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The only engagement ring store you need

5.0/ 5

Amir at Blue Nile Newport is the only jeweler you will ever need to talk to when buying an engagement ring. I absolutely HATE shopping and knew virtually nothing about finding a beautiful, yet affordable engagement ring. Amir made this process easy, painless, and actually enjoyable. Amir spent 1.5-2 hours walking us through cut, clarity, color, and other characteristics of the diamond and band, and cleverly created an opportunity to discuss pricing with me alone. Amir timely followed up to make changes to our order when the original band we selected was not available, as well as checking for any applicable discounts and sales before purchase. Blue Nile was our first stop for an engagement ring, and should have been our last. We double checked other stores, but ultimately just wasted our time. No other jeweler could hold a candle to Amir’s knowledge, patience, or customer service. While I absolutely preferred knowing that Amir was not paid on commission while shopping, he absolutely deserves a commission/bonus for going above and beyond to help us find the perfect ring.

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2 Reviews

Blue Nile Reviews

5.0/ 5

I must confess: the price led me to this company. Yes, I studied many options for buying the jewelry I needed (I was looking for an unusual ring). I visited a lot of shops, a lot of Internet pages. But only here the price seems to be the most acceptable. Initially coming because of the price, later I fell in love with the quality of jewelry of this brand. If I had the means, I would buy jewelry for myself much more often than I do now. I am writing a review because I, as a client, was a little alarmed by the low price for such high-quality products. Then I studied why and how the price is formed in this company and my doubts were dispelled. I write so that people are not afraid and are not afraid of fraud. I often read comments that a low price implies low quality. It doesn’t always work. At the moment I bought 4 pieces of jewelry of this brand. One in the exhibition hall, three online. There were no problems with any of the jewelry, there were also no problems with the delivery, so I can safely recommend this brand.

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1 Reviews

Blue Nile Reviews

4.0/ 5

Excellent company, beautiful and professionally made jewelry, magnificent diamonds, which are fashionable only to dream of at a great price. Then why don’t I give the brand 5 stars? Because one nuance is easy to spoil the impression of yourself and your work. Because even the most professional and most reliable company can lose a client in one minute because of some trifle. In my situation, this trifle was communication with representatives of the support service. The company claims that not just operators, but experts work in the support service. I didn’t notice it, it didn’t seem to me that I was communicating with a professional. I know a lot about diamonds and jewelry, I know a lot of jewelers, so it’s hard to confuse me with terms and definitions. I called the support service about the characteristics of the stone and I wanted to change something in the design. But I was faced with a misunderstanding. Otherwise, the company copes with its tasks perfectly, and judging by the quality of the products, unlike the support service, professionals work in jewelry workshops.

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1 Reviews

Is Blue Nile Legit?

4.0/ 5

If we talk about the brand as a whole, I really like it. NO wonder many people love jewelry of this brand so much. Separately, I would like to mention the work of jewelers who are working on creating jewelry to order. These guys are just great, I turned to them twice and twice got a result that exceeded my expectations. There are also no complaints about diamonds. In addition, I would like to note the guarantees that protect the buyer. Everything is spelled out clearly and clearly. I will explain why I give 4 stars, not 5. The thing is that I decided to change the setting of the stone and returned the ring for revision. After discussions, the masters set to work, but it was too long a process. I will say that I received the ring 2 weeks after the agreed date. I don’t want to write badly about the company because, except for this delay, I have not encountered any problems when working with them.

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1 Reviews

Blue Nile Reviews

3.0/ 5

I am disappointed, although until recently I constantly used the services of this company and everything was fine. I bought gifts for my wife on memorable dates, I was satisfied with both the price and quality. Nevertheless, I recently purchased a bracelet. The product is very beautiful, design work. Two days after we received the goods, the lock on the bracelet broke. I think it’s a manufacturing defect, I’m sure of it. Naturally, we contacted the support service and explained the situation. We were required to return the bracelet for examination. Unfortunately, it was wasted time: the manufacturing defect was not recognized, but they offered to fix the fastener for our own money. I didn’t argue and make a scandal, but I’m sure I’m right. Therefore, despite all the positive experiences earlier, I now give the service no more than 3 stars.

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1 Reviews

Blue Nile Review

5.0/ 5

I can’t call myself a great jewelry expert, but I often buy gifts for my wife on this site. Initially, I found out everything about the company, read the guarantees and reviews. My first purchase was a diamond ring. I wanted to give my wife something unusual. My first experience of cooperation with the company occurred not online, but in the exhibition hall, where jewelry experts offered their services and ideas to me. We chose the design and the stone together. There were some concerns, but in the end, I was very pleased with the result. I got exactly the decoration that I wanted a surprise for my wife was a success. I didn’t write a comment after the first purchase. I decided to write only now, after using the company’s services several times. I can safely recommend the Blue Nile to friends and acquaintances.

