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1.0/ 5

What an awful company! Chelsea is just a nightmare with Frost NYC, I would not recommend working with her or even purchasing from this company. I was considering doing so, but after reading the reviews on Google and seeing the horror stories, I will stay away. Oddly, this company has a lot of spam reviews posting positive about their company over the past day, which leads me to believe they are either paying for reviews or spamming through other accounts. Very shady business practices.

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1 Reviews

Beware of ordering from this site

3.0/ 5

On the website, you see the wrong product that you will receive when buying. This is a hoax. For $1400 the necklace was”t what I expected. I want it back. Currently waiting on a refund! !! The support service does not answer questions, it is very difficult to get through. They don’t even explain to me why I received the wrong product that I ordered or why this product looks completely different on the website. I will complain and write bad comments wherever I find an opportunity. Because I’m against cheating. I do not recommend this company to anyone, in addition, the prices of goods are greatly inflated. Similar models can be bought much cheaper in many stores in America. They say they are unique, but their uniqueness lies only in their ability to deceive people.

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1 Reviews

Most of my orders were successful

4.0/ 5

I have been using this site for a long time. I ordered various things: rings, bracelets, once even bought an expensive watch and did not regret it. I have always been satisfied with the quality, speed of delivery, and price. They always communicated with me very politely and, if necessary, explained all the points that I did not understand. I thought I would never encounter the troubles that are often described in the comments, but I was wrong. Did not receive the ring I purchased. Was sent a different one. They said it was because the one I purchased was out of stock so they sent me a similar ring. I was so amazed by the situation that I was confused. I trusted this company so much that what happened came as a surprise. I am disappointed, although there was certainly a more positive experience.

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1 Reviews

Excellent bracelets

4.0/ 5

A good selection of bracelets, I was impressed. I can also call the prices acceptable for most buyers. There are no complaints about the quality. Those who like the hip-hop jewelry style can find products on the site that will surely delight them. I found a lot of accessories and products that I liked. In the process of making a purchase, I did not have any problems. The product I received was excellent. There was a big problem with shipping and your customer service team was not very helpful with resolving it. FedEx screwed up with the delivery, but the support representatives didn’t even listen to me. No one wanted to help me find the culprits, no one thought that the problem with delivery was worth attention. I am not sure if I will buy on this site again, even though I really like their assortment.

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1 Reviews

Satisfied with my purchases

5.0/ 5

I didn’t plan to write a comment, but when I accidentally read criticism of this site, I changed my mind. I don’t understand those people who write bad comments because of the delay of the parcel for a day or two. What is the company’s fault? Why write badly about the brand when it comes to the work of a completely different service? I was also outraged by comments about high prices. Guys, no one forces you to buy expensive bracelets and chains, there are a lot of economical options on the site without diamonds. If you can’t afford this or that piece of jewelry financially, why write badly about the brand? Excellent company, an excellent choice, different prices, fast delivery. Undoubtedly, five stars.

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1 Reviews

Is Frost Nyc Legit?

5.0/ 5

I bought a gift for my husband on the website. I chose a very original bracelet, which he had been dreaming about for a long time. I was afraid that the bracelet would not be delivered by my husband’s birthday, so I called the support service many times to clarify the details. Thanks to the representatives of the company for their patience and detailed answers to my questions. If I were in their place, I would probably lose my patience. Separately, I want to say about the quality of the product: the bracelet was very much liked by both my husband and me. We didn’t pay our money in vain. Exactly what we were looking for on other sites, in other stores, but could not find. I believe that if you are looking for an original and stylish product, you will find it at this brand.

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What is Frost Nyc Jewelers?

This is a unique, peculiar, very different company from its competitors in the jewelry field. Frost Nyc Jewelers has been working in the jewelry market for more than thirty years and has gained an excellent reputation not only in America but also abroad.

The fact is that the company does not sell quite ordinary jewelry, but is created specifically for the hip-hop jewelry industry. Yes, this is not quite familiar in many countries, but a very popular direction in America that is winning the hearts of an increasing number of customers. To date, the company is officially listed among the most popular and largest manufacturers of hip-hop jewelry in America and abroad.

The company has gained the trust of customers primarily through the excellent execution of custom jewelry and the incredible skill of its jewelers. Jewelers of this company are set as an example, the media and social networks write about them, and they became an example to follow.

