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Limited choices for men's jewelry

4.0/ 5

I like the ring models that this online store offers. It’s hard to please me, but here I saw a lot of models that have become my favorites. I have no complaints about women’s collections, designs, and prices for women’s jewelry. However, when I wanted to buy a gift for my husband, I ran into problems. There is no choice! The prices are high, the models are banal and uninteresting! Why can’t such a large store pay enough attention to the category of men’s products? Guys, look around, now all companies are actively occupying this niche and are actively selling. Why is this direction so poorly developed in your country? Despite this disadvantage, I remain a company client and constantly buy rings for myself.

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Products are good but more like a copy

3.0/ 5

The company does not stand out in any way. There is no own style, only repeats of models from other manufacturers. Yes, there is a lot of choice and variety, but all these models are a repetition of someone’s ideas. Doesn’t anyone notice it? In music and literature, this is called plagiarism. Here, almost the entire online store consists of plagiarism, but no one talks about it. On the contrary, everyone praises the company and applauds the high quality. By the way, I do not dispute that the quality of the products is good. I don’t like the fact that the company doesn’t have its personality. It seems to me that any jewelry store should have its trump card, its ideas, and its differences. I didn’t find what I was looking for on this site.

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Has a large selection of different styles

4.0/ 5

A mid-level company. In advertising, they often say that their clients are world stars, but it seems to me that this is just a publicity stunt. They pay celebrities to wear their products. I do not argue that the goods are of high quality. I also agree that the company has a large selection of different styles. However, I cannot put this brand in one raw with the giants of the global jewelry business. As for prices, the prices are reasonable and almost everyone can find a product suitable for their wallet. Why do I consider this company “average”? Because jewelry resembles things from the mass market. It’s not exclusive, it’s not glamorous.

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1 Reviews

An excellent online store with a good selection and prices

5.0/ 5

I have so many positive emotions that I decided to share them! An excellent online store with a good selection and prices. In addition, excellent and patient guys work in the support service. I called a lot of times and couldn’t solve the payment problem. Later it turned out that the problem was not from the site, but from my bank, but the guys from the support service helped me in every possible way to understand the situation By the way, the operators in the support service are well versed in diamonds! This came as a surprise to me. Usually, when I talked to representatives of other sites, they only knew the memorized information on refunds and insurance. I am 100 percent satisfied with the site!

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1 Reviews

Stellar Jewelry Reviews

5.0/ 5

I have several reasons to be very happy with the work of this website. Firstly, there is a very user-friendly interface and filters. Previously, when I went to online stores, I found a lot of unnecessary information there that prevented me from focusing on finding a product. However, everything on this site is clear, concise, and convenient. Without any problems, I chose two rings and pendants for myself and then paid for the goods. At none of these stages did c encounter difficulties. Everything went great. There were no delays with the parcel either. After receiving the goods, I was delighted because the products looked even better than in the photo. I recommend this site, I liked it.

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What is Stellar Jewelry?

Stellar Jewelry is a company in which there has been a growing interest lately. The company is not new, this retailer has been operating since 1963. On the website, it is fashionable to buy products from manufacturers such as Stuller, and DTC Sightholder, which are part of the De Beers network. The company is the largest retailer of Stuller.

This company sells various jewelry online, including women’s and men’s engagement jewelry. It is important to note the fact that all products are certified because there is no doubt about the quality. These are a variety of products with diamonds, gold, platinum, moissanite, and pearls. There are also many products with cubic zirconia.

The online store is distinguished by a variety of categories. That is, the company sells products in very different directions from the Art Nouveau style to jewelry with religious themes.

Of course, the choice of products is not limited only to rings. The company offers such types of products as necklaces, earrings, chains, and bracelets. All these products are made of high-quality materials and precious stones. By the way, there are also magnificent brooches in the assortment of the online store. This is a category that not all competitors have, Some companies pay little attention to the creation of brooches as a result of receiving a lot of criticism from customers. Also on the site, it is fashionable to buy high-quality watches and gifts.

The company’s work is primarily aimed at creating new designs. Designs are divided a lot of time. A special design team is constantly working to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends.No fashion trend escapes the attention of jewelers. Indeed, the company employs a special staff. It is very difficult to get a job as a designer in this company: the requirements are incredibly high, and there are a lot of checks.

The company adheres to classical and traditional methods regarding the processing of metals and stones. At the same time, the production keeps up with the times and skillfully combines classics with innovations. The company’s specialists are wary of any innovations that relate to technological processes.

Representatives of the company also claim that in each decoration special and increased attention is paid to style.

