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Honest opinion

3.0/ 5

Very bad company. I don’t advise anyone to buy jewelry here, I had an unpleasant experience. Be sure that the quality of diamonds is not what you think. I selected to purchase a 1/2 carat pair of earrings. When I got home and opened the earrings the sizes were visibly very different. Of course, I returned to the store where I was greeted quite unfriendly and it cost me a lot of effort to prove my case. I really liked the model and despite the negligence committed by the company, I was ready to exchange the goods. In response, I was told that they don’t have the same model. Is this a serious attitude towards the client? It’s just a shame! How can you then call yourself a serious company if you don’t see the difference in the size of the products sold and can’t even apologize to the customer if you are wrong? A very negative experience. I will never buy products from this company again.

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1 Reviews

Pay attention to the customers

4.0/ 5

I like the jewelry that this company sells. They have good diamonds, good design, but still, I can’t call my visit to their store very successful. They really make you feel like you’re not important when you go into a store to see a product, and not set up to buy. They just don’t notice you. Even if you decide to make a purchase they would not assist when buying the product. Employees standing around doing nothing and not helping. Guys, maybe this is not a system, but an isolated case. Maybe I just went to the wrong store. Maybe the employees were not in the mood. But if you position yourself as a large and reliable company, then teach your employees, because they are your “face”.

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1 Reviews

Buy in stores if possible

4.0/ 5

I have a rather contradictory opinion about this company. On the one hand, I really like their stores. Excellent choice, professional and competent sellers, top-level service, reasonable prices. On the other hand, I am extremely dissatisfied with the website of this company. Horrible website. Overpriced jewelry and slow shipping based on past experiences. Yes, it seems to me that prices in stores are very different. This is my experience. Plus, the site is very inconvenient to use. There is a lot of unnecessary information that is not needed and distracts from the purchase. I will also add here the experience of my sister, who bought a bracelet online. As a result, it looked different than on the site, which once again convinced me: jewelry should be bought only in stores.

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1 Reviews

2nd time to purchase

5.0/ 5

I am using the company’s services for the second time. Last month I purchased Valentine’s gift for my wife at Jared’s. The customer service was great and I was very surprised that I was treated as the most honorable customer! John was my salesperson and was very helpful by showing me a variety of styles. It is important that the staff paid attention to the limits and limitations of my budget and did everything possible to offer me the best options exactly within my capabilities. If necessary, I will definitely contact this company again because I like the price, quality, and service. I advise everyone not to pay attention to negative comments to buy jewelry from Jared.

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1 Reviews

Jared Review

5.0/ 5

I am delighted not only with the products that this company offers but also with the people who work there. I met an incredibly kind attitude towards myself. The patience of the support staff and their desire to help me made a very good impression. I will not hide that initially, I was skeptical about the company. Mostly it happened because I read a lot of negative reviews on the web. None of what I read is true. The brand’s products are of high quality, the diamonds are magnificent, the payment methods are very convenient. When I faced the problem of payment, my bank refused to help for a long time, but it was in the support service of the jewelry company that experienced operators told me exactly what the problem was. I really like this brand, from the first to the last minute of cooperation I am very happy.

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What is Jared?

This company is well known in the world. Jared’s reputation is not in doubt. This brand is essentially part of the Signet jewelry chain, without being independent. The brand is very different from its competitors, in particular, the approach to customers and the professionalism of its employees: only jewelers with extensive experience and excellent knowledge of this work in the company. Jewelry of this brand can be bought not only online, but also in numerous stores that are located in shopping centers. This brand is recognized by experts as very profitable, its payback is very high. When it comes to what distinguishes Jared from numerous similar jewelry stores, many experts answer quality. Yes, the jewelry of this brand is of excellent quality, which is confirmed by many world experts. Every year, the brand’s stores sell products for about $ 5 million and systematically reply to the assortment. By the way, this is also a distinctive feature of stores: not all competitors replenish the assortment twice or even three times a year. The company has incredibly large reserves of high-quality diamonds. Today many experts recognize that it is much more profitable to trade diamonds and jewelry online than in retail outlets. And after the coronavirus pandemic, customers have already become accustomed to active online trading and it seems more comfortable for many to buy and choose jewelry on the Internet. That is why the brand’s web page is rapidly gaining popularity and many customers prefer to shop there. It is important to note that the sale of products of this brand is completely safe and legal both in stores and online. All transactions are protected by law. The fact that the company does not work by itself but as part of Signet Jewelers is also a kind of guarantee for many.

