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Good advertising but expected more

3.0/ 5

I am dissatisfied with this company and its work. A lot of beautiful words, a lot of advertising, but no effectiveness. For example, there are so many quality words, and the ring that I gave to my wife turned out to be completely defective. The stone fell out of the frame after a month of use. Of course, I was told that my wife was to blame for everything and that she used the product incorrectly. Support representatives: can’t solve the problem or don’t respond at all. E-mails: ignored. I was surprised when I read a lot of good reviews about this company: maybe we were just so unlucky? Many people say that this jewelry is elite. I won’t argue, these diamonds look impressive. But if I’m unlucky, then the same situation can happen with another client. I urge the company’s employees to pay more attention to quality.

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1 Reviews

Good but needs improvement

4.0/ 5

I have made several purchases on the website of this company and in general, I am satisfied with everything: assortment, price, delivery, quality. I would love to give the company 5 stars if I didn’t have to talk to support representatives. At first, they try to be polite and answer all questions, but when it comes to the problem, they disappear. Yes, they just disappear, it’s impossible to get in touch with them. I got a piece of jewelry that was very different from what I saw in the photo and I didn’t just want a refund. I wanted to get exactly the ring I bought. At first, they explained to me for a long time that there are no identical rings, then they stopped talking to me at all. Okay, I realized that they don’t have the same jewelry, but you need to warn about this on the site in large font, and not somewhere in the corner of the page in small letters.

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1 Reviews

Classic and modern jewelry

4.0/ 5

I have not seen such a selection of jewelry of different styles and trends on any website. I’m talking about companies that sell rough diamonds. I have been buying only jewelry with such diamonds for a long time because they are the only real ones in my opinion. I like how designers design each product. This is an individual, handmade work. Jewelers are perfectly able to combine classic and modern. But the prices! Guys, your prices are going up every month, stop! I understand that these products are unusual and unique and that diamonds are precious stones. But when I compare your prices with competitors, it begins to seem to me that you are just trying to make money on the buyer without keeping the balance. Otherwise, I like the brand and I can recommend it.

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1 Reviews

Gorgeous diamonds and helpful customer support

5.0/ 5

The guys from the support service helped me figure out a very difficult situation, for this, I want to say a big thank you to them. I had problems with the transaction and the bank replied to me that e could understand the problem. It was only thanks to the support guy and his ingenuity that we managed to figure out what was going on and fix my card settings. I want to note that it was not his responsibility to help me in this matter, but because of his desire to help the client, he will spend his time with me and we have sorted everything out. And of course, I will say a few words about the diamonds that are sold on this site. These diamonds are gorgeous. The style and design of jewelry were also pleasantly surprised.

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1 Reviews

Diamond in the Rough Reviews

5.0/ 5

I didn’t dare to buy rough diamonds for a long time. It seemed very unusual to me. I am generally a person who finds it very difficult to change something in life. But finally, I took a chance and bought a ring with a stone that I fell in love with at first sight. I can’t describe it in words, but this ring is magical. When I look at this stone, it seems to me that I see millions of bright colors in it. I am incredibly happy with the purchase, even though I paid a lot of money-about 8 thousand dollars. I was very worried about the delivery, but everything went fine, I received the ring within three days. I want to answer those who write a lot of comments about the discrepancy of the product in photos and life: carefully study the site! It talks about a possible discrepancy. So it happens then that the stones are unprocessed, each of the stones is unique and its frame is made for each of them.

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What is Diamond in the Rough?

Diamond in the Rough company is famous all over the world not only for its products but also for its extraordinary approach to building work and trade. The company employs high-class specialists who control the work and production process.

The company specializes in unusual, fashionable to say unique rough diamonds and rings for weddings and engagements.

The company has long been recognized by experts as the world’s leading brand for the sale of rough diamonds, many call this brand “elite”. Analysts often write in their articles that the company has opened a new era in jewelry, and occupied a niche that no one had been able to occupy before. The company’s executives say that their jewelry is different in that they are “reinterpreted”. “Each of our jewelry is aimed at emphasizing individuality,” brand representatives say. The collection of wedding rings released in 2009 made a splash.

The whole world was talking about this collection. Rough diamonds combined with an unusual design made an incredible effect on buyers and experts. According to the company’s jewelers, they tried to emphasize the individuality of a woman, her character, and her style with each ring. Rings of this company are very popular with celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Demi Moore, and others.

