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Hope I get my money back

3.0/ 5

I ordered earrings based on my design. The diamonds were very beautiful and of high quality but they ruined the earrings. The staff is awful. Instead of answering your questions they never responded to your inquiry. I waited 5 weeks and they made them wrong. I don’t understand how professionals can make such mistakes. I provided sketches and explained all the details in detail. We discussed my order with the jewelers for a very long time. As a result, I got such a result and an inadequate attitude from the support service representatives who tried to blame me for what happened. At the moment, the investigation is not over yet. I’m sure I can return the jewelry and get my money back.

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1 Reviews

Great diamonds and design

4.0/ 5

This is my first experience buying a ring online. I was a little worried, but except for one moment, everything was successful. I was shopping for a diamond solitaire ring and had some difficulty with the online checkout, as I paid by wire to receive the discount, then had to deal with some discrepancies regarding the amount due. I had to contact the support service and send them some screenshots that confirmed my correctness. As a result, the situation was resolved in my favor, but I strongly recommend other customers to be careful and save screenshots when placing orders. I have no complaints about the quality of the ring and the delivery. The diamonds and the design are gorgeous.

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1 Reviews

Double check your delivery details

4.0/ 5

Good company and great products. I am a return customer, fully trust BGD. The reason why I can’t give the company 4 stars has no reference to the goods. The reason is some communication problems, I thought I could get the ring within two weeks, but as it turned out I misunderstood the operators and the deadline was 3 weeks. This week was very important to me because I ordered an engagement ring, and I didn’t want to change the dates of the event the reason that the ring was not delivered on time. Despite the delay, I am delighted with the ring. The quality is just great. These are the most incredible diamonds I’ve ever seen.

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1 Reviews

Great job to the support team

5.0/ 5

Everyone writes with delight about the incredible unique-cut diamonds that this company offers. I want to write about something else: about the people who work there. About the responsibility with which they approach the solution of all issues. I talked with several representatives of the company: the designer, the support representative, with the manager. I was struck by the kindness and understanding with which they communicate with me. Not even in live communication, but in emails. This professionalism and professionalism of any company begins with the employees and management. In some companies, I have encountered disrespectful or impatient attitudes towards myself or my questions. This did not happen here. I would like to note that my relatives also ordered jewelry on this site and also faced a very good attitude from the staff.

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1 Reviews

Brian Gavin Review

5.0/ 5

I don’t like to write reviews. But after the experience of communicating with this company, I could not restrain myself and decided to write. I have heard a lot about diamond trading online, but I did not dare to try this experience: perhaps because I like to go shopping, choose, touch jewelry. I didn’t expect anything good from shopping online. Nevertheless, when I went to the site, I realized that buying online is much more exciting than just walking around the shops. For example, there is a ring model, but I would like to see a different stone in it. With the help of the interface, I can easily replace stones, metal, and many other parts. As if she had become a jeweler herself, very exciting! I recommend this brand, they sell excellent quality diamonds here at good prices!

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Brian Gavin Diamonds Jewelry Review and Customer Experience 2023

What is Brian Gavin® Diamonds?

The company is known all over the world and specializes mainly in perfectly cut diamonds.

The founder of the company, Brian Gavin, is a jeweler in the fifth generation and since the creation of the company, he knew almost everything about diamonds. Brian was and is an undisputed authority in the world, his professionalism is not questioned even by jewelers.

The company is a pioneer in the diamond trade online. Now we are talking about the professional level of online trading.

In April 2004, Brian Gavin presented his report “Heart and Arrow Diamonds—how they are formed, and how they are classified.” He did this report at the First International Diamond Cutting Conference (IDCC) in Moscow, after which the name became known all over the world.

He began to actively develop his talent to gain a foothold in the diamond market not only in America but also around the world.

Brian is known all over the world for his talent for perfect cutting, and his name is known to every high-level jeweler. So, speaking in general, all the success and all the sales of this company are based on the talent and reputation of this person.

Brian Gavin was the first to introduce the A Cut Above brand to online shoppers through Alpha Creations Inc. Brian began selling his branded diamonds under the brand name Brian Gavin Diamonds in 2009.

The company did not need time to gain momentum or win customers. By 2009, everyone already knew Brian’s name well and the buyer came precisely because they trusted in the name of this person and how he worked with diamonds.