Are Jared diamonds good?

The diamonds that the company offers to its customers are of very good quality. They are bought only from well-proven manufacturers. Of course, you can sometimes hear complaints from some customers, but they do not concerned about the quality of diamonds, but an insufficient assortment. When processing diamonds, only the most expensive and high-quality equipment is used. It has long been known that the company takes the choice of suppliers very responsibly and seriously. It is quite difficult to become a supplier of this company because the brand has very high requirements. Of course, the diamond is never delivered from conflict zones. In addition, environmental cleanliness is also one of the important factors that the company pays attention to. Some customers have questions about the prices. But experts reject the assumption that prices are inflated. Diamonds of excellent quality cannot be cheap, this is nonsense. Experts once again emphasize that a cheap diamond is always a low-quality diamond. At the same time, some experts often write that the company’s prices are inflated for products in general. And if, for example, the price of the diamond itself is justified, then many experts still consider the cost of precious methods to be overstated. But now we are talking about diamonds and there is no doubt about their quality, which is officially confirmed. We would also like to add that the highest rating for these diamonds is given by users not in America, but by Europeans. This conclusion is made by analysts studying numerous reviews on the web. It is the Europeans who think the quality of the diamonds that the company offers is great.

Are Jared diamonds certified?

Yes, the company sells certified diamonds and this is very important. Gone are the days when a lot of attention was paid to certification and many companies did not certify diamonds to avoid unnecessary costs. Now, most buyers prefer exclusively certified precious stones, as the result of the examination of internationally recognized laboratories is a guarantee of the quality of the purchased goods. No one wants to take risks and buy expensive goods without guarantees. So, the diamonds sold by this company come with an already prepared GIA or AGS report (more often the first option). Do not listen to those who advise you to neglect the certificate. Unfortunately, recently there have been many small companies that assure customers that certification is nothing more than paper. Of course, experienced buyers do not listen to such “advice”. Only certification can fully confirm and evaluate all the characteristics of a diamond. After all, a diamond is not a cheap stone and it will be very insulting if you pay a large sum for a diamond that is not worth that much money. Another important nuance that concerns the work of the company: you can always be one hundred percent sure of the authenticity of the certificate. There have never been any precedents in the history of the company related to subordination, and some articles on this topic distributed by foreign media turned out to be fake.

Is Jared good for engagement rings?

The choice of engagement rings is great. This is recognized even by skeptics who are initially negative and do not get excited about this brand.

The attention of buyers is presented with a list of models and options of rings from which it is mono to choose the right one. With the help of the user-friendly interface of the site, you can choose a crystal, a stone, a frame, a tile. when making a purchase online, you can think about every detail without haste.

It is also worth mentioning that many models of engagement rings offered by this company seem too innovative. Sometimes, among the reviews of buyers and experts, you can read the opinion that the brand is moving further away from the classics, and it is dangerous to leave the classics, it threatens to lose customers.

As for the most popular models of engagement rings, during the autumn of 2021- winter of 2022, a model called Lab-Created Diamond Engagement Ring 2 ct  Emerald/Round in white gold. The cost of this model exceeds five thousand dollars.

In general, analysts and sellers note that last year the demand for white gold was particularly high.

It is also worth paying your attention to the fact that according to the company’s executives, special attention will be paid to the collections of engagement rings in the coming 2022. In particular, new designers and jewelers with new ideas will be hired.

If you read customer reviews specifically about engagement rings, then most buyers are satisfied with both the quality of diamonds and the quality of precious metals.

