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Not my style

3.0/ 5

High prices and low quality. I didn’t like this company. Because many competitors have lower prices and better quality. In addition, there are some strange ring models on this site, it is unclear with what dress and on what occasion you can wear these products. Of course, each person has his taste, and someone may like such rings. But I read the style of this jewelry was too intrusive. It is also unclear what age category this assortment is designed for. For example, engagement rings: as a rule, young girls get married, but the design of these rings is designed at least for my grandmother. I repeat: this is my personal opinion and I don’t want to offend anyone. My rating is three stars.

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I like to see more product choices

4.0/ 5

I see both positive and negative aspects in the work of this company. Of the positive ones, quality is undoubted. The negative ones-the style of products that do not suit everyone and the uneven distribution of accents. I mean, the company pays a lot of attention to rings and all efforts are directed specifically at this area of activity. N what should those who like your products do, but who are not going to get married? I want to see more other products on the site, not just rings. I want you to pay attention to the bracelet: there are very few of these products on the site. There may be a lot more choices in stores, but it’s convenient for me to shop online, so I want to see a wider assortment on the web page.

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Long waiting time but great workmanship

4.0/ 5

In general, this is good nonsense and good company. Not everyone will like Konen ti jewelry. Many will call these rings too bright or too flashy. In other words, this company is not for everyone. As far as I know, they have a very large customer base, and now I am also part of their fan team. I like the rings and bracelets that the brand offers, but I don’t like that the products are made to order for so long. Yes, I don’t like to waste time waiting. Waiting always makes me nervous and angry. On the one hand, I understand that jewelers are trying to do everything as best as possible and therefore are in no hurry. On the other hand, I don’t like it. I must say right away that the result of the work suits me one hundred percent, but I would like jewelers to work faster.

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1 Reviews

I love the stones

5.0/ 5

I bought a ring with a laboratory diamond for the first time and was surprised by the beauty and quality of the stone! I’ve always been against laboratory diamonds. For some reason, it seemed to me that laboratory diamonds are much worse than those that are mined in mines. Most likely it was prejudice. Because I was delighted with a ring with a lab-grown diamond. I also want to tell you about the gorgeous sapphires that are on this site. A pink sapphire ring is just a dream! Incredible, fabulous beauty! Earrings with sapphires are also incredibly beautiful. The prices are certainly high, but the goods are of high quality. If you are not looking for cheap products and are not a fan of classic models, then you will like this site.

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1 Reviews

Barkevs Reviews

5.0/ 5

I trust only jewelry brands with extensive experience. I never trust newbies. This company impressed me not only with its experience but also with its interesting models. They can make an ordinary diamond incredibly chic. You know that the same diamond can look different on different rings. The jewelers of this company are perfectly able to frame a precious stone. These guys not only have excellent professional skills but also great taste. Have you ever heard of this brand’s products breaking down? I’m not. And all my purchases after years look like new. I can say with confidence that this is one of the best brands today.

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What is Barkev’s?

Every person associates Los Angeles with different moments. Many of them associate it with handmade jewelry from Barkev”s. This is a jewelry company that has an individual approach to each piece of jewelry and each client. According to the company’s representatives, each piece of jewelry for them is a story, a work of art.

The company mainly specializes in black diamonds, colored and marquee stones.

The company has become famous all over the world thanks to its high-quality stones. In their products, the company’s jewelers use such stones as?

  • Moissanite
  • Morganite
  • Amethyst
  • Blue Sapphire
  • Tanzanite
  • Pink Sapphire
  • Aquamarine
  • Tsavorite

Each stage in the creation of jewelry is carefully controlled.

The main priorities in the company’s work are high production standards and exclusive design of standard products.

In general, the company has a fairly high rating from customers, if we analyze the average customer comments. At the same time, many people call the products of that company too unusual. For example, you can often read customer comments that it is quite difficult to choose a suitable image and clothing for the jewelry of this company.

The company is not new. The jewelers of this brand have quite a lot of experience: since 1981, the company has been developing and selling products. Of course, the Internet business started much later, initially, the brand’s jewelry could only be bought in stores.

Today, jewelry of this brand can be bought both directly in truss stores, in intermediary stores, and on the Internet.

The company works with different diamonds: diamonds that are mined in mines and stones that have been grown in the laboratory.

In other words, the company’s work is focused on different customers. There is a product for those who fundamentally wear natural diamonds, and for those who care about the environment preferring grown in the laboratory.

Every year the company offers more and more products with diamonds grown in the laboratory because the demand for these stones is constantly growing.

The brand’s jewelers come up with incredibly bright and unusual designs to emphasize the individuality of each stone.

The design of jewelry offered by the company is very different from the usual. These products are very easy to distinguish fashionably from others. That is why analysts easily compare this company with competitors: after all, the style and direction of work go beyond the standards.

