the earring is undone. As a result, the earrings were returned to me without a defect in the shortest possible time. I am satisfied with the work of the company.

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What is Hearts on Fire?

Interest in high-quality jewelry has never faded: at all times, diamonds and high-quality jewelry have been valued in society. There are a lot of well-established brands in the world that successfully sell jewelry, but every year the favorites change. Sometimes new companies come to replace veterans, and sometimes it is veterans who give the young a head start again. Today we will tell you about a company that was founded back in 1996 in America. Vast experience, competent economic strategies, the best diamonds – this is about how many experts now characterize the company. Today, the company sells jewelry not only on the Internet but in stores, the number of which currently exceeds 545. An important point is the fact that stores operate not only in America but also in many countries of the world. The company’s name was not invented by chance by its founder Glenn Rothman. One day, after seeing a very unusual diamond while traveling, the name Hearts On Fire came to Glenn’s mind. The diamond impressed him so much that he decided to name the company similarly. This diamond is now considered the diamond with the most perfect cut in the world. Over the years of its development, the company has experienced both ups and downs. Today, the company has representative offices in many countries and this suggests that the company has managed to overcome all difficulties and build a competent economic line of work. Which events from the chronology of development can be called the most significant? Of course, many experts focus on the unique Dream-cut diamond. Also, one of the most important steps in the development of the brand was the release of jewelry with its own diamonds, in particular, earrings of this brand conquered women in many countries of the world. An important event in the history of the company is the sale of Chow Tai Fook Jewelry Group. According to experts, the deal had a positive impact on the company’s development. Users, for their part, noted only improvements and changes, both in design and in the range of products offered.Most of all, the company was proud and continues to be proud of its diamonds, which it calls the best in the world.

Are Hearts on Fire diamonds good?

It is difficult to call these diamonds the word “good”. Representatives of the company and several experts call these diamonds “the best” and explain their point of view in detail. The cutting of Hearts On Fire diamonds is described in detail on the website. This description is especially for those who, for one reason or another, doubt the quality of a diamond. As for the shape: in this company they prefer to cut Hearts On Fire diamonds, we cut round and square diamonds and pay maximum attention to the formula. Yes, it is the formula! The specialists of the campaign have not been working for a year or two, but for many years they have been working on the development of an exclusive formula for cutting. This formula takes into account several characteristics, of course, the form is not disclosed as it is the brand’s own development. The management of the company confidently declares that buyers can be absolutely sure of the highest quality of the purchased diamonds. As proof of the professionalism of the employees, the brand managers assure: the company never employs novice jewelers.

Only professionals with work and training experience from 7 to 10 lei can get a job with diamonds in this company. The Hearts on Fire diamond is cut several times longer than a regular diamond, which is also a source of pride for manufacturers. World experts do not argue with the statement about the unique cut of these diamonds. For many competing companies that have just appeared on the market, The Hearts on Fire is often set as an example. Buyers of diamonds from this company in most reviews express their delight at the purchase and write that none of the sellers of diamonds can compare with this brand in the cut. It is known that the company does not use all the crystals in the process, specialists carefully sort them and choose only the cleanest ones. It is also worth telling about another very important detail that will undoubtedly impress connoisseurs in the jewelry industry: diamonds are polished using 100-fold magnification.

Are Hearts on Fire diamonds certified?

Some buyers call the issue of certification of diamonds, whose cut quality is recognized by many as the best in the world, “ridiculous”. These diamonds are unusual and difficult to evaluate using standard GIA Excellent cut grades (or the equivalent of AGS Ideal cut grade). These are unusual diamonds in the G-H or I-J color scheme, besides, these stones differ in clarity from SI. What guarantees you the quality of a diamond: all diamond products of this brand are sold with a certificate of authenticity Hearts On Fire. Of course, any suspicious buyer can take the goods to a laboratory available to him to confirm the unique qualities of the stone. It is important to understand one important thing: the company has patented the method of perfect cutting and has become a pioneer in this direction. The diamonds that the company sells are guaranteed to be legal and sales are carried out legally: in the many-year history of the brand, there has not been a single case of accusations of forgery or poor-quality stone cutting. Unfortunately, in some discussions, buyers mistakenly believe that certification somehow affects the price of a diamond. That’s not so. The carat of a diamond is the factor that most influences the price.

Is Hearts on Fire good for engagement rings?

Frankly speaking, opinions about engagement rings offered by this company are ambiguous. Many buyers are delighted with the assortment, characteristics of diamonds, and design of the ring itself. At the same time, their opponents claim that buying a ring on this site is a waste of money. Indeed, many netizens are sure that the price of engagement rings in this company is overstated. Managers are aware of these complaints but insist on the uniqueness of their product, which determines the pricing policy. It is worth emphasizing that the site is very convenient. The buyer will be able not only to choose a ring but also to create their own jewelry by following simple tips on the website.

