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What is Chrome World JP?

Of course, this company is one of the brightest and most famous in the world. The company sells accessories, jewelry, and clothing in the Gothic style. Many famous artists and singers often became clients of this company, which undoubtedly leads to the number of “major league companies”. The company was founded in Tokyo in 1997. From the very first months of its existence, the company attracted a lot of attention. It is safe to say that this particular store has become a landmark for Japan. The company’s capital exceeds 52 million yen and is constantly increasing. The company began to conquer the world market with the help of Internet technologies in the jewelry direction relatively recently, in 2020. It was in 2020 that the company began selling Chrome Hearts jewelry online. The impetus for this was the coronavirus pandemic during which most customers preferred to shop online. Of course, many experts considered such a step very risky for a Japanese company, but as it turned out, the fears were in vain and sales on the Internet became quite successful. That is, today, in addition to 12 official stores in Japan, customers from all over the world can browse the company’s unique products using the Internet. We are now talking about stores that specialize exclusively in selling the Chrome Hearts jewelry line. Rings of this brand are known among buyers in many countries and are considered one of the most stylish examples of jewelry. Of course, it is known that this fashion appeared a long time ago and has had a great influence on the world. These products are very popular not only among rock performers but also among ordinary youth. Chrome never goes out of fashion, and jewelry of this line, despite the controversial design, is sold out very quickly. The online jewelry store has a very simple and user-friendly interface. Even a beginner who is shopping online for the first time will be able to make an order and pay. The site is undoubtedly very reliable and works by all laws and regulations. That is, you should not be afraid of fraud when cooperating with an online store and buying jewelry. Starting in 2020, sales volumes on the Internet are growing. Even though the coronavirus pandemic is over, many customers are used to shopping on the Internet and have decided for themselves that this way of shopping is much more profitable. We are talking about the fact that the buyer significantly saves not only his time but also money because in the online store you can often find favorable discounts on expensive goods.

What is Chrome Hearts?

For those who are not very familiar with the direction of Chrome Hearts, we will highlight this point in a little more detail. Jewelry of this brand (which is officially considered American) has been very popular among bikers and rockers for many years. The Gothic style of the products attracts young people. The founders of Chrome Hearts are spouses Richard Stark and Laurie Lynn Stark. The brand presents not only Gothic-style jewelry but also sunglasses and clothing. The brand is certainly known all over the world. Many celebrities are happy to take part in the popularization of the brand’s new collections. For example, together with Bella Hadid, with whom Chrome Hearts has collaborated several times, not only accessories but also a clothing line were demonstrated in 2019. However, now he will concentrate directly on the jewelry that the company sells: this jewelry is certainly not designed for every consumer. The Soy brand has a circle of buyers and fans who are faithful to the Gothic direction. It is also worth noting that in the last few years the number of fans of Gothic-oriented products has been growing rapidly. This is evidenced by the research results of independent analysts and many surveys conducted in America.

Chrome World JP  Pros and Cons


  • A large selection of jewelry and accessories in the Gothic style
  • Affordable prices
  • User-friendly website interface
  • Fast delivery
  • Convenient payment methods


  • An insufficient number of chains on sale. Often this product is out of stock
  • Collections are not replenished very often
  • Sometimes the return process is difficult

Is Chrome World JP jewelry good?

How good these jewelry items are is somewhat controversial. This line of products hardly falls into the category of generally accepted. Rather, fans of such products will be lovers of something original, collectors, but lovers of classics bypass such goods and consider them unnecessary. The opinion that such products are bought mainly by young people is very wrong. Research analysts say that the popularity of jewelry in the Gothic direction does not fall, but on the contrary expands the age range. This is largely due to the skillful and correct popularization of the product, which takes place with the involvement of world pop stars, famous actors, and artists. Of course, in addition to the fact that the jewelry of this line is very practical, the quality also attracts attention. Quality always comes first and is very important. What is fashionable to say about the quality of the jewelry that Chrome World JP offers? About 80 percent of customers are satisfied with the quality of products. Not only rings, but also earrings, bracelets, chains, and other accessories.

Chrome World JP Rings

The rings that are sold on this site are very unusual. Therefore, it is difficult to speak unequivocally about the disadvantages and advantages. For some, this style will seem unacceptable, and some wear only rings in the Gothic style. It is worth noting that recently it is the collections of Chrome Heart rings that have changed a lot. If a few years ago most of the rings were of the same type, now the models are striking in their diversity. Definitely, the changes in the trends in this direction are obvious and very noticeable. This is written by both experts and buyers who have had experience with this site and these products. Rings on the site are presented in several categories, each of which is unique in its own way. So, the rings are divided into the following categories: Dagger, Heart, Floral. It is worth dwelling on this point in more detail, since this category has been replenished with new models, rings with unusual patterns resembling a flower. A bright contrast of Gothic and romantic style, combined in one piece of jewelry. Recently, these models have been very popular.

The site also presents rings in the Special and Spacer categories. These are also very interesting categories that attract the increased attention of buyers. This is especially true of the Spacer line rings. Many experts call these rings quite “daring”, however, such a product finds its buyer. The rings are also presented in the categories Fleur, Rolling Stone, Plus, Spinm Foti Harris, and Star which are also very popular.

