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Myka Reviews

5.0/ 5

I am very happy with the ring that I ordered on this website. Amazing quality, price & shipping! ! Yes, of course, this is not a site with elite diamonds, but. these guys offer such an unusual product! Such rings and bracelets, earrings, pendants, I wanted to buy everything at once! In addition, I want to talk about prices. The prices are very low, and the quality is excellent. Frankly speaking, I do not understand how such low prices can be with such quality.I also want to thank the guys from the support service who patiently listened to all my questions and even helped me choose the right gift. Yes, after I received my ring, I order gifts to my family and friends only on this site!

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1 Reviews

Myka Reviews

4.0/ 5

I have used the services of this site many times and even if there was an unpleasant situation, the support service helped me. My product was exactly as I thought the bit was damaged.I was asked to return it to be replaced. The guys from the support service helped me to issue a refund as soon as possible and even apologized. I liked the efficiency, the pace at which these guys work and, of course, their politeness. Mistakes and unpleasant situations can occur for every company, even the most elite, so I will continue to buy jewelry on this site and recommend it to my friends. Good prices, good quality, good staff, and just an incredible selection of products.

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1 Reviews

Myka Reviews

3.0/ 5

Never buy gifts on this site! The people you want to give a gift to will be disappointed with the quality of the jewelry purchased, after 8 months all the jewelry changed color, I called the support service and could not answer anything specific except that I can buy the same product with a 30 percent discount. Are YOU serious? Then don’t position yourself as a leader, but stay at the level of street vendors. You are deceiving people by selling low-quality goods. Maybe it suits a teenager who will get tired of the product after 6 months and they will stop wearing it. But for a gift to mom or a relative, do you think that such quality is permissible? Bad brand.

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1 Reviews

Myka Reviews

5.0/ 5

My husband laughed at me and said that this is a website for children. He told me that there was no need to buy anything there, and then he ordered himself a chain. In fact, the goods, in reality, look much better and more spectacular than in the photo. The quality is very good, undoubtedly I trust this company. Also, I would like to thank you for the excellent necklaces that I purchased for my sisters. They were so pleased and that made my day. Do not believe those who talk about the low quality of goods, this is not true. If the quality was low, then millions of people around the world would not buy these goods.

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1 Reviews

Myka Reviews

4.0/ 5

In general, I had a positive shopping experience on this site, but the last experience was very disappointing. I chose my actual ring size, but the ring was far too small and it’s made the skin on my finger around where the ring is gone green, which I would not expect from a ring at the price I paid! I could buy a ring that would turn my fingers green from a street vendor, why would I spend a hundred dollars or more on cheap jewelry! I expected quality, as always. But if such a case happened only once, I may think that there was some kind of mistake in production and not screw up the company as a whole. I was unpleasantly surprised that no one even apologized to me.

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What is MYKA?

MYKA is a jewelry brand that differs in many ways from its competitors. Initially, the company chose a special strategy, thanks to which the company became popular in many countries. To be more precise, today this brand is popular in 32 countries.

The company was founded in 2006 and has been striving to improve its activities every year since then. Of course, for every buyer, there are two main aspects to buying. This is quality and price, However, in addition to these points, the company also focuses on a variety of directions.

Most companies focus their attention mainly on women’s and men’s directions. However, MYKA (previously, until 2021, the company was called My Name Necklace) began to develop work in different directions. The products are divided into categories that include gifts for holidays, and special days for children.

The company’s managers try to think through every detail in their work, from the choice of material to pricing policy and design. The choice of materials with which the company’s jewelers work is very large: recycled metals of a wide range, such as solid yellow and white gold of 10 carats, 14 carats, 940 silver, 925 silver, 18-carat Vermeil gold or gilding, to diamonds created in the laboratory. The company also works with silver. The company’s management tries to focus on the fact that each model is individual and can emphasize the character of the person who wears jewelry. Initially, the company’s work was aimed at creating products for special days and holidays, because it is believed that the trump card of this company gifts.

