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Unreliable services

3.0/ 5

Don’t trust this company. it is better to pay more, but use the services of more experienced and proven jewelers for decades. I bought a bracelet on this site, from which several stones fell out after 2 months of use. I think this is a disrespectful attitude to customers. Is it possible to treat work like this? I will never buy jewelry on the site again because such mistakes are permissible. I like everything to be perfect, and if at least once the company has made such a mistake, then I will no longer trust it. Do you think they apologized to me when I described the situation to the support service? No, I was told that I probably used the product incorrectly. I do not recommend this company. They don’t know how to work.

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High quality products but lacks informed customer service

4.0/ 5

This company produces a lot of high-quality jewelry. The design of many products is also worthy of attention. At the same time, I don’t like that the support service operators don’t know how to listen to the client and immediately direct them to the page with the most frequently asked questions. I called the support service to find out some details about the financing program, but they did not communicate with me and said that all the information is on the website. Guys, if I’m calling you, it means that I didn’t find the necessary information on the site, didn’t I? Why get nervous right away? This moment greatly spoiled my impression of the company. Management should pay more attention to the process of employment and employee verification.

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1 Reviews

Step up your game

4.0/ 5

I like some things about the work of this site, and I don’t like some things. Their advantages: normal prices, high-quality diamonds, high-quality gold. I do not doubt the quality of these products and understand that these are very durable rings and bracelets. At the same time, I am incredibly disappointed with the choice of engagement rings. Guys, this is not the way to treat your work! If you are engaged in the production and sale of jewelry, then do your job one hundred percent well! Why also a small selection of rings* This is a mockery of the buyer! For a company that puts itself on a par with leading manufacturers, it is necessary to pay more attention to the assortment. Otherwise, I am satisfied with the work of this site.

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1 Reviews

Impressed by their rings

5.0/ 5

A friend advised me to use this site. I refused for a long time and said that it was impossible and unsafe to choose jewelry online. Nevertheless, she convinced me to try. The first impression of this online store was average. But then I fell in love with the products that this company represents. And when I got the ring, I was delighted! In reality, the ring looked much more beautiful and spectacular than in the photo. I often heard about the opposite situations, when the resulting product turned out to be worse. However, I was lucky! In addition, prices for goods are available, you can choose products for different budgets. The bracelets are also very interesting. I especially liked the Elephant collection. Such funny necklaces! I recommend this site.

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1 Reviews

Hello Noemie Reviews

5.0/ 5

I love jewelry, but I don’t like the buying process. Shopping trips are very tiring and unnerving for me. Sometimes I just can’t decide between several products, and in the end, I just leave the store without choosing anything. Online shopping solved my problem. Now I can calmly sit on the couch and flip through page after page and calmly choose what I like. I liked this online store more than the others. I consulted with my friends’ jewelers and they confirmed that the gold and diamonds on this site are of very high quality. Therefore, I did not hesitate for a long time and bought a beautiful bracelet. This was just the beginning! Then I started making purchases after purchase! So far I am very happy.

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Hello Noemie Jewelry Reviews: Is Noemie Jewelry Legit and Trustworthy?

What is Noémie jewelry?

Recently, this company has been one of the most discussed. This is a fairly new brand that has managed to rapidly gain high positions on par with the veterans of the jewelry business. The concept of the company’s work is very simple and clear:

The creation of jewelry of very high quality exclusively using handmade.

The company also opposes cooperation with intermediaries, because this link in the work always causes extra charges. The company can be called unique: after all, the creators of the brand presented a completely new model of work to customers. This model includes new developments in design, management, and a new sales system.

Every stage of the company’s work from the purchase of materials and diamonds to the creation of the final product is under strong control.

Hello Noemie homepage banner with a menu on top. There are three panels. The first is a photo of a woman wearing a diamond necklace, the next panel is a text saying "Your Elegance. Your Style. Your Way" and the third panel shows two blue boxes on top of each other.

Each piece of jewelry of this brand is unique, at least that’s what the company’s representatives say. There is uniqueness in everything: from design to the quality of the materials used by the company. In production, the brand uses 18-karat gold, diamonds from conflict-free zones, and diamonds created in laboratories.