The main office of the company is located in New York and it is there that the most successful and unusual jewelry designs are approved, which subsequently become sales hits. Today, the company has organized the most convenient online sales system so that hip-hop jewelry fans can choose and order stylish jewelry online. The incredibly experienced and award-winning team of designers and jewelers of the company inspiringly creates a variety of chains, bracelets, earrings, pendants, necklaces, and watches made of platinum, 14-karat, and 18-karat gold.

The site does not belong to the category of cheap: there is unique jewelry with diamonds and platinum that are not available to the middle class of buyers. Nevertheless, the company easily found its niche and its customers. Men’s bracelets, earrings, rings, and watches with natural diamonds are very popular. In general, it is worth noting that the company has become a real gift for men, the choice for whom is not as rich as for women. For example, if women’s jewelry can be purchased almost everywhere, then there are very few stylish men’s jewelry.

The company offers magnificent chains Cuban link, Franco, puff, anchor, and Byzantine. The assortment also includes unique and super popular diamond chains. In addition to the above, the company sells Rolex watches. Experienced designers will help you choose various accessories for elite watches.

The company undoubtedly boasts a whole list of celebrities who have become regular customers for a long time.

Among the fans and loyal friends of the company are Travis Scott, John Wall, and other VIP representatives. This brand is trusted, and it is quite difficult to gain trust these days.

It is also worth noting that recently the company has also begun to pay more attention to the sector of goods of the lower price category. Yes, there is a lot of elite jewelry in the assortment, but a representative of the middle class, for example, can order a product from a company focusing on his wallet.

The fact that the company began to develop more and more directions and focus on different price categories had a positive impact on the number of customers and sales. In recent years, the company has seen steady growth in its customer base and popularity. In addition, if previously the company’s customers were mostly Americans, then in recent years celebrities and ordinary customers from many other countries have appeared among the regular customers.

Are Frost Nyc Jewelers diamonds good?

If we talk only about the diamonds that the company uses, then opinions differ on this issue. For example, customers are delighted with the quality and do not question the fact that the company’s diamonds are great. At the same time, experts are in no hurry to conclude and often mention that some products are not confirmed by certificates.

There is certification, but for a certain category and it is carried out at the request of the client. Today, diamonds are represented in many collections of the company, one of the striking examples is the pendants.

The company offers many variants of these products with diamonds of different characteristics. Most of the products from this series have 0.23 Carats of Vs quality diamonds By the way, it was this jewelry that was best sold last year, along with the famous chains that the company produces. So, diamonds: are they real?

The company guarantees that the diamonds are real. Diamonds are well represented in the collection of men’s earrings. For Example, Princess Cut Diamond Stud Earrings For Men 14K White Gold 0.25 Carats.

As for diamond suppliers: the company prefers not to list them. The website mentions that diamonds are purchased in very large quantities in many countries of the world. Representatives of the company often say in interviews that all suppliers are trustworthy and undergo thorough verification. How exactly the company checks its suppliers is not specified. It is also worth noting that there have never been any precedents with bad or fake diamonds in the company.

Is  Frost Nyc Jewelers good for engagement rings?

The collection of men’s wedding rings is quite unusual and designed for a certain circle of customers. However, all the company’s products are designed for those who are close to the hip-hop jewelry style and who like to stand out.

Of course, some models somewhat resemble the classics, but on closer inspection, it is fashionable to understand that they are non-standard.

Some critics call the collection of wedding rings of this brand “risky ”

For example, an engagement ring with a diamond of  0.4 Carats (Griffin)

This is a very popular model that is considered a striking example of a classic collection. Some designers reproach the brand for excessive brightness even where it is not necessary. But the designers of the company always answer that this is the direction of their work.

You can also buy women’s wedding rings on the website. These models are more close to generally accepted standards. According to customers and experts, the choice is quite good. For example, the Round Diamond Pave Engagement Ring Grande 14K White Gold was recognized as a hitting sales and even the most skeptical experts recognized this ring as a very successful option because the side stone incredibly organically emphasizes the central diamond.

If you read customer reviews about the wedding rings of the company, then the comments of men mostly prevail. Many celebrities chose to order their rings from this brand.

It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer to the question: is it worth buying wedding rings from this brand? If we talk about statistics, then young people answer “yes! “, and customers of more mature age say that they prefer more classic brands.

