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Not same as in the photo

3.0/ 5

I do not recommend buying bracelets of this brand. I ordered two bracelets, but none of them looked the same as in the photo. A very big difference. I tried to make claims and write to the support service, but I was simply offered to return the product if it was not used. The problem was that I had already used these bracelets for about 7 days and only then decided to write to the support service. I didn’t talk about a refund, I just wanted to be sent bracelets exactly like on the website. The discussion was not productive. I have not made a refund. I wear these bracelets, they are not bad, but also not the ones that were in the photo.

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1 Reviews

Generally satisfied

4.0/ 5

In general, a good company, but in the last two years, the bracelet models have become somewhat monotonous. This is my opinion that I do not impose on anyone, it’s just that earlier models were much more interesting and brighter. Nevertheless, today I remain a client of this brand because no one else produces such good accessories from rare stones. If he does not talk about design, then in general I am satisfied with this site and I buy bracelets here from time to time. Can I recommend this brand? Perhaps, yes, I can. But if you have extensive design requests, then you can look for bracelets from other companies.

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1 Reviews

Quality used to be better

4.0/ 5

Very beautiful and rare stones are used in the design of bracelets. This is what attracts me and that is why I have been a regular customer of this company for 5 years. I like the collections and the way the designers of the company combine stones. I thought I would never be disappointed in this brand, but a few weeks ago an incident occurred that changed my mind. Even though the company works very well within Denmark, there are big problems with international delivery. I had to send gifts to several friends and I faced delivery delays. Also lately I’ve been a little disappointed with the quality. As an experienced buyer, I can say that the quality used to be better.

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1 Reviews

I recommend this site, very helpful customer operators

5.0/ 5

I rarely buy jewelry and accessories. If I buy, I approach the choice very responsibly. When I saw the Retro collection of bracelets, I did not doubt that I should buy several bracelets. Some friends warned me that the delivery could be delayed for several days or even a week. Fortunately, this did not happen in my case. What can I say about communicating with the support service? I am satisfied. Do not believe the comments that unprofessional operators work there. The guys answered all my questions, helped me figure out currency conversion, and gave me additional information about the stones in the product. I recommend this site and consider it reliable.

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1 Reviews

Disapointed by products and services

1.0/ 5

I bought 2 bracelets. Both of them broke shortly. Therefore, I contacted the fabric for repairs. No replies, no explanations after several emails. So very expensive products for what it is in reality.

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1 Reviews

Is Aurum Brothers Legit?

5.0/ 5

I ordered a gift on this site for my husband, who loves various accessories, so I was sure he would like the bracelet. I chose it for a long time, I really liked the assortment. In the end, I chose a bracelet with Indian motifs. Everything went flawlessly: payment, delivery. Unfortunately, I made a mistake when choosing the size of the wrist and it was completely my fault. Thanks to the representatives of the company who helped me solve the problem very quickly. I wrote to the support service and they explained to me how to issue a refund and helped with the correct size determination. Thanks to everyone who helped me in a very quick way to get a bracelet of the right size! I recommend this online store to everyone.

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Aurum Brothers Reviews: Is Aurum Brothers Legit?

What is Aurum Brothers?

Nowadays, many middle and top-level jewelry companies successfully operate. The client can easily choose products to his taste and his financial capabilities. It’s no secret that many jewelry companies, in principle, adhere to the same tactics of development and the assortment does not differ much.

Nevertheless, there are also such companies that are remembered after the first purchase and you return to the store again and again.

A jewelry company called Arum Brothers is one of the brands that attract the increased attention of the world community. The company specializes in the production and sale of luxury bracelets and stones. Stones are given special attention and importance.

These stones are selected with incredible care, and the approach to this is very responsible.

Important! The products are designed mainly for the male contingent.

Everyone who did not believe in the successful sales of men’s bracelets at the start of the company’s activities now admits that they were wrong. When the founders of the company started their activities, there were many articles in the world press on the topic of the inexpediency of selling men’s bracelets.

Nevertheless, it was this company that not only became successful in selling this accessory but also became the founder of a new fashion, a new trend.

Many celebrities wear bracelets of this brand and now the fashion for such bracelets is becoming more obvious in many countries of the world.

The company strives to help men all over the world find a way to express themselves, emphasize their individuality, and emphasize extraordinary sides. Bracelets made of rare stones are incredibly complex and handmade, which can be appreciated by real professionals.

The products that the company offers differ from the many bracelets that competitors sell. Perhaps this is due to a special design approach to the creation of each bracelet.

With their bracelets, the company’s designers want not only to please customers but also to combine history and modernity in design.

Each rare stone is a part of the story that the company’s designers strive to tell with the help of their unique products. The company’s jewelers select stones from all over the world.

Each stone carries a part of the culture and history of a certain region or country, which of course affects the style and design of the product.