Nevertheless, the company manages to maintain a balance and produce products for a wide range of customers without concentrating only on extravagant models. The prices of this brand are not very low, many buyers even think they are very upstarts. If we compare with competitors in the jewelry market, the prices are about the same as those of the James Allen company.

If we talk about trends, the company’s progress is obvious. Every year new unusual and exclusive products are added to the collection, which many customers like.

The company’s motto is never to stop there. Brand management and jewelers are constantly looking for new trends, following trends in fashion, and listening carefully to the wishes of customers. If some product ceases to be popular, analysts are connected to the work and find out what is wrong with a certain model. In addition, the company’s specialists try to plan the design in order not only to follow fashion but also to be based on fashion movements.

Barkev’s Pros and Cons


  • The company uses high-quality stones and materials
  • Unusual bright and unique designs
  • Convenient payment and refund terms
  • Good work of the support service
  • Extensive experience in the jewelry business


  • Absence of traditional classical models
  • Some buyers consider the prices too high

Is Barkev’s jewelry good?

This question cannot be answered with “Yes” or “No”. Because there are a lot of different opinions about jewelry of this brand. This is so because every piece of jewelry from this manufacturer is very original and unusual.

The company’s jewelry is divided into 2 categories: diamond jewelry and gemstones jewelry. In each of these categories, there is such jewelry as:

  • Necklaces
  • Earrings
  • Studs
  • Halo Studs
  • Bracelets

If we talk about the quality of jewelry, both buyers and experts recognize that the quality is at a high level. Special attention is being paid to diamonds grown in the laboratory, which are used in creating many products. It is these diamonds that the company puts in the first place and actively promotes the advantages of these stones among customers.

According to the company’s executives, using laboratory diamonds is more environmentally friendly and safe for the planet. At the same time, the company does not limit the choice of buyers and the choice of products with diamonds mined at the mines is also large.

As of the beginning of 2022, representatives of the company announced the presence of about five thousand different diamonds that were grown in the laboratory. Experts assess such an assortment as very good and predict that jewelry of this brand will continue to increase in popularity.

If we look at the activity of the categories in general, then the most active at the moment is the company developing the category of rings, including wedding rings.

In second place in terms of development activity are earrings and necklaces.

The company’s analysts say that the demand for the brand’s jewelry continues to grow. Experts also note that buyers are increasingly choosing very bright and extravagant models.

Is Barkev’s good for engagement rings?

The company sells incredibly bright, exclusive, unusual engagement rings. Recently, it is this category that the company’s specialists have been paying maximum attention to. In this category, the following collections are offered to customers:

  • Bridal Sets
  • Promise Rings
  • Nature Inspired
  • Simple

Each engagement ring collection offers a very wide range of diamonds. The company continues to follow its policy and most often offers rings with laboratory diamonds.

The most popular stones in the company’s engagement¬† ring today:

  • Moissanite
  • Lab-Grown Diamond
  • Black Diamond
  • Blue Diamond
  • Yellow Diamond

A large range of models is presented with each stone. Models are not at all similar to the classic ones.

With a high probability, lovers of classics will not find a suitable ring on this site.

The company offers several basic styles of rings:

  • Vintage
  • Halo
  • Solitaire
  • Three Stone
  • Split Shank

In the last two or three years, according to analysts, there has been a vintage style of engagement rings.

There are currently about forty models in this luxurious collection of wedding rings. However, thanks to special filters, you can make adjustments to the design. For example, to change the shape of a stone, or to pick up another metal for an already existing finished model.

Engagement rings of this company are also distinguished by the fact that a very large selection of side stones is offered. Few companies pay as much attention to side stones as this brand.

As a rule, most jewelers focus their attention exclusively on the central stone. However, this company uses a different approach to its products. By the way, many customers write that it was the increased attention to the side stones on the ring that made these models so popular. So, here is a list of stones that the company’s jewelers use to frame the central stone in engagement rings:

  • Black Diamond
  • Blue Diamond
  • Blue Sapphire
  • Pink Sapphire
  • Tsavorite

Unfortunately, at the moment the company is not developing interesting men’s engagement ring models. This aspect is often discussed among experts. Among the male models on the site, only wedding bands are offered.

However, the fact that the brand has a very peculiar approach to the style of rings makes it difficult to develop male models.

Analysts note that along with the brand’s successful vintage collection, engagement rings with three rings stand out. In this collection, the brand also offers very interesting models.

It is also worth noting that in the last year a permanent place in the bestseller list was taken by the brand’s rings made of white gold. These rings have pushed yellow gold and even platinum products into second place. Indeed, jewelers have tried and presented magnificent and luxurious models made of this material. As a rule, the standard white gold models can be replaced by a special filter by a rose gold model, it’s very simple.

