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I was happy at first…

3.0/ 5

On this site, I bought a gift for my loved one. I wanted the gift to be special. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the money to buy gold with diamonds and I started looking at cheaper sites. Having found this site, I was glad that could buy cheap, but very original products. I liked the ring made of wood, it looked great. Payment and delivery were without problems. My beloved person was delighted with the gift, But he was not happy for long, three days later the ring deteriorated and cracked. The support service told me that apparently, this happened as a result of exposure to water, that is, as a result of improper use. It is necessary to warn about such details and not to sell rings in which you can not even wash your hands.

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Not a bad choice

4.0/ 5

Not a bad choice. I especially liked the models of rings made of Damascus steel. Very beautiful and stylish. However, I was upset when I saw yellow models that look like gold rings. These rings look very cheap. If you position yourself as a company of a sufficiently high level, then do not allow unnecessary models on your website. I don’t argue with the fact that everyone has their taste, I just express my opinion. By the way, thanks for the cheap prices. It is very nice to receive a quality product at a low price. If you analyze the ring models again and throw away all unnecessary ones, you will become one of the best men’s jewelry sites in America. Unsuccessful designs spoil the image of the whole company.

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1 Reviews

Improve your support services

4.0/ 5

You are doing a good job, but what’s going on with your support team? Previously, your operators worked perfectly, what happened now? Maybe then the quality of your products will change for the worse? I wrote to the support service to find out some details about the origin of the material for my ring. I didn’t get a normal response. They wrote me something about ethical standards, they wrote a lot of things, but they didn’t answer my question. This is not an isolated case. My friend also contacted customer support about the refund. He was even more unlucky. He was not answered for about two days and then sent to read the rules on the site. Do you think he didn’t read them? In short, everything is fine except the support service. There is a need to completely change the staff.

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1 Reviews

Had a good first time experience buying in this store

5.0/ 5

I have never bought jewelry online. I wouldn’t even have come up with such an idea! However, several of my friends admired this site so much that I decided to look just for the sake of interest. I looked and I immediately wanted to buy a ring. The Black Panther model was especially impressive. Later I found out that today it is one of the most popular models in America. So I became a fan of this site. I just don’t understand why they consider themselves manufacturers of wedding rings. The rings that I saw on this site are suitable for all occasions. I read a lot of reviews about the delay in delivery, but I was lucky and I received my order on time. I can recommend this brand!

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1 Reviews

Mens Wedding Bands Reviews

5.0/ 5

Finally, I found a normal brand for men’s rings! What a pity that there was no such site when I was younger. I buy rings on this site not because I’m getting married, but simply because I like these rings. Each ring is so unique that I wear these products with pleasure. I can’t call myself a fan of jewelry, but there is something special about these rings. I confess honestly: at first I was confused by the low price and thought that these rings break on the second day after purchase. However, my fears were in vain. So far, none of the purchased rings have been broken or scratched.

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What is Men’s Wedding Bands?

Men’s wedding rings are a topic that is becoming more and more relevant. A few years ago, this area was not given so much attention, but today companies producing men’s rings are becoming more successful. On the other hand, the production of rings for men is a very difficult task. Indeed, it is much more difficult to create unique male models than female ones. This is recognized by most experts.

The company was founded in 2017 and every year the brand has brought changes and progress to the fashion of men’s rings. The company employs a young team of enthusiasts who are ready to do anything to bring revolutionary solutions to the world of men’s jewelry fashion.

The founders and managers of the company set a goal for themselves: to create truly unique models for men. According to the company’s representative Stephanie Miller, a certain process takes place for the development of each ring, from the starting point to the final. “We pay attention to every detail of every ring, every millimeter of our jewelry is incredibly important to us and is carefully checked,” says Miller. Miller also often adds in interviews that unfortunately today very few companies offer high-quality products for men who are going to get married.

The company produces a lot of interesting models made of tungsten and titanium. This is a new fashion trend that is rapidly covering the whole world. These materials are becoming more and more popular among men every day. All the company’s products are manufactured in America.

The list of materials from which the company produces its products is very wide. This list includes both mammoth bone and meteorites. The geography of obtaining materials is also very wide from Siberia to the Arctic.

“Each of our products is created for joy and to emphasize the individual features of each man,” the company’s representatives say. Only top-class professionals work in the company’s design studio. According to the company’s employees, it is important to pay attention not only to the quality of the product but also to the style. Rings should not be similar to each other like twins. Each ring and each model should have its trait.

One of the priority areas of the company’s work is to ensure that each product is durable, does not break, and is minimally exposed to environmental influences.

The company’s management allows jewelers to show imagination, and implement new, sometimes very bold ideas. The conservative method is not welcome in the company’s work.

