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Diamond Veneer Reviews

5.0/ 5

This site and this company came as a pleasant surprise to me. I spent a lot of time trying to find a suitable gift for my boyfriend. I watched a lot of specialized sites with men’s rings, but I didn’t like anything. I came to this site by accident. I didn’t expect to see something suitable for my boyfriend here. And suddenly I saw exactly the ring I dreamed of! I’m thrilled. Beautiful design, good price, and the product look incredibly beautiful. My boyfriend didn’t believe it wasn’t a diamond. He was shocked by how natural and beautiful the stone looked. Later, he asked me where I ordered the ring and ordered another one himself. Delivery and payment, all at the highest level.

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1 Reviews

Diamond Veneer Reviews

4.0/ 5

I can’t give five stars to this company because it’s a middle-class brand. The goods are not bad. The quality is also not bad. This company cannot be compared with the giants of the global jewelry industry. It is enough to look at the selection of products that they offer. The fact is that higher-level companies are trying to count their assortment on buyers of different age categories and different tastes. Everything is monotonous on this site. For example, I like these stones and I want to buy a product with zirconium. But this company does not give me such an opportunity! Because I don’t find good options and assortment. Think about how to change the soy products and then you will have more customers.

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1 Reviews

Diamond Veneer Reviews

4.0/ 5

I don’t like stones that look like diamonds but are not diamonds. I like zirconium without any spraying. Exactly in the color in which it is. I also don’t like the constant comparisons with natural diamonds. The company seems to be constantly trying to convince its customers that their stones are not worse. Why convince someone? It’s time to finally admit that there are people who will never exchange a natural diamond for anything. You will never convince a diamond fan to buy a ring with zirconium. In general, this company is not bad. I don’t like all models. But of course, with a detailed inspection, you can find several interesting models.

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1 Reviews

Diamond Veneer Reviews

3.0/ 5

I do not believe that such companies cannot offer high-quality products. None of the brand’s jewelry looks expensive, stylish, or sophisticated. Perhaps the brand has a problem with good designers. The whole problem is in them: have you seen these rings? I wouldn’t wear a ring like that even if I was paid. My friend ordered a bracelet on this site. The stone fell out of their products after three weeks of use. I know a lot of cases when people see low prices and rush to buy goods, and then regret it. Fasteners break, and the material is scratched. I don’t want to offend the people who work in this company, I just think that you need to objectively evaluate your activities and not say that you are the “best”.

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1 Reviews

Diamond Veneer Reviews

5.0/ 5

Of course, everyone has their own opinion about diamonds, jewelry, and ecology. I don’t want to impose my opinion on anyone, I’ll just express mine. Natural diamonds are just a show. Someone rich wants to show that he has a lot of money and puts on diamonds. People do this not for the sake of beauty, but simply because they want to demonstrate their wealth. For beauty, you can also wear zirconium. Look at these stones! They are indistinguishable from a real diamond, they are just cheap! Besides, I have always been concerned about environmental issues and as far as I understand, the production of these stones is environmentally friendly. I recommend this site to friends and acquaintances, I am sure that soon these stones will become even more popular.

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What is Diamond Veneer?

This jewelry company is called by many specialists the founder of a “new revolutionary approach to diamonds.” This brand has changed the outlook of many customers, changed the attitude of buyers toward precious stones, and the attitude to cubic zirconia. Note that initially, the brand specialized exclusively in the sale of products with this stone.

However, later the company’s specialists introduced an innovative diamond coating. This idea has delighted many customers and experts. This is a great option for those who like diamonds, but their purchase does not fit into the budget.

Even those who previously disliked zirconium because of its bright white color changed their attitude after the brand introduced a new coating. We are talking about a coating of carbon particles of a diamond. These particles crystallize around the stone. The buyer gets a great result: a stone of the color category G.

Many skeptics said that such stones would not be popular, but the opposite happened. The type of stone with such a coating has conquered hundreds of thousands of buyers around the world. Such a stone does not look “fake” or “cheap” and harmoniously fits into any image. By the way, by buying such a stone you get the durability and strength of a real diamond at a very low price! Experts call the new method revolutionary.

The new processing technique is so perfect that sometimes even world-class experts cannot distinguish a diamond-coated stone from a real diamond at first glance.

By the way, diamond-coated zirconium is often bought by very rich people. Because such jewelry is very convenient to wear when traveling or going out in private. Thus, the woman looks gorgeous and is not afraid to lose the product and is not afraid that I will steal it. Zirconium with a new coating is very practical.

