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Variety of choices available

5.0/ 5

The variety, just an incredible variety that amazed me! I have been buying jewelry online for a long time and am familiar with many companies. There are favorites, there are those who are avoided. This company is definitely one of the most interesting and unusual. Have you seen their assortment and the materials they use to make rings? It just can’t leave a person indifferent. And how do they work with diamonds? Jewelers perfectly emphasize the beauty of each stone. Yes, I will never say that the collections of this brand have become boring and monotonous because this cannot be. I will buy on this site again and again. By the way, I have not encountered any problems with delivery and payment. I also liked the prices.

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1 Reviews

Great company helpful customer support

5.0/ 5

No matter what the company is, big or small, famous or little-known – for me, the support service and how employees treat customers are always very important. Maybe I exaggerate the importance of this moment, but for me, it is important even the tone in which my questions are answered. So, here’s what I can say about this company: the representatives of the support service completely passed my exam and showed themselves from a very good side. I had a lot of questions ranging from payment to the design of the ring, but they helped me figure out everything I needed. In addition, I want to say that the ring models are incredibly original. When you start choosing, you can’t stop: you want to buy more and more. Great company, I recommend it to everyone.

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1 Reviews

Feels like I wasted my money…

3.0/ 5

Actually, I always write good reviews, but in this situation, I strongly advise buyers to avoid this company. I am disappointed with the durability and quality of the jewelry. After less than a year of wearing my husband’s meteorite engagement ring cracked in 3 places and its shape twisted. These products are not durable, it makes no sense to pay money for them. Beautiful photos, good advertising, and nothing else. Do you think we got the ring repaired under warranty? No! Even though the ring deteriorated simply from wear, their experts claim that the husband damaged the ring, for example, crushing it. They refused to repair the ring for free and said that in this way the ring does not wear out. Avoid shopping on this site.

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1 Reviews

Very beautiful rings but order with caution

4.0/ 5

The rings are very beautiful, but I felt cheated about the payment. The price indicated on the website and in the basket is for a ring with a diameter of 7 mm. If you choose any width above 7 mm, they will request additional funds a few MONTHS AFTER the purchase by email (and will refuse a refund if you don’t have the money). I wrote about it wherever possible, after which the company’s representatives contacted me and we spent a long time figuring out the situation. I must pay tribute to the fact that I was offered several solutions and I can’t say that only the company is to blame for what happened. I should have read some points of the user agreement more carefully. As a result, the problem is solved, but I will use this site with great caution.

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1 Reviews

Jewelry By Johan Review

4.0/ 5

Even though in general I like the assortment on this site, it seems to me that the management does not pay enough attention to quality. Excellent website interface, well-established work in all directions, but the quality does not match the price. I’m talking about the quality of the jewelry itself, not the design. If we are talking about rings not made of gold and silver, but other materials, then they are short-lived. For example, scratches appear, sometimes even cracks. I understand that it can be repaired under warranty, but what prevents you from initially making the product better? At the same time, I like the collection of diamond jewelry presented by this company. Both the price and the quality pleased me.

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What is Jewelry by Johan?

This company was initially well known only in narrow circles, but gradually gained fame in many countries. The founder, Johan Rust, has done everything possible to use the most proven marketing moves in the development of the company. Johan has devoted his whole life to jewelry, he is a designer and approaches each piece individually. According to him, the creative prosecutor himself gives him incredible pleasure and that is why he decided to seriously engage in the sale of jewelry. The jeweler was helped to promote and develop the company by his wife, which he often mentions in his interviews. So, the starting point can be called 2008, when Johan finally decided to create a company. Johan made great jewelry, so giving the company his name was quite natural and correct. After one and a half or two years, the company’s very active growth became obvious. However, the peak of sales occurred in 2013, which became significant for the company. Many people know that the jewelry of this brand is considered unique due to an extraordinary approach to design trends. The priority in the company’s work is primarily wedding rings for both women and men. World experts call these collections especially successful and popular among customers in many countries. The most popular rings from the company’s collections are with diamonds. The wave of popularity of diamonds overtook the company in 2016, it is noteworthy that this year the company celebrated the 30 thousandth sale of rings. The company is a completely family business and according to the founder, it will always be so while he is alive and he bequeaths to adhere to the same tactics in the future. He is sure that it is the family business that is the most promising and safe in all respects at the moment. It is also worth noting the fact that the company does not purchase products from other manufacturers. Absolutely all products are produced directly at the company’s enterprise. It is worth noting that this fact causes great trust of customers. In general, this company is included in the list of jewelry riveting with the highest indicator of customer trust. As for the assortment: perhaps the assortment is not as large as that of some giants of the jewelry sector, but an individual approach to each product compensates for this omission. If we talk about customer reviews, then there are many more positive than negative ones.

