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Kinda disappointed

3.0/ 5

I am disappointed with the website and the brand. The engagement ring that I ordered looks like used. It took a month for the order to arrive. It was a ring made by special order, but the result struck me unpleasantly. I expected to see a completely different ring. No, I’m not talking about manufacturing defects, it’s just that the ring looked like an old one. I would say that this product was used for several years and then sold to me. Of course, I couldn’t prove anything to the support service and I have the ring now. I just made conclusions for myself that you should not trust this company. Trust is much more important to me than assortment and price.

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Good range of products and prices

4.0/ 5

I like the range of interface and prices. But I am not satisfied with the quality at all. I’m not talking about all the products, but sometimes mistakes happen in the company’s work. In my case, the 4-prong setting is asymmetrical on a round gem shape and a diamond from the band fell out. I want to emphasize that I also had a successful experience and I bought excellent jewelry on this site for which I had no comments. I understand that there is also a human factor. But still, I would like to see a more responsible attitude towards my work and clients from the company

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1 Reviews

Understanding and professional to me

4.0/ 5

For me, in the work of any website and online store, the main aspect remains the attitude to the client. I like it when my requests are treated with understanding and I can turn to a professional for advice. For example, on this site I was lucky: in an interactive chat I was connected with jewelers and I was able to solve my question in an individual order. I liked the attention with which they treat me. I can also say only good things about the products on this site, But there is one negative point because of which I cannot put 5 stars. Prices. It seems to me that the prices are too high because diamonds are not naturally grown in the laboratory

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1 Reviews

Impressed by their diamonds

5.0/ 5

I am a very indecisive buyer: I doubt for a long time and choose. Sometimes I can study jewelry sites for hours. Recently I had my first experience of buying a product of this brand. After reviewing a lot of options, I am ultimately choosing a very high-quality VVS1 E Color 2-carat princess cut diamond from Clean Origin. After receiving the goods, I realized that I had made a very good choice. Undoubtedly, it is a magnificent diamond. The quality of the stone was also confirmed by my friends and jewelers with whom I consulted. I think that now I will become a regular customer of this site because I also saw the laziness of beautiful earrings and a bracelet. I don’t think a hundred lab-grown diamonds are any worse than a natural one.

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1 Reviews

Is Clean Origin Legit?

5.0/ 5

I am happy with the purchases I made on this site. Of course, like many people, I had doubts: is it worth buying laboratory diamonds? I thought a lot, and read a lot of articles on this topic. In the end, I realized that the prejudice against laboratory diamonds is just a psychological moment. When they ask me: is it a natural diamond or a laboratory diamond? I answer that of course it is natural and no one sees the difference. I don’t see any difference either, these stones differ only in their origin. Besides, I like the prices: they are neither low nor high. These are exactly the prices I expect from a jewelry store. As for the delivery, there were no delays, I received the parcel on time.

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What is Clean Origin?

Clean Origin is a company that has established itself well in the global jewelry industry market. The company has gained the trust of many customers, even the most demanding. A lot of attention in the company’s work was initially paid to diamonds and diamond products.

The company’s executives have been skillfully using all the secrets and nuances of the diamond industry for many years. Special attention has always been paid to the ethical issue. Today, the company guarantees that the diamonds used in the creation of products are one hundred percent in compliance with the generally accepted ethical requirements in the world. We are now talking about diamonds that have been grown in laboratory conditions.

Unfortunately, buyers used to have a lot of prejudices about artificially grown diamonds. Today, customers understand the advantages and value of these stones.

The only difference between diamonds created in the laboratory and mined diamonds is their origin, there are no other differences.

All the most important characteristics of a diamond – the type, chemical composition, and physical properties- are identical to diamonds mined naturally. The company’s management focuses on the fact that diamonds grown in the laboratory are more ethical, and that they are produced without harming the planet.

So, the company offers customers a carefully selected assortment of diamonds. Each diamond fully complies with the quality standards recognized in the world. We are talking about the full characteristics: carat, purity, and color.

The company employs professionals. Management hires employees only with extensive work experience and very good recommendations.