Brian’s standards were getting tougher every year. Every year he raises the bar for diamonds and their cutting.

Many told him: “Stop! There is no such thing as perfection in the world!” But Brian continued to stand his ground and strive to improve the quality of diamonds.

Today, the company specializes in fine-cut diamonds and custom jewelry for the most demanding classification of customers, usually the highest social stratum. The company surprisingly manages to combine the traditions of the old world with the technologies of the new century.

Many media outlets call the founder of the company Brian a legend, a man who managed to revolutionize the world of jewelry.

Are Brian Gavin’s diamonds worth it and are their gems good?

So, let’s talk a little more about the diamonds that the company uses.

These diamonds which originated in South Africa, have a distinctive feature: their color ranges from light yellow to yellow.

However, the distinguishing feature of the diamonds of this company is not the color at all. The main advantage and difference from competitors is an incredible, perfect cut.

Nominal round-cut diamonds “Hearts and Arrows of Brian Gavin” have been causing controversy for several years, most are delighted with these diamonds, but skeptics, on the other hand, call them mediocre. However, those who do not like these diamonds much less. Also, sometimes you can hear criticism of the yellowish hue of the diamonds of this company.

Quality and Characteristics of Brian Gavin Diamonds

In general, the characteristics of diamonds are of high quality, including a super perfect cut Princess cut diamond, of which there are quite a few in stock.

The diamonds of this company attracted attention because the founder of the brand took a new look at cutting and polishing them, having spent more than one year working to achieve the highest degree of optical symmetry in his diamonds.

If you have any doubts before buying a diamond on the website or want to order a certificate of a non-certified stone (it will cost extra money, then you should contact a support representative. As a rule, not just an operator will communicate with you, but an expert who is very well-versed in diamonds.

In general, answering the question about the quality of diamonds, we can give a positive answer: experts consider these diamonds to be good. Of course, if you are not confused by a slightly yellowish shade.

The main advantage of the company is that the stones significantly exceed the standards accepted in the global jewelry community. In addition to the usual diamonds, colored stones are also offered. There is a wide variety of shapes and styles as well.

Important! Signature Diamonds are graded AGS Ideal in Lab Cut, polish, symmetry, and light performance, whereas the Virtual Inventory consists mostly of stones that are certified GIA.

Is Brian Gavin Diamonds good for engagement rings?

Engagement rings and wedding rings are very popular in jewelry companies.

There are models for every taste, from classics to original solutions. An incredible selection of diamonds attracts the special attention of customers.

As we wrote earlier, the characteristics of the diamonds of this company not only meet the standards but even exceed them. When you visit the company’s website, you will see that their website and blog offer you many options to choose from.

Now the function of creating wedding rings based on individual sketches is very popular. The demand for special-order diamond rings is constantly growing.

Important! The site has a lot of useful information about how to choose the right wedding ring, and how not to make a mistake with gemstones. There is also a lot of interesting information about diamonds.

Most newlyweds prefer rings with Brian Gavin’s signature diamonds in a classic style.

Analysts note that after a wave of interest in extraordinary ideas for wedding rings, young people are returning to the classics again.

This trend can also be noticed by the comments of numerous customers on the Internet.

The company also offers several models of Tiffany-style rings, rings with two and three stones. An interesting fact is that in the presence of two or three stones, the company’s jewelers manage to maintain the style and symmetry without losing its classic look.

As for metal: this is a very important aspect that some customers sometimes pay less attention to, compared to the gems but in vain. In many ways, it is the choice of metal that reflects your style.

On the blog, you can choose wedding rings made of yellow or white gold 14-carat and 18-carat. Even some wedding rings that are made of platinum.

When words are not enough, our wedding rings will help.

The company’s representatives say, claiming that it is their collections that can be called a real symbol of love.

If you are thinking of buying a ring for you and your special someone, here’s a Couple’s Buying Guide from Brian Gavin itself.

What are the most popular Brian Gavin Diamonds models?

The company offers an incredible variety of models for every taste: there are both classic and innovative ideas.

We can talk about the popularity of a particular model based on customer reviews on the Internet and the words of company representatives. Here are two examples of Brian Gavin rings that are popular among its customers”

Brian Gavin Diamonds Kathleen 3 Jewelry

This is a completely non-standard ring. The ring has three stones and handmade teeth that look incredibly harmonious. The platinum wire around the diamond perfectly emphasizes the beauty of the gemstone.

