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If you like, order at your own risk

3.0/ 5

I am very disappointed. I will never use the services of cheap websites Ever again! I wanted to save money, but in the end, I just wasted the money. My bracelet broke after 2 weeks of use. I wore the bracelet carefully, there were no harmful effects. Just one day the clasp on the bracelet stopped working. In addition, I noticed that a small side stone looks like it was about to fall. Then I read the comments on the Internet and realized that a breakdown is a normal condition for the products of this site. Now I have concluded: it is better to buy much more expensive but to wear jewelry for a long time and with pleasure. I do not recommend taking risks and ordering goods on this site.

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1 Reviews

What's the point of the photo if…

4.0/ 5

At first, I liked shopping on this site. Everything was fine with me until I got my ring with zirconium. Before that, all the jewelry that I received exactly corresponded to the photo. However, this ring didn’t look like a photo at all. The ring was not defective. There were just some design differences. I called the support service, but they told me that sometimes the product may be different. Guys, is this a joke? How can the product be different if I buy a specific product, a specific ring photo of which is on your website? Let’s buy without photos at all, otherwise what’s the point of looking at a photo if you send another product?

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1 Reviews

Very much delighted!

5.0/ 5

I am delighted with these original designs! I hate mediocre, boring models. At the same time, I do not like ultramodern incomprehensible products. On this site, I found a balance between boring classics and obsessive modern. No website, even the most expensive, could offer me such models of women’s rings. Of course, each buyer has his own opinion, each has his understanding of beauty. But I am sure that I will be a client of this site for many years to come. Because they update collections, don’t stand on the same meta, expand. In addition, this company has a lot of experience and has existed for many years. I recommend this company without a doubt. Quality and assortment are the main advantages.

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1 Reviews

It's not bad but lacking

4.0/ 5

In general, everything is not bad. Normal prices, sometimes you can find very interesting models. But what happens to diamonds? Which designer is working on diamond rings? Show me this man, where did he study? How can you use diamonds to offer customers such a design? Do designers really not understand the difference between rings with zirconium, ruby, and diamond rings? A diamond ring has a world standard, are you inventing something new and incomprehensible in a loan? With your design, diamonds look like simple cubic zirconia. A completely unsuccessful collection of diamond jewelry. I think you need to fire the person who approved these designs. In general, I like the rest of the product categories and I remain a customer of this store.

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What is PalmBeach Jewelry?

It is no secret that today there are a lot of jewelry stores in the world, each of which tries to show its features to the client and convince them of its uniqueness. The policy of the Palm Beach jewelry store is slightly different from the generally accepted one in the jewelry community. This store does not conduct large-scale advertising campaigns and does not pay money to celebrities to praise the company. Store managers believe that they do not need it. After all, this jewelry brand has existed since 1952, which means it has already managed to win the trust of customers.

Now the company pays special attention to the direction of online trading. It is on the web page that you can find the latest fashion trends.

Indeed, the experience of the company has a great influence on the strategy and conduct of trade. The company was originally founded as Seta Corporation. The founders of the corporation, Don and Angie Seta, initially defined for themselves several rules that the company follows to this day.

The main rule of the company’s work is to treat each client as a family member. These are not just words, but a method of working with clients. This method has proven to be very effective. According to the representatives of the company, the main thing is not to stop only on the slogan, but to show understanding and care to each customer. And it’s not just about affordable prices: it’s also about the attitude to the wishes of customers, even if they don’t like something, about trying to fix the situation.

To date, this business is still a family business and the company’s representatives are doing everything possible to maintain quality standards at a high level. Unfortunately, this does not always work out, sometimes customers complain that the product has broken down after several months of use. That is why now maximum attention is paid to the quality of the goods.

The online store sells not only jewelry, but it is also fashionable to buy stylish watches and accessories on the site. Much attention is paid to the style of the products that are presented on the website. Every year this direction becomes more and more important because more and more competitors appear on the market. Today, the company’s craftsmen use sapphires, rubies, diamonds, and other precious stones to create jewelry. The company is not in favor of changing the assortment quickly. Along with the new fashion models, there are also classic samples of collections. In particular, it is fashionable to see products on the sat in which classic and modern are skillfully combined.

