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Cute Animal Designs – Low Quality for the Money

2.0/ 5

I have purchased many things from Fable. The only products that are consistently good quality are the brooches. The charms break easily. The necklaces – the clasps either break or stay open. The purses that I purchased are smaller than shown and the ‘vegan leather’ is obviously plastic. And pretty much looks like $120 worth of crap. If they are going to charge so much for their products – then people should expect quality. But they cheap out on the materials. The latest zodiac designs are horrible. It is truly a shame – because the animal designs are wonderful. The themes and stories are well thought out. But they veered away from this, 😖 Come on Fable get your act together! Stop settling for less quality and go back to being you!

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1 Reviews

Not good quality

3.0/ 5

Friends, buying something on this site is equivalent to losing money. The quality of the goods is very poor. Yes, good design, good ideas, but at the same time very very poor quality. I’m not just talking about jewelry, but I’m also talking about accessories. For example, many bags and scarves look very nice in the photo, but when you buy a product, you realize that you have spent money in vain. I do not advise you to buy bracelets either, because here you are just trying your luck: you can buy a good one, or you can with a bad lock. In short, judging by my experience and the experience of two of my friends, this online store is not worthy of your attention.

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1 Reviews

Mostly satisfied with their products

4.0/ 5

For a long time, I made purchases on this site and was satisfied with the result. However, about a month ago, something happened that my friends warned me about: I was unlucky. Purchased a scarf from Fable England as I liked the pattern. The scarf arrived but looks cheap and unfortunately, the pattern is only on one side which was not mentioned on their website. Poor quality, bad seams. I got the impression that this work is done by a student, not a professional, and a master of his craft. I didn’t argue with the support service, I didn’t return the scarf. I’m just writing here about my impressions. But I do not give a low rating to the site, because for a long time I was satisfied with my purchases.

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1 Reviews

Too pricy for me

4.0/ 5

I don’t have a clear opinion about this brand. On the one hand, this site was easy to use and the pricing was okay. But on the other hand, a bit overpriced for plated jewelry. Everyone says that prices are cheap, but it seems to me that this is an exaggeration: these goods are even cheaper. At the same time, I do not hide, that this jewelry is simply excellent. If it wasn’t, the company wouldn’t be breaking sales records. As far as I know, these products with images of animals and nature sell out very quickly. Handmade work, the ability to combine history and modernity – all this is not just advertising, the company works perfectly. But still, for some goods, such as bags and scarves, it is worth lowering prices a little.

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1 Reviews

Low prices with high quality

5.0/ 5

I like scarves with original prints and earrings from this brand. These are exactly the two areas in which the company works great. I have almost collected a collection of scarves and earrings, but I plan to buy more. Of course, the big advantage is low prices with high quality. I like that all the products are original and carry meaning. I have read a lot of comments that the alleged quality of these products is not very high. I don’t agree with that. I like the quality. My friends who often use the services of the store also had no complaints about the quality. I advise you to order something from this site at least once and then decide for yourself about the quality of this product.

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1 Reviews

The delete negative reviews

1.0/ 5

I have placed two separate orders from them. The first order was ok. Items were cute but quality was just ok. Second order the items were very low quality. You have to pay for the return shipping which makes it sometimes not worth the effort. I decided to write reviews which were on the quality of the items only. As an online shopper I live by reviews. The deleted my reviews and blocked me from reviewing on their site. When I questioned this on social media they deleted my comment and blocked me. I definitely do not recommend doing business with them.

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1 Reviews

Is Fable England Legit?

5.0/ 5

At first, I was skeptical about these decorations. I thought: why do I need these animals and plants, I’m already 40 years old, I need to be more serious! But my daughter insisted and bought me a bracelet. Now every day I wear an original bracelet with the image of a fox and this jewelry gives me pleasure and lifts my mood. Never think that these products are only for young people. Take a chance and try to express yourself, emphasizing your individuality. No, I do not advertise these products, I recently laughed at these bracelets and earrings in the form of shells. I just advise you to try. And what if you, like me, like it? I also ordered a bag. I will receive an order soon and share my impressions.

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What is Fable England?

Each jewelry company has its own style of work, its own characteristics, and its trump cards. Jewelry companies from England differ in many ways from their competitors from other countries. We are now talking not only about the assortment but also about the approach to our customers, suppliers, and intermediaries.

The history of Fable England began at an antique fair.

It was after visiting this fair that the founder of the company decided to occupy a new niche in the jewelry business with the help of hand-painted prints and jewelry.

The products that the company sells are instructed by prints or figures of animals, birds, and everything that reflects nature. The company sells not only jewelry but also unique scarves, bags, and other accessories.