All diamonds that the brand uses are certified by VS clarity and F-G color.

Buyers often ask the question: why does the company use only 18-karat gold in principle?

The answer to this question is often found in interviews: it is with this gold that mono can achieve the perfect combination of purity and durability of the product. Nevertheless, if you fundamentally buy products made of 14-carat gold, you can always contact the support service and place an individual order.

The standards of purity of diamonds and the quality of materials are the points that the company pays maximum attention to every day.

Even the most skeptical experts admit that the company sells jewelry of the highest quality and the company uses colored gems only of class AAA.

Of course, each company has its small negative nuances. This brand is no exception. One downside of this company is that some netizens complain that the website is inconvenient.

“There is a lot of unnecessary information, and it is inconvenient to choose the right product.”

These kinds of comments are common.

Some customers also suggest that the company add more filters to the site and in general, to take up the issue of the design of the web page.

In general, this fact does not affect the popularity of the brand: the most famous world media such as Vogue Bazaar and others give the company a very high rating in their reviews.

For example, Vogue writes that the brand’s jewelry occupies a very high place in the world ranking and focuses on the fact that the brand professionally manages to maintain a balance between price and quality. The publication also mentions that all the company’s work is focused on the consumer and on the interests of their customers.

Another famous media publication, Forbes, states that by shopping on this site, customers can save up to 60 percent of their money!

Some writeups about Hello Noemie from Vogue, Bazaar, Forbes and WWD.

These are calculations made by independent analysts. We emphasize that we are not talking about advertising articles, these are independent reviews.

By the way, in recent interviews, representatives of the company said that soon the range of the site will be expanded. It is known that the company’s management, as a rule, listens to the wishes of customers and tries to adjust the assortment and collections in accordance with the wishes and needs of customers.

Noémie Pros and Cons


  • The use of only 18 K gold in the products
  • High quality
  • Certification of all diamonds
  • No extra charges on the product
  • Variety of models and styles


  • Complaints about the inconvenience of using the web page
  • A small selection of engagement  rings

Is Noémie’s jewelry good?

In the work of each jewelry company, not only the quality of jewelry is important, but also the assortment, style, design, and variety of categories. Without these components, the company’s success cannot be complete.

If we talk about categories, then in this direction the company is no different from its competitors: the set of categories is standard. On the website, you can buy rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Evil Eye Diamond Necklace, gold eye shape with diamond gemstones and blue gemstone in the center, connected in golden chain.

Also, a very important link in the company’s work is the creation of custom jewelry. The company’s clients rate the work in this sphere very highly. This is not surprising: after all, only jewelers with very extensive work experience and after a lot of tests are accepted to work in the company.

The clients of the company can also make edits to the already existing design of the jewelry or bring their ideas to life. On the website, you will be offered to choose from a variety of stones and finishing options. In addition, the company’s specialists help to select options following the budget that the customer has determined for himself.

In addition, the company has a service: jewelers can make an engraving for free if the customer wants.


In general, all categories are developing successfully, but there are some accents. For example, earrings are given more attention than bracelets. Nevertheless, the number of models in all directions is professionally adjusted according to demand and fashion trends.

The company’s employees always make sure that jewelry designs are diverse, meet the requirements of different age categories, and are constantly updated.

Noémie Collections: Are they good to be given as a gift?

The company offers its customers several bright and fashionable collections. It is known that top-level professionals worked on the creation of each collection, analyzing demand, fashion, and customer wishes.

Hello Noemie's shop with 10 collections as follows: classic collection, personalize your own, tennis collection, the wedding ring collection, engagement collection, the elephant collection, symbols, zodiac collection, diamond heart collection, love your mama and love your city.  On the right side is a photo of a woman wearing a pair of Hello Noemie earrings, a necklace, and a ring.

Available Hello Noémie Jewelry Collections:

  • Classic Collection
  • The Wedding Rings Collection
  • Tennis Collection
  • Zodiac Collection
  • Love Your Mama Collection
  • Love Your City Collection
  • The Elephant Collection

Each collection is worthy of attention and each collection has bestsellers.

