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avoid this junk jeweler

1.0/ 5

purchased a wedding set March 2021 for wedding May 2021. 60 day refund warranty expired before ring was worn but who knew it would be a shoddily made piece of junk. Has been in their repair shop 6 times because the band sonsistently loses its diamond chip stones. It takes 1-3 months each episode of repair into and back to me, for the last 2 yrs and they consistently refuse refund for this “lemon” junk piece of jewelry. Super jeweler is cheap but any price for JUNK is too much and it takes forever for them to repair and return. 2-3 months to replace the lost stones is not reasonable, nor is 6 repairs in 2 years. I would never purchase anything from them again. Business lacks integrity.

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1 Reviews

I'm a repeat customer but something's lacking

4.0/ 5

Even though I have been making orders on this site for many years, I still can’t give the company 5 stars. The reason may seem insignificant to someone, but I am the kind of person to whom every detail is important. I ordered a beautiful necklace that I had dreamed of for a long time. I liked everything, but the clasp seemed unreliable. I emphasize that the clasp did not break, I just called the support service to find out what to do in case of a breakdown. They didn’t answer me rudely, but they were unhappy with my call. The young man did not understand the purpose of my call and informed me about it. He asked several times if the clasp was broken and when he realized that the clasp was in order, he did not understand why I was calling. I called to find out if it is possible to strengthen the fastener and what my actions are in case of a breakdown. What is the problem with answering these questions? Disappointed and unpleasantly surprised by the work of the support service, otherwise there are no complaints.

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1 Reviews

Justifiably low prices

3.0/ 5

I do not recommend this company to those who want to buy high-quality jewelry. I’m a jeweler, so I understand what I’m talking about. Not all, but many products are made poorly. I mean the details: fasteners, frames, teeth. This does not apply to all jewelry, but even one low-quality product per thousand is enough to ruin the reputation of the company. I believe that if a company positions itself as a leader, then more attention should be paid to the quality of each product. Even when creating stud earrings, they can make a mistake. This is inexcusable and unprofessional. There is a lot of advertising and beautiful words, but very little evidence of professionalism. The only thing I can agree with is justifiably low prices. I do not recommend this site.

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1 Reviews

Unique jewelry designs

4.0/ 5

What can I say about this company? Quality, good choice, prices suit me and many of my friends. Two times there were precedents with late delivery, which spoiled my mood, but I did not stop being a client of this company. Most of all I like the design of jewelry, which I consider unique. There are models that I have not seen even from the most expensive luxury brands. Surprisingly, when I put on a ring or earrings bought on this site, everyone around me is delighted. The designers are working very well, but I would like there to be no more problems with delivery. I don’t want to find out whose fault it is that I received the goods late. Who is to blame – I’m not interested. But I want the company to adjust the delivery time.

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1 Reviews

Reasonable prices

5.0/ 5

I read the negative comments and doubted for a long time whether to buy or not. I liked the earrings and the ring. The price seemed reasonable enough to me, so I bought it. When I received the goods, I was delighted: very beautiful products. Before making a purchase, I needed to communicate with representatives of the support service: I needed to find out some details about the products that I planned to buy. I was surprised that I received professional answers to my questions, in addition, I was offered an additional consultation with an expert. Why are there so many bad reviews about the support service? Who writes these reviews? Professionals are working there, or I’m just so lucky. Although, all my friends who made orders on this site also believe that the work of the support service is commendable.

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1 Reviews

Is SuperJeweler Legit?

5.0/ 5

This is the first time I am writing a review about any company. I am writing because the purchases on this site have greatly impressed not only me but also my family. First I bought a bracelet, then my sister and mother ordered bracelets of this brand. It’s like a jewelry epidemic! Frankly speaking, we did not expect such good quality at such low prices. At first, we didn’t trust it, we read a lot about this company. Only when we realized that the reason for the low price was the direct supply of diamonds, we decide to buy. At all stages of making a purchase, everything went without problems. Many people scared me that the delivery might be delayed, but this also did not happen. I recommend this company to anyone who wants to buy a quality product at an affordable price!

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What is SuperJeweler?