The rule of a careful selection of employees has been in effect since the first day of the company’s opening in 2017.

It is worth noting that success came to the company quite quickly. Customers immediately, after the first purchases, began to trust the company. While many people are afraid of online purchases, the customers of this company should not be afraid: the site is very reliable. Indeed, the company’s website and its interface are very reliable and I act following all legal requirements.

The selection of diamonds that the company offers is very large and diverse.

Important! ! The company has a great advantage: the diamonds expressed in the laboratory are GIA certified and this is an almost unprecedented case in the jewelry market.

The company is one of the most progressive and rapidly developing today. Judging by customer reviews, the brand’s popularity is constantly growing, and the level of trust is also growing.

Clean Origin Pros and Cons


  • High-quality jewelry
  • Diamonds are certified by international laboratories
  • Reasonable prices
  • Constantly updated assortment
  • User-friendly website


  • The company does not sell diamonds mined in mines
  • Sometimes there are delays in delivery

Is Clean Origin good for engagement rings?

Undoubtedly, the wedding rings that this company sells are worthy of praise and even admiration. The company offers its customers magnificent wedding rings and wedding jewelry sets.

It may seem incredible, but the brand offers customers more than 120 styles! No, of course, this is not a record and there are companies with even more choices, nevertheless, Clean Origin is among the best in the assortment. Customers can choose wedding rings according to different parameters. The website allows buyers to use many filters and create the perfect ring.

The company also offers its customers magnificent collections of wedding rings, which are currently among the most popular. So, here is a list of collections and categories:

  • Non-Binary Engagement Rings
  • Art Deco Engagement Rings
  • East-West Engagement Rings
  • Sapphire Engagement Rings
  • Quick Ship Engagement Rings
  • Minimalist Engagement Rings
  • Perfect Fit Collection
  • Precision Collection

It is difficult to say which of the collections is the most popular, but the undoubted leader can be called Art Deco Engagement Rings.

This collection stands out a lot and according to analysts, the popularity of this collection will grow. The style in which the products of this collection are presented very well reflects the current mood of young people. The rings are both modest and bright, elegant and memorable. It is about this collection that a lot of articles and comments have been written in which customers admire the work of designers.

Also undoubtedly the vintage collection of wedding rings is very popular. In this collection, jewelers perfectly combined the style of the past years and modern trends. Few of their competitors can present the same rich, luxurious collection of vintage jewelry.

Clean Origin Anniversary Rings

The anniversary rings that this company represents are also an important niche in the work. This direction is developing very actively and undoubtedly rings of this category are very popular with buyers. The main accent in these rings is a magnificent diamond that jewelers substitute for customers in different designs. Many experts often note the fact that recently the company’s designers have begun to devote more time to this particular direction. A distinctive feature of this category is that the designers made the rings following the age categories. That is, the collection has jewelry designed for a younger generation, there are rings in the 45 + category and rings for older anniversaries. Ring styles are selected according to age. However, do not forget that you can make your own changes to the design thanks to special filters. Prices for such rings start at about a thousand dollars. On the site, you can also find beautiful anniversary sets that will be a great gift for both a wedding anniversary and a birthday.

Clean Origin Jewelry

The brand’s jewelry is presented in several categories. There are not only rings but also earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. All jewelry is made with diamonds grown in the laboratory. It is also worth noting that if it speaks about the average evaluation of jewelry, then most customers speak very well about jewelry collections. For example, in recent years, the direction of earrings has been very actively developed. Previously, not much attention was paid to this niche, but since last year, designers have been working more actively in this direction. On the website you will see that the earrings are divided into categories:

  • Diamond Stud Earrings
  • Diamond Earrings
  • Blue Diamond Earrings
  • Pink Diamond Earrings

Blue diamonds are especially popular. In nature, these stones are very rare, which naturally strongly affects the price. Not every buyer can afford to buy a blue diamond of natural origin. However, because diamonds of this brand are created in the laboratory, the price of products with this stone is quite acceptable. Perhaps this factor played a decisive role in the growth of popularity of products with this list. It is noteworthy that it is earrings and not other jewelry with blue diamonds that fans of the brand like the most.

