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Wonderful experience

5.0/ 5

I want to thank all the employees of this wonderful company: managers, jewelers, support service operators. I especially want to thank those who worked on this amazing collection of wedding rings. I’m thrilled! There are so many interesting models that cannot be found on other sites! I found exactly the kind of ring model I’ve always dreamed of. I also want to note separately the quality of the diamonds that the company uses. I have several jewelers I know who highly appreciated these diamonds. Some brands tend to focus on the central stone of the ring and handle the side stones somehow. This brand is doing great with both the central stone and the side stones. I am now talking not only about the quality of the stones but also about the fastening.

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What I think…

4.0/ 5

I don’t like to criticize this or that company for minor mistakes. Therefore, in general, I will say that I like the products of this online store, but there are some nuances that should be corrected. For example, communication with customers of support service operators. Communication didn’t seem too professional to me. There was an impression that the operators do not have enough qualifications in matters of jewelry. The second remark concerns delivery. The system is not set up very well and delays are a frequent occurrence. I say this because both I and my friends have many years of experience buying goods in online stores and in this too. Otherwise, I really like the way the company’s work is structured and the choice the brand presents to its customers.

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1 Reviews

Mostly reliable and I love the products

4.0/ 5

Up to a certain point, everything was very good. I have been very happy with my purchases in this online store for many years. There have never been crashes or problems. The delivery always arrived on time. However, a month and a half ago I experienced a strong disappointment: the earrings I received did not meet my expectations. The clasp was broken, and the stones were poorly fastened. I thought it was some kind of mockery. Then it turned out that an error had occurred, but I was left with a very unpleasant impression because of which I cannot give 5 stars. Nevertheless, I want to note that they apologized to me and promised that this would not happen again in the future, and they also sent me a small brooch as a gift.

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Not so unique

3.0/ 5

I will not recommend this company. First, the prices. Why does everyone write about low prices? Where are these low prices? Low prices are only for cheap jewelry, and normal diamond rings are very expensive. Cheap jewelry for little money is just an advertising trick with which the company lures customers to its online store. I am also dissatisfied with the fact that most of the collections are not original ideas of the masters, but replicas of someone’s ideas. Of course, the company’s jewelers do not admit this. But I am a designer with a lot of experience and have visited many countries and seen many designs works. Therefore, I declare with confidence that all the words about the so-called uniqueness are also just a trick to attract customers.

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1 Reviews

Is Kobelli Legit?

5.0/ 5

For the first time, I ordered products in this store out of curiosity. Some friends advised said that they were not very satisfied with the quality. Nevertheless, I took a chance and was very satisfied. I ordered a beautiful diamond ring. There was a slight misunderstanding in the process, I indicated the address with an error, but the support service operators helped me to resolve the issue quickly and on time. I have read a lot of bad reviews about the support service and do not agree with those who criticize the operators. The guys are doing everything in their power to help customers while communicating politely and showing great patience to newcomers who don’t know anything and ask a lot of questions. I can’t say if I will also be satisfied in the following times, but the first experience was very successful.

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What is Kobelli?

Jewelry has always been an important part of our life. Regardless of social status, aspirations, and worldview, jewelry is always present in any person’s life in one way or another. Often it is jewelry that is associated with a memorable event, an important date, a dear, and a beloved person. Therefore, it is not surprising that most jewelry lovers are very careful about choosing the store where they shop. Most jewelry lovers and experts are very familiar with the Kobelli company. This company was founded in 1980 and is a completely family business. More precisely, this is one of the most striking examples of a successful family business in the jewelry field. The main activities of the company are the import of diamonds and the creation of incredibly stylish, unique, and original jewelry. The company was founded by a very talented and purposeful man named Kobi Katz. Many of his colleagues admire Kobi’s ability to optimize the work of a huge company, perfectly combining classical management methods with modernized directions and new technology.

Of course, initially, the company did not focus on sales on the Internet. This happened only much later when technologies began to develop more actively and the owners of the company felt a great demand from buyers in this particular service.

Today, the company conducts very active online sales and customers are very satisfied with the quality and speed of the company’s work.

Of course, consumer trust plays a big role in the success of the company: this company is trusted, undoubtedly the reputation of this online store is very good among experts in many countries.