A new trend in the fashion of engagement rings of this brand is a pink sapphire. These models came into fashion relatively recently but immediately became popular not only in America but also in other countries of the world.

Experts also pay attention to changes in the mood of buyers. A few years ago, 80 percent of buyers preferred classics, and now more and more customers are buying original engagement rings.

Are Barkev’s Diamonds good?

The diamonds that the company offers are carefully selected by specialists. Both mined and laboratory diamonds can be filtered and selected on the website.

On the company’s website, you can see all the characteristics of the stone.

The company also offers customers publicly available information about the certification of precious stones.

It is no secret that for many buyers the issue of certification is very important and fundamental.

It is also important that the brand offers its customers diamonds of different shapes, sizes, and shades.

Analysts of newspapers and magazines often write in their jewelry reviews that this brand has a special attitude to diamonds. Representatives of the company have also repeatedly said that they are trying to design precious stones unusually.

This can be seen from the models that are presented on the site. The company’s jewelers can make even the smallest diamond incredibly spectacular and bright.

Prices cannot be called low. But buyers do not complain: most understand that a good diamond cannot be cheap.

Are Barkev’s good for Bracelets?

Bracelets of this brand are quite beautiful and good in quality, but there are few of them. Unfortunately, according to many buyers and experts, this direction is not given much attention.

For example, as of June 2022, there are only 7 models of diamond bracelets and 5 gemstone bracelets on the site. Some customers write in their reviews that it is unacceptable for a company of such a high level to have such a small selection of bracelets.

So far, the company’s representatives have not commented on this topic. It is known that at the moment the attention of jewelers is focused on the creation of rings. By the way, despite the problems with quantity, each bracelet impresses with its quality.

Experts write that each brand bracelet is a work of art. Prices for bracelets are not cheap from five thousand dollars. Nevertheless, the bracelets are in great demand among the company’s customers.

Barkev’s Financing

The company offers its customers a convenient payment system with all leading debit and credit cards, as well as convenient financing programs. According to the information on the company’s official website, you can play with Affirm at checkout and arrange for easy monthly payments. When making a purchase, you are offered two payment options: by card or with the help of financing. You choose the desired option yourself, and then on the website page, you will see instructions with further actions. If you want to pay for the goods in parts using the financing program, then you need to provide additional information about yourself and create an account. The company’s clients speak positively about how the company’s financing program works, there are no failures, and everything is legal and simple.

Barkev’s Delivery

If the goods are delivered within the USA, then the delivery is free of charge. At the moment, when delivering orders, the carrier’s services are used or sent via UPS. Insurance of shipped orders is a mandatory item. Delivery of goods of this company takes longer than many competitors. This is because almost all products are made manually to order. The company’s jewelers prefer not to rush, but to create a truly unique and high-quality piece of jewelry. You will receive your order in about 2-3 weeks after registration. Of course, this period varies depending on the product and the complexity of the order. In that case, if you need delivery by a certain date, then inform the support service representatives about it. Do not forget that timely delivery depends not only on the jewelry company but also on the delivery service. The speed of delivery may be affected by weather conditions and many other factors.

Before shipping, all orders undergo a final quality check, and each item is placed in a special jewelry box to protect the item during transportation. You will always be able to track the status of your order using a special number. Important! Only a person who is 21 years old can accept an order.

Barkev’s Return Policy

The company’s rules provide for the return of the jewelry within 30 days from the date of delivery. If the refund takes place within America, then you do not need to pay for shipping. Important! Before sending a refund, be sure to call 1-800-227-7321. Representatives of the company will help you to make a refund correctly and tell you about all the rules of procedure.

The company has an important rule: no more than two free refunds per year are allowed per client.

When returning, the condition of the goods must be perfect: exactly as you received them. It is also important to return the diamond quality certificate, otherwise, you will have to pay for a new certificate.

After the company receives the returned order, the condition of the goods is checked by employees of a special quality control department.

Refunds are processed only on weekdays, on average processing takes from 7 to 10 working days.

Barkev’s customer service

Most of the company’s clients call the work of the support service very effective. Support service operators try to answer all questions as quickly as possible and solve customer problems. You can contact the support service by calling 800.227.7321. You can also use a special form to send an email or an interactive chat. Customers call the latter method the most effective.

Q Does Barkev's Offer Engraving?

Yes, of course. The company offers many options for interesting engravings. To make an engraving, call the support service, where, if necessary, you will be directly contacted by the jeweler who is working on your order.

Q Can I Buy Barkev's Setting Only Ring Without A Center?

Yes. On the product selection page in the pop-up menu, you will see the option "Add to cart without a center stone".

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