Fable England product categories including jewelry, scarves and hats, accessories, gifts, cosmetic bags and stationery. On the right hand side are tarot tales post cards.

To the surprise of many experts, that does not prevent work in each direction at the highest level.

Many skeptics said that it is impossible to manage such a versatile company, you need to concentrate only on one of the directions otherwise you will not achieve success. Skeptics turned out to be wrong and the company began to win the love of fans all over the world.

Each collection that the company offers to its customers (no matter if it is a collection of jewelry or scarves) is a separate story. According to the idea of the company’s creators, each collection should carry deep meaning and remind customers of a fable.

Yes, it is a fable! The company promotes its unique ideology, which combines the promotion of a good mood and a love of nature.

Fable attracts the attention of buyers not only with ideology but also with original decorations.

For example, the company is leaning towards traditional methods of making handmade enamel jewelry.

This is an incredibly difficult job that requires not only patience but also incredible effort, as well as talent. All the work of the company and jewelers is based on the classical literature of Britain.

This is the uniqueness of the company, which, with its unusual approach to standard work, has conquered customers in many countries of the world. The company masterfully combines the traditions of old England with modern design trends.

The company’s representatives say,

We create products that will not last for years, but will be relevant for centuries.

With its products and collections, the company tries to convey to the buyer the “morality” that is present in any fable.

Representatives of the company guarantee that they treat the manufacturer of each product with increased responsibility.

Attention is also focused on the fact that the company makes responsible choices based on the latest methods, and processes for manufacturing products and materials. During the production process, the company pays special attention to the protection of nature and the minimization of the use of harmful substances and materials.

Fable strives to reduce the amount of single-use plastic waste and find the most environmentally friendly materials for creating new collections.

It is also worth recalling that Fable cooperates with the world-famous environmental organization Make it Wild and annually intensifies its efforts in the direction of nature protection and natural resources.

Fable England Pros and Cons


  • Original and unique products
  • Affordable prices
  • Convenient payment system
  • High level of customer confidence
  • Excellent reputation
  • Taking care of the environment
  • High level of security in transactions


  • The support service sometimes solves issues slowly
  • Few discount

Is Fable England jewelry good?

As we mentioned earlier, the company specializes not only in the production of jewelry, which often becomes the subject of criticism. Nevertheless, despite different opinions, the company’s employees manage to prove to skeptics their ability to act equally well in different directions.

For example, the jewelry that the company offers is appreciated by buyers not only from England but also from many other countries. The company sells jewelry such as:

  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets and bangles
  • Earrings
  • Brooches
  • Collection of enamels
  • Key Rings
  • Hair Clips
  • Jewelry boxes
  • All Decorations
  • The Charm of a fable.

The bracelets that the company produces are incredibly popular.

Pay attention to the unique and unusual design, the figures of animals, and fruits. You will find such bracelets only in this company. Each bracelet is a work of art that was worked on by masters of the highest class. These bracelets are popular not only among young people but also among mature buyers.

Today, such original models have ceased to be called “youth” and are simply called “original”.

Each bracelet carries a certain meaning and a certain story. Each bracelet represents a value. For example, a bracelet with the image of a fox is very popular. Why exactly is the fox depicted on the bracelet? The company explains this as follows:

“Foxeswild, but very caring.” They are very fond of cubs, always teaching and protecting them. People wear a bracelet with the image of a fox as a symbol of true love and affection.”Four fox jewellery showing a handpainted enamel fox brooch, enamel fox short necklace, enamel fox earrings, and enamel fox charm

Nevertheless, everyone has their own interpretation of the jewelry that the company offers. and everyone understands the symbols in their own way.

In general, the jewelry of this company cannot be called elite or luxury products, because in these lines and collection, you will not see unique precious stones and metals, there is no emphasis on diamonds and other stones.

But if you like original products with a deep meaning, then you will definitely be able to find something for yourself in the collections of this company.

The jewelry that the company sells is made of zinc, brass, and epoxy resin.

The coating is either gold, rose gold, or silver. All the earring racks are made of surgical stainless steel. All materials are of very high quality.

Fable England Collections

The company offers its customers 6 main collections, each of which is unique and carries a separate semantic orientation:

  • Wonderland
  • Harvest Moon
  • The Fable Charm Collection
  • Signature Bee Collection
  • Tales From Oakwood
  • 1955 Bank Holiday

For example, the Wonderland collection includes jewelry, brooches, and other accessories. Chic scarves with prints and bracelets are also present in the collection. If we talk specifically about jewelry, then first of all it is worth paying attention to the original pendants and brooches with the image of birds and butterflies.

Recall that the creation of these brooches requires incredible effort and it is handmade, which has been highly valued in England for centuries.