Jared payment options

It is very convenient to pay for purchases from this company. The company accepts all major cards for payment, in addition, it offers its customers various programs with which it is much easier and more practical to pay for goods. For example, there is a so-called Gold Card available. If you are the owner of such a card, then you have the opportunity to pay for the goods in installments. These payment plans are very different. They start with half a year and end with 48 months! Many customers ask whether it is possible to use the Affirm payment plan in this company. Yes, you can! The companies have partnership agreements and if you are interested in this type of payment, then the representatives of the support service will be able to tell you in detail about the conditions. The most popular payment last year among the company’s customers was the “annual” payment. Under this program, the customer pays for the purchase within 12 months, but only on the condition that you paid at least a thousand dollars for the purchase. No interest is charged for this type of payment.

As for the longest installment plan (48 months), this program applies exclusively to purchases worth more than 5 thousand dollars, the interest rate in this type of payment is present. At the same time, it is worth noting that this payment plan is not very popular. Customers who can afford a product worth 5 thousand dollars prefer to pay for the purchase immediately. In the assurance, it is worth saying that in the company’s stores you can pay in cash

Jared warranty

Jared provides its customers with guarantees that most experts call “standard”. Nothing unusual: a familiar package that offers its customers all high-level jewelry companies. So, first of all, of course, the company declares that it provides a Lifetime warranty. This is a common service among jewelry companies. If such a guarantee is not provided, then the client may already be wary. This guarantee applies to diamonds and precious stones, any goods with diamonds, sapphires, rubies that you bought in Jared. The guarantee involves examination, cleaning, replacement of the stone, and many more nuances that you can clarify by talking to the support service or carefully studying the official website page. Also, you are guaranteed to exchange your diamond for a more expensive one, if you ever need such an exchange. As for online guarantees, the company guarantees that you will be delivered exactly the product that you have chosen and it will fully comply with the characteristics stated on the website. The company also provides a so-called “brand guarantee”. This document guarantees the buyer that the product will not deteriorate over time, and in the case of natural wear, jewelers will be able to return the original appearance to the jewelry.

Jared return policy

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase and want to return the goods, the company provides you with such an opportunity. You can also make an exchange, but with the condition that the refund and exchange will take place within 30 days after the purchase. Of course, the return rules swing the goods that you bought from the general assortment. For products that are made to order, we apply a different approach. This is discussed with the support representatives on a case-by-case basis. However, in most variants,

You will not be able to return the goods that were made according to a special design personally milking you. Important! Before returning the goods, carefully read the rules of dispatch, which are detailed on the official website of the company.

Jared customer service

Customers are very satisfied with the support service of this company.

No wonder: after all, only professionals are recruited to work to communicate with clients. A lot of attention is paid to the fact that the support service operators are well versed in jewelry. There are several ways to contact company representatives. With the help of an online chat where a virtual assistant will answer the main questions. In addition, you can communicate via text message to the operator, and you can also contact company representatives using a video call. A video call is needed if there is a need to show the decoration to an expert. If you”d like to contact us via mail, your correspondence can be sent to

Sterling Jewelers Inc. 375 Ghent Road Akron, Ohio 44333.

If you have questions about jewelry leasing options, please contact Progressive Lease at (866) 319-0290 Important! If you have decided to communicate in a virtual chat, then you should know: agents work Sunday: 12 pm – 9 pm ET

Monday – Friday: 8am – 1am ET

Saturday: 10am – 10pm ET

In addition, you can call (800) 527-8229 during the below hours:

Sunday: 12pm – 9pm ET

Monday – Friday: 9am – 10pm ET

Saturday: 12pm – 10pm ET

Important! Before making a call, check out the list of questions and answers on the official website. Perhaps the answer to your question has already been published there.

Q Are Jared real diamonds?

Yes, all the diamonds and diamond products that this company sells are genuine.

Q Does Jared charge sales tax?

The availability of tax and its amount depends on the city, state, and country from which the purchase was made.

Q Does Jared have sales?

Of course! Sales occur systematically and are announced both online and in the company's stores.

Q Is Jared trustworthy?

Yes. The company is legal, all diamonds are certified, and transactions are legal. This brand can be trusted.

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