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Satisfied with the products

4.0/ 5

I can’t say anything bad about this company. I was satisfied with everything. Selection, prices, payment, delivery, everything went well and without problems. But why does advertising say so much about the uniqueness of the company? I didn’t notice anything unique. Very similar vintage rings are sold by other companies, and earrings and pendants are also very far from unique. The advertising company is very strong, but in fact, it is an ordinary jewelry company with a slightly wider selection of models. Another small drawback of this brand is the support service representatives who seemed to me too slow. I had to explain to them several times that I was interested in the origin of the diamond, that I wanted to know the specific place where the stone was brought from. However, in general, the site is not bad.

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1 Reviews

Very beautiful products but price is slightly high

4.0/ 5

I liked the company. The staff at Estate Diamond Jewelry is incredible. The most knowledgeable and caring jewelry company that were dealt with so far. I am delighted with the rings they offer. But I think the prices are very high. Of course, I understand that these rings are unique and vintage and that professional jewelers worked on them. But at least make discounts, make promotions, make sales. Some people may dream of such a ring all their lives, but they cannot buy it. I’m not talking about myself, I bought what I liked, but many of my friends could not buy what they like because of the high price, although many write that the prices are balanced.

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1 Reviews

Seamless transaction

5.0/ 5

A vintage wedding ring has always been my dream. Thanks to this brand for making my dream come true. I am incredibly happy to be the owner of such a beautiful ring. It conveys the atmosphere of past eras, emits warmth, warms my soul, and lifts my mood. When the sd jewelry is made so professionally, you don’t want to take it off. I will continue to shop on this site. I saw some models that I dream of buying in the future. The price stops me, but I hope that I can save money. I also want to note that the delivery was carried out very quickly, and when I had some questions about the diamond, the representatives of the support service willingly answered all the questions in detail and intelligibly.

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1 Reviews

The stone was holding rather weakly in the teeth

3.0/ 5

I was unlucky, I don’t have a very good experience with this company. Firstly, I was unable to participate in the financing program. My candidacy for some reason did not fit. Secondly, when I did buy the ring, I noticed that the stone was holding rather weakly in the teeth, which I reported to the support service. I was told that this is not a manufacturing defect, which means it does not fall within the scope of the warranty. I was outraged. Why do I have to finish the work of jewelers? I pay a lot of money for the goods that should be delivered to me in the condition in which I chose them on the site. Disappointment, anger, resentment. These are the feelings that I experience after buying on this site.

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1 Reviews

Great vintage inspired jewelry

5.0/ 5

I’ve never liked antiques or various vintage items. When I looked at these old designs, I felt sad. However, everything changed when I went to the website of this company. It seems that I looked at all this jewelry with new eyes anew. It’s just great! I realized that earlier I had seen completely different models that were worth looking at. Yes, the prices for some rings are very high, but the price is justified. I ordered a magnificent Victorian-style ring, and I am sure the product will be passed down from generation to generation in my family. I liked the quality, I will recommend this brand to all my friends.

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Estate Diamond Jewelry Reviews: Is Estate Diamond Jewelry Legit?

What is Estate Diamond Jewelry?

Estate Diamond Jewelry Company is an unusual brand that many call unique and inimitable. This company has millions of fans all over the world.

The first word that many associate with this brand is elegance.

Even the biggest skeptics will not be able to call the collection of this company banal and simple – after all, the company’s jewelers offer unique jewelry in vintage style. The company has existed for more than forty years and all that time the attention of jewelers is focused on ancient motifs when creating a design.

The company also offers its customers unique antique jewelry. It is on the uniqueness that the company’s managers and jewelers are betting on because they do not want to be “like everyone else.”

The company’s management claims that the brand is radically different from other jewelry companies. Of course, the first and most important difference is the collection of vintage wedding rings, which is recognized as the largest in the world!

Since the brand is essentially a family business, the secrets of successfully creating such a collection remain in the family circle. Representatives of the company often said in interviews that there are family secrets, skills, and talents that the owners would not like to share with outsiders.

The company enjoys a lot of trust from buyers from different countries. It is enough to read reviews to understand: that this brand is really a leader. In addition, many customers say that despite the excellent quality, the company offers very affordable prices.

For many years, the company’s priority has been the availability to customers of even the most elite and unique products.

A lot of attention is paid to the creation of a collection of rings.

The staff employs only professional jewelers who cannot make a mistake. The curator of the collection is the most experienced jeweler and gemologist. It is known that only high-class professionals are invited to work in the company and the owners of the company are directly involved in the selection of staff.