The company has helped to take a fresh look at the jewelry industry. This is especially true for the direction associated with diamonds. The company reduced the number of intermediaries as much as possible, creating in a sense a unique business model that later became very popular. The company’s management has done everything possible to optimize direct sales to the maximum without intermediaries and additional price surcharges.

In each interview, the company’s managers emphasize how important the balance between price and quality of goods is for them. By the way, according to the majority of buyers, this company succeeds more than others in optimizing this balance.

As for the range of products that the company offers, the buyers are very satisfied. The assortment is designed for different age categories and the social strata of the population.

The company does not focus on any one direction and with the help of very convenient filters offers customers to choose the ideal purchase option.

Kobelli Pros and Cons


  • A good selection of products
  • High quality
  • Reasonable price
  • A magnificent collection of wedding rings
  • Convenient payment system


  • Some customers complain about the support service
  • Sometimes there are problems with the return of goods
  • Delivery of goods is sometimes delayed

Kobelli Selection and Prices

World-class experts recognize that it is Kobelli that offers its customers one of the most original and interesting collections with high-quality diamonds. It is this moment that many experts call a distinctive feature that distinguishes the company from hundreds of competitors. It is noteworthy: despite the fact that diamonds are considered expensive stones. Thanks to its policy, the company managed to create a collection of diamonds designed for different wallets. The reason is that jewelry is made at the company’s factory in Los Angeles. By the way, experts have a very high opinion of this plant and speak very well about the organization of the company’s work. It is the fact that the company is a direct importer that has allowed the brand to occupy a special niche among jewelry companies around the world. Today the company is considered one of the best jewelry manufacturers. In addition, the company’s jewelers can change each product depending on the wishes of the client and make adjustments by the exclusive sketch.

Is Kobelli jewelry good?

Yes. The jewelry that this company offers is considered one of the best and most high-quality. Every year the number of satisfied customers is growing. We are now talking not only about the assortment but about the quality in general. The quality of diamonds and precious metals is a very important aspect to which the company pays special attention.

So, what is the first thing that distinguishes and distinguishes the products of this company?

Firstly, the variety is very impressive. For example, the company does not focus on the production of a single product line but tries to make the assortment as versatile as possible. The assortment includes products from a classic ring with three stones to the most unusual, sometimes even shocking designs that are unique. In the production of jewelry, the company’s jewelers use natural diamonds, both as the center stones and side stones. The shape of the diamonds used is very different.

Today, the company sells its products on leading websites under the Kobelli & Annello brand.

In addition to the usual collections, the company offers its customers to purchase personalized jewelry.

It can be jewelry with a special engraving, a product of a special design or format. All details can be discussed with the company’s jewelers who will fulfill your order with professionalism.

In general, the jewelry of this company is valued very highly, especially the collection with diamonds, which occupies a separate place of honor.

Also in the online store, there is a special direction: gifts. In this section, you can easily choose a product using convenient filters that will help you choose a product at a price. Also, gift items are divided into women’s and men’s.

Kobelli  Collections

Some of the most famous collections of the brand worldwide are undoubtedly collections that you will find in the Originals section

This collection is divided into three themes:

  • The London
  • The August
  • The Signature
  • Each of the themed products almost always gets into the TOP sales.

The company also offers several collections that attract a lot of attention.

  • Vintage
  • Solitaire
  • Cluster
  • Minimalist
  • Statement
  • Euro Shank

The latest collection is especially unusual because it offers incredibly original options for engagement and wedding rings. Each collection carries its personality In interviews, representatives of the company often say that their goal is not to earn money. Its goal is to maintain the culture of jewelry in the world, the development of designs, new styles, and trends, as well as complete customer satisfaction.

Indeed, every decade the number of products in the company’s collections grows and surprises with its diversity.

Important! If you subscribe to the store’s newsletter, you will be able to receive news systematically, including about discounts. In the last few months, the company has been offering many good discounts on diamond rings from different collections.

Is Kobelli good for engagement rings?

Wedding rings are the strongest and most successful direction in which the company operates. Wedding rings of this brand are not just competitive, these rings are becoming sales hits all over the world!

Of course, first of all, these rings are distinguished by an unusual design and magnificent characteristics of precious stones. Many years of experience working with precious stones allows the company to use only the best specimens for its products.