Frost Nyc Jewelers’ most popular models

A piece of jewelry whose popularity has never decreased is a men’s gold chain. New trends come and go, new details are added, and sometimes some jewelry goes out of fashion. Nevertheless, the chain always remains popular and occupies the top lines in the sales list.

It is very profitable and convenient to buy such a chain. These chains are fully customizable, so you can choose your length and width directly on the website page near the photo with the jewelry. After you have selected the length and width, you can see the adjusted weight in grams above the price.

Bracelets. This is exactly the topic on which the company’s representatives are ready to talk endlessly and consider this direction their pride.

Bracelets of this company are incredibly popular among men. It is worth noting the fact that it is not only about men who prefer the hip-hop style. These bracelets are bought by men of different ages and social groups. The employees of the company themselves call these bracelets universal because they can perfectly emphasize the individuality of each man.

If we talk about trends in general, then fans of the hip-hop style do not change their traditional tastes and are also happy to buy men’s earrings. This jewelry is not easy to find. To find high-quality and not fake men’s earrings, you need to check dozens of websites and stores. And this applies not only to America but also to many other countries.

The brand offers a wide range of men’s earrings both with diamonds and without stones, original and classic. You can also choose earrings in different color categories.

Frost Nyc Jewelers payment options

There is nothing unusual in the payment system that the company accepts. The company accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, and credit and debit cards are accepted for payment. Is there a payment using Paypal? Yes, as of 2021, this payment method is applicable. The company also offers its clients the opportunity to provide financing options as part of our partnership with Affirm. There are options to pay for the purchase in installments for 6, 12, or 18 months. All the details can be explained to you in the support service regarding each product. The fact is that, depending on the product, the rules of payment in installments may change. A big role is also played by the price of the product that you have chosen. As for canceled transactions: in most cases, when a transaction is refused, the reason is in the customer’s bank. If you are not sure that the reason is the aka or the limits of your card, then call the company’s support service to find out all the details. The company also has an option WITHOUT THE NEED FOR A LOAN with ACIMA, which is also available.

Frost Nyc Jewelers warranty

The company provides a lifetime warranty for its products. What does it mean?

This means that if any piece needs to get polishing or stone tightening, you can ship it to the company and the jewelers will fill your request. Please note the only exception to the warranty is herringbone chains. Also, if you find a manufacturing defect when you receive the goods, you can repair the product for free or replace it with another one. It is worth noting that a manufacturing defect in this company is unlikely. Important! If for any reason you have used the services of a jeweler from another company, then this warranty is void. If you send the product for free repair, then you will need to pay $ 30 for sending it (it depends only on where you are sending the product from, you need to clarify the details in the support service). If we look at the customer reviews in general, then according to them, the company adheres to the guarantees and complies with them.

Frost Nyc Jewelers return policy

You can return the product within a month after receiving it if you are not satisfied with the product or if you find a defect. Before sending the product back, you need to consult with the support service representatives who will tell you step by step how to proceed. The fact is that it is very important to properly issue a refund. If you make a mistake, the refund may not be accepted. The goods must be sent in the same condition in which they were received, with all certificates, if any. As a rule, the refund is carried out in full. If you have changed the details of your card, then you need to notify the support service about this because the refund will be made to the card with which the payment was made.

Frost Nyc Jewelers customer service

Representatives of the support service are always willing to answer customer questions and are always ready to help them. Even in the most difficult issues, professional operators help to find a solution. Customers praise the company’s support services and even set an example to competitors. So, to contact the support representatives, you can choose several options:

  • Phone: 1-888-485-1061
  • Email: sales@frostnyc.com
  • Address: 20 W. 47th St New York NY, 10036

Opening hours:

  • Monday- Friday: 10am – Midnight EST
  • Saturday – Sunday 10am-530pm

Do not forget that on the website you can find a list of frequently asked questions. There are quite a lot of them and detailed answers are provided to all of them.

Q Are all watches Frost Nyc Jewelers sells authentic?

Yes, absolutely. In addition, a lifetime warranty is provided for all purchased watches. Watches remain one of the best-selling and most popular products on the site.

Q Where do Frost Nyc Jewelers diamonds come from?

The company buys diamonds in many countries and guarantees that comply with all international rules and ethical standards. The company works only with trusted suppliers.

Q How long will it take to receive my order?

As a rule, delivery takes from 2 to five days. All orders ordered before 2 p.m. will be shipped the same day, of course, if it is a purchase in New York.

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