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Sell beautiful and high-quality goods

4.0/ 5

A good company, but such a terrible website interface! There is so much extra information that it is sometimes easier for me to go to the store than to choose on this site. So many unnecessary windows, advertisements, and unnecessary information. Why do you spoil the impression of your company with such an inconvenient website? Guys, I think you have problems with specialists in this direction. I do not dispute that you have great jewelers, support service operators, and directors, but who are these people who were engaged in the design of the site? I strongly recommend reconsidering the approach. Because in the end, you will lose customers because of such a minor point as an inconvenient interface. But I continue to buy products from you because you are well done and sell beautiful and high-quality goods.

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Products quality and range

4.0/ 5

I like the range and quality of products, but I don’t like the design. Most of the products are too flashy and bright and are not suitable for daily use. I don’t understand why the company chose this style. I think that every company should have its distinctive features, which is good, but at the same time, you should not be so extravagant. Especially if you produce products for men. Not all men like skull rings or crosses. For example, I wanted to buy a gift for my boyfriend and I like the quality of diamonds from this company, but I couldn’t choose the right style and design. I think the company should attract more designers to work on products

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Manufacturing defect

3.0/ 5

I wanted to surprise my husband on his wedding anniversary. And it turned out that because of the unfair work of the company, the holiday was spoiled. The ring that I ordered I received in time. The day I wanted to. That’s not the problem. The problem is that two side diamonds barely held in the frame, and one still fell out, the holiday was spoiled by this circumstance. In addition, I had to prove to the support service for a long time that I was not to blame for the fact that the stones fell out. I have been asked many times about whether the ring has fallen, trying to avoid responsibility for a manufacturing defect. As a result, I returned the ring and received the money back, but this incident unpleasantly struck me.

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Regular customer

5.0/ 5

I am a regular customer of this company. I can’t say that I am a fan of a bright and catchy style, but I really like some rings of this brand. I am also very satisfied with the quality. Undoubtedly, diamonds and materials are worthy of praise. The prices are high, but the products justify this cost. A few months ago I made an unusual order, talked with jewelers for a long time, and provided them with my sketch, my vision of the ring. The task was not easy, I understood that I had set a difficult task for the jewelers. Nevertheless, they coped quickly and professionally. I am very satisfied and ready to recommend this company to all my friends and family.

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No way

1.0/ 5

I contacted Trax and after speaking with them I wouldn’t trust them with my pocket change. Buyer beware

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Is TraxNYC Legit?

5.0/ 5

Frankly speaking, the first impression of this company was not very good. The models seemed to be very catchy and I could not understand how such jewelry could be combined with my clothes. Nevertheless, when I studied the assortment more closely, I realized that the first impression was deceptive. I bought an incredibly bright, beautiful diamond ring and then I got the products and realized that it looks much better than in the photo. I fell in love with this ring and wear it almost daily. The ring lifts my mood and charges me with optimism. Now I’m thinking of buying a bracelet on the same site. I’ve heard that they have very reliable fasteners. I recommend this company.

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What is TraxNYC?

TraxNYC Corp. is a company that is talked about and written about a lot. This is one of the most extraordinary companies that has become famous for its revolutionary steps in the world of jewelry. The company was founded by Maksud Trucks Aghajani, who made a big breakthrough in the world of men’s jewelry fashion. It should be noted that the company was founded in 2003. At that time, there was a problem with men’s jewelry models in general: this niche was practically not occupied.

Today, the company remains one of the most successful and rated in its field, placing special emphasis on diamond products. Diamonds are the pride of the company. The quality exceeds all expectations.

Today, the company’s website is among the most popular in the world. It’s no secret that sites selling jewelry do not immediately gain the trust of customers: sometimes it takes years. However, the website of this company managed to become popular quite quickly.

Experts recognize that the website of TraxNYC Corp. in aggregate, the advantage is constantly among the leaders.

The site presents a unique ratio of a user-friendly interface, a good range of products, and competitive prices.

It is worth noting that the company is constantly developing and attracting modern specialists in all areas, from design to technical issues.

The choice that the company offers is really gorgeous. Not every company can offer its customers such a rich assortment. The brand currently has more than $300 million worth of products in its inventory. It is also important to note that the company’s employees accompany the client from the first to the last minute of the purchase, each stage of the purchase is carefully monitored by specialists.

The way the company manages to track the newest trends often amazes experts. Indeed, this brand Olin is one of the first to offer its customers trendy products.

The company’s employees constantly monitor trends, analyze all trends and, of course, pay special attention to the niche of diamond products. Today, any jewelry that you can imagine is already available to you thanks to a unique and progressive system of custom jewelry making.