Many competitors are often surprised that the company manages to keep prices low enough even during periods of inflation ups. It is known that the pricing policy is given very great importance. At the time of the foundation of the corporation, this item was one of the most important. A full-fledged strategy was developed, as a result of which the company managed to keep the planned prices.

Of course, the reviews about the company are a bit contradictory. It cannot be said that everyone is unanimously delighted with the jewelry of this brand. Nevertheless, the company’s representatives always listen to criticism, pay attention to comments and try to correct mistakes as quickly as possible.

PalmBeach Jewelry Pros and Cons


  • The prices of the goods are quite low
  • Large selection of jewelry
  • Large selection of precious stones
  • Successful experiments with styles
  • Many years of experience in the jewelry industry


  • Sometimes customers complain about the quality
  • Sometimes there are delays in delivery

Are PalmBeach Jewelry rings good?

The company offers a fairly wide range of rings. Initially, this was one of the main activities of the brand. When the company was just starting its activity, maximum efforts were made precisely for the successful sale of rings. So, today the company offers the following rings:

  • Women”s
  • Men”s
  • Wedding Sets
  • Engagement
  • Anniversary & Eternity
  • Cocktail
  • Bands
  • Birthstone & Personalized

Let’s pay attention to the fact that the men’s collection has recently been developing on a par with the women’s: the company has understood modern trends and has begun to pay more attention to this direction. Rings and jewelry sets for cocktails have been very popular lately. The choice is very interesting, and the prices are affordable. Buyers write a lot of positive reviews about this product category.

Rings with zirconium are especially popular. In this category, there are rings for any taste and age category. Even experts admit that the company has greatly succeeded in the Cocktail rings.

The rings that the company offers can be selected on the website using very convenient filters. In order not to spend a lot of time searching for the ring, the company offers its customers to use filters by material, stone, and price.

For example, at the moment the online store offers rings with such stones:

  • Cubic Zirconia
  • Gemstones
  • Swarovski Elements & Crystal
  • Onyx, Jade, Natural Stone
  • Diamond
  • Pearl & Mother Of Pearl

Most of all, the site offers rings with zirconium in terms of quantity. At the moment, there are more than a thousand different models available. The situation with diamonds is not so good: there are not enough models. Of the rings in all categories, there are slightly more than 200 models with diamonds. By the standards of the jewelry market, this is not enough to satisfy the need of buyers for a variety of diamond products. Although, this is not surprising: after all, the company does not specialize exclusively in diamonds and does not pay special attention to products made of this stone.

Is PalmBeach Jewelry good for Men?

There is always a special attitude to men’s jewelry. If women’s collections are often identical in principle and the categories of these products are standard, then with men everything is a little more complicated. Unfortunately, not all jewelry companies manage to create good and very high-quality men’s collections. Jewelry companies often delve deeply into themed rings or pendants, without focusing on different styles.

PalmBeac tried to take into account the mistakes of competitors and create a high-quality direction of men’s jewelry on its website. So, today men’s products are presented on the site in the following categories:

  • Rings
  • Chains
  • Bracelets
  • Watches
  • Pendants
  • Men”s Fragrances

Men’s rings, which are presented by the online store, are called bright and unusual by many experts.

Indeed, the company’s designers have tried to satisfy the tastes of men in different stylistic directions. A wide selection of materials and stones is offered.

As for chains, the choice is constantly increasing. The choice of materials from which chains are made also increases. Today on the website you can buy men’s chains not only made of gold but also silver, platinum, steel, and a variety of mixes

The choice of men’s bracelets is also very good. It is also possible to order a personalized product with a name or a commemorative inscription. Although, this category has a minus along with positive qualities. It is in this category of products that the most complaints about the quality are. In particular, some buyers write that links or locks are broken in bracelets. It is known that the company has already taken into account the criticism and is working to ensure that unpleasant moments do not happen again.

Is PalmBeach Jewelry good for engagement rings?

The company offers its customers a good selection of engagement rings. At the same time, this category is not the leading direction of the company. It is impossible to unequivocally answer the question: “Are the wedding rings of this brand good?”. It all depends on the taste of the buyer. Many people like these rings, and some call them “mediocre”.

