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Had a problematic purchase with them

3.0/ 5

I don’t advise anyone to deal with this company because it will entail a lot of problems. For example, I bought a ring on the website. It looked brand new. After receiving the goods, I did not like the ring, in addition, I noticed a small dark dot on it, which I consider a defect. I contacted the support service and they advised me to issue a refund, which I did. Followed the instructions, step by step. What was my disappointment when, after sending the parcel, I received an answer: I was refused a refund! We are still trying to figure out why, but the ring has returned to me and now I am at a loss. Whatever the end of my story, I give the company only 3 stars. Maybe they are doing well with the purchase of products, but there are problems with sales.

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1 Reviews

Satisfied with the deal

4.0/ 5

I found myself in a difficult financial situation and was forced to sell several branded products. I thought for a long time, analyzed where it is better to sell and how. Everyone called different prices, some tried to cheat. Then my sister advised me to pay attention to this site. My sister bought earrings from them and was very pleased. I thought it was fashionable to take a chance. As a result, I was satisfied with the deal. They helped me evaluate the products, check everything to the smallest detail and they sent me money very quickly. Why don’t I give 5 stars? Because you need to pay more attention to who you hire in the support service. Was I unlucky? When I had questions, they talked to me impatiently and advised me to read the questions and answers to them on the website.

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1 Reviews

Great company

5.0/ 5

I have never been a supporter of the secondary market, especially when it comes to jewelry. Sometimes I even thought it was a shame to buy things that were already used. But when I studied the site, I realized that I was wrong. There are a lot of brand new things on sale that the owners just don’t like, gifts that people have decided to sell, products in perfect condition. That is, on the site you can find products that cannot be distinguished from a new thing. For example, I bought a watch. It didn’t even occur to anyone that someone had worn them before me. I think there is a great merit of the company in this matter: the products on sale are controlled and no one allows worn-out products or products with defects to be sold.

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1 Reviews

Inconvenient interface

4.0/ 5

Questions, incredibly many questions! I decided to sell the watch, but I got the impression that I was being interrogated by the police. They constantly had questions and clarifications. I don’t know, maybe I was so unlucky. While I settled all the formalities with the watch and set its price, I almost changed my mind about selling them. I have no complaints about the work in general, I was also offered a good price and the money was sent on time. I didn’t like that it was so difficult to arrange a sale. Maybe it seemed that way to me because I’m new to this topic, but I didn’t like the application process. There are also complaints about the interface. It is not quite clear and inconvenient.

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1 Reviews

Is WP Diamonds Legit

5.0/ 5

I have sold several products on this site, including a ring, a branded bag, and a watch. An ideal system for calculating the price of goods, perfect communication with customers. I was pleasantly surprised and I was satisfied with the price I was offered. Each time I received payment to my card within a day. It’s a great idea to help the seller earn money and help the buyer save money. Recently, I turned from a seller to a buyer and purchased a piece of jewelry that I had been dreaming about for a long time and could not find anywhere. A bright bracelet from Tiffany. I was lucky that someone decided to sell it and I became the owner of a beautiful piece of jewelry at a relatively low price. I want to appeal to those who are skeptical about the secondary market. You are wrong, this is a great company that people really need.

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What is WP Diamonds?

WP Diamonds is a unique company that was founded in 2012. This company is multinational. She is known and works in many countries of the world. The company helps resell jewelry and other luxury items. The creators of the company very competently calculated all the marketing moves: the sales platform was developing rapidly and gaining popularity every year. Today, the company has its main office in America, but there are representative offices in many other countries. The practice of reselling jewelry became instantly popular, thousands of netizens showed considerable interest in this topic. In addition to jewelry on the company’s website, you can sell watches, bags of famous brands, designer shoes. Your product will be purchased within 24 hours. The company’s motto is “Speed, convenience and safety”. That’s what WP Diamonds’ work is aimed at. Many people call this company universal, and the people who created it are geniuses. The company’s rating in the world is consistently in the A+ BBB category. The website interface is very convenient, everything is clear and concise. With the help of the site, you can also determine the cost of the product that you plan to put up for sale, there are special tools for this.