On the eve of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, the day I was born, buyers often remember first all about this company. It is a global retail jewelry brand with more than 650 employees in different countries of the world. Experts recognize that this company is one of the first jewelry manufacturers to occupy a niche of personalized gifts for festive days. The company’s executives claim that they continue their development and are at the initial stage of their improvement. In their social media accounts, the company’s executives claim that they will continue to try to keep prices at an acceptable level despite global inflation. In many ways, the company has won the attention of international customers thanks to Personalized Name Rings, which were obtained by the company’s jewelers most successfully.

MYKA Pros and Cons


  • Great assortment
  • Targeting different categories of customers
  • User-friendly website interface
  • Reasonable prices
  • Hassle-free delivery
  • Interesting jewelry design


  • Lack of traditional classic wedding rings
  • A small selection of diamond rings A
  • Small selection of white gold necklaces
  • Users complain about problems with the refund

Are MYKA rings good?

Each buyer has his preferences and expects a different performance from the ring. It also depends on the character and financial condition of the person. Many prefer classics, and some like more original models. For example, on the website, you will not be able to find traditional wedding rings, but you will be offered a huge assortment of personalized rings that will be appropriate on different festive dates.

When you start your selection, you will first be asked to make a choice using filters. There are filters by price, material, and other features.

The company has a circle of its customers and fans. Rings of this brand are bought in many countries of the world, but it is impossible to call the brand a leader in the production of rings. If you look at the opinion of customers globally, and not just read rave reviews, it can be noted that the company lags behind many competitors who are actively working in the similar field of personalized jewelry. Of course, the company has successfully occupied its niche and many people really like the rings of this brand, but still, compared to other brands, this company lags. Some buyers are not satisfied with the quality of the rings and they write about it online. Also recently, the brand’s collections are often dominated by extravagant models that cannot be called a very well-selling product. As for the gold that is used in the manufacture of rings, it is of very good quality.

MYKA Categories

The company offers its customers many categories of products. That is why many call this brand “a good example of diversity.” Firstly, the company offers jewelry for specific holidays, such as Mother’s Day. In this category, you can choose the jewelry you need from the list provided:

  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Rings
  • Gifts for New Moms
  • Gifts for Grandma
  • New Arrivals

Also in a separate category are placed a variety of necklace. These jewelry items are also divided into separate categories:

  • Diamond Name Necklaces
  • Gold Name Necklaces
  •  Carrier Name Necklace
  •  Silver Name Necklaces
  •  Rose Gold Name Necklaces
  • Arabic Name Necklaces.

By the way, the latter category has recently become increasingly popular among young people in many countries. For this age category, there is an opportunity to choose a lot of interesting products.

Is MYKA good for gifts?

Yes, gifts are the main specialization of the company on which it places the greatest emphasis. Company representatives often say in interviews that it was the gifts that made the company famous.

For the convenience of buyers, all gift jewelry is divided by themes:

  • For Mom
  • For Men
  • For Kids
  • For New Mom
  • For Grandmother
  • Initial Necklaces
  • Carrie Name Necklace
  • Diamond Jewelry
  • Name Necklaces
  • Best Sellers
  • Heart Necklaces
  • Birthday Gifts
  • Anniversary Gifts
  • Bridesmaid Gifts
  • Groomsmen Gifts

So, judging by the reviews of most customers, the most popular and at the same time the most controversial jewelry are necklaces. They buy a lot of them, but at the same time they complain a lot about them. In particular, sometimes there are problems with fasteners or with the engraving of the name. The collection of gifts with diamonds is very good: there are really very interesting models in this collection. However, according to customers, there are few products in this collection and it would be worth expanding it. There are also few rose gold jewelry with diamonds. Sometimes you can find only two or three such products on the site

MYKA’s most popular models

The brand has a lot of models that remain sales leaders for several years or even months. Basically, these are inexpensive jewelry that will not be difficult to buy. So, one of their popular models is a Lot of Love Necklace in Gold Plating

This jewelry is instructed by a variety of beautiful marquise pendants, with cubic zirconia. Most often, this jewelry is ordered for mom’s birthday or Mother’s Day.

