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Is Pictures On Gold Legit?

5.0/ 5

I made a great gift to my sister who gave birth to twins. She was so excited about the pendant! My sister said it was a very romantic gift and she didn’t even expect this from me! A beautiful photo of a sister and her twins, excellent quality of work, and a very small price! I used to think that cheap jewelry could not be good, but I was very much mistaken: they can! I will use this store again when I need a gift. I consider the comments about the poor quality of the products to be just a provocation: my brother is a jeweler and he is well versed in jewelry, he saw several products from this store and highly appreciated their quality. In addition, they use high-quality materials.

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What is PicturesOnGold?

PicturesOnGold.com is one of their most extraordinary online jewelry stores. Reviewers from different countries write a lot about this store, the store has customers in almost every corner of our planet. The reason for the popularity is that the company has focused not on ordinary jewelry, but on special ones. For example, jewelry with a name, photo, or distinctive sign. Of course, we will not deny that there is a lot of competition in this niche today. However, PicturesOnGold managed to gain a very good reputation due to the very high quality of the models produced. The idea of creating such an online store was born about 10 years ago by the owners of Casale Jewelers.

At that time, many believed that such a business would not be successful and the owners would become bankrupt. However, the opposite happened: customers liked the ideas that PicturesOnGold offers them.

Today, the company produces jewelry and does not depend on intermediaries or other factories.

One of the shop owners Shifter often says in interviews that he put his soul into the store, that the store is his life.

“I control every moment that concerns. jewelry. I personally choose the equipment on which jewelry is made, I come and communicate with jewelers, I advise in this or that situation, we solve problems together if there are any,” he says.

Shifter adds that he preferred the equipment on which he trained while in Europe because it is the best equipment in the world that does not allow any errors, plus it makes it possible to produce goods at high speed.

Yes, this is a great advantage of the company: products are made very quickly.

The customer can be directly involved in the creation of, for example, a medallion. Think through every detail. Everything can be changed at the request of customers, and customers really like it.

International experts call the store innovative. Even though the idea of a photo on jewelry is not new, the company managed to present this process to customers in a completely new way, showing a great result.

Today, the store’s ratings are quite good, largely due to the speed and active contact with customers. In addition, it should be noted that the quality of the materials from which the jewelry is made is very high and does not cause doubt among experts.

In addition, the assortment attracts a lot of attention from buyers. The company offers jewelry for both adults and children. In addition, if you need themed jewelry, then the store will cope with this task very well. The management pays great attention to the selection of personnel: managers communicate with many candidates personally, not trusting the interview with assistants. According to the company’s directors, each employee is the face of the brand, from a jeweler to a support service operator.

Pictures On Gold Pros and Cons


  • A very good selection of jewelry in different categories
  • Selection of jewelry for different age groups
  • High quality
  • Reasonable prices
  • Fast delivery of goods
  • Professional support service


  • Sometimes there are technical failures during the transaction
  • Some users complain that they received the wrong product that they ordered
  • Fasteners on some products are not very reliable

Are Pictures On Gold lockets good?

In recent years, locks have become an important and very profitable area in the work of many jewelry companies. This store pays very, very much attention to this category of goods, both assortment, and quality. The demand for this type of product is constantly growing. With that, not only on the eve of the holidays but in general.

The store sells a variety of locks made of several types of metals. For example, products made of the Highest Quality Solid have been very popular recently.925 Sterling Silver, and gold products are also popular. In addition, the company offers its customers the opportunity to independently create a design and create a unique model, which has no analog. To do this, more than a thousand basic cover designs are offered to choose from, from which the client chooses the best option. Then the client composes the text of the inscription that he wants to see on the product. After that, the buyer selects a photo that will be inserted and uploaded. In just a few minutes, you will be able to see a preview of the product that you created yourself and, if necessary, make new adjustments.

Of course, you can experiment with the design of the lid, but for this, you will need to contact the support service where they will explain to you in what format and how you need to send the sketch to the jewelers.

The popularity of locks among young people is growing noticeably every year. While previously these products were ordered mainly for mothers or children, now teenagers and young people are interested in them. A new direction in design is products with the image of pets. This fashion appeared relatively recently but is rapidly gaining momentum.

Undoubtedly, the company offers very good locks in this store very good.

Pictures On Gold Categories

The presence of a large number of different categories of goods distinguishes the store from many competitors. Initially, the focus was on diversity and for 10 years the company’s management has successfully adhered to this policy. So, the main categories that the store is working on are locks, photo jewelry, religious, sports, fingerprints, name jewelry, Necklace, and Photo Bracelets. Each category is divided into separate directions, which allows the client to easily choose what he needs and not get lost on such a voluminous site. For example, the company offers Sterling Silver Locks, Heart Locks, White Gold Locks, Rose Gold Locks, Mother’s Locks, and Children’s Locks. By the way, a new product has recently appeared that immediately became one of the most popular products – Dog Paw Print

As for jewelry with religious themes, crosses, pendants, rings, and bracelets are offered to choose from.

In the category of sports orientation, pendants with various emblems of sports clubs or teams are mainly made.

The fingerprint is a very fashionable direction. More and more customers are buying pendants, bracelets, and rings with a fingerprint. The popularity of these products is growing every year.

Company executives often say in interviews that they do not plan to stop there and the range will continue to expand.

Is Pictures On Gold good for gifts?