Special attention in the company’s work is paid to the art deco direction. In this direction, the work was also carried out masterfully. Luxurious and glamorous jewelry has captured the hearts of buyers in many countries. Not every company can present art deco jewelry with dignity, but this brand coped with the task perfectly.

Estate Diamonds Jewelry photo saying Our Latest Vintage Finds. Below the title are 4 rings: The Riverbend Ring (oval light blue diamond with gold metal), Roxbury ring (square diamond with bronze metal), Coppabella Ring (round light blue diamond), and Windmere Ring (blue and white diamonds with gold metal)

In addition, the brand’s collections also include an incredibly wide selection of Edwardian-style jewelry. These are incredibly stylish pieces of jewelry that convey the spirit of the era and every detail of which is carefully thought out. This is an unusual decoration for unusual people.

Jewelry can be seen and bought not only on the company’s website but also in the brand’s store in New York. You can come there by appointment.

The company’s rating has always been high, but over the past three years, experts have noted a particularly intense surge in popularity. Experts attribute this to a possible increase in customer interest in vintage products.

Indeed, recently more and more jewelry connoisseurs have turned their attention in this particular direction. And in conclusion, of course, we recall what many jewelry lovers probably know about: the company achieved the Guinness World Records title for Most Valuable Dreidel, valued at $70,000.

To add to that, Estate Diamond Jewelry also has a BBB Accreditation of A+.

BBB Accreditation with a BBB Rating of A+ as of September 28, 2023.

Estate Diamond Jewelry Reviews Pros and Cons

Estate Jewelry Reviews Pros:

  • The collection of vintage rings is the largest in the world and one of the most famous
  • Balance of price and quality
  • Quality of diamonds and precious metals
  • Professional support service

Estate Jewelry Reviews Cons:

  • Lack of large and systematic sales
  • Funding programs are not available to everyone
  • Possibility of return within 14 days (most companies allow to return the goods within a month)

Are Estate Diamond Jewelry diamonds good?

Yes, the company sells magnificent diamonds that are mined only by ethical principles.

These diamonds are certified by the GIA laboratory. Representatives of the support service will provide you with all additional information as soon as possible, if necessary. All parameters and characteristics of the diamond are publicly available.

The company offers diamonds of different shapes and characteristics for every taste. In addition, an interesting point is that the company uses old European cut diamonds when creating some rings.

This moment should be described in a little more detail. The diamonds of the old European cut have their differences. One of these differences is the visible rim. On a diamond larger than 1 carat, you can see the grid, even without using special equipment. In addition, it is possible to note the rounded edge of a diamond.

More and more jewelry lovers are talking about the advantages of old European cut diamonds over modern diamonds. According to many experts, the so-called “inner fire” can be seen only in such diamonds.

Rings with such diamonds are sold almost instantly, although the cost of jewelry with diamonds of the old European cut is higher than with the usual modern version.

Estate Diamond Jewelry Categories Vintage

The company offers a huge range of various jewelry. For the convenience of customers, the products are divided into categories, so it is much easier for customers to make a choice and find what they are interested in. For example, the largest and most famous collection of vintage jewelry is allocated to a separate category.

Vintage jewelry categories that Estate Diamond Jewelry offers: engagement rings, wedding bands, vintage earrings, vintage necklaces, colored diamonds, designer rings, vintage men's jewelry, and all vintage jewelry.

This is a very rare collection.

The range of vintage rings offered by the company includes rings in the Edwardian style and more modern wedding rings in the Art Deco style.

Important! The collection also includes rings from the Victorian era. The age of these antique rings from 1880 to 1970 is approximate.

You can also choose a ring from the modern direction with diamonds of different colors and shapes. It is very easy to do this with the help of the website.

Buyers are provided with a list of filters by which they will choose the jewelry they need. The company also offers a lot of different models of pendants, earrings, and other products with diamonds of different classifications and cuts.

Is Estate Diamond Jewelry good for engagement rings?

Without a doubt! The company offers its customers the best and most unusual collections!

Of course, vintage collections from different eras attract the most attention. Such decorations are becoming more and more popular. The wedding rings that this company offers do not need advertising, these products are known all over the world.

On the website, you can see magnificent rings that convey the spirit of the past. Many experts call these rings not just vintage, but atmospheric.

At the same time, antiques are not liked by everyone and the company’s leaders certainly took this point into account. Therefore, the brand offers a variety of wedding collections and new styles, but the company has earned its reputation thanks to antiques and unique jewelry.

For lovers of everything original, the site even offers to choose the era to which the wedding ring should belong.

Recently, the Victorian era has been very popular. Brides from many countries increasingly prefer this particular direction.