Chrome World JP Pendants

Experts say that the pendants that the site offers for sale are a separate topic for analysis and disputes. At least the disputes on the Internet about these products do not subside. Some people really like the products, some consider them too pretentious and intrusive. Nevertheless, as you know, each product has its own buyer. Pendants and pendants are an accessory that many representatives of rock culture and not only them cannot refuse. This accessory has become necessary for representatives of many strata of society. That is why pendants and pendants sell very well, even though the design remains a controversial issue. At the moment, the only problem is that there are no chains on the site and this is very upsetting for buyers. Nevertheless, fans of the Gothic and unusual style are offered a wide selection of pendants and crosses. Indeed, it is fashionable to choose a cross for every taste and at a very reasonable price while learning a good quality product. There has been a problem with heart pendants lately: there are very few of them. At the time of writing the review, there was only one product in the assortment.

The site offers a large selection of various pendants with a star symbol. These are very popular jewelry and they are considered one of the most neutral: people of different ages buy them. In addition, the site offers customers very interesting medallions that attract the attention of young people from different countries, as evidenced by active sales.

Chrome World JP Best Sellers

On the website, you can find the models that sell best. Having studied these products, you can understand what the company’s customer base is focusing on right now. So, rings and bracelets are being sold very actively. In particular, the Fleur Spinner ring.

The website states that this unique model was created with the help of unusual design solutions and the latest technologies. The price of the ring by conventional standards is quite acceptable, the product costs a little more than $ 1,500. However, it is fashionable to buy this jewelry at a discount and cheaper.

Another very well-selling model is the classic oval ring

At first glance, there is nothing special about this product, but if you look at the ring more closely, you can pay attention to the original design and high quality of processing.

Of course, there are also crosses among the bestsellers. These products have been at the TOP of the most popular products of the Chrome Hearts brand for more than 30 years since the company was founded.

Bracelets were also included in the list of the most popular. At the same time, the popularity of Gothic-style earrings began to fall a little. This is a trend for the last two years and the tastes of buyers may change again at some point in time.

The list of the most popular also includes a unique gold pendant in the Gothic style.

It is worth admitting that gold is not a very popular material in this collection, which is why the popularity of the product somewhat surprised experts. The price of such a suspension is 4, 6 thousand dollars.

Is  Chrome World JP good for Gifts?

On the website, you can choose a lot of jewelry for a gift. The page even has a special section where you can find the most popular gift items. However, do not rush to buy a gift without studying the tastes of a person. Do not forget that the products that are sold on this site are quite peculiar, they cannot be called standard. If you are sure that a person will like a thing in a Gothic and unusual style, then you can buy a gift. However, remember that the products presented on the website are very far from classic and cannot become a gift for every person.

Chrome World JP Payments

As a rule, there are no problems with paying for purchases on the site. The site accepts for payment all leading cards such as Visa, Master, Maestro, and Discover. Depending on the location you are in, in the payment window you will see the options that are available for you. The list of available types of payment may vary depending on various factors and your location, as well as on the specification of the order itself. Even though the prices of goods on the site are indicated in dollars, if you purchase from another country, a conversion will be made. The Company is not responsible for changes in the price as a result of the conversion, since all conversions occur exclusively by the official exchange rate and are in strict compliance with the law. All transactions that are made on the site are completely safe and legal

Chrome World JP Delivery

All the goods you ordered are delivered from Japan. It doesn’t matter where exactly you made the order from international delivery works to almost all countries of the world. It is impossible to accurately determine the number of days during which you will receive the parcel. It depends on which country you are in. On average, the delivery of goods takes from three to 5 days. Important! When placing an order, you will be able to choose the delivery method yourself, in the description of which all the details and necessary information about the terms and conditions of delivery will be indicated. You don’t pay for shipping, and you don’t pay taxes either. Taxes are included in the price of your product. If you deliver the goods as a gift, then warn the company to remove the receipt from the box. You need to inform the support service operators about this. Just tell them that you bought a gift and the rest of the details will be decided by the company’s employees.

Chrome World JP Warranty

All products purchased from the Chrome World website have a Chrome Hearts brand warranty. Enthusiasts who have opened stores and retailers in Japan have been following all the warranty and brand rules for many years. The company guarantees that the product being sold is the original, and is a new product. You can find out all the details by calling the support service operators.

Chrome World JP Return Policy

Of course, you can return your item. You can do this within 14 days from the date of receipt of the parcel. Important! You must strictly follow all the rules for making a refund, otherwise, the product will not be accepted back and you will not be able to return the money. If you ordered an item on the website, you cannot return it to the local store. These are the company’s rules. You should initially notify the representatives of the support service about the return, who will tell you step by step how to properly issue and send the return of the jewelry. The company is not responsible for the goods that were lost or damaged during the return period.

Chrome World JP Pricing Policy

The website states that a lot of attention is paid to pricing. For example, the company’s specialists are constantly engaged in price monitoring and offer their customers the most optimal prices for products of a well-known brand. Indeed, according to the reviews of many customers, the company offers very good brand prices compared to other retailers. Note that initially it was the prices that became one of the main factors due to which the site became so popular first in Japan, and then in other countries of the world.

Chrome World JP Privacy Policy

Personal information about the users of the site, customers, and their data is collected exclusively within the framework of the law and is never used for illegal purposes. The company guarantees the safety of data to its clients and assures that the site has a very high level of security. To a greater extent, user data is used exclusively for communication with customers and to prevent fraud. By the way, fraud cases are very rare for all Japanese companies for this site in particular.

Chrome World JP customer service

The best option for contacting the site’s support service is to fill out a form on the “Contacts” page. Operators respond to requests very quickly and solve even the most complex issues in the shortest possible time. User reviews of the work of the operators of the support service of this site are very good, most customers give high marks to the employees of this sector of the company.

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