Are Jewelry by Johan diamonds good?

Undoubtedly, the company uses only high-quality brilliantly cut diamonds to create rings. Even though the emphasis is not placed directly on diamonds, and there is also amazing jewelry with other stones, diamonds are highly appreciated by experts. At least it is obvious that not a single diamond ring produced by this brand has been criticized as substandard. You can choose a diamond ring from classic models with traditional round diamonds or princess cut diamonds, listening halo-framed gemstones or cushion-cut diamonds, meaningful three-stone looks. The company offers a lot of diamonds of various characteristics, you can independently study the characteristics and cut on the website and choose exactly what you need.

Even though the company prefers diversity, buyers highly appreciate the diamonds that the brand uses. Cut, transparency suppliers: everything is under the control of manufacturers. Interesting fact: experts say that the company’s jewelers can even design a diamond of mediocre shape and characteristics as a “luxury” stone: it’s all about an unusual and original design. The secret is: the wife of the founder of the company is an artist, and she often helps in creating ring models, sometimes offering extraordinary, unique sketches that later become fashionable jewelry.

Not only diamonds, but also other stones, and materials for creating jewelry from the company are of high quality. The brand offers an incredible variety of materials: it is not only precious metals, but it is also wood, and the so-called “dinosaur bone”, meteorite rings. Opal and Mokume Gane rings also use polarity and are of high quality.

Jewelry by Johan best models

The company offers an excellent selection of jewelry and incredibly original collections. Such popularity of collections is achieved primarily by a variety of materials from which jewelry is made. In fact, you can choose a collection and a product by style, by material, by stone, by many parameters. The company is also popular because it offers a lot of budget products that are available to almost everyone. Among the most popular of them are WOMEN’s METEORITE WEDDING BAND, 3MM RING.

The cost of this simple but stylish ring is about $ 400.The ring is very popular not only because of the price but also because the design is concise but at the same time luxurious. Another very interesting model from the point of view of buyers is the 6MM GIBEON METEORITE RING IN TITANIUM OR SOLID GOLD.

This ring is often discussed on the Internet, they say that it is modest, but at the same time, it looks very unusual. Classic combined with modern.

Recently, interest in collections of rings without stones has increased. Experts say that such trends come and go in waves and, likely, rings with stones will soon come out on top again in popularity. As for rings with stones, diamonds are always in the lead here. The collection of rings called Diamond Fashion, judging by the reviews on the web is very popular among young people. The model is especially actively discussed INTERTWINED HEARTS RING PROMISE RING, SILVER OR GOLD.

This gorgeous double heart ring is enhanced by diamond accents and a moving design. This diamond heart ring is available in sterling silver or white gold.

In general, all the company’s collections show growth in terms of demand and popularity among buyers.

Is Jewelry by Johan good for engagement rings?