The creators of the bracelets say that each product has its character and its special properties. Many customers agree with this point of view and write in the comments that the bracelets of this brand are unique. The brand from the Netherlands in a fairly short time was able to win the hearts of millions of fans around the world.

The designers of the company are allowed to masterfully create accessories for men that can simultaneously emphasize masculinity and give an image of individuality. Often in interviews, representatives of the company talk about the fact that the same bracelet on each man looks different.

Today, the company is among the most popular men’s brands in the world.

Aurum Brothers Reviews: Pros and Cons

Pros of Aurum Brothers:

  • Wide selection of stylish bracelets
  • Reasonable prices
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Timely delivery
  • Discounts
  • Loyalty programs
  • Convenient payment system

Cons of Aurum Brothers:

  • Designers do not plan to develop the creation of rings, although many customers ask for it
  • Sometimes there are difficulties with the return of goods
  • Sometimes it is difficult to determine the correct size of the bracelet

Are Aurum Brothers bracelets good?

Yes, the bracelets that this brand produces and sells are called very good and high-quality by more than 85 percent of customers.

You can see for yourself by visiting the official page of the company, where you can make a purchase online very quickly and comfortably. With the help of convenient filters, you can choose the product you need by collection, as well as by design.

In addition, on the site, you can constantly see the “Sales” section in which there are very interesting and profitable offers.

Bracelets that the company offers primarily attract attention with stones and combinations of these stones.

Also on the site, you will be able to constantly track new arrivals of bracelets. New items are sold out very quickly. For example, in 2022, many interesting beaded bracelets went on sale.

This time, the company decided to focus on unusual designs and attracted new specialists to the staff for this purpose, who are engaged in bead products. Also in 2022, the company promises customers a lot of surprises and new bracelets with precious stones.

Since the company’s specialists work only with natural materials, keep in mind that most products have limited stock and it is likely that it will not be possible to recreate a similar model.

It is worth noting that the company has also started the production and sale of very unusual necklaces made of different stones. Necklaces made of beads and natural stone, including sodalite, Red Tiger’s Eye, and others are gaining popularity among the company’s regular customers.

Note that earlier the emphasis was placed only on the sale and creation of bracelets.

Aurum Brothers Collections

The company offers its customers several bright and interesting collections of bracelets. Each collection carries a certain meaning and direction.

What are the different Aurum Brothers Collections?

Aurum Brothers’ Parvus Collection

The Parvus Collection is a collection exclusively in the Indian style, very fashionable for today’s laziness.

This collection is popular among both young people and middle-aged buyers. Even though bracelets are considered men’s, they are often bought by girls, who are attracted by the Indian theme and design.

Aurum Brothers’ Roman Collection

The Roman collection also causes a lot of positive emotions among buyers. According to the results of analysts’ research, these Romanesque-style products are usually bought by middle-aged and older men, although of course, these data do not pretend to be accurate.

This collection is characterized by incredible restraint and elegance. The collection looks expensive even though the prices for these bracelets are very affordable.

Also, bracelets from this collection are perfectly combined with different costumes and do not create unnecessary contrast.

Aurum Brothers’ Valentine’s Collection

Valentine’s collection is unisex. Bracelets for everyone who is in love. Indeed, if you read customer reviews, many people call this collection one of the most romantic. These bracelets look great on both men’s and women’s hands.

Aurum Brothers’ Hispanic Collection

The Hispanic collection also attracts a lot of attention. The products of this collection attract attention thanks to the stones of warm shades and their incredible brightness.

Aurum Brothers’ Retro Collection

Retro collection: always popular bracelets among absolutely all age categories. The collection is distinguished by the fact that the bracelets are made in orange, gray, brown, turquoise, and green colors

Is Aurum Brothers good for gifts?

The company’s clients write in the comments that they often buy bracelets as a gift, for example, there are a lot of women among the brand’s clients who order gifts for their boyfriends or husbands.

A fashionable bracelet is a great gift.

However, it is quite difficult to choose the right bracelet. You need to know a person very well, his character and habits to choose a bracelet that he likes.

Bracelets with silver are often bought as a gift.

Important! When choosing a bracelet as a gift, be sure to pay attention to the watch that a man wears. The bracelet should be in harmony with the watch and with the style in which the watch is decorated. Otherwise, a person will have to choose between a watch and a bracelet, which not everyone may like.

In general, we can say that such bracelets are good for a fight, but on the condition that you have well studied the taste of the person to whom you are giving the bracelet.

What are the best sellers of Aurum Brothers?

Of course, like any company or any brand, some models are very successful while some are not very popular.

Among the undisputed bestsellers are products of Aurum Brothers from the One-Of-A-Kind Collection.

These bracelets do not lose their relevance and sell very well. Classic and minimalistic designs using natural stone beads are also always popular.