After you fill out a special form, experts will help you determine the optimal price for your product. Working with the site is so comfortable that it is confidently included in the list of the most popular in the world. After all, the company fulfills the dream of many owners of jewelry and luxury items: to buy elegant and branded items second-hand in a safe place. After all, a thing is not always sold because it has worn out, and in the case of jewelry, there can be no question. In 90 percent of cases, I sell a thing simply because I’m tired of it and I want to buy something new. As you know, the richer a person is, the more economical he is: therefore, many wealthy people use the services of this site to sell a product. By the way, according to the results of analytics for 2021, the greatest activity occurred in the company’s department under the leadership of Louise Lieblich, Head of Diamonds & Jewelry. Experts in the press write that she masterfully manages the sales of diamonds and jewelry, other companies have tried to entice her many times, but she works only for WP Diamonds. If we talk about the evaluation of the company as a whole, the reviews are very good, 80 percent of customer reviews from around the world are positive.

Are WP Diamonds good?

A company of such a level as WP Diamonds, of course, pays maximum attention to those goods that go on sale. This is especially true of diamonds. According to the company’s executives, quality is a business card that should be treasured.” Having lost the trust of customers once, it is already very difficult to win it again,” says one of the company’s employees Tom Pozsgay. So, before selling diamonds, the company buys from the previous owners. This happens step by step, diamonds are bought according to a proven and safe scheme during the day. There are no intermediaries in this transaction, the company buys diamonds directly, also without charging a commission from the seller from this transaction. So, what kind of diamonds does the company buy: Diamonds with quality certificates and without a certificate weighing 0.5 carats +.

Diamonds of non-standard colors and shades of color, certified exclusively by the GIA laboratory.

Jewelry from designers with diamonds: Tiffany, Cartier, and other well-established brands. Diamonds of different cuts are bought.

Which diamonds does the company not buy, which ones does it refuse? For example, laboratory diamonds. You will not be able to sell or buy them. Diamonds weighing less than 0.5 times are also of no value to the company. Rough diamonds and black diamonds. This information is more interesting to sellers.

You can buy diamonds by clicking on the link on the main page “Shop”.Information that is of interest directly to buyers already begins here. The company offers customers a wide selection of certified recycled loose diamonds.

On the website, you can choose a diamond by weight, price, and other characteristics, and then create your unique ring together with jewelers if you do not like the existing models. The price of such diamonds will be lower than first-hand diamonds. Sometimes discounts reach 70 percent! To put it briefly, experts positively evaluate the diamonds sold on the site.

WP Diamonds most popular models

The company offers an incredibly wide range of aftermarket products. By clicking on the “Shop” link, you will be redirected to another site, which is a division of WP Diamonds. Gemma by WP Diamonds is just exclusively engaged in sales without buying goods. Even skeptics say that they cannot contain their surprise after getting acquainted with such a variety. You can choose products in all categories, whether jewelry, watches or branded bags. Last year, jewelry, mainly bracelets, and rings were in the greatest demand among buyers. Indeed, you can see very interesting models on the site. For example, Cartier LOVE Sapphire Ring in 18K Rose Gold Pink.

The site always indicates the condition of the jewelry, the degree of wear. For example, this product is in excellent condition and the ring has recently been polished.

The site sells jewelry models from Bulgari very well. This brand is one of the leaders in sales on this site. Important! YOU can trust the quality of designer brands at affordable prices, they are all authentic. This company guarantees and never buys a bad product for resale. By the way, pay attention to another ring model: it is one of the most discussed among customers. We are talking about the Bulgari Parentesi Diamond Band in the 18K White Gold 1.5 CTW model.

The model combines several styles, the opinions of jewelry lovers are divided: someone thinks the ring looks great, and someone calls it too flashy and tasteless.

Is WP Diamonds good for engagement rings?

Yes, the company offers very good engagement rings and wedding rings. The statement that buying rings on the secondary market is not prestigious is outdated and has become irrelevant. More and more people prefer to buy branded items on the secondary market while saving significant amounts of money. You can choose from a variety of brands: Tiffany Cartier Pomelatto. Many people sell wedding rings in perfect condition. When buying, the company conducts additional examinations that will later allow the buyer to be sure of the quality of the purchased product. On the website, you can buy rings in different price ranges. More and more experts call the decision to buy rings on the secondary market reasonable. The price difference is impressive, and there is no difference between a new and a used ring. In the assortment there are both classics and quite unusual models, there are also absolutely unique products that can not be found anywhere else.

Engagement rings with diamonds enjoy the most positive reviews. Experts suggest that this is because the prices of precious stones have increased significantly recently. If earlier the middle class, for example, could afford a ring from one of the most famous brands, now it has become impossible for many: many businesses have failed, many have suffered losses and are forced to save. Nevertheless, experts say that by buying rings on the secondary market, the buyer does not lose, but on the contrary gets excellent quality at an affordable price.