Today, it is not easy to find a reliable website for buying jewelry, because among the so-called veterans there are a lot of companies that have recently existed, and there is also a chance to meet scammers. That is why it is better to get acquainted with the company in detail after each purchase of jewelry online and give preference only to reliable representatives of the jewelry business. So, if you have decided to buy a product on SuperJeweler, then you can check the quality. Of course, sometimes there may be disputes regarding the assortment of this product, but even the most skeptical experts recognize the quality.  The company employs very experienced designers with work experience that exceeds 40 years, and many competitors indeed tried to lure designers away, but nothing happened at the bottom. The former president of the company, Andrew Fox, often says in interviews that he is proud of his employees and not only of the miners but also of the diamond digging specialists. “They have a huge responsibility on their shoulders, and the final result of our work and the success of the buyer largely depends on the result of the work,” says Fox. Moreover, the company is distinguished by decent prices, which are a gift for customers for excellent quality. Many are often surprised: the prices are poor. The answer lies in the management’s ability to properly manage the company and benefit from the sale without inflating prices. Many media outlets describe the company as a “jewel of jewelry craftsmanship” and the handlers are professionals of the highest class. As for the opinion of non-direct buyers, most of them give the company a high rating in all areas of activity. It is also important to note that the development of new railway designs and decorations does not stop and is carried out regularly. For each season, the company’s designers strive to create new jewelry that could differ from the standard collections and have distinctive features. According to the company’s president, the success of the company’s work depends on each employee: the designer, the operator of the support service, and the manager. Only if the command works smoothly and in one temp, then in the end the result is successful. Outstanding is also the fact that the company’s decorations are made at a state-owned factory, which means it praises to speed up the production process. Representatives of the company confirmed that no other jewelry store or online jewelry store has such a huge selection of jewelry as you can find in SuperJeweler.   The representatives of the company guarantee that they can present more than 35,000 styles. Nevertheless, even if, among all this diversity, you did not manage to find what you were looking for, the company’s designer will create jewelry according to your sketch or help sketch a mixture. The company employs people from many countries of the world, the company is called truly international. They were the first ones – representatives from India, Diminikana, Vietnam, and many other countries. Important: the management pays great attention to the collection of the first and pays great attention to their professionalism and work experience in the jewelry field. The president of the company assures us that there are no analogs of his website in the world. ” You can buy jewelry from 100 to more than 200,000 dollars with diamonds and precious stones of any size and shape from us. “, – he says, adding that the company is constantly developing, growing, and using the latest technology while not abandoning the classics.

SuperJeweler Pros and Cons


  • A very large range of jewelry
  • Low prices
  • Fast and high-quality delivery
  • Convenient types of payment, payment options in installments
  • Providing a guarantee


  • Sometimes there are problems with transactions
  • Many customers complain about the support service
  • In rare cases, there are problems with fasteners on jewelry
  • The rules for the return are very strict with the slightest non-compliance with the rules, a refund is not accepted

Are SuperJeweler diamonds good?

Experts evaluate the diamonds that the company sells as high-quality, while buyers are more emotional and often write enthusiastic comments. The company has a lot of experience in choosing diamond suppliers. The president of the company is well versed in diamonds and personally delves into all the work processes that take place in the company. Not a single diamond is bought without his knowledge.

The company’s representatives guarantee that all diamonds come from ethical, conflict-free suppliers. The purchase of diamonds takes place directly from suppliers, which is why the prices for jewelry are quite low. The diamonds that this company sells are often discussed both in specialized magazines and on television. Many people call the diamonds of this company “people’s diamonds” because their quality is high and the prices are affordable.

Diamonds on the website are presented in a wide range: it is fashionable to choose a stone for every taste. Thanks to the user-friendly interface and filters, you can easily select the necessary parameters of the gemstone. Customers often write in reviews that it is very convenient to use the site. Buyers have a great opportunity to create a ring on their own and choose a diamond in all parameters if suddenly there is no suitable model on the site.

Important! In the process of working with diamonds SuperJeweler.com Strictly supports the Kimberley Process, which is an international diamond tracking and certification process. This means that all purchased diamonds have a guarantee of quality and compliance with standards.

SuperJeweler.com complies with the highest ethical requirements. The company insists that business partners follow the same rules. This applies not only to diamonds but also to gold. Responsible mining is one of their main priorities.

The company always gives preference to suppliers who extract gold from mines that comply with high standards of environmental protection. If we generally evaluate diamonds and other materials from which jewelry sold by the company is made, then this estimate is quite high.

Is SuperJeweler good for engagement rings?

Undoubtedly, the collection of wedding rings presented by this site is one of the best in the world. This is evidenced by the mass of independent ratings in which customers from different countries evaluated the collections of wedding rings.

Most of the company’s customers are delighted with wedding rings. Indeed, it is this direction that the company pays the most attention to. The rings differ not only in high quality but also in a rather interesting approach to the models themselves: at first glance, the classic ring turns out to be very original on closer inspection.

Many customers write that the rings are durable, and there are no cases of manufacturing defects with models of wedding rings of this company on the Internet. As a rule, ring sizes from 3 to 10 are available on the site. For any individual orders, all the necessary details are carefully discussed and the company’s designer professionally fulfills the customer’s wishes. There are a lot of positive reviews on the web about the rings that were made to order.

As for the prices, they are very reasonable. At least compared to the prices offered by many of the company’s competitors.

It is also interesting to note that experts note a positive trend in the development of the company: without abandoning the classics, designers manage to introduce new trends and remain modern for many years. You won’t believe it, but it’s fashionable to buy a gorgeous and fashionable ring on the site for $ 300!

There are a lot of economical models with a 1-carat diamond, but with a rather original design. Such rings look very impressive and do not give the impression of being cheap at all.

SuperJeweler most popular models

The collections that the company presents are diverse. There is a large selection even for the most demanding buyers. In each product category, there are favorites, which are most often mentioned by buyers on social networks and the models that sell out the fastest.