Gifts are a topic that is interesting to buyers of all age categories and social. Birthdays, anniversaries, children’s births: everyday life is impossible without gifts. To date, themed gifts with photos and inscriptions are back in fashion. About 15 years ago, the fashion for such products passed, but today we are again seeing a big surge of interest. This is evidenced by the increase in sales of such products and customer reviews.

The store puts a lot of emphasis on gifts. For example, there are a lot of good reviews about the pendants and rings that the brand offers. Previously, the theme of rings was not well developed. However, recently this product has become relevant. In particular, rings with a fingerprint. This fashion, which appeared relatively recently, has covered many countries of the world, not only America. The store also sells very good gift pendants with photos, the sales of which are especially intense on the eve of Mother’s Day, birthdays. Often such pendants are bought as a gift to young mothers, inserting a photo of a young mother and a newborn into the frame. In addition, engravings, which a few years ago many considered “excess”, have again taken their place in the ranking of jewelry that receives the greatest number of good reviews. In other words, the store offers good gifts that romantic natures will like. Those who love photos and touching inscriptions will be satisfied with the goods purchased in this store. In addition, the store offers interesting and symbolic gifts for various professional holidays, there is also a separate gift category for medical professionals and athletes.

Pictures On Gold most popular models

The company offers many models that quickly become popular and get into the list of best-selling products.

For example, a heart-shaped medallion model with a photo has always remained popular and fashionable. This is a classic that has been in demand for many years in a row.

The cost of such jewelry ranges from $ 50 to $ 500, depending on the wishes of the client: the pricing policy largely depends on the selected material and additional nuances when creating a medallion.

Sports-themed jewelry is also very popular. For example, earrings with team member numbers that went on sale not so long ago. There are separate categories: football, boxing, basketball, and steel sports.

Also in the TOP leaders were the chains “snake”. This product has become one of the best-selling in recent months, not only because of the low price but also because of the interesting design.

Pictures On Gold Payments

The company accepts all leading credit and debit cards such as Visa Master Discovery, in addition, the company’s customers can pay for purchases using PayPal. All transactions carried out on the site are legal, and customer data is also protected. In general, customers are satisfied with how the payment is made. There are practically no problems in this direction.

Pictures On Gold Shipping

Free shipping of goods is allowed only within America. This is stated on the official website of the company. Free shipping is available if the cost of the product exceeds $75. With this method of delivery, your product will be delivered within a maximum of 4 days. Most often, it takes 2 days for delivery if there are no unforeseen situations in the process.USPS Standard Shipping. Available for Orders under $75.00. The USPS Priority delivery method, unlike the previous ones, includes insurance of the goods. This delivery method is called one of the most popular among buyers. Also available is a very fast delivery in two days by air service. As practice shows, This method is not used very often, customers prefer to wait an extra day, but not to overpay. The parcel can be delivered to Canada within 8 days, depending on the option chosen by the customer, which will be indicated when placing the order

Pictures On Gold warranty

The guarantee provided by the online store is not the same for all products. For some products, this warranty is for life, as indicated on the website in the product description. The company also provides a guarantee of the lowest price. That is, if you find the same product that an online store sells somewhere else on the Internet for a lower price, the company gives a guarantee of compliance with this price. This guarantee is called: the lowest price guarantee. The company also guarantees that the goods will be delivered to the buyer without manufacturing defects. In such a rare case, if this trouble still occurred, the buyer will be refunded and the goods will be taken back. Except for those products that have a lifetime warranty. Most jewelry has a one-year warranty. After one year from the date of delivery of the goods to the buyer, the cost of repairing the product is paid for.

Pictures On Gold return policy

The company provides for the return of jewelry within thirty days from the date of purchase. There are quite contradictory opinions about this function of the store. Judging by the reviews on the Internet, many customers have encountered difficulties when trying to return the jewelry or indicate the presence of a manufacturing defect. For example, here’s what Lucy writes from Texas:

“I received a pendant with the image of my pet and was dissatisfied with the attachment of the photo. In addition, one of the links of the chain on which the pendant was attached was deformed. I was sure that the product would be taken back without any questions because the manufacturing defect is obvious, But the company’s representatives tried by all available means not to admit their guilt and make me guilty, allegedly I damaged a link in the chain. A very unpleasant situation. I will no longer shop in this online store.”

PicturesOnGold customer service

  • The store’s support service is working very well. Clients often write about this on social networks and various Internet platforms. If you want to contact the representatives of the support service, you can write an email or call.
  • info@picturesongold.com
  • (877) 703-1143
  • Int +1 (718) 667-4713

As we mentioned earlier in the article, the store manager has a special approach to recruitment. Very often, directors themselves are present at interviews. Therefore, you can be sure that by calling the support service you will communicate by phone with professionals. The response to the email does not come instantly. Sometimes you can be answered within an hour, and sometimes after a day if you wrote a letter on a day off. Also, many depend on the complexity of the question. If you have any questions about the design of a particular piece of jewelry, the appropriate specialist will answer you immediately. If the question concerns, for example, difficult moments of return or manufacturing defects, then the decision may take a little longer.

In general, the feedback about the work of the support service is positive.

Q Are these real gold & silver?

Sure. The company is a jewelry manufacturer and guarantees the authenticity and quality of precious metals.

Q Can I get a discount from PicturesOnGold?

Yes. Discounts are provided by the company. For example, if you want to order jewelry with fingerprints for the whole family, then call the customer service and they will tell you how to get a discount.

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