The collection called Harvest Moon, attracts the attention of not only many buyers but also professional designers. The collection features some of the most beloved feathered and furry inhabitants of the British countryside.

Fall in love with their hand-painted details, rich enamel colors, and incredible shine!

This is how the company advertises its collection.

Also worth mentioning is The Fable Charm Collection. In principle, the name speaks for itself: all products from this collection are inspired by the image of a bee.

A very stylish and popular collection.

Is Fable England good for gifts?

The answer to this question depends on the factor to whom the gift is intended. If you are going to give something to a romantic person, someone who prefers accessories with original prints, then, of course, you can choose a good option in this company. You can choose gifts from jewelry, accessories, scarves, gloves, bags for cosmetics and other products are also available.

Of course, the product is designed mainly for women of all ages. Judging by the comments on the Internet, most buyers are satisfied with the gifts they bought. Here is the review of a customer named Emily:

I bought an incredible bracelet for my older sister. The bracelet was instructed with beautiful figures of birds and animals. I was worried that she would not like the gift, because she is not a very romantic person. Nevertheless, she just fell in love with this bracelet and practically does not take it off. I can say that these are gifts in which it is fashionable to get out at first sight.

There are a lot of similar reviews on the web. They are mostly young people. The older generation more often prefers to focus on diamonds and expensive metals than on original products, analysts write about this.

Nevertheless, if we look at the dynamics in general, the popularity of the company as a store for buying goods continues to grow.

Fable’s most popular models

Many of the models that the company offers are becoming popular quite quickly. Some critics write that the reason for the popularity of products is because of the low price, but buyers do not agree with this point of view. For example, one of the most popular models in the past 2021 Enamel Shell Earrings. The shell reminds of moments of calm; “Wearing such earrings, you can feel the serenity of the sea surrounding you,” the website says.

There are also a lot of very good reviews about the model Enamel Daisy Bangle.

A very popular product among young girls, also the sales leader of the past year.

If you look at the picture of popularity in general, earrings are in the lead as the most popular product of the jewelry company. They are followed by brooches and rings.

The company allows customers to filter select models by a rather unusual and original filter: you can choose models by the name of the animal! On the website, you are presented with a list of birds and animals with whose images you can buy a model!

This filter was enthusiastically received by customers.

Fable Payments

It is very easy to pay for an order in an online store because the company accepts Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. By the way, the company has additional sites in Europe and America, from where residents of these countries can make purchases.

International bank transfers are also functioning. The payment scheme is standard and all transactions are protected from data leakage. As for the code and the voucher, this is a question that buyers often ask. This system works flawlessly. There have never been complaints from users about problems in this area of the company’s work.

Fable Delivery and Returns

Delivery and return of goods: a question that worries many even if they do not have to face any problem. Many buyers need to know that in case of problems with the product, it can be returned. Yes, in that rare case, if you have picked up a product with a manufacturing error, then you will be able to return the product. So, first about the delivery. Delivery takes place as follows:

  • Free UK Delivery on orders over £30
  • Standard (2-3 working days) £2.95
  • Express (next working day) £5.95

Orders will be dispatched the same working day if received by noon UK time; Important! Relative to other countries, the delivery scheme varies somewhat. You can find detailed information about delivery to each country on the official website of the company.


Important! Earrings and face masks are excluded from the return policy due to hygiene reasons.

First, you need to fill out a special refund form.

Then follow the step-by-step instructions that are described in detail on the company’s website.

Fable England Affiliate Program

You can act as a partner with Fable England! The standard commission ranges from 4 to 6% and can reach up to 8%, depending on sales volumes and other factors. Individual commission rates can also be discussed, so if you want to participate in this program, be sure to contact the support service operators and apply for participation.

Fable England customer service

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to hear negative feedback from customers to the support service operators. There are many complaints that the service operators are slow. Most often, criticism is heard when it comes to returning goods for one reason or another.

If you want to contact their support service, then use the following details:

Email address: help@fableuk.com

Phone number: +44 (0) 20 3397 5880 or +44 (0) 1494 447135

You can also follow them on Twitter/X with the handle: @FableEngland

In addition, you can fill out a special form on the website in which you specify your details and send a message.

We advise you to call by phone only after you have read the list of the most frequently asked questions that are on the site.

Q How often does the company re-stock sold-out items?

If an item sells out, the company is often able to re-stock it within a few weeks.

Q How do I care for my jewelry?

The biggest enemies of jewelry are the abundance of soap and water. Please don't forget about it!

Q What sizes are Fables jewelry?

Short necklaces have a 41cm chain, and long necklaces 81cm. Rings come either in size small, medium, or one size.

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