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Be honest…

3.0/ 5

This is a bad site. If you don’t have money for diamonds, it’s better not to buy anything other than this jewelry. I’m not against zirconium. I am against the fact that it is presented as an analog of diamonds. Guys, stop advertising yourself on diamonds, you have nothing to do with them! Why does the word “diamonds” constantly sound in your advertising? How much is a constant comparison? You are engaged in zirconium then advertise zirconium. Leave the diamonds alone. It seems that you are producing a fake and trying to sell it. Tell your customers honestly that you are economy class, for those who do not have money for diamonds. In addition, you have unprofessional support service. It seems that students work there in their free time from lectures.

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1 Reviews

Quality not as expected

4.0/ 5

At first, I wanted to give this site five stars, but then I changed my mind. From the good: they have a wide range, low prices, fast delivery, and polite operators. From the bad: the quality does not quite meet my expectations. Of course, if you focus on the price, then the quality can be called excellent. That is, for such a small amount of money, quite normal products. But still, according to my observations, in some products (for example, in earrings), the clasp is not reliable, there is a chance that they will unbutton and the earring will be lost. So there are a few more minor comments because of which I can’t give the site five stars. In general, a great option for those who want to buy a beautiful piece of jewelry and not spend money on diamonds.

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1 Reviews

Low prices and good rings

4.0/ 5

Low prices and good rings: this is how I can characterize this site. Of course, here you will not find anything elite or from the luxury category, but for the middle social class, this is an excellent solution. I don’t belong to the middle class and went to the site just out of curiosity. But I really liked the earrings and I bought them. There are no claims to service, no claims to quality and delivery. But, guys, you are deceiving customers when you say that your stones look like diamonds. I’m not a jeweler, but I can easily distinguish zirconium from diamond. Therefore, my conclusion is that you work well, but your advertising deceives buyers who believe that they buy a stone that looks like a diamond one in one.

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1 Reviews

Highly recommended

5.0/ 5

I want to thank this company and the people who work in it for high-quality beautiful jewelry at an affordable price. This is not an advertisement, this is my opinion. I’m not a rich man and I don’t have the opportunity to buy diamonds. However, I love jewelry, especially rings. When I first bought a ring on this site, I couldn’t get over the excitement for three days. Yes, it’s a delight! Because I didn’t see any difference from the diamond. In addition, fast delivery, a good choice and polite operators in the support service are also a big plus of this company. Guys, thank you for being a part of my life now and giving me joy. I recommend this site!

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1 Reviews

Cubic Zirconia Reviews

5.0/ 5

For many years I spent money on diamonds without even thinking that I was doing it in vain. My sister persuaded me to buy jewelry with zirconium. I resisted for a long time and thought I wouldn’t be able to put it on. How wrong I was! I bought a very original ring, which I just fell in love with! You know, I liked it more than my old diamond ring, which I bought for several thousand dollars! I really liked the quality. I can say with confidence that jewelry with zirconium has become for me the most important and shocking discovery in recent years. Now I boldly advise my friends not to spend extra money on diamonds and buy jewelry with zirconium, which only a specialist with additional equipment can distinguish from a diamond.

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What is Cubic Zirconia?

A long time ago fans of original jewelry have turned their attention to products using cubic zirconia. Many people consider these products as an alternative to diamonds. Company CubicZirconia.com since 1999 has been successfully selling products with these stones. Many experts say that it is thanks to this company that the popularity of jewelry with zirconium has increased several times. Do you know much about zirconium? If you are not a professional, then at first glance you may not distinguish cubic zirconia from a diamond.

The external similarity is very strong, but the price difference is quite large: zirconium is much cheaper. For many years, the company has been presenting to its customers a variety of jewelry using zirconium: earrings, rings, pendants, and bracelets. The assortment is updated and expanded annually. Jewelry is created by world-class professional jewelers and is designed for different social and age categories.

Their cubic zirconia jewelry occupies a separate, very important niche in the world of jewelry craftsmanship. There was a moment in history when zirconium was not given enough attention and jewelry made of this stone was not considered elite. Those times are over. Now the attitude towards products with cubic zirconia has changed dramatically. These ornaments are worn by world stars, politicians, and models. Even those people who used to be skeptical about cubic zirconia today say that this stone emphasizes individuality, brings novelty to the style and differs little from an expensive diamond.