Customers can choose from rings made of materials such as Platinum, Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, White Gold, and Yellow Gold. Rose gold, which used to be not very fashionable among newlyweds, is becoming more and more popular. Nevertheless, now it is rose gold that has become one of the most popular materials for wedding rings.

Estate Diamond Jewelry’s Most Popular Diamond Ring Models

Recently, the company presented a list of rings that were most popular in the past 2021 and which are recognized as the best. So, one of the most popular models was the VINTAGE ELM PARK. Yes, vintage rings have become more fashionable and attractive than ever!

This ring is a very unusual model that combines two styles, vintage and modern. This is a 1950s ring. The central round-cut stone weighing almost a carat is combined with two baguette-cut diamonds. It is the cut that will come to the fashionable look of the ring.

Another very popular model is a ring called Deco.

This ring is stylized according to the design of the 1920s. A very bright, unusual, and memorable decoration. The 1.38-carat center stone is surrounded by two rows of smaller diamonds.

Also among the leaders was a very unusual ring called Cairns.

The ring perfectly presents floral motifs, the decoration is very elegant and suitable for women of any age.

Estate Diamond Jewelry Payment Options for Rings and Vintage Jewelry

Representatives of the Estate Diamond Jewelry company declare that they strive to make the purchase process as simple and safe as possible. That is why the company accepts all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

The brand also offers its clients interesting financial programs that require a down payment of 10%. All transactions on the site are absolutely safe and secure, customers do not need to worry about protecting their data.

Estate Diamond Jewelry successfully cooperates with Split, as a result of which clients are offered a very simple and popular financing program.

This program does not have any deferred interest or hidden payments, you can find out the details on the official website. Of course, you will be asked for some data and basic information about yourself before you can become a member of the program.

If you get approved, you will be able to divide your purchase into 2, 3, or more monthly payments.

What is the  Estate Diamond Jewelry’s home viewing program?

A man showing a woman an assortment of diamond jewelries with the title Book Your Appointment, the description says, "Would you like to visit our New York showroom and view our rare collection?" They also included their showroom's business hours (10:00 am — 5:00 pm) and contact number: 212 265 3868.

The so-called home viewing program allows customers to view and touch the ring without leaving home. When viewing the product, an insurance contract is used. You will have 2 weeks to decide whether you like the product and whether you will buy a ring.

If you decide not to buy the ring, you can just send it back and get a full refund.

To participate in the Home Viewing Program, call the support service and they will explain to you how to arrange a viewing.

Estate Diamond Jewelry’s Warranty

The company offers its customers a lifetime warranty that relates to defects found on any of the jewelry.

The lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects does not apply to any of the rings that are vintage, vintage, or antique.

If the purchased product has a manufacturing defect, please, it is tedious for you to report it to the support service to solve the problem. Finally, the representatives of the company will ask you to send the defect so that the jewelers can accurately determine: whether this is a manufacturing defect or an error in use.

If the product is covered by our lifetime warranty, Estate Diamond Jewelry will fix the problem for free.

If any jewelry works were performed by other jewelers who do not work in the company, the warranty is canceled. Here is a list of decoration problems that the warranty does not cover:

  • Wear and tear
  • Loss, theft
  • Cracks in precious stones
  • Discoloration in precious metals
  • Loose teeth
  • Loss of stones due to loose teeth or metal parts

Estate Diamond Jewelry’s return policy

You have the right to return the purchased product within two weeks of receiving the parcel and receive a full refund on the card.

The refund policy applies to all customers.

On the web, you can see a lot of positive feedback about how the refund and exchange system works properly. Judging by the comments of customers, the company does not seek to avoid a refund and always acts strictly according to the rules.

Before returning the purchase, be sure to contact the support service which will tell you how to properly pack the goods and arrange the procedure.

Estate Diamond Jewelry’s customer service

The company’s support service is working very well. At least most customers are very satisfied with how quickly all issues are resolved. You can also often hear about the politeness of the support staff.

How do I contact Customer Service?

There are several ways to contact the support service.  You can reach out to them through the following:

Estate Jewelry Social Media Accounts

Feel free to check our Estate Jewelry’s Facebook, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter) pages for the latest updates. You can also read some articles on their blog to know more about their products, the company, and many more.

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Q Does Estate Diamond Jewelry have sales?

Yes, but not as often as customers would like. Sometimes there are discounts on the site. However, given the uniqueness of jewelry, prices are generally stable.

Q Where are Estate Diamond Jewelry diamonds from?

Diamonds are purchased only from suppliers who comply with all ethical requirements, only from conflict-free zones.

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