If we talk about the materials that the company uses in its products, they are purchased in many countries. Gold, diamonds, and other precious stones are supplied from 8 countries. However, much attention is paid to the ethics of the process: materials are not supplied from conflict zones.

The company tries not to focus on any one collection but evenly distributes efforts in several directions. It is fashionable that this step has made the company so popular among celebrities. Yes, there are many well-known personalities in America among the customers of the online store.

Also, the trust of celebrities is caused by the multi-stage verification of products, which the company practices. Every ring, chain, or brooch is tested in several stages. Dozens of specialists are working to check every detail several times. Special attention is paid to the serviceability of locks. To sum up, the company is one of the most reliable retailers in the world.

Stellar Jewelry Pros and Cons

  • Extensive experience in the jewelry market
  • High-quality materials
  • Reasonable prices
  • Good work of the support service
  • Variety of styles


  • Sometimes users complain about the insufficient selection of men’s collections
  • Sometimes delivery delays occur
  • Insufficient choice of accessories

Is Stellar jewelry good?

Yes. Jewelry that this company offers all over the world is considered to be of high quality. Also, these jewelry items have a very good reputation regarding style and new fashion trends. To date, the laziness of the company offers such jewelry: as rings, bracelets, brooches, chains, diamonds, and earrings. In addition, on the website, you will find such categories of products as:

  • Cubic Zirconia Jewelry
  • Ensembles
  • Family Jewelry
  • Fashion Pearl Jewelry
  • Gemstone Jewelry
  • Men’s Jewelry
  • Moissanite Jewelry
  • Necklaces
  • Patriotic Jewelry
  • Pendants
  • Platinum Jewelry
  • Religious Jewelry
  • Teen Child and Baby Jewelry
  • Watch Bands and Batteries
  • Wedding Jewelry

At the moment, the most popular categories are rings, products for teenagers, and men’s jewelry. The site also offers many gift sets that may be appropriate in many cases.

In addition, the company offers another interesting function to choose a jewelry item by topic. For example, today you are too lazy to choose a product on such topics:

  • Animal Designs
  • Heart Designs
  • Youth Jewelry
  • Family Jewelry
  • Father”s Day
  • Men”s Jewelry
  • Religious & Symbolic
  • Medical ID Jewelry
  • Body Jewelry
  • Antique, Vintage & Filigree
  • Patriotic Jewelry
  • Personalized Jewelry
  • Mother”s Day
  • Graduation
  • Valentine”s Day

Not every company can offer its customers a variety of destinations. By the way, the category of jewelry with images of animals appeared relatively recently, and immediately became very popular, mainly among young people.

Also, customers like the category of patriotic products

The list of categories is constantly expanding, demand is constantly being analyzed.

Are Stellar Jewelry diamonds good?

The online store offers very good diamonds for every taste and in different price categories.

You will be able to buy:

  • Melee
  • Lab-Grown Melee
  • Large Diamonds
  • Specialty Diamonds
  • Diamonds With Grading Report
  • Lab-Grown Diamonds
  • Matched Pairs
  • Color Enhanced

All the characteristics of the diamonds sold are described in detail on the company’s website.

With the help of very convenient and simple filters, you can choose exactly the stone that you need. As indicated in the list, diamonds are both certified and not certified. As experts know, the price of the certificate is added to the cost of certified stones, on average today it is about $ 500.

The diamonds that the site sells are of high quality, which no one doubts. Diamonds have been and remain one of the most active categories for sale on the site.

As for colored stones, the following colors are offered today:

  • Apple Green
  • Aqua Blue
  • Black
  • Burnt Orange
  • Canary Yellow
  • Dark Green
  • Garnet Red
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Teal Blue
  • Yellow

It’s no secret that colored stones have been at the peak of popularity for the last three years, so they are going very well in sales. There are no claims on the cutting of stones because each stone will undergo a multi-stage check.

Is Stellar Jewelry good for engagement rings?

Many people like the wedding ring that the company offers. It cannot be said that this is the best option of all, but these rings are at a fairly high level. Regarding wedding rings, the site does not change traditions and offers customers many categories. Among them:

  • Solitaire
  • Halo-Style
  • Accented
  • Vintage & Sculptural
  • Two-Stone
  • Three-Stone
  • Side-Stone
  • Flexible Engagement Designs

Designer engagement rings with diamonds are very popular. The category “Design works present very stylish models in which traditional motifs and modern style are perfectly combined. The buyer can also use special filters and choose the material, the metal of the ring.

New products for brides are constantly appearing on the site. As a rule, these are unusual design works that are different from the usual ones.