If we talk about the opinion of experts and specialists, then most consider the models that the company offers to be quite original. Most rings are far from the classical standard, and each ring has its meaning, a certain symbol. Such rings are well suited to bright, multifaceted personalities who want to emphasize their individuality with a ring.

The choice of engagement rings with diamonds is not very large. By the way, it is often fashionable for a customer to read dissatisfaction with this particular circumstance in the comments. Buyers often advise representatives of the company to pay more attention to the collection of wedding rings, especially diamond rings.

In addition, even diamond rings are distinguished by an unusual design. There are many small side stones, and there is no conciseness in the models.

From the materials on the site, you can choose gold platinum or silver. The choice of stones is very large. As in other product categories of this site – the largest selection of products is with zirconium.

There are no complaints about the quality of these products. The prices for wedding rings that the site offers are also affordable. Some are even afraid of cheapness and on the Internet, you can often find the question: “Why are the wedding rings of this company so cheap”. According to representatives of the company, they have soy business methods that allow you to reduce prices without compromising quality.

Is PalmBeach Jewelry good for earrings?

Yes, the earrings that the company offers are of good quality. In addition, the range is constantly expanding and this circumstance is very popular with customers.

These jewelry companies favorably differ in that many models you can adjust. For example, you are offered a basic model, but you can change metal or stone.

It is very easy to do this with the help of special filters. By the way, according to the observations of analysts, it is in this category that buyers most often experiment with the selection of stones and metals. In the category of rings and bracelets, this does not happen so often.

The quality of the earrings does not cause dissatisfaction. Most customers are happy with their purchases. At the same time, these earrings cannot be classified as “luxury”. If we talk about the rating, which is based on reviews, then buyers rate the earrings 4 stars out of 5.

Is PalmBeach Jewelry good for bracelets?

The online store offers different bracelets for both women and men. Bracelets are available in several categories. For example, there are many tennis bracelets, bracelets with different stones, personalized. Personalized products have been particularly popular lately. More and more buyers want to learn how to engrave a name or date on a product. As for the materials, the store offers several options to choose from. You can buy for example a bracelet from:

  • Gold & Gold Fashion
  • Silver & Platinum
  • Black, Rose & More
  • Stainless Steel

At the moment, most of the bracelets in the collection are made of gold. The fact is that it is the gold bracelets that are most popular because the company’s employees are trying to update and replenish these collections systematically.

Bracelets have become popular not so long ago. For a long time, this category of the website was not popular, but about 2 years ago the situation changed.

Representatives of the company claim that they plan to further develop this direction.

PalmBeach Jewelry Payments

The company offers simple and convenient payment methods that are available to almost everyone. You can use all the leading debit credit cards. In addition to Visa and Master cards, you can use Discover, American Express, and other common types of payment. For example, you can easily pay for a purchase through services such as Amazon and PayPal. As a rule, there are no problems with payment on this website and all transactions come in a timely and secure manner.

PalmBeach Jewelry Return Policy

Palm Beach Jewelry offers its customers convenient conditions for a refund. If you are not satisfied with something, you can return the goods within 30 days after receipt. Of course, to receive a refund, you will need to strictly adhere to the rules that the company has established. Before returning the product, you need to inform the support service about the planned return.  The company’s employees will explain to you step by step how to properly return the jewelry. Do not forget that any jewelry must be unused, undamaged, and in its original packaging. In some cases, when you detect a production effect, company representatives may ask you to show you the problem using video calls.

PalmBeach Jewelry customer service

The company’s support service has significantly improved its work in recent months. However, last year you could read a lot of dissatisfied reviews on the web from customers who complained about the support service representatives. As we wrote earlier, the management often listens to the opinion of its customers, because the work of the support service has stabilized.

You can contact support representatives using a special page on the website where you enter your data and message.

The phone number is  888-449-5262.

This is a very common form of communication with the support service. Unfortunately, there is no interactive chat function on the site at the moment.

Q How much does shipping cost?

The cost should be specified in advance because the QC price may vary. However, as of June 2022, the prices are as follows:
Standard shipping - $5.95
Express Delivery - $14.95
Urgent Delivery delivery -$34.95

Q What if my order gets lost or damaged in shipping?

Each case is different. To solve the problem, contact customer support immediately.

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