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What is Blue Nile

Jewelry and precious stones have always occupied an important place in society: that is why the attention of millions of wives and men around the world is focused on shops and websites selling diamonds and jewelry. Blue Nile jewelry occupies an honorable place in the list of leaders in this field. This is an online jewelry retailer well known to everyone who is at least minimally interested in the topic of diamonds. In 1999, this company was founded by Mark Vadon. He decided to take up diamonds after he could not find a decent wedding ring for his bride. It was this moment that became decisive in the foundation of the company. The main source of income of the world-famous company is the sale of wedding rings. A professionally thought-out and implemented idea of a high-class online diamond store allows you to find buyers for diamonds worth up to $ 2 million. The company does not resell diamonds. The uniqueness of the site is that the Blue Nile buys gems directly from the manufacturer.

Shopping Experience

To most of the company’s clients and according to what is written in most blue nile reviews, the company offers exceptional quality diamonds at a very pleasant price. For example, in reviews, customers often compare the prices of some major retailers and blue niles diamonds. In the absolute majority, blue nile wins this competition. It will not be a mistake to worry that about 90 percent of customers are satisfied with their purchase on this site. Let’s give an example: a customer buys a Blue Nile3/4-carat diamond on the website. Compared with the prices of several other sellers, we see a difference in the price of about 27 percent. The experience of the company’s clients shows that it is really profitable to buy diamonds from the Blue Nile. As for the quality of the purchased product, it is fashionable to read thousands of positive recommendations on many review sites in the Blue Nile reviews section. This suggests that, in general, the experience of diamond buyers on this site is positive. Analysts note that a minimal number of critical comments can be heard against this company.

What is Blue Nile jewelry?

For those who are interested in diamonds, the name of this company has been known for a long time and is a kind of standard. Jewelry sold by this company has long occupied a niche in the list of leaders in the jewelry market of the world.The quality of jewelry, and especially wedding rings, is well known not only among buyers but also among international experts. The best thing that can say about the high quality of the company’s jewelry is the demand for them. For example, in 2015, Blue Nile made sales of US$473 million and received a net income of more than US$9 million. Experts pay special attention to the design of jewelry that the company offers. The design is so sophisticated and unusual that it delights even the most fastidious customers. Without a doubt, the jewelry offered by this company can be called luxury products.

Blue Nile diamonds reviews

The Blue Nile company is undoubtedly one of the most discussed. This is a global giant for the sale of jewelry and diamonds, which is talked about daily and about which many questions are asked. The company, along with Tiffany’s, is the largest retailer of magnificent diamonds. It is known that blue nile diamonds are valued all over the world. You can read thousands of blue nile diamond reviews online. In most cases, buyers will drop enthusiastic comments. For example, on the ConsumerAffairs service, approximately the same number of buyers of jewelry from the Blue Nile gives the company 4 and 5 stars. Here is one of their positive customer reviews: “I”ve been a customer about 10 years ago. Their jewelry is excellent. My wife loves everything I”ve ever ordered from them”. However, there are also reviews for blue nile from dissatisfied customers. Most of the dissatisfied reviews relate to bracelets and problems with fasteners.

Blue Nile engagement rings

As for wedding rings, this direction is the most popular in the company’s activities. Custom rings are very popular. The company’s jewelers sometimes create real masterpieces. According to the company’s website, “experts highlight trending styles and noteworthy details that should be taken into account when creating your own custom wedding ring.” This statement is confirmed by experience and thousands of positive blue nile diamond reviews. Of course, already created models are also offered. For example, one of the most popular models today is a classic engagement ring with four prongs in the form of a solitaire. A miniature engagement ring with three stones and a platinum diamond is also very popular among the customers of the online store. Note that the buyer can also choose a diamond of different shapes. The options are presented on the website. The classic engagement ring with a Halo diamond made of platinum never goes out of fashion. The design of the Halo ring emphasizes and visually increases the size of the central diamond, the cost of such a ring as of the beginning of 2022 is $ 1,850.

Price Match Guarantee

The company’s management believes that it offers customers the best price and expresses confidence that none of the competitors will be able to surpass them in this regard. However, if the buyer still finds a similar diamond at a cheaper price, then he is invited to apply for a Guarantee of compliance with the price of the diamond. This is a free feature that the company offers to its customers. Important! The evaluation of a diamond is a responsible event, so the company focuses exclusively on the evaluation of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). At the same time, many experts write that the so-called Price Compliance Guarantee is only a formality because Blue Nile manages to maintain the lowest price level with very high quality. As the company’s executives themselves say, it is not easy to maintain such a balance, but thanks to many years of experience and professionalism, they succeed.

Diamond Upgrade Program

It is known that Blue Nile has prepared an update program for all diamonds with a GIA and AGSL rating. According to experts, this is a very important and significant decision that is reflected in the entire activity of the company. The details you are interested in can be clarified by calling 1-888-565-7641. If we briefly describe the system, it consists of the following: You will receive a loan in the amount of 100% of the original price for the purchase of a new diamond, which must be at least twice as expensive as your originally purchased diamond. You can also exchange one diamond for several diamonds or vice versa, observing the conditions that are described in detail on the website. The company also offers the opportunity to install a new diamond in an old ring frame. It is optimal to find out all the nuances with a consultant, because there may be individual details in each situation. For example, the stone may be damaged or there may be other circumstances. It is important that if you use the program to update your stone, then various coupons and discounts do not apply.