The size of the beads may be different, but the most common are 6 and 12 mm. We are talking about the bracelets of the Desert collection, which gives . These bracelets have not lost their popularity and relevance for seven years.

Bracelets from the classic traditional category always fall into the company’s bestseller list, besides, various discounts are constantly offered on these products.

Silver bracelets also sell very well

As a rule, such models are preferred by businessmen, these bracelets perfectly harmonize with business suits and expensive watches.

These bracelets can be made with different stones, for example

  • Amethyst
  • Eagle Eye
  • Obsidian

Also, this model can be made in a slightly different color scheme at the request of the client.

Of the new arrivals, a silver bracelet with a tiger’s eye became the record holder. The unusual design and reasonable price immediately attracted the attention of buyers to the product.

It is also worth noting that the brand’s collections are constantly updated and new favorites appear. Representatives of the company often say that designers work incessantly to create new bestsellers.

Aurum Brothers Payments

There is nothing unusual in the payment system that the company uses: this is a standard scheme.

You can pay with all the world’s recognized debit and credit cards such as Master, and Visa, and you can also pay for your purchase using PayPal.

Recently, that payment method has become increasingly popular and relevant. You can also use the so-called loyalty program that the company offers to get a free bracelet.

You can learn more about participation in the loyalty program on the official website of the company.

All transactions that are made on the site are absolutely legal and safe. Customer data is not disclosed, and the company strictly complies with the rules prescribed by international law.

Aurum Brothers Delivery

The big advantage of this company is that the delivery is organized very professionally.

Delivery is free worldwide.

Please note that your order may be subject to VAT, import duties, and/or taxes, and the company has nothing to do with these costs. If we talk about the timing, then, as a rule, the creation of a custom bracelet takes 2-3 working days, after that the goods are prepared for shipment.

To deliver its goods, the company uses such systems as FedEx Economy Shipping for Europe and FedEx International Priority Shipping for shipping to other countries of the world.

As a rule, in such cases, the delivery time is from 1 to 6 working days, but sometimes there are small delays depending on several circumstances.

Regarding the delivery guarantee, the company guarantees only the integrity and quality of the goods. As for delivery and proper transportation, at this stage, the responsibility falls on the carrier’s company.

Aurum Brothers Warranty

As a rule, the company provides a guarantee for its products that lasts 12 months. Customers speak well about how the company complies with warranty obligations. There were no incidents in this direction. The company provides standard guarantees that do not include repairs in case of damage to the bracelet as a result of an accident.

It is worth noting that cases of breakage of these bracelets are very rare and the guarantee is only a formality for customers who feel at ease with guarantees.

Representatives of the company are proud that in their seven-year practice, there are no cases of manufacturing defects that have to be corrected under warranty.

Aurum Brothers Return Policy

To return the goods to the company, you have 30 calendar days from the moment you receive the goods. Aurum Brothers bracelets should be returned with the original tags attached to the box, and there should be no signs of use on the bracelet(s).

If you follow all the rules for making a refund, the entire amount will be refunded to your card (minus $ 10). Attention! Since the company sells products made to order, the law does not oblige the brand to return the money.

Nevertheless, the company’s management decided to introduce a refund function so that customers would be satisfied and feel safe. There are different reviews about how the refund happens: some had a successful experience, and some did not.

For example, Lucy from Florida is delighted with how quickly the money was returned to her:

“I bought a gift for my boyfriend but realized that I had made a mistake with the size and I needed to make a refund urgently. The company’s employees met me halfway and described everything in detail and step by step, how I need to make a refund, where to go, and everything to the smallest detail. As a result, I got the money back. I wasn’t asked many questions and everything went well.”

Does Aurum Brothers have a Privacy Policy?

Yes, Aurum Brothers has a Privacy Policy and it is stated there that they do not sell or share any information that you choose to disclose to them with any third parties without your consent.

Aurum Brothers Customer Service

To contact the company’s representatives, you need to fill out a special form for a message on the website. This is the most optimal way to communicate with support service operators who solve their customers’ issues quickly enough.

You can also write directly to Aurum Brothers using their email and phone numbers, as follows:

Like most jewelry companies, the brand is beginning to refuse to communicate with customers by phone, preferring a written form of communication. Experts say that this method is much more effective and efficient.

Firstly, the phone line can often be overloaded, and secondly, the operator and the client may misunderstand each other if they communicate in different languages.

In any case, at the moment the company’s support service copes with its tasks adequately and responds to customer messages with good speed.

Q Does the company have any physical stores?

No, unfortunately, at the moment the brand sells its bracelets only online. In the future, options for opening stores are being considered, but so far sales are carried out only in an online format.

Q I would need to resize my bracelet. What should I do?

You can write a request to change the size by email at info@aurumbrothers.com where the representatives of the company will explain how to apply.

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