In addition, one of the most important aspects of the brand’s work is taking care of the planet and the environment. More and more attention is paid to this moment in the company’s activities. In addition, customers support this initiative.

The company cooperates with international organizations that help compensate for all carbon footprints.

Important! All-natural materials such as wood, horns, and other materials used for the production of rings are collected by licensed partners. The company does not cooperate with those partners who do not adhere to ethical standards.

Now let’s briefly talk about the issue that is increasingly worrying jewelry buyers on the Internet. Every customer asks the question – how safe is it and will personal data be used?

This company operates only within the framework of the law and your data is not used for selfish purposes.

The company fully complies with the principles of legality, and transparency, and also takes the latest and most advanced technical measures to protect data security.

The company uses the personal data of customers only to check accounts and activity, as well as to ensure security, for example, by monitoring.

The company actively fights fraudsters and has a very effective system to prevent such manipulations.

If we talk about the company’s activities as a whole, the feedback from most customers is positive. Sometimes there are complaints about the design, but there are practically no complaints about the quality of the products.

Men’s Wedding Bands Pros and Cons


  • The uniqueness of the design of the rings
  • Good discounts
  • High-quality materials
  • Large selection of materials
  • Reasonable prices


  • Sometimes there are delays in delivery
  • Some experts call the models primitive
  • Sometimes there are problems with the refund

Men’s Wedding Bands Materials

The company offers a wide range of materials for the manufacture of men’s rings. The list is constantly updated and adjusted. At the moment, the list includes the following materials:

  • Tungsten
  • Dinosaur Bone
  • Meteorite
  • Titanium
  • Wood
  • Damascus Steel
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Antler
  • Whiskey Barrel

For each material, the company’s jewelers try to choose the optimal style, the optimal design. For example, many buyers often praise men’s rings of this brand made of dinosaur bone. Various mixes are also popular. The company’s jewelers masterfully combine different materials in one ring.

Meteorite rings also look very impressive. Often a meteorite is combined with Tungsten, for example in the “Black Panther” ring model. This is a very fashionable model that some experts call one of the best-selling in the season.

Rings made of wood are also very popular. According to the company’s representatives, these rings convey the charm of nature, and wearing them is very healthy.

As for Damascus steel, it is the most popular material among newlyweds. Analysts believe that soon this material will be able to compete in popularity even with gold. Indeed, thousands of newlyweds around the world tear out Damascus steel for their wedding rings. Many customers write in the comments that these rings look incredibly stylish, unique, and unusual.

Recently, jewelers are increasingly offering unexpected and not quite familiar mixes of materials, but customers like it. Experts evaluating the rings of the company write that in many models the ancient and modern styles are successfully combined.

Men’s Wedding Bands Collections

The company has developed several collections for its clients, each of which is successful in its way and carries meaning. So, at the moment the company offers the following collections:

  • Signore
  • Glowstone Collection
  • Steampunk Collection
  • Classic Collection
  • Artist Collection
  • Tough Guy Collection
  • Adventurer Collection
  • Entrepreneur Collection

It is difficult to say which of the collections is the most popular because each collection has its fans.

Many clients call Signore the most elegant. At the same time, the rings of this collection demonstrate strength. The world-famous Panther ring is from this collection. Experts say that this collection can be called the most balanced. These ring models can suit men with different styles of clothing and with different images.

Glowstone Collection is not universal. Rings from this collection are not liked by everyone, because in some models there are very unusual combinations of colors and materials. By the way, there were many critics of this collection from foreign clients who called the collection too bright and unsuitable for men. At the same time, this collection has many fans, mostly young people under the age of 35.

One of the most discussed collections is the Steampunk Collection.

The design of these rings is incredible!

When this collection was first presented to customers, many were surprised. Some skeptics even said that the collection would sell poorly and would not find a buyer. However, the skeptics were wrong, and the collection became very popular. At first, only among young people, and then among men of more mature age. Each ring from this collection has its meaning and can emphasize the individuality of a man.

In the combinations of these products, there are also metals such as rose gold and silver. The prices are very affordable.

The Classic collection presented by this brand demonstrates all the advantages of classics. You know, classics can be different: antique and modern, concise and bright. This brand demonstrates all the optimal aspects of this direction. Representatives of the company said that jewelers spent a lot of time analyzing and creating this collection to eventually get a perfect balance that customers will like.

Adventurer Collection is a collection that has not become popular rapidly. Products from this collection are just beginning to come into fashion and win the hearts of customers.

In general, if we talk about the collections that the brand represents, they are very successful. By the way, if one of the collections is not selling well, the company’s managers immediately take steps to change the parameters, and designs and always pay attention to the comments and wishes of customers.