Today, even wedding fashion is often focused on products with cubic zirconia, products with this stone have become much more appreciated than 10 years ago. The company offers its customers not only a wide range of finished products but also produces fine jewelry to order. Jewelers do a good job even with the most complex sketches. Many experts write that the jewelers of this company deserve great respect and are strong professionals. In addition, experienced designers will help you adjust and optimize your idea to create a unique piece of jewelry.

During last 4 years the popularity of the company has increased. So experts attribute this phenomenon to the fact that people have realized that you can not pay a lot of money for diamonds if cubic zirconia looks no different from them.

In addition, it is possible to note an interesting and rational interface of the company’s website. Customers really like the fact that it is very easy to use and contains a lot of useful information.

Cubic Zirconia Pros and Cons


  • Low prices
  • High quality
  • User-friendly website interface
  • A wide range of jewelry
  • Guarantee


  • Sometimes there are delivery delays
  • A lot of complaints about the work of the support service
  • Some bracelets have problems with clasps
  • Customers complain about transaction problems
  • Frequent problems with making a refund

Are Cubic Zirconia stones good?

Before answering the question: “Is this company using good zirconium?” you should understand the difference between zirconium and diamond. Externally, these stones are very similar. Sometimes even experienced jewelers can’t tell the difference without additional equipment.

Cubic zirconia is a synthetic gemstone whose popularity continues to grow. The stone is incredibly similar to a diamond and this is its main advantage. If you have to pay a large sum for a diamond, then cubic zirconia is cheap. To clarify: cubic zirconia is a kind of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2). Unlike diamonds, which have existed for an incredibly long time, cubic zirconia was invented in 1975 and since then the stone has had both supporters and opponents.

Opponents are trying to prove that nothing can compare with a natural diamond, and supporters prove that the stones are like two drops of water and do not see the point of paying large sums of money. Do not think that making zirconium is a simple task, it is not. Making a synthetic gemstone is a long and complicated process.

The company uses only the highest quality stones made according to established standards. These stones lack a light yellow hue, which is often fashionable to notice in natural diamonds, but cubic zirconia is not inferior to natural stones in brightness. The company is very attentive to the process of selecting stones for its jewelry. Therefore, we can say that the cubic zirconia used by this brand is of high quality.

Is Cubic Zirconia good for engagement rings?

Long gone are the days when wedding rings with zirconium were not popular. Now the demand for wedding rings with this stone is growing every year. The company offers interesting models of wedding rings that are actively discussed by jewelry experts and buyers. There are several options for you to choose from, both with a central stone and other designs. Cubic zirconia can be combined with diamonds if you want just such an option. You can also choose on the website the precious metal from which you want to buy a ring. The website interface makes it easy to adjust all the details of jewelry yourself. All wedding rings are made in America. However, every day these rings are sent to customers from different countries of the world. The demand for rings is very high, as soon as a new model appears, they buy it almost immediately.

The choice of models is great, besides the prices are very affordable. For example, in 2021, it was possible to purchase a stylish wedding ring with cubic zirconia of incredible beauty for just $ 400. No wonder the rings are so popular. Analysts and experts note that it is the company’s wedding track collection that is the most popular and best-selling. There are models for both girls and men. Dozens of professional designers and jewelers are working on the creation of models.

Last year, the highest possible number of positive posts about the products of this company was written on social networks and wedding rings were the leaders in the list of the best.

Cubic Zirconia most popular models

Popular and quite unusual models are among all the categories of jewelry that the company offers. For example, if we talk about wedding rings, the customers remembered this Engagement Ring

This model is an incredibly beautiful mix of zirconium and diamond. A very interesting design solution that perfectly preserves the balance of this jewelry and makes it very harmonious.

The company is also very active in selling earrings. Earrings with zirconium are quite inexpensive, but they look very impressive.

Few people can recognize that it’s not a diamond. As a rule, such earrings are bought by young girls. For example, this model has not disappeared from the list of best-selling for several years. At first glance, it is a very simple design, but such earrings look very elegant.

Another very popular model, which is one of the best-selling in the company – new model named Lucy.