The quality of diamonds and jewelry is beyond doubt: the company is called a veteran and a top-class professional in the jewelry field. Masters of the Diamond In The Rough brand, inlaid jewelry, leave diamonds almost in their original form.

The best designer in the world is nature. This is the brand’s philosophy. Masters choose the most optimal stone in shape, clean it and come up with a decent frame. Jewelers of the brand say that most often the final version of the ring depends on the shape of the uncut stone: it is the shape of the stone that pushes jewelers to the idea of what the frame should be. In most cases, rings are created in the Art Deco style, but there are exceptions.

Absolutely everything depends on the shape of a natural diamond. Diamond In The Rough collection is divided into two parts – for ladies and brides. Each collection is constantly updated, the company’s jewelers annually update the trends of frames and follow the trends of world fashion without forgetting about the classics.

Are Diamond in the Rough precious stones good?

Rough diamonds have a rather unusual appearance Recently, the use of rough diamonds has become a trend in modern jewelry. A few years ago, these diamonds were unfairly forgotten. Now they are considered elite because everything natural has become fashionable. So, the company offers its customers magnificent diamonds. According to the creators, the brand’s jewelry collections using rough diamonds are mainly aimed at independent women, because many models go beyond the standards and not everyone can appreciate them. Representatives of the company claim that the history of diamonds is full of secrets, intrigue, and romance. That is why each diamond is of great importance and gives inspiration to both jewelers and buyers.

The company offers different types of rough diamonds. Everyone knows that diamonds are formed at great depths in the layer of the Earth, these rare precious stones fall to the surface of the Earth in the form of molten rock or magma. The value of these stones is undeniable and unique precisely because the company’s specialists are sure that uncut diamonds can convey all the energy and all the value of the stone much better. It is thanks to the rough diamonds that the company managed to become one of the best in the world for trading these stones. It is the untouched beauty of diamonds and the ability to present this beauty in jewelry that has become the hallmark of the company. International experts believe that this company belongs to the elite segment. It is also worth noting the great work of jewelers that they do about each stone: each raw stone deserves a unique frame, a unique design, and a unique attitude.

Is Diamond in the Rough good for engagement rings?

Of course, wedding and engagement rings from this brand are recognized worldwide as one of the best. We are talking about rings with rough diamonds. If you prefer the natural beauty of a gemstone, then you will find the model you like from the brand. The classics in the collection of this brand do not quite correspond to the classics in the generally accepted sense. This is a slightly different classic that only true connoisseurs will be able to understand.

In total, the company offers 11 categories of engagement rings. As for the Diamond in the Rough wedding collection, the world’s leading media and experts called it unique. We’re not just talking about the diamonds that the rings are instructed with. Each ring is a work of art also thanks to the extraordinary frames and design.

A lot of time and effort was spent on the development of the collection, many specialists were involved. If you want something different from the classics, the company offers an engagement collection in the Moderne category.

In this category, the biggest emphasis is placed on the stone, and not on the frame and other details. In this collection, absolutely nothing distracts attention from the magnificent unique stone that sparkles with its natural beauty.

The company also offers you models of rings in which the center stone is framed by a diamond halo. Recently, this is a very popular model, but its creation requires a huge talent: it is very important that the halo does not distract attention from the main stone and does not make the ring more “heavy” to look at. Vintage engagement rings in the Victorian style are also the pride of the company.

Many buyers write online that no company can repeat the Victorian style with the same sophistication as Diamond in the Rough does. I would also like to draw attention to the collection “splashes of champagne”, which received a lot of positive reviews. Diamonds with a micro coating that are used in the collection look very unusual and majestic. If we talk about engagement rings in general, there is no doubt about the quality. You can safely choose an engagement ring from this brand.

Diamond in the Rough most popular models

The models that the brand offers to its customers cannot leave indifferent even skeptics who are very difficult to please. On the website, you can see and evaluate an incredibly diverse range of jewelry from different collections. One of the interesting models that are often discussed on social networks and jewelry forums is a classic engagement ring with a magnificent lemon stone

This is an elegant classic solitaire ring inlaid with a natural lemon yellow rough diamond weighing 0.50- 1.00 carats. Also in the ring, micro diamonds are weighing 0, 25-0, 40 carats. Next to each photo on the website, there is a warning that the ring may not look exactly like in the photo, because each piece of jewelry is made individually for the stone. There will be no big differences, but there may be very small differences in the color scheme.