To date, approximately 70 percent of all world experts consider such a stone to be an ideal solution. The exception is the ardent adherents of natural diamonds who are sure that nothing can replace a real stone that was mined in the mines.

There was a period when there were quarrels about this on social networks and professional forums. However, the company’s representatives have always successfully managed to defend their point of view regarding innovative spraying.

The idea of diamond spraying is strongly supported by environmentalists. After all, during the coating with diamond veneer, the master uses an environmentally friendly process. The masters will not change radiation or aggressive chemicals. By the way, initially, it was the conservationists who made up the majority of fans of the new coating. However, gradually the popularity of diamond spraying began to grow.

The company offers products made of both ordinary cubic zirconia and diamond-coated zirconium, both categories of products are quite popular. The company is not one of the very large and leading ones, but it has a permanent circle of customers that is constantly expanding.

To date, the Diamond Veneer company successfully uses a new innovative stone processing technique for the production of original and classic rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Also on the mono website to buy placers of stones, earrings, earrings and other types of jewelry.

Recently, more and more celebrities prefer this technology, among them Felicity Huffman, Blanca Blanco, and many others. Representatives of show business often say in interviews that they like to look like a million dollars while spending only a few thousand.

Jewelry with an innovative diamond coating is constantly being written about in the media and talked about in popular TV programs. This is an urgent topic for discussion and disputes because buyers cannot come to a consensus on the technology.

If we talk about analytical studies of social networks and sites with reviews, the company has 4 stars out of five.

The estimates take into account all factors such as customer reviews, prices, and quality. Most experts call the company a middle-class brand, but with great prospects.

Diamond Veneer Pros and Cons


  • Environmentally-friendly production
  • Reasonable prices
  • Good quality
  • Innovative diamond coating system
  • Good work of the support service


  • Absence of natural diamonds in the assortment
  • Customer complaints about insufficiently diverse models
  • Sometimes there are problems with the clasps on the bracelets

Diamond Veneer Technology

The technology that this company uses is a distinctive feature of its work. We are talking about a diamond-carbon coating. If you have not heard about this technology before, then you should get to know it a little closer, so you will better understand how the company produces its jewelry.

So, this revolutionary technology allows you to significantly, many times improve the quality of precious stones, such as cubic zirconia.

This technology has a very wide range of properties. This coating does not have a complete crystal structure like graphite and diamond. Veneer may contain other chemical elements such as nitrogen or hydrogen, for example. Hydrogen is very valuable: this element reduces the internal stress of the coating, thus the risk of peeling becomes minimal. We will not go into technical details, we will just say that the new diamond coating is conventionally fashionable to divide into seven separate components. In general, the coating may contain several binding materials, all of which are environmentally friendly and do not harm the environment.

Important! The hardness of the diamond coating can be changed! This can be done using a special device – a nanoindenter.

The application of diamond veneer is a very complex process. This process requires costs because very expensive and unique equipment is used.

The great advantage of the technology is the indisputable environmental friendliness of the process, which makes the technology very popular. Only a small amount of gases are used in production, which is completely safe for the environment.

When applying the coating, the chemical deposition method is used. The final result largely depends on the purity of the gemstone and its characteristics. Any dust pollution can lead to a bad result because all these points are taken into account in production.

Only top-class specialists take part in the coating process.

Is Diamond Veneer jewelry good?

Yes, the company offers its customers jewelry of fairly good quality. Conventionally, the products of this brand can be divided into two main categories: these are diamond-coated goods and jewelry with simple cubic zirconia. Lovers of natural diamonds may not like these products. However, those who want to save money and take care of the environment will surely like this online store.

In the category of diamond-coated jewelry, there is a standard set of categories: rings, earrings, and necklaces. In the category of products with traditional cubic zirconia, the range is slightly larger.

If we talk about the most actively developing category, then of course these are rings.

Clients and experts note that the company pays maximum attention to this category.

If we talk about the style of jewelry of this company, then many consider the products too bright and far from the classics. This is true. Lovers of classics are unlikely to find suitable products on that site.

At the same time, those who prefer brightness, and like to emphasize their individuality will certainly find suitable models for themselves.

One of the positive aspects of this brand’s jewelry is undoubtedly the high quality of the diamond coating. The stones look great and are very similar to a natural diamond.

From the negative points – sometimes buyers complain about the quality of fasteners and the fact that stones fall out.

It is known that the company’s representatives listen to customer complaints and do everything possible to correct the situation.

Is Diamond Veneer good for rings?