Noémie Classic Jewelry Collection

Most experts call the Classic Collection very successful. Representatives of the company also say that the classics can be different. Each jewelry company presents classics in its own way, with its features and details.

The jewelry on the right side is a ring of diamonds and the jewelry on the right is a necklace with 5 golden studs as pendant.

Jewelry from the classic collection of this brand is very elegant and sophisticated. Buyers are offered a basic model that they can adjust to their liking by replacing the color of stones. Of course, this feature does not apply to all products. Experts call the rings that are presented in this collection especially successful.

Noémie Zodiac Signs Jewelry Collection

The Zodiac signs collection is also made very professionally. Today, many jewelry companies have this collection, but each jeweler presents these products in his way, from a new point of view. The Zodiac collection of this company is presented in medallions.

A round necklace pendant bordered with diamonds and in the center is an engraved capricorn zodiac sign. .

These are gold medallions with diamonds and images of Zodiac signs. These medallions are often on the bestseller list, as they are one of the most popular birthday gifts.

Noémie Love Your Mama Collection

One of the most unusual and popular collections is Love Your Mama. This collection presents sophisticated jewelry that is dedicated to mothers, with kind words and wishes for the most important women in our lives.

The jewelry on the left side is a simple gold band with the inscription "I love you mama," the jewelry on the right is a gold bracelet with the word mama.

This collection has become a leader in the number of positive reviews from customers in recent months. Not all companies offer such themed collections for moms and this is a great advantage of this brand.

Noémie Love Your City Jewelry Collection

The collection called Love Your City is another very successful and original idea that has won the hearts of buyers.

This collection is just starting. Now there are rings engraved with inscriptions, that can say “I Love New York.”

Don’t worry because the manufacturers promise that the collection will be constantly expanded. This idea has received a very positive reaction from customers and buyers are constantly writing on social networks that creating such a collection is a great idea.

Noémie Elephant Jewelry Collection

One of the most beloved collections of young people today is the Elephant Collection.

The collection presents funny and high-quality products with the image of this symbolic animal. The collection has become a bestseller! When creating this collection, jewelers were initially not sure of its success, but the result exceeded all expectations!

The photo on the left is an ear wearing an elephant earrings while on the right side is an elephant outline pendant that is diamond studded.

By the way, representatives of the company claim that they are only at the beginning of their creative realization. Many more surprises and unusual collections of high quality are waiting for customers.

Is Noémie good for engagement rings?

Engagement rings are the pride of the company. The collection is very successful, designed for different tastes and perfectly matched following different stylistics.

On the left part of the photo is a hand wearing a Hello Noemie diamond engagement ring with gold metal. On the right side is a circle diamond ring studded with smaller diamonds.

An engagement ring is undoubtedly one of the most important purchases in life for many. That is why so much attention is paid to this category. Sometimes analysts and experts primarily look at wedding rings to form their opinion about the company.

The world media often write about the models that are presented on this site. Jewelers perfectly manage to combine different styles and at the same time not abandon traditional classical designs.

The company offers wedding and engagement rings made of yellow, white gold, rose gold, and platinum. Customers can choose any of the proposed materials to their liking by applying them to an existing design.

At the moment, the company does not offer a large selection of precious stones for the collection of wedding rings. So far, wedding rings are only available with a round white diamond. In the future, representatives of the company promise to expand the palette of precious stones and their shapes.

Even though the engagement rings on the site are very beautiful and of high quality, many customers are not hiding a small selection.

Yes, no one disputes this fact: the quantity of engagement rings is really small. In other words, in the engagement ring collection of this site, quality prevails over quantity.

Is Noémie good for bracelets?

The company offers its customers bracelets with sapphires and white diamonds. Each of the models is professionally designed. Each bracelet is made in such a way that it can harmonize with different styles of clothing and wear them mono to different events.

The Pink Sapphire and White Diamond Tennis Bracelet, a laced lady wearing tiny cut diamond gemstones, and pink sapphire bracelet

Analysts noted that recently bracelets with sapphires are more popular than bracelets with diamonds. Customers often prefer to see diamonds in rings, earrings, and necklaces.