Also, customers really liked the model Margeaux Custom Ring in Gold Vermeil.

The ring has a very original design, for which the company’s jewelers have received many praises. The decoration looks great and can be in harmony with any style of clothing.

Of the children’s jewelry for girls, the most popular are pendants on which the girl’s name is written or her favorite cartoon characters and fairy tales are depicted.

There are also many popular jewelry collections for teenagers. For example, rings.

For example, such a ring costs only $ 55, but thanks to the unusual design it looks great emphasizing individuality.

MYKA’s payment options

MYKA works according to the standard scheme of receiving all the leading cards. The company accepts all major credit cards for payment, Apple Pay also the company cooperates with PayPal.

the transaction is made in full before the delivery of the goods. To be more precise, until you transfer the money, the jewelers will not start fulfilling your order. This is because all products are personalized and manufactured by the wishes of specific customers.

If you want to pay with your credit card, use the “Proceed to checkout” option. This inscription is located on the shopping cart page. The company accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discovery/, Diners for payment.

the company also offers customers the opportunity to pay for the purchase by dividing the amount by 4 times. This is happening in collaboration with Klarna. These contributions are interest-free. Important! When making this type of payment, the brand transmits to Klarna some of your data, such as contact details and order details, so that Klarna decides whether you will be able to participate in the payment in parts.

MYKA’s warranty

The company offers a lifetime warranty on its products and undertakes to replace them if a manufacturing defect is suddenly detected. The company also undertakes to repair the decoration that is damaged through no fault of your own.

The warranty service conditions start automatically from the moment of purchase

So, the warranty includes:

  • Damaged items
  • Repair of birthmarks; replacement of lost birthmarks
  • Broken chain, chain replacement
  • Production errors
  • Non-receipt of orders due to the fault of the delivery service.

How to find a missing MYKA’s package that shows as delivered

The delivery of goods is not always perfect. Sometimes the message “Delivered” may appear on your tracking number before your package is delivered.In this case, do the following: Check the delivery notification email to make sure that your parcel has been sent to the right destination. Wait 36 hours. Sometimes the system crashes and the notification appears earlier.

MYKA’s return policy

You can return an item that you did not like for one reason or another within a hundred days from the date of purchase, Yes, exactly a hundred days! Of course, you must first study the return conditions and follow the instructions that the support staff will give you. You should not count on a full refund, because the amount will be returned by 30 percent less. This happens because the products are personalized. If you want to cancel your order after you have paid for the purchase, but before you have received the goods, you will still lose 30 percent. The remaining money is usually returned to your card within a week after you have made the cancellation. In many ways, the term depends on the bank whose services you use.Unfortunately, in addition to a positive experience, sometimes clients describe a negative one. For example, a resident of Florida wrote on social networks that for about a month and a half she could not return her money for the bracelet because the company’s experts considered that the woman herself had damaged it. By the way, this is a fairly frequent complaint about the support services of many jewelry companies, they try to avoid refunds in every possible way.

MYKA’s  customer service

To contact the support service, you can fill out the form that you will be offered on the website and write your letter there.

This is the most common and effective way to communicate with company representatives. You can also study the list of the most frequently asked questions: there is a high probability that you will find the answer you need. Feedback on the work of the support service is diverse; judging by the whole, communication with the support service representatives is going well until the issues with refunds begin to be resolved.

Q What are MYKA shipping options?

The company provides a fairly convenient choice of local and international delivery options. The most popular shipping methods in America include:

Express - Super fast delivery (paid)
There is no delivery on weekends

Q How MYKA Tax is calculated?

Taxes are calculated based on the state and local taxes of the city where your order is sent.This amount is constantly changing and the company has nothing to do with this process.

Q How to choose the correct jewelry size?

The website has published a guide for choosing the right ring size. Different sizes are made to order for each model. In addition, if you suddenly received the goods and the ring size did not suit you, then you can send the ring back to the company and the size will be changed for free. Although, the reviews about the work of the masters are very good and, as a rule, buyers receive exactly the size they ordered.

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