For example, vintage wedding rings were very popular last season.

For example, a traditional engagement ring with a diamond is very popular, which will suit almost any bride. This is an engagement ring with fiery diamonds weighing 2.00 carats. The design is dominated by a diamond in the center with increased transparency of 1.50 carats and 16 shimmering diamonds inserted into channels on the ribbon. The ring is very popular in many countries, such a model is often ordered from abroad.

It is also worth mentioning that the company sells great bracelets. Many models have become real hits. For example, a rose gold bracelet.

A White Gold Bracelet With A 5-Carat Round Natural Diamond. Diamonds of the highest jewelry quality, color J-K, purity I2. This is a great basic decoration that will perfectly complete any image. The perfect decoration that can be combined with various styles.

In addition, the company offers its customers very interesting and sometimes unusual models of earrings that are popular among customers of different age categories.

Of course, the most popular option is diamond earrings. The models are different, but in the last season, the most popular were small earrings. For example, recently the company for the first time offered customers stud earrings with diamonds weighing 1.30 carats of 14-carat gold at a price of only 2.5 thousand dollars. The model almost immediately became the sales leader.

SuperJeweler payment options

The payment system offered by the company is very easy to use and convenient for all customers. The company accepts all leading cards such as Master Visa and others for payment. In addition, you can make a purchase using PayPal and Amazon Pay. Many customers prefer these types of payments using their accounts in these services. In addition, the company provides easy financing through Pay Tomorrow, so you can buy today and Pay Tomorrow! You can read the details of this type of payment on the official website of the company. If you pay attention to customer reviews, almost 80 percent of them are very satisfied with the company’s financing system and express confidence in the fact that the company is one of the leaders in its field regarding financing.

SuperJeweler warranty

All jewelry purchased from SuperJeweler.com is delivered to customers with a lifetime warranty. This is a common guarantee system that is accepted worldwide by leading jewelry companies. If there is no such guarantee, this is a reason for the client to be wary. So, the company offers its customers a lifetime warranty for defects that can lead to loss or damage to the frames of your jewelry. The company autumn is strict about the observance of guarantees and the president often says this in his interviews. According to him, if the company is irresponsible about its guarantees and tries to somehow avoid warranty service, then customers will go to another company. “The dialogue between the buyer and the seller, as well as mutual obligation,s should be as honest as possible,” the president says. Important! Regarding diamond or gemstone rings, the warranty also includes a replacement guarantee in case of loss of the central diamond or gemstone of your jewelry. This warranty is not a lifetime, it lasts 12 months. The company also guarantees a refund if you suddenly find a production1 defect. It should be noted that before proceeding with any warranty service, the company’s experts conduct a thorough examination of the products to determine the cause of the defect or mechanical damage.

SuperJeweler return policy

You can return the jewelry within 2 months from the date of purchase. Unlike many of its competitors, the company is distinguished by a very loyal attitude to those who will return the goods for one reason or another. You can read a lot of comments about this on the web. Here, for example, is the experience of one of the clients:

“I didn’t even hope that the money would be returned to me without any questions because I didn’t have a significant reason to return it, I just wanted a decoration of a different design. When I tried on the bracelet complete with the outfit chosen for the celebration, I realized that the decoration looks inharmonious and decided to return it. Everything went very easily, they didn’t ask me any unnecessary questions, they just asked me to strictly follow the instructions for making a refund. I was very pleased not only with the speed of the refund but also with the attitude, as well as the way the support service communicates with customers. ”

We emphasize that before making a refund, you need to contact the support service for instructions on sending and processing.

SuperJeweler customer service

Frankly speaking, recently among the reviews you can read a lot of negativity about the support service. According to many customers, this service used to work much more efficiently. So, to contact the representatives of the company’s support service, you can use the following methods:

The latter option is currently the most popular and it is in this chat that users manage to solve the most current issues. The telephone line is often overloaded and you have to wait some time to contact the operator. In addition, if you want to write an email, you will be offered a special window in which you will enter your data and email address, thus sending a message.

The company’s management has not yet responded to complaints about the deterioration of the service. But judging by the fact that managers have always listened to criticism before, appropriate measures to optimize the work may be taken.

The main complaints: the slowness of the operators, the inability to get through, the incompetence of some operators on the subject of jewelry.

Q Does SuperJeweler have sales?

The company as a whole differs from competitors by low prices because global sales are not held very often. Nevertheless, there are discounts on certain products all the time and they should be monitored on the official website. Most often, the company offers discounts on wedding rings.

Q Where are SuperJeweler diamonds from?

The president of the company very often speaks in interviews about the care with which the company treats the selection of diamonds and suppliers. Minimal deviation from ethical rules makes cooperation with suppliers impossible.

Q Will be charged tax for my order?

Sure. If the laws of your state and country provide for such a tax, then it will be included. Important! This tax is not an initiative of the company and is directly related only to the legislation.

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