This is the base of the ring, which the client can complement with side stones or the customer can choose the central stones according to their preference.

This model is very popular among young people. On the Internet, you can read a lot of enthusiastic reviews about this ring model. You can choose diamonds as the central stones in the extensive catalog that is presented on the website.

Brian Gavin Diamonds Leia Engagement Ring

This is another ring that customers love.

This is an original 0.55-carat diamond ring. The ring has a rotating halo around the central diamond. The shape of the main stone can be changed at the request of the customer. This is handmade and can be made of platinum, 18-carat, or 14-carat gold.

What are Brian Gavin Diamonds’ payment options?

The company’s payment system has been developed by international standards and has positive reviews.

For transactions made in America, the company accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, and bank transfers.

If you want to pay for your purchase with a receipt, this service is also provided.

Important! According to this scheme, the money transfer will be carried out for a long time, the process can take up to 10 days.

If you pay via bank transfer, check, or money transfer, you can take advantage of a 3% discount on some ring models, which you can read in detail on the website. For some models, a discount of 1% is acceptable.

If you prefer to complete the transaction online, be sure of the reliability of this money transfer as the company uses the latest and newest security systems and also uses modern SSL secure encryption technology.

For all purchases made outside of America, payment is made only by bank transfer.

In addition, Brian Gavin Diamonds announced its partnership with Affirm to provide instant credit checks and financing for a period of 3 to 12 months to its customers from the USA and Canada.

Does Brian Gavin Diamonds have a warranty?

Of course, the company issues a guarantee.

If you suddenly find a manufacturing defect in the decoration, then after an appropriate assessment by experts, the product will either be repaired or replaced.

The company also provides a lifetime warranty on its products.

Important! If you have taken the goods to another jeweler, no matter for repair or maintenance, the company’s warranty is canceled. That is, the company’s jewelers will certainly undertake the repair or cleaning of the jewelry, but this process will no longer be free for you.

The company also guarantees that you will receive exactly the product you ordered on the Internet, there can be no mistake.

Brian Gavin Diamond’s Return Policy

Regarding each refund, you should contact the support service representatives separately. In this company, the refund policy is a little complicated and there are many products whose purchase is final and non-refundable.

At the same time, unlike many competitors, the company allows jewelry returns with a personal engraving on the inside. However, rings that were custom-made with handmade engraving cannot be returned.

Bezel products, including rings, pendants, earrings, and bracelets, are also non-refundable and are final sale. All custom items are a final sale and cannot be returned.

As you can see, the refund system has many nuances and before making a purchase, this system must be studied. In short, all products that fall into the category of handmade cannot be returned to the company.

The same applies to design works. Naturally, we are not talking about products with manufacturing defects. They are guaranteed to be repaired or exchanged.

Brian Gavin Diamond’s Customer Service

If you have some questions, concerns, or requests about your order, you can always contact Brian Gavin Diamonds. There are three different ways that you can reach them.

How can I contact Brian Gavin’s customer service?

To contact the company’s support service, you can call 18666114465.

We advise you to read the list of the most frequently asked questions beforehand because many relevant answers can be found on this page.

You can also use the interactive chat which is very convenient. However, this is not exactly the chat that many are used to.

To send a question, you will be asked to leave your phone number and email, and the answer will come exactly to the mail. The answer comes quickly – within about 15-50 minutes if you ask your question during business hours.

You can also fill out a form to send an email.

If you want to know the latest updates from Brian Gavin Diamonds, you can check out their Facebook, Instagram, and  X (formerly Twitter) pages.

Regardless of which method you choose, the answer comes quickly. You will be answered not just by operators, but by specialists in jewelry, if necessary, you will be quickly redirected to an expert or designer who will be able to help in solving a specific issue for a specific product.

Q Are Brian Gavin real diamonds?

Yes, the diamonds are genuine and certified. Diamonds have been awarded very high ratings by experts from international laboratories. Important! The company sells only natural diamonds. Laboratory diamonds are not used.

Q Does Brian Gavin have sales?

Of course, there are sales, but they are not systematic. Many customers complain that the company provides few discounts on the product. In principle, you can follow the news about discounts and sales on the company's website.

Q Where are Brian Gavin Diamonds from?

These are diamonds originally originating from South Africa. Diamonds from conflict-free zones are also used.

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