Jewelers use a lot of small stones in the design of bracelets, there are also bracelets with pendants.

This company does not use large stones in its bracelets. In addition, the bracelets of this company are durable and reliable, which is very important. Unfortunately, recently, customers of other companies often complain about poor-quality locks in bracelets and the fact that the stones do not hold well.

There are no such problems with this brand. The only drawback, as in the collection with engagement rings: buyers want to see more of the product.

Is Noémie good for earrings?

In recent months, the range of this category has expanded significantly. Hello Noémie offers not only earrings of different models but also of different metals, with different precious stones.

Flower Diamond Stud Earrings with 0.5 Carats, an ear wearing 2 flower shaped earrings with diamond gemstone

Today, among the precious stones you can choose black diamonds, multi-sapphires, simple sapphires, and white diamonds. In addition, diamonds are presented in different forms:

  • Round
  • Oval
  • Baguette
  • Emerald
  • Princess
  • Pear
  • Pie
  • Composite Emerald
  • Marquise

Unfortunately, not all jewelry companies pay enough attention to this direction. However, this brand has corrected this mistake and is now actively starting to develop the direction.

In addition to standard earrings, customers are offered original models with new designs.

Prices for earrings are also very affordable and can fit into any budget.

Is Hello Noémie open to making customized jewelry?

Hello Noémie accepts requests for customized jewelry. Whatever jewelry design that you have in mind can be made possible with the ready-made designs that they have on their collection.

They offer free consultations with no hidden fees. There are also no custom design fees or minimums. You can also have your jewelry complimentary engraving to make your custom jewelry more personal and special.

Hello Noémie Payments

The company uses a standard and convenient payment system. You can pay for your purchase on the site using all major credit and debit cards. In addition, at the request of many customers, the company is always able to pay for purchases using the following:

  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Amazon

Are customers allowed to pay for their jewelry in cryptocurrency?

Yes. Many customers call the biggest advantage of the company the ability to pay for goods in cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. A new feature has recently been added – payment using Dogecoin!

All transactions that are made on the site are safe and protected from fraudsters by special programs.

Customers write on social networks that very rarely there are failures when paying. If these failures happen, it is usually the fault of the bank. The company’s support service is always ready to help customers with any problems with payment.

Hello Noémie Privacy Policy

Rest assured that when you are transacting business with HelloNoémie online, your private details are safe. You can read their privacy policy on how they use personal information.

Noémie Financing Options

Noémie offers its clients interesting financing options. To do this, the company cooperates with Bread. This will allow customers to purchase the jewelry they need today and pay for it in installments. They have installment plans and pay for your product within 3, 6, or 12 months.

The company, depending on the product and the situation, offers options with very favorable rates or with 0 percent per annum. You can also pay for the goods monthly.

The company’s website describes in detail all options for financing programs. Clients speak positively about the financing programs of this company and are satisfied with the result.

Noémie Return Policy

The company offers a standard jewelry return system. You can return the product within a month from the date of delivery of the parcel.

Of course, you will have to fulfill all the conditions of return.

If the item is damaged or is returned in a different form in which you received it, the refund will not be confirmed. Before making a refund, you need to read carefully.

The goods must be shipped following the requirements of the company. You can also exchange the product for any other.

Before taking any steps regarding sending a refund, be sure to write to help@hellonoemie.com for your Return Shipping Label and find out all the return rules: they may vary depending on the product and the situation.

Noémie Customer Service, Email, and Social Media Details

The company’s support service is working very well. According to customers, the support service operators professionally and quickly solve all the issues that arise.

In addition, the support staff is polite and attentive to each client. So, to contact customer support, you can call Monday-Friday 9:00 am-5:00 pm PST

Keep in touch with Hello Noémie’s latest updates by visiting their Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), and Pinterest pages.

Q Does Noémie ship internationally?

The list of countries to which delivery is carried out is constantly changing. Therefore, you should contact the support service to clarify whether delivery to your country works.

Q Does my custom ring come with a certificate?

Definitely. The buyer receives all the goods with a GIA quality certificate.

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