Regarding engagement rings, the opinions of experts and buyers differ. Most customers find this collection very interesting and original, and some experts call these rings mediocre. But still, most people like the collection. The company sells different engagement rings: traditional, alternative, men’s, and women’s. Men’s and women’s collections are very different. For example, some competitor companies often have recurring models of women’s and men’s collections, but this brand has chosen a different path. The company’s jewelers can create a custom wedding ring or a custom wedding set for you using their own materials or those materials provided by the customer. The company’s employees claim that their jewelers will help customers make their jewelry truly special. It is worth noting that the traditional wedding rings offered by the company are available in various styles, including halo and solitaire. The types of metals are interchangeable, so if you see a design you like, but would like to order it in a different type of metal or color, contact a representative of the company. Rings of an alternative direction attract special attention. The company offers there is a good selection of handmade designs. The company can offer you an engagement ring inlaid with unique material, such as a meteorite, or an alternative to a diamond ring, or offer the company’s jewelers their idea. The company’s clients often write online that jewelers manage to accurately execute the original rings according to the sketches and layouts of the customer.

Jewelry by Johan payment options

The company’s payment system is very simple and is designed for a wide range of customers.  The main aspect of payment is that the company accepts all types of Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express cards. This is very convenient and as a rule,e there are no problems with transactions. Also, the company has partnered with Partial.ly to offer the option to pay what you want, when you want, and set up an automatic payment. Despite the convenience, so far this payment method is not very popular among the company’s customers. The company also cooperates with Klarna, offering quite flexible financing options and interest-free payment systems. This financing system is currently available only to customers from America, but in the future, the system may change and this type of payment will be available to customers from other countries. And of course PayPal! This is one of their most frequently asked questions: does the company cooperate with this system. Yes, it is cooperating! In addition, this system is one of the most popular among customers. We remind you that after 2019 when returning goods paid through this system, 2.9% + 0.30 US dollars are withdrawn. If you wish, you can pay for the purchase by bank transfer or by writing a check. If we talk about the work of the company’s payment system as a whole, about 80 percent of our customers are completely satisfied with how this system works.

 Jewelry by Johan warranty

Representatives of the company say that providing quality guarantees to their clients is a priority for them.  According to many buyers, this is true, because in the comments it is fashionable to read a lot of good words about the guarantees that the company provides. The company adheres to these guarantees, this is a fact that even competitors do not argue with. The company certainly guarantees the authenticity of rare, unique materials used in jewelry, such as meteorites and dinosaur bones. When applicable, a certificate of authenticity will be attached to your product. Also, several products are accompanied by certificates when it is not feasible (for example, if we are talking about a diamond product). In addition, the company offers customers a lifetime warranty: this is a widespread service in the field of jewelry companies.  The company’s jewelers will take care of the jewelry for free and make repairs if there is a company’s fault in the dress. If you find a scratch on the transparent coating applied to the material (for example, wood), we will fix it, the repair will also be free of charge. With natural materials, everything is not ambiguous: each case is individual and experts will have to decide whether the damage is really within the scope of the guarantee. If the expert admits that the equipment that is broken is not the fault of the company, it will not wait for repair, you will be replaced with their product and half the cost.

Jewelry by Johan return policy

Of course, the company has a refund policy. You can return the product within 10 days if for some reason you did not like the product. The company’s executives assure that their main task is to do everything possible in the interests of the client. That is why when you return and need to change something in the jewelry, it will certainly be done. It is important to arrange this procedure by contacting the support service before making a refund. You will be explained in detail exactly how to optimally issue a refund. The main thing is that the product is intact, the same as you received it and the certificates were not lost. Experts will evaluate the product upon return.

Jewelry by Johan customer service

The company’s support service has been working very well since the first days of its foundation and many customers know about it. This happens because the founder of the company initially correctly prioritized and decided: the main thing is that the client is satisfied with the rest later. So, if you want to talk to support representatives by calling 1-651-321-9267. By the way, you can contact the company’s representatives by WhatsApp using the same number. If you reach voicemail, leave a message and support representatives will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also write a letter by e-mail at support@jewelrybyjohan.com. There is also an interactive chat with which you can ask several questions and get professional answers to them. Customers highly appreciate the work of the support service. Of course, there are also dissatisfied, but speaking in general, many consider the company’s support service to be very effective.

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