Blue Nile ring sizer

The size of the ring is a very important nuance when choosing jewelry. It is impossible to make even a small mistake. That is why the company’s jewelers are willing to help their customers correctly determine the size of the ring before making a purchase or making a special design order. The company’s experts offer customers a ring size chart, a printed ring size, and tips for measuring at home. In most blue nile diamond reviews, reviews of the ring size measurement system that the company offers are exceptionally positive.

Blue Nile financing

The company offers quite interesting financing options waiting for its customers. For example, if you are the owner of the so-called Blue Nile Credit Card, then you can pay using a fairly flexible system that attracts many jewelry lovers. For those who have such a card from the company, there really are a lot of interesting offers and ideas for payment. For example, no commission when paying for goods in installments, special promotions that the company regularly arranges. Those customers who have already managed to use this card and flexible payment options have written a lot of positive reviews. Of course, some are dissatisfied, those who consider the shares only to attract attention and an attempt to attract more buyers to the site. In general, most blue Nile diamond reviews describe the company’s financing options as quite profitable.

Blue Nile stores

The company mainly sells jewelry and diamonds on the Internet online. This trait is an advantage and one of the leading lines in trade policy. Nevertheless, the company has exhibitions and trading halls, especially for those who need to see the goods “live” before buying jewelry. The great advantage of such exhibition halls is the opportunity to try on jewelry, which is why the halls have been increasingly popular lately. It is important to note that these viewing halls are significantly different from ordinary jewelry stores. Here you can discuss with a professional jeweler the creation of unique jewelry to order, also with the help of specialists working in the hall and craftsmen, it is fashionable to repair the decoration or, for example, replace the stone on the ring. At the moment, there are about such halls in America whose addresses are on the company’s website.

Blue Nile payment options

Payment methods in this company are very comfortable for buyers. At least the customers themselves who buy blue nile jewelry write in reviews about the advantages of payment methods. Indeed, it is quite easy to make a payment. VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, Carte Blanche, and China UnionPay are accepted for payment. How can I not pay? You will not be able to make a payment in cash, Code, check, money order, ASC, or debit cards without the VISA/MasterCard logo. The prohibition of cash payment is, of course, about those cases when you make a purchase online. PayPal, Alipay, and WeChat Pay systems are also the company’s payment partners and money transfers can be made through these systems. As for the credit card, not everyone can use it, but only residents of the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, the US Virgin Islands, and the Northern Mariana Islands.

Blue Nile warranty

A lifetime Manufacturer’s warranty is a mandatory item when buying jewelry from this company. Experts note that this is a very important nuance that most buyers pay special attention to. Manufacturers initially give customers a guarantee that any purchased jewelry will not have manufacturing defects. It is known that cases of defects in this area are incredibly rare today, but nevertheless, the presence of such a guarantee helps customers to make a purchase with a calmer heart. Naturally, if a defect is detected, the experts will initially have to confirm that the defect is precisely a manufacturing one.

Blue Nile return policy

Of course, like any high-end jewelry company, this manufacturer has a system of exchanges and refunds. Important! This scheme can only be valid for 30 days. Important! These are counted not from the moment of receipt of the goods by the buyer, but from the moment of dispatch. If a problem with the product is detected, do not delay calling 1-800-242-2728. The company’s employees also kindly ask the buyer to keep all documentation and packaging when solving issues with the return or exchange of goods. If the experts confirm the manufacturing defect, then you will be offered to repair the product or replace it with a similar one. Also, in some cases, a refund is possible, depending on the situation.

Blue Nile customer service

The company’s customer support service enjoys a very good reputation among customers. Judging by the reviews on the web, about 80 percent of people consider the work of the support service to be organized on a high level. Diamond and jewelry experts will answer all your questions at service@bluenile.com you can also call 1-800-242-2728. Yes, it is experts who will answer you, and not just call center operators, because you can easily get professional advice.

Q Why is blue Nile so cheap?

According to a number of experts, the low price is due to the lack of standard stores and active online trading, as well as the right choice of diamond suppliers.

Q When does blue nile have sales?

In addition to spontaneous promotions, as a rule, the company offers good discounts of up to 50 percent on Black Friday

Q Are Blue Nile diamonds gia certified?

Q Does Blue Nile charge tax?

As of now, sales tax can only be levied on purchases in selected territories of America. The list of states can be found on the company's website.

Q Is blue nile trustworthy?

The absolute majority of buyers are confident that the company is completely trustworthy. In reviews, customers often write about the high quality of products and compliance with guarantees.

Q Is blue nile jewelry good?

Yes, the products of this manufacturer are recognized as one of the best in the world. The design, diamonds, and quality of the work performed at the highest level.

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