Men’s Wedding Bands Colours

To make it as convenient as possible for customers to choose the right ring, the company’s employees divided the products into color categories. This idea was positively received by customers: with the help of such a filter, the selection of rings was much easier. So, today the company offers rings of such colors:

  • Black Rings
  • Yellow Gold Rings
  • Brown Rings
  • Blue Rings
  • Gray Rings

The company’s jewelers are destroying stereotypes about men’s wedding rings. According to the company’s representatives, the times with plain and plain rings are in the past. The company is confident that in the future men will increasingly choose unusual and bright ring models. However, it is worth noting that so far black rings are the most popular. It is black that always remains fashionable among different age categories of men. These rings are not completely black: they can be with various residues from other materials at the request of the client. Yellow Gold Rings are of course as close as possible to the standard. For many years, in many countries of the world, this color and laconic shape of the ring were considered traditional. In addition, customers often order different engravings on yellow rings.

It is for this category of rings that you can most often see very good discounts.

As for the blue rings, the opinion regarding these products is ambiguous. A blue meteorite is used to create these rings . In principle, the rings look beautiful and sophisticated, but many men write in the comments that such rings can hardly be called a wedding. That is, these rings can be suitable as an accessory for every day, but they are not suitable for a solemn event.

Men’s Wedding Bands Best Sellers

The company’s website contains a list of bestsellers. With the help of this list, many customers can navigate in the directions of fashion and demand. The list is constantly updated. Note that there are rings that never leave this list. For example, a

The Black Label ring.

This ring is constantly becoming a hit for sales. The design is very concise, but at the same time bright.

If in general, we talk about the sales trends on the site, then the rings of their titanium, Damascus steel, and meteorite are in the lead. Analysts note that in the last few months, the demand for mammoth bone jewelry has fallen slightly.

Among the ring designs, along with the classics, I lead the original ideas with unusual drawings and engravings.

By the way, it was after the site was replenished with original models that more young buyers began to visit the page. Also recently, a titanium ring model got on the bestseller list.

Men’s Wedding Bands Payments

Most of the company’s customers use PayPal to pay for their purchases. The purchase can be easily paid with a credit card, debit card, or bank account. Important! The company does not collect your credit/debit card number or personal information when you make a payment. Transactions on the site are usually without problems. Customers also write in the comments that support representatives are always willing to help solve problems if something goes wrong.

Men’s Wedding Bands Warranty

The company offers its customers very good guarantees. At least, customers are happy and often write about it in the comments.

The brand offers a lifetime warranty on its products and guarantees that you will receive the product exactly in the form in which you saw it in the photo.

The company also guarantees that you will receive your goods without production damage. The company claims that the brand’s jewelry will undoubtedly last a lifetime, so most of the usual repairs during the period of your ownership of the goods are carried out free of charge. At the same time, if the customer abuses the warranty, the company’s representatives reserve the right to cancel the warranty agreement.

The ring purchased by the customer from the “Ready to Ship” category also comes with a free limited warranty for manufacturing defects. The warranty period is 12 months.

You can only replace one ring during the year if you received this product with a manufacturing defect. Important! The warranty does not cover size changes due to loss, theft, scratches, or damage that occurred as a result of improper use of the product. Another important fact: if you damaged your wooden ring with water, then the warranty on this product is canceled.

Men’s Wedding Bands Delivery

The delivery time directly depends on the order processing time. It is worth it because all products are made by hand, to order according to your size. Therefore, the delivery may not be very fast. Many standard and already adapted models can be shipped within two days, while more complex orders with engraving or with individual sketches can be delivered within 8 to 15 days. As a rule, delivery delays most often occur on pre-holidays, when everyone sends gifts to each other and orders gifts over the Internet. On normal days, if you have selected the fast delivery function on the website, then your product will be delivered within three or five days.

Men’s Wedding Bands Return Policy

You have the right to return the goods within 30 days of receipt. You will not be asked questions and will simply get your money back. However, the product must be in the form in which you received it. Often, the receipt of the goods is filmed to avoid misunderstandings.

Men’s Wedding Bands’ customer service

You can hear a lot of positive feedback about the support service of this company. Most customers like that representative of the company politely answer all questions, quickly solve possible problems and give good advice. You can write to the support service at the Email address: dlz@mens-weddingbands.com from 9 to 17. Also at your service, there is always an interactive chat in which you get answers to questions very quickly.

Q What happens if I order the wrong size ring?

In this case, contact customer support and inform them of the need for a replacement. Rings that do not contain precious metals are exchanged for free.

Q Is shopping on mens-weddingbands.com secure?

Yes, the site is being tested by the security company Trust Guard. The website is also encrypted by GoDaddy, which means the security of your personal information.

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