Even those who criticize the high prices on the site admit: the choice of rings is really very good. You can also see several completely unusual models. According to a study by the company’s analysts, a ring model called CAMILLA 6 PRONG ENGAGEMENT RING.

Several more models attract the increased attention of buyers and their price starts from about 2, 5 thousand dollars. If we sum up the whole, then the question about rings can be answered like this: if you are not afraid of the high price, then the engagement rings of this company are very good. If you are a connoisseur of precious stones, then you are certainly more impressed with the cut of the stone and the design of the jewelry.

By the way, a ring model called DREAM SIGNATURE SOLITAIRE ENGAGEMENT RINGlast year she became the undisputed leader of sales abroad. The cost of such a ring is approximately 4.5 thousand dollars.

Hearts on Fire payment options

The company offers a fairly simple and standard payment system, which has been adopted in many countries of the world, so you can pay for your purchase with credit cards such as:

  • American Express
  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • Discover

When using a credit card, it is important to remember one important nuance: provided that the amount charged exceeds your credit limit, the order will be automatically canceled immediately. Of course, do not forget about such details as the sales tax. It operates everywhere except in some American states. You can check the list of these states on the official page of the company by going to the “payments” section. The company’s website also clarifies that it is the buyer who is responsible for paying taxes, various duties, the amount of which varies in cities, states and countries. There is no single amount of tax. Also, the company does not have exact information about which taxes are specifically provided for in your state. In general, the company’s customers are satisfied with the payment process and do not question the reliability of transactions.

Hearts on Fire warranty

The guarantee is one of the main questions that the buyer asks when purchasing jewelry. This is quite understandable, because, as a rule, diamond jewelry costs a lot of money. The company offers several guarantees, including a guarantee of the authenticity of the goods, a quality guarantee, a guarantee that you will receive exactly the product that you ordered online. If you encounter a problem and the product needs repair, then of course the company will repair and replace any part if there is a manufacturing defect or the fault of the manufacturer in the problem. Important! If the product is simply worn out or you have lost the stone, do not try to repair the decoration under warranty. Under warranty, jewelry is repaired only in the cases described above. In addition, experts easily and in the shortest possible time determine the cause of the defect and the problem, therefore, any external influence from the outside will not be able to pass off as a manufacturing defect. We write about this because sometimes scammers tried to repair jewelry for free, which just wore out. In general, if you read reviews about how the warranty works, then they can be divided into positive and negative about equally. So, 50 percent of customers are satisfied with how the company will comply with the guarantees, and the second half of customers are dissatisfied. Dissatisfaction is mainly expressed regarding the timing and expertise, which, according to some buyers, last too long. We emphasize that the percentage and probability of manufacturing defects in this company are incredibly low.

Hearts on Fire return policy

Regarding the return of purchases, the company declares that it will accept the return of the purchased goods if this procedure is completed within a certain time and properly executed. So, if for some reason you want to buy a purchase, then you can return it within one month. If the delivery is carried out within the borders of one country, the buyer does not pay for the delivery. The goods are accepted only if the decoration is not damaged and is in a completely new and not worn condition. The company returns an amount of 100 percent if you return earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, rings. Regarding the rings, there is a small nuance-the full amount is refunded if the ring with the sizes of female fingers is from 4 to 8 and male fingers up to 11. And now we will tell you about a very important point that many forget to read in the company’s rules, and then write angry reviews on the web. If the product is purchased using a trade code, the sale is final and non-refundable. It is also important to remember that when returning the product, it must be in its original packaging. The reason for the return must be specified. On the return card, in the same way, you can specify information about the desire to exchange the goods if you want it. The company strongly recommends using the services of only attorneys and legal carriers when sending goods.

Remember that jewelry purchased from an independent retail partner must be returned or exchanged at the mall where the original transaction was made.

Hearts on Fire customer service

It is very easy to contact the representatives of the company’s support service. This can be done by phone number 1 877 PERFECT (1-877-737-3328) using a letter written to an email customerservice@heartsonfire.com and with the help of an interactive chat, the window of which you will see when you visit the official website of the company. According to official information, the support service does not work around the clock, as some publications write, but at certain hours and days: Mon – Fri: 9: 00 AM to 5: 30PM (EST). The company’s employees strongly advise that before contacting the support service, first carefully read the list of the most frequently asked questions. It is often in this list that customers can find the answer. If you have a question directly to jewelry experts about jewelry, then you can confidently discuss this topic with a representative of the support service, where professionals who are well versed not only in administrative matters but also in jewelry work.

Q Are Hearts on Fire real diamonds?

Sure. The authenticity and quality of the diamonds of this brand are confirmed and highly appreciated by many experts in the world.

Q Does Hearts on Fire charge sales tax?

Yes. It's no secret that taxes are used in almost all states. As for sales outside of America, the purchase is taxed by the laws of the country where the goods are sent.

Q Does Hearts on Fire make sales?

Often the company offers good sales, but there are no specific dates, you need to follow the announcements on the brand's website

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