Another example of a very popular ring is the Embrace ring featuring a 2.22ct rough diamond accented with 0.39cts of micro pavé diamonds in 18k white gold.

This model is very popular among the youth of many countries. Some experts even call this model international. The cost of such a ring is on average 10 thousand dollars. If at your request, some more details are added to the design, of course, the price will be slightly higher.

Pay attention to the Vine Ring featuring a 1.14ct rough diamond accented with 0.25cts of micro pavé diamonds in platinum. This jewelry has become a real hit in the discussions. An incredible combination of classics, vintage notes, and modern.

Unfortunately, now this model is not on sale, a unique ring has been sold and it is not yet known whether the same model will be created by jewelers. It is only known that many clients have written to the company with a request to repeat this masterpiece.

Diamond in the Rough payment options

You can pay for your purchase using different methods. For your convenience, the company offers different options, each of which has its advantages. All leading cards are accepted for payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diner’s Club, Discover.

This list can be expanded: you can follow the latest changes on the official website of the company. If we are talking about international purchases, then you should use a bank transfer: this is the best option for both the seller and the buyer. You will need to confirm that the account or the credit/debit card used belongs to you or that the owner of the credit/debit card specifically authorized you to use them. According to the company’s rules, all cardholders are checked. This is done to prevent fraud. If the problems with the transaction were caused by the fault of the bank and the company naturally does not bear any responsibility.

To comply with security, DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH uses Secure Socket Layer technology. This is a very important point that many customers are increasingly paying attention to. Since large amounts are often spent on the site, security is very important. The data of customers who have made purchases on the site are not disclosed, this happens by the privacy policy.

Diamond in the Rough warranty

The company guarantees safe delivery and quality of each purchased product.

A certificate of authenticity of a rough diamond is attached to each purchase to confirm the authenticity and integrity of your Rough diamond. Each certificate contains an identification number unique only for your specific purchase.

DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH buys diamonds only from the largest and most respected suppliers and ensures that suppliers adhere to the Kimberley Process. In addition, the company guarantees that it uses diamonds only from conflict-free zones. Regarding the repair of products, based on the fact that each product is unique and individual, then in each case you will need to contact the support service. Experts will have to investigate the damage to the product and determine whether the damage is a manufacturing defect or not. Only after that, it will be possible to issue a warranty repair of the product.

Diamond in the Rough return policy

After purchasing on the website, you can return the jewelry within 14 days from the date of purchase. Previously, you should call the support service where I will describe in detail the nuances associated with the correct refund and the correct registration. The design is very important. In addition, with the help of the support service, you must obtain a return authorization number and include all packaging and certificates in your return. The company has a list of products that cannot be returned. This:

  • Custom or personalized orders
  • Any item showing signs of wear or altered.
  • Items on sale.
  • Damaged Items.

You can ship the goods using the US Postal Service, insured for the total cost of the contents. For items worth more than $24,000, be sure to contact customer service representatives for delivery instructions. . Failure to comply with this requirement will result in the inability to process your refund.

Diamond in the Rough customer service

The company prefers to communicate with customers by e-mail. You can fill out the form on the “Contacts” page and then address your question to the company’s experts. Also Customer Service representatives are available Sunday through Friday, 9:30am – 5:00pm EST via phone: +1-917-985-8482 and email: ditrjewelry@gmail.com . They also have limited online chat hours via our website. You can also write an e-mail to ditrjewelry@gmail.com . You can also use this address to receive a refund confirmation. Many clients of the company write that despite the excellent quality of the company’s jewelry, their support service is not very professional and often takes a very long time to wait for an answer to even the simplest question.


Q Does Diamond in the Rough have sales?

Sales in this company occur infrequently. Discounts are also quite rare. The brand belongs to the category of elite jewelry. Each piece of jewelry is regarded as a work of art because the company's management does not see the point of greatly reducing the price of a product for which there is easily a buyer at the initially stated price.

Q Where are “Diamond in the Rough” diamonds from?

The company guarantees that it uses diamonds only from trusted suppliers and only from conflict-free zones.

Q Will be charged tax for my order?

The answer to this question depends on where the purchase was made. This tax, its presence or absence is determined separately by each country and State.

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