WP Diamonds payment options

Regarding the financial side of cooperation, working with this company is extremely simple for both sellers of products and buyers. With the first point, everything is clear: the funds are transferred to the seller’s card. Important! The company transfers money or sends a check on the same day. If you choose bank transfer as the payment system, the money will be credited directly to your bank account and will be available within 24 hours, often on the same day.

If you sell products at a personal meeting with company representatives, you can get cash or a check or choose a bank transfer. Important! If the cost of your product is less than $ 400, then payment is made exclusively by check.

Buyers can also pay for the goods easily because the company accepts all major cargo as well as PayPal and credit options through Affirm. According to customer reviews, the payment goes smoothly, and if unpleasant situations arise, the representatives of the support service easily help to solve them.

WP Diamonds warranty

If you buy jewelry or other goods on the website of this company, then of course you are provided with several guarantees. For example, at the discretion of the company, a 12-month warranty can be provided for watches that are more expensive than a thousand dollars! Important! The warranty is issued solely at the discretion of the company in the absence of a warranty from the manufacturer. What does this guarantee represent? First of all, it confirms the absence of defects in the product and under normal operating conditions, the product is guaranteed not to break within a month. The warranty also applies to repairs, which also happens at the discretion. Approximately the same thing happens with a guarantee for jewelry: the approach to each purchase is individual. For example, often when selling on the secondary market, the product has a manufacturer’s warranty and then the question of additional guarantees is naturally not discussed. As for customer reviews, most of the negative comments relate directly to watches, about jewelry such as rings, almost no criticism is received. Sometimes you can read complaints online that the company refuses to issue a warranty on the watch, always referring to the fact that it is not obliged to do so. Important! The warranty does not cover accidents, theft, loss, mistreatment, misuse. If you receive a warranty from the company, then you automatically waive the manufacturer’s warranty, if any. At the same time, if we talk about the situation objectively, then the goods sold on the site rarely need repair and use of a guarantee, because when buying each product undergoes a very thorough quality inspection.

WP Diamonds return policy

Of course, as in the primary market, a product return system also works in working with the secondary jewelry market. Sometimes there are situations when, after receiving the goods, the buyer for some reason changes his point of view and decides to refuse the purchase. In this case, you can return the product within two weeks. This period is counted not from the date of dispatch, but the date of delivery. The product must be in the same condition in which you received it. The goods will be thoroughly checked by experts and in case of damage, no refund will be made. Any original box and all documents must be intact and in the same condition. Important! Do not rush to send the goods without writing to the support service. It is the representatives of the support service who must first activate the refund process. Each parcel with the returned goods is checked. The receipt of such a parcel is necessarily recorded on video to avoid misunderstandings. In this case, the sender will not be able to say that the product is not damaged if there is damage. It is worth noting that recording the receipt of a parcel on video is a very common scheme that is already used by many companies around the world.

The Company also reserves the right to reject the delivery of any parcel that has been opened or damaged in any way. Rejected refunds will be forwarded to the sender.

WP Diamonds customer service

The company undoubtedly pays great attention to customer service, which is why the support service works very smoothly and customers almost do not express criticism. So, you can call or text us at 646 758 0270

Monday to Friday, 9 am- 5.30 pm EST or write an email to support@wpdiamonds.com. Important! These are the support service contacts directly for sellers. Buyers of goods supplied by the company contact her “daughter” myGemma, this site is engaged in the sale. If you are not a seller but a buyer, then you can contact the support service by number +1 646 569 3655 by email contact@mygemma.com. If we talk about the work of the support service as a whole, then the service working with sellers of goods works somewhat faster, at least customers write about it.

Q Are WP Diamonds real diamonds?

Sure. Before buying a product, the company's experts check everything for authenticity. In addition, the company a priori declares that it buys products only with naturally extracted diamonds, refusing even laboratory ones.

Q How do I know that WP Diamonds is a trustworthy company?

WP Diamonds has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, excellent TrustPilot reviews, and Google+ reviews, in addition, many respected world publications have written a lot of positive articles on the company's work.

Q What diamonds can I sell?

You can sell diamonds whose weight is higher than 0.5 carats. The company does not buy black and brown diamonds, as well as rough diamonds.

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