The ring is sold as standard with a round-cut CZ center stone weighing 4.0 carats, emphasizing the shape of the frame.

This is an unconventional wedding ring with 7 stones, complemented by conical baguette inserts.

You can purchase a Lucy engagement ring separately or together with a men’s engagement ring to complement the wedding set with cubic zirconia. The central stone in such a ring weighs 4 carats.

Cubic Zirconia payment options

Several different payment options are available for the convenience of their customers. The company’s management always emphasizes that all transactions are protected and encrypted, regardless of which method you decided to pay for the purchase. The easiest and most popular way is to pay with a debit or credit card. The company accepts all leading cards such as Visa Master and others for payment. You can also pay for the purchase using Paypal. This method is also very popular among buyers, it is used very often. The company is also fully integrated with Amazon Pay. Customers often praise the company for optimal payment options and for the fact that the company’s management pays maximum attention to the safety of its customers.

Cubic Zirconia warranty

The company positions itself as a brand that cares about customers as much as possible. Therefore, the company provides a lifetime warranty on all its products. Important! Products made according to individual sketches to order cannot be returned under warranty. The lifetime warranty that the company offers its customers includes free repair and maintenance. Important! If for some reason you have asked for help from jewelers of other companies, then this warranty is canceled. This rule applies to almost all jewelry companies in the world. So, according to the warranty, everything you buy in the company’s online store has a lifetime warranty for any manufacturing defects. In CubicZirconia.com each product undergoes thorough tests to evaluate and maintain standards because manufacturing defects are extremely rare. The company guarantees that only high-end equipment is used in the manufacture of goods and the probability of marriage is reduced to almost zero.

Cubic Zirconia return policy

You can return the product within 60 days from the date of purchase and get your money back. This rule applies to all jewelry except those that were made to order. As a rule, the return occurs without problems, but there are rare exceptions. Examples of unsuccessful attempts to return are fashionable to read among the comments on the Internet. For example, here’s what Jane Lee Catcher wrote, who bought earrings on the site:

” I liked the earrings, I was happy when I received the product. But it took only two days, and the stone fell out! I couldn’t damage the product, I didn’t touch the earrings at all. I just wore these earrings for two days and the stone fell. Of course, after a long conversation with the support service, they tried to convince me that I was to blame for the breakdown. I insisted that it was a manufacturing defect. In the end, I sent the earrings back. I was told that if the marriage is confirmed, the money will be returned to me. As a result, the experts concluded that the cause of the breakdown of the product was the mechanical impact and no one returned the money to me.”.

On the other hand, there are a lot of positive examples in which customers praise the company for its honesty, quick refund, and organization of replacement of goods.

Important! Before any refund, consult with the support service about the rules of registration, if at least at some point you make a mistake, the refund will not be accepted.

Cubic Zirconia customer service

There are a lot of complaints about the work of the support service. For example, among the reviews, you can read dissatisfaction with the fact that not all questions are answered.  The answers sometimes take a very long time to come. This is the opinion of some customers. As a whole, about 60 percent of buyers believe that the company should improve the work of the support service or seriously engage in the selection of qualified employees.

So, to contact the support service representatives, you can call the toll-free phone number in the USA (888) 355-2484 or use the live chat application in the lower right corner of the screen (it will show whether the support service operators are currently available for online chat). Support service opening hours:

  • The company does not offer Sunday service hours.
  • Customer service by phone: Monday to Saturday 1 pm-8 pm EST.
  • Customer service by email: Monday to Saturday1 pm-8 pm EST.

Customer service by chat: if the chat box is visible in the lower right corner of your screen, we are available by chat.

The busiest days are Monday and Tuesday. Respondents note that these days it is the hardest to get through to the support service.

Q Will be charged tax for my order?

Sure. Depending on the state or country in which the purchase was made, the tax provided for by law will be taken into account when forming the price.

Q Does Cubic Zirconia have sales?

The company makes discounts on goods quite often, but this cannot be called full-fledged sales. The prices of zirconium jewelry are quite low, so there is no special need for sales.

Q Does Cubic Zirconia have certificated stones?

Representatives of the company claim that IGI certification is a useless paper designed to increase prices for cubic zirconia stones.

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