If we talk about the category of bracelets that the company offers, then there are disadvantages. The choice is not very big. The assortment of bracelets currently includes only Diamond Tennis Bracelets. At the moment, the company’s designers are not focused on working in this direction and this is noticeable in the assortment. Nevertheless, the bracelets on sale are of high quality and there are no complaints from buyers.

As for the pendants, the choice is also not very great. It is sure noticeable that this is not the leading branch of production of this company. However, the available ones stand out with an interesting and unusual design.

These pendants can be perfectly combined with different backgammon and are suitable for almost any occasion. At the moment, there are about 50 models of pendants with diamonds of different cuts and different sizes on the site.

Are Clean Origin diamonds good?

Yes, experts highly appreciate the laboratory diamonds of this company. These diamonds are one of the few in the world that are evaluated by international laboratories. In addition to the standard selection on the site, you can choose Colored Diamonds and

Ideal Love Diamonds. Each of these categories is very popular.

Colored diamonds of the brand constantly receive very good characteristics from both specialists and buyers. The quality is really amazing. There are pink, blue, and yellow diamonds for every taste, which are expressed in the laboratory and are no different from those extracted at the mine.

Pink diamonds have recently become very popular among young people, these stones are preferred both in rings and in earrings. Increasingly, the company receives orders to create products with these stones.

Of course, the company offers stones of different shapes and different weights. All filters are visible on the page and you can easily choose the diamond you need

Clean Origin Payments

The company accepts leading debit and credit cards for payment. Details about payment options can see on the page of the offered product, where you will be offered several options with which you can make a purchase. All the rights of buyers are protected and the payment system using the Internet is perfectly adjusted. Users have no complaints about how the company’s payment system works. Unlike many competitors, the company can also be proud of the fact that there are no technical problems when paying with credit cards and bank transfers.

Clean Origin Affiliate Program

You can also earn money as a Clean Origin partner. The company’s employees claim that it is not difficult at all. You just need to place the link or banner ads where your visitors, customers, and friends will see them. You will earn money on every qualifying sale made with your advertising. Many of the company’s clients took part in this program and wrote positive reviews.

Clean Origin Delivery

The company offers free shipping via FedEx. this applies to delivery within America. All orders are shipped via FedEx service, after shipping, customers receive an email with a FedEx tracking number.

Special order details, such as delivery on a weekend or delivery on a certain date, are agreed upon by phone at 1 (888) 487-2145.

When placing an order, it is very important to enter the delivery data correctly. Make sure that you have entered your first and last name, as well as the phone number for receiving and contacting.

At checkout, you can uncheck the box next to “My billing and delivery address match”. This will allow you to enter a different billing address.

The company sends international orders via DHL.

International clients pay additional duties and taxes. You can find out about taxes at local authorities before placing an order.

Clean Origin Return Policy

The return system of goods in this company is very convenient. You can return an item that you did not like within one hundred days from the date of purchase. The diamond certificate must be also returned, otherwise, you will have to pay an additional amount of up to $ 500. You can return the product with a full refund, or exchange the product for another product. The buyer does not pay for the return delivery, this function is assumed by the manufacturer.

The goods must be returned with all documentation and must be in their original condition and unused.

Orders that have already been exchanged in advance, or that contain an engraving cannot be returned.

Clean Origin customer service

You can contact the company’s support representatives in the following ways:

The feedback about the support service is quite contradictory. Some clients write that their requests were answered instantly and questions were quickly resolved. Others write that they did not like the communication with the representatives of the support service. However, there are many positive reviews.

Q Is Clean Origin legit?

Yes, this company operates legally. The company has never had any problems with the law or applicants related to fraud.

Q Does the company ship Internationally?

Delivery is carried out to such countries:
United States
United Kingdom
The company provides more detailed information about the delivery on its official website.

Q Does Clean Origin have sales or offer discount codes?

No. Because the company's representatives are sure that their prices are so optimized that customers do not need discounts.

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