Judging by the reviews of customers and experts, the rings that the brand offers are not bad. Diamond-coated rings are divided into several categories. These are standard rings, rings for men, canary collection, and eternity bands.

First, you should pay attention to men’s rings because not every jewelry company offers this category of rings. This problem is especially common among brands that produce rings with cubic zirconia: most of these companies have either few male models or none at all. So, what diamond-coated models does the company offer men? The choice is not bad.

Although men’s rings are not the main focus of the company’s activities, experts call this collection very successful. Some customers even write comments that men’s rings are obtained by jewelers of this brand even better than women’s.

Indeed, men’s models are more concise and look more standard and elegant. All male models are rated by buyers at 5 stars. However, there is also a negative moment: the available number of men’s rings are sold out very quickly, and new ones do not go on sale for a long time. Sometimes there are no products in the section at all, sometimes there are very few of them. Clients do not understand why the company’s representatives do not develop such a successful category but focus more attention on female models.

For example, the company’s executives were very hopeful that the canary collection would become very successful. However, jewelry and rings from this category have not become bestsellers.

Of course, these products also have their fans, but one cannot say a hundred times the design of such rings caused a stir.

Many customers write in the comments that rings from this category are very difficult to combine with different styles of clothing and they cannot be worn to any event. These rings are hardly universal and this fact is a big disadvantage for many.

Rings from the eternity bands collection are much more successful.

The design of these rings is more elegant and more applicable to different occasions. Buyers are offered many models at very good prices. There are no complaints about the quality of these rings. Products from this collection are distinguished by the fact that stones hold autumn firmly. Models from this collection often become bestsellers. These rings are popular with women of different ages.

As for the rings with the usual traditional zirconium, there are a lot of models from simple to unusual.

Buyers are offered different models and stones of different colors. Of course, the big advantage is the low prices.

Diamond Veneer Loose Stones

The company also offers its customers better and cheaper loose stones. Previously, sales in this category were not very active, but now the situation has changed significantly for the better. So, what placer stones does the company offer? For Example, Radiant Round Diamond Veneer Cubic Zirconia Loose Stone. The price of one stone can be as little as $ 5.

The company offers stones of different shapes and sizes. There are round, square, triangular stones, and even heart-shaped stones. These stones are especially actively bought before Valentine’s Day.

Recently, the company has been paying quite a lot of attention to the development of sales of loose stones. For example, as of now, they are being sold much more actively than earrings and bracelets.

Is Diamond Veneer good for necklaces?

Yes, there are quite a lot of interesting models in this category. Initially, not everyone liked the design of this category of jewelry, but later the company’s jewelers learned to follow the demand and desires of customers. Today, it cannot be said that necklaces have become the leading direction in the company’s work, but still, progress is obvious. The average price of the product starts at about $ 70. The design cannot be called classic. These are not universal necklaces and pendants that can be worn with any dress. Each product from this category is very individual. Necklaces from the category of “Diamond spraying” and the category of traditional zirconium are very different in style. Products made of traditional zirconium are more concise. In general, this area of the company’s activity can be called quite successful.

Diamond Veneer Payments

The payment methods offered by the company are traditional and convenient. You can pay for your purchase with any leading debit or credit card, you can also use Amazon. By the way, this payment method is becoming more and more popular, many customers find this payment method very convenient. It is also possible to pay for the purchase using Google Pay and Apple Pay. Customers write in the comments that the payment on the site is carried out without problems, from the technical side there are no troubles.

Diamond Veneer Delivery

.Delays in the delivery of goods practically do not happen. The cost of first-class delivery is $6.00. Standard delivery lasts from 1 to 3 days if you have not ordered urgent delivery. This period can be extended up to 7 days depending on your address.

The company provides its customers with international delivery. Sometimes the delivery time may be longer if the product you need is not in stock.

Diamond Veneer customer service

The support service of this brand works quite professionally. At least the support service operators manage to solve many issues quickly and efficiently. By the way, the operators are well versed in the technology of creating diamond spraying and can explain the whole process to you in detail. The interactive chat that you will see on the online store page is the best way to contact the support service operators. You will get an answer to your question almost instantly. To contact the representatives of the support service, you can call +1(213) 236 0809, or write an email to support@diamondveneer.com. If you send a letter to an e-mail, you will usually be answered within 24 hours.

Q Is Diamond Veneer legit?

Yes, this jewelry company is legal and complies with all laws. As far as we know, there has not been a single case of fraud associated with the company.

Q Does Diamond Veneer make sales?

The company systematically provides discounts, which can be monitored on the official website of the brand.

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