Often the buyer is offered the so-called “empty” base for the ring in which the buyer can choose a gemstone at will. It is also worth noting that you can buy wedding rings for men on the website. The design of these rings cannot be called “eye-catching” or unusual. Rather, this design is close to the standard. As in the case of women’s wedding rings, there is a large selection of metals, stones, and sizes.

In general, the collection of wedding rings of this online store is rated by customers h 4 stars out of five.

Is Stellar Jewelry good for body jewelry?

In addition to standard and traditional, the company offers a range of body jewelry. For example Straight Tongue Barbell

When such products appeared on the site, there was a lot of controversy around them. Conservative clients considered the service station to be “excess”, but this category became very popular in a short time. The site also offers many options for eyebrow rings. There are a lot of bestsellers in this category because the quality is very high and the prices are quite low.

In addition, the category also sells different Belly Ring for Dangle made of a variety of materials such as gold silver palladium, and platinum. Of course, there are models with the addition of a ring of precious stones.

Is Stellar Jewelry good for accessories?

The choice of accessories that the site offers is not very large. This choice is limited to links and dangles. Of course, the assortment manifests itself in form and materials, but still, buyers consider the choice insufficient.

There are nature-themed medallions: with images of plants and animals. There are products not related to a specific topic but simply decorated with precious stones.

World experts have repeatedly expressed the opinion that not only this website but also many of its competitors do not pay enough attention to accessories. According to experts, this is a very big omission. Analysts say that every year the interest of buyers in various accessories is growing, especially in accessories with precious stones.

The wishes of customers about expanding the range of accessories can be read on the Internet, Many write that they would like to see hairpins, pendants, and cufflinks.

Stellar Jewelry Payments

The company accepts different types of payments. Among them, the standard payment is made by leading credit and debit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, and PayPal, it is also possible to pay using Amazon Pay, eCheck, American Express, and Discover. When buying goods from other countries outside of America, as a rule, a bank transfer is used. You can get detailed payment information from the support service. As for payment in installments, the site does not have a Lay-a-way program at the moment. All transactions that are carried out on the site are laws. It is also fashionable not to be afraid about confidentiality and maintaining data security. The company has a department of employees that deals directly with security and fraud prevention. If suddenly, when buying a large amount, the company requests additional confirmation of your identity – do not worry, this is a normal process.

Stellar Jewelry Delivery

The delivery of a parcel with a piece of jewelry within the United States of America takes a maximum of 5 days, depending on the state of the addressee. You can constantly track the movement of your goods because the company sends them using the USPS Tracking® service. To track your order, you just need to enter a number. USPS tracking does not speed up or guarantee delivery. There is no additional cost to the tracking mechanism. If we are talking about international delivery, then parcel tracking is provided by many international postal services. Delivery delays may occur due to weather conditions and other natural disasters or events. In such cases, as a rule, the postal service notifies customers about the delay. If you have not received the product and have not received an alert you need to contact the company’s support service.

Stellar Jewelry Return Policy

According to the company’s return policy, standard purchased goods can be exchanged no later than 8 calendar days after the date of receipt of the order. Products based on individual sketches, modified or engraved cannot be returned. Important! International orders are also non-refundable or non-exchangeable. All products that buyers return are carefully checked. If a defect or damage is noticed on the product, or the product does not have a new and worn appearance, then a refund will not be accepted. Note that the refund is subject to a fee in the amount of 15 percent of the purchase price. The cost of delivery according to the company’s rules is not refundable. Many users complain that the delivery conditions are too strict, but these are the rules and the company is not going to change them.

Stellar Jewelry Warranty

Stellar Jewelry guarantees that all delivered goods will exactly match the image in the photo that is provided on the website. Any changes made by third parties will result in the cancellation of the warranty. The warranty is provided for 30 days. Important!  the warranty does not cover the loss of precious stones, semi-precious stones, or pearls from the frames. Click here to learn how to take care of your jewelry.

Stellar Jewelry customer service

You can hear many different opinions about the support service of this company. For example, residents of the United States say that they are completely satisfied with the work of the service. At the same time, foreign customers complain about the poor and slow operation of some online store operators. So, to contact the support service, you can write an Email: info@stellarjewelry.com Phone: +1 (918) 919-4749. You can also use the Whatsapp link to contact the service operators in the messenger.

Q Are diamonds serialized? Do they come with a Certificate of Authenticity?

Yes. For example, Red Box® diamonds weighing 3/8 carats or more are mass-produced and accompanied by an evaluation report from an independent laboratory. On the belt of the stone, according to generally accepted norms, a laser number is engraved, which allows you to confirm identification.

Q Is it safe to place an order on this Web site?

The company uses 256-bit military-grade Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) data encryption technology to ensure highly secure transactions. All information you provide is protected.

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