So, in the engagement rings section in the online store you can see several categories:

  • Engagement
  • Bridal
  • Solitaire
  • 3-Stone
  • Halo
  • Moissanite
  • Natural Diamond
  • Lab Diamond

Yes. Do not be surprised that there are laboratory diamonds on this list. Of course, the greatest emphasis is placed on natural stones, but recently the fashion for laboratory stones is also starting to gain momentum, especially for the collection of wedding rings. Laboratory-grown diamonds are an environmentally friendly product. These diamonds are popular due to their unclouded cores and perfect edges. Representatives of the company claim that their laboratory diamonds are no different from those that were extracted from the ground.

Kobelli’s most popular models

The company on its website provides a list of models that are sold best. Among them, there are rings and other jewelry. As always, of course, cheap models are included in the TOP sales. For example, TEXTURED BLACK TUNGSTEN CARBIDE.

This is a laconic men’s ring that in recent months has become one of the best-selling in the company’s online store.

SQUARE CLUSTER COMPOSITE DIAMOND BRIDAL SET is also very popular among buyers

This ring is not very cheap and the price of this product exceeds 3 thousand dollars. The design is so unusual that it even caused a lot of controversy and discussion on the Internet. Most connoisseurs of jewelry liked the model very much. This ring has a lot of fans in Latin America, where many orders come from.

Another interesting model is the CELTIC DRAGON IN TUNGSTEN CARBIDE

The low price and original design helped the product to get into the list of leaders in sales in the UK.

Kobelli  Payments

It is convenient and safe to pay for purchases on the website. The company accepts all leading credit and debit cards for payment. You can also pay for the purchase using PayPal. In addition, you can make over 4, 6, or 12 monthly payments if you choose the Affirm program.

Amazon Pay, Klarna, and Bitcoin are also included in the list of possible payment options.

Kobelli Delivery

UPS delivery within 2 days is most often practiced. This type of delivery is usually free.

All orders are sent with a number by which you can track the movement of your goods

As a rule, delivery in America takes from 2 to 5 working days.

If you placed an order before 9 am on a business day, then your order will be processed on the same day. Important! Men’s bracelets worth more than $200 are delivered longer.

Kobelli Warranty

The warranty conditions offered by the company are very good: the warranty lasts for one year from the date of purchase

The warranty covers various optical properties of the central gemstone, such as diamond and moissanite, and the physical integrity of the stone is also included in the scope of the warranty.

The warranty does not cover damages that occurred in the event of careless handling of the product or an accident.

Kobelli reserves the right to refuse repair and replace the product with a new similar one.

The buyer is responsible for the costs of shipping your jewelry/precious stones to the company. Kobelli is not responsible for damages during shipment, therefore it is better to ensure the product.

Kobelli Return Policy

The company guarantees that you can return the goods within 30 days from the date of dispatch if the goods are in the same condition as you received them. You will be refunded the cost, but withhold the money for sending. In individual cases, a 10 percent commission is charged for the refund, depending on the product.

Refunds within 30 days are accepted only in America. This function does not work in other countries.

Within 90 days after the purchase, you have the right to exchange the goods, but the possibility of a refund is already lost.

Before you send a refund, it is tedious to contact the support service where they will explain to you how to properly arrange the procedure. Here’s how a customer named Ashley comments on her return experience:

” I was surprised that they didn’t ask me unnecessary questions, they didn’t interrogate me about why I wanted to return the ring. Just explained the return scheme. Everything was friendly and fast. Thanks! ”

Nevertheless, there are many negative comments on the network about the unsuccessful return experience, which does not affect the company’s reputation very well.

Kobelli customer service

You can contact the company’s support representatives Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

On weekends, as a rule, they will not be able to help you.

If you want to call the company’s representatives, you can use the number info@kobelli.com

To write a letter by email, use the address

(213) 516-5094

If you have your design or sketch that you want to discuss with the company’s jewelers, then write to custom@kobelli.com

Feedback on the work of the support service is mixed. Recently, there have been many complaints from customers that support service operators cannot quickly solve problems and answer questions about precious stones in detail.

Q Are Kobelli moissanites good ?

Yes, the company offers many interesting designs of products with moissanite. Especially this stone looks good in a wedding collection and a collection of wedding rings.

Q Does Kobelli make sales?

The company offers many discounts. This happens quite often. You can find out about discounts on the official website and by subscribing to the newsletter.

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