How well the company’s jewelers cope with individual orders has already become a legend.

Yes, the professionalism of the employees is another invaluable quality of the company. Unfortunately, many American companies, despite the large selection of products, cannot afford a great staff. However, TraxNYC Corp. considers the rule of selecting high-class employees to be one of the main ones.

When the company was just starting its development, many skeptics said that men’s fashion is short-lived and you can’t make money on this business. TraxNYC Corp. refuted this statement and proved that with competent planning of the business model and a responsible approach to his work, it is fashionable to succeed in any field.

TraxNYC Pros and Cons


  • A great selection of diamond jewelry
  • High quality
  • Modern models
  • A wide selection of styles and directions


  • Sometimes there are delays in the delivery of goods
  • The company’s showroom is closed on Sundays
  • Sometimes the products don’t quite match the photos

Is TraxNYC jewelry good?

The company offers a wide range of men’s and women’s jewelry in different categories. The variety is amazing: it is fashionable to choose any product both by price and by category. The choice is so huge that even many competitors agree: it is very difficult to compete with this company in the assortment.

So, among the male categories there is a variety of chains:

  • Gold
  • Diamond
  • Gemstone
  • Silver


  • Gold & Diamond
  • Gemstone
  • Black Diamond
  • Clusters
  • Studs
  • Singl


  • Gold
  • Diamond
  • Silver
  • Chain Sets
  • Jesus
  • Crosses
  • Dog Tags
  • Initials
  • Photo Pendant

Bracelets. In this category, it is also fashionable to find products made of different materials and with precious stones.

Of course, special attention should be paid to the men’s rings that this company offers.

There are really a lot of models. At first glance, some models of these men’s rings seem too bright and catchy, but if you carefully study the news catalog, it becomes clear: the company offers products for different tastes. There are themed rings for a rather narrow audience of customers, for example with skulls and crosses. There are classic diamond rings with stones of very high quality. It is worth admitting that the collection of silver rings for men is far from classic: these rings are rather aimed at emphasizing the individuality of their owner, rings for bright personalities. Such a ring is unlikely to look harmoniously with a business suit.

Also, special attention should be paid to the men’s collections of Multicolor Diamond & Gem. This collection includes:

  • Gold Investment Pieces
  • Miami Cuban Collection
  • Chain & Pendant Sets
  • Black Diamond

As for women’s jewelry, the choice is also very good. Following the example of men, they are divided into collections and categories. Recently, it is the women’s niche that is being actively developed by the employees of this company. Today, the women’s category of goods is presented as follows:

Earrings, rings, necklaces, pendants, pendants, bracelets, chains. The goods, as in the men’s category, are offered in different versions, the buyer can choose a precious metal or a precious stone. If you pay attention to the style of these products, they differ from standard women’s jewelry.

These products are more vivid, catchy, and memorable.

Is TraxNYC good for engagement rings?

Wedding rings of this company are very fond of discussing both experts and buyers. Many people think that the wedding rings that the brand offers do not meet generally accepted standards.

The rings are really very different. These are luxury jewelry. The price of most wedding rings is also high. Nevertheless, representatives of the company claim that the prices correspond to the quality of materials and stones that are used in the manufacture of jewelry. “A high-quality ring cannot be cheap,” the company’s representatives say.

Prices for women’s wedding rings of this brand range from 2 to 200 thousand dollars.

It is important to note that there are practically no complaints about the quality. Almost all of the company’s customers are satisfied with their purchase and no one says that they wasted their money.

So, first about the women’s wedding ring collection: the popularity of this category has increased significantly over the past 6 months. If earlier the advantage was on the side of men’s collections, now the situation has begun to level out.

As for the collection of men’s wedding rings, this category often becomes a topic of controversy among experts and buyers.

Rings have their own unique style. Not every man likes to stand out from the crowd, more standard models are suitable for many as an engagement ring. That’s why there are disputes. Nevertheless, men’s wedding rings are selling goo and there are many bestsellers among them. Prices start from about 5 thousand dollars. There are no cheap wedding rings on this site, although very often it is in this category that you can find very favorable discounts.

Is TraxNYC good for bracelets?

Bracelets are a category of goods that has recently become increasingly popular, this applies to both men’s and women’s collections. Experts often say that in the world of jewelry fashion as a whole, interest in bracelets has increased. The men’s collection of bracelets is very diverse: there are bracelets with diamonds, sapphires, and laconic models. The men’s collection is very different from the women’s. The women’s collection is much more refined, at least this is the conclusion that users make. Bracelets of this company have many advantages. For example very reliable locks. It is known that locks are often the reason buyers complain about bracelets. This problem concerns many jewelry companies both in America and in other countries. If we evaluate the bracelets of this company in general, then buyers give this category of goods 8 stars out of 10.

Is  TraxNYC good for watches?

Yes, absolutely. This company offers excellent opportunities for buying luxury watches. The site sells watches from the world’s leading companies, including Rolex Gucci Movado, and others. At the moment, the company offers a wide range of men’s and women’s watches with and without diamonds, of different classifications and configurations. Buyers can choose watches by price, by brand, and by metal, there are many convenient filters. The prices are of course high, because the brands of watches offered on the website are included in the list of elite ones. The company guarantees the authenticity and high quality of the watches sold. If you pay attention to the comments, many buyers also note frequent discounts. Indeed, the site often offers very good discounts on very expensive watches.

Is TraxNYC good for custom jewelry?

The company is famous all over the world for its jewelers who perfectly cope with the production of custom jewelry. Unfortunately, not every company can fulfill all the wishes of customers, and not every jeweler can perfectly do the work according to an individual sketch. However, this company has proven itself well in the niche of exclusive orders. The company’s jewelry specialists fully guide the client through the process of creating their custom Jewelry project. The company’s employees keep abreast of events at every stage until your project is completed. In the first stage, customers are offered to collect a card in which they need to specify the type of jewelry, the metal from which it should be made, and several other important details. Before filling out the table, you can call directly from the interactive chat and ask questions to the jeweler. The company’s jewelers have many years of experience and great professionalism. The obvious fact is that most customers are completely delighted with the result of the work of jewelers. In one of the interviews, the head of the company was asked about the criteria by which he chooses employees. The director preferred to keep all the parameters secret because he said that he selects jewelers according to his system, which has never failed him yet. Indeed, the company’s jewelers perfectly cope with even the most complex orders. That is why the department of custom jewelry production is actively working internationally: the company receives a lot of orders from different countries.

TraxNYC Payments

The payment system offered by the company is very well established and trustworthy. All transactions are legal and occur following all the necessary rules. The company accepts all leading cards, credit and debit cards such as Visa Master and others. Unlike many competitors who often face problems during transactions, this company does not have such problems. If any problems arise during the payment process, the support service operators will quickly help resolve the issue. You can also use Bank Wire Transfer as a payment or pay for a purchase in cash when visiting the store.

In some rare cases, credit card payments will have to be verified. This is a normal, generally accepted system. As a rule, this can happen when shopping for a very large amount.

TraxNYC Delivery

Of course, the delivery time of the goods may vary depending on different circumstances. However, the average delivery time is from 2 to 6 days from the date of purchase. Important! If the jewelry must be received by a certain date, then you must inform the support service about it. In this case, the company will try to arrange delivery the same way so that you receive the goods on the right day. The delivery of goods is not limited to America, the company delivers goods all over the world. The company is not responsible for taxing the goods. Taxes depend on the state of the city and the country in which the purchase is made. To pick us your online purchase in-store, you need to contact us at verify@traxnyc.com or your sales representative and request order pick-up approval. You will receive an e-mail notification that your product is ready and you can pick it up.

TraxNYC Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, then you can return the jewelry. The refund must be made according to all the rules established by the company within 2 weeks from the date of receipt of the goods.  Important! A receipt is a date on which the goods will be delivered (the date is determined by the transport company after sending the parcel). When the money for the goods is returned, the money for the delivery is not returned.

A restocking fee is charged for returned items.

TraxNYC Warranty

TraxNYC offers a mandatory free warranty on all diamond products. The warranty period is 1 month. For example, if you accidentally dropped your diamond bracelet and the diamond fell out, the company’s jewelers will make repairs for free. In addition, you can purchase an extended warranty at the following price :

  • 4 months – $39.95
  • 6 months – $54.95

TraxNYC Customer Service

The company’s support service works smoothly and very well. You can contact the company’s representatives not only by phone and using all social networks. If you want to call to communicate with jewelers, then you need the number 212-690-TRAX, if you just need a support service operator, then call 212 391 3832.

Customers speak very well about the work of the support service. Most buyers prefer live chat for communication, which you will see on the company’s page. Operators answer customer questions quickly and professionally.

Q Is TraxNYC legit?

Yes. The company is absolutely legitimate and operates under all the requirements of American and world legislation. The authenticity of the materials from which the products are made has been confirmed.

Q What items are not eligible to return?

Custom-made products based on exclusive sketches, with engraving or other signs of personalization, are non-refundable.

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