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5 Reviews for Leibish & Co.



1 Reviews

Satisfied with the purchase and prices

4.0/ 5

I have bought jewelry on this site many times and have always been satisfied with the purchase. I also like the prices. You can find jewelry from cheap to very expensive, the company is not focused on any one segment. Everyone can find a suitable price category for themselves. I also really like how the company’s employees treat their customers. It seems that when you call the support service, you communicate with your family members In addition, I have always liked the assortment. To be honest, looking at the assortment of these jewelry has always been something comparable to a visit to a psychologist for me? Even the sight of these goods calmed me down. Nevertheless, I can’t give 5 stars, because one day I still wasn’t completely satisfied with the purchase: the ring is beautifully made but the stone is below my expectation. The color was so faint one would not notice it at all. But I repeat that this was only an isolated case and, in principle, I am satisfied with the work of the company.

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1 Reviews

Don't bother buying anything

3.0/ 5

Don’t buy anything from this company. Despite the excellent choice, magnificent diamonds, incredible design, and good prices – do not buy! Because they can’t sort out their transactions! Maybe they have good jewelers working for them, but the employees from the technical department are completely incompetent and unprofessionally do their job. Just bought a stone from Leibish only to find they canceled the transaction after the Paypal payment had gone through. Furthermore, they sent me an intro-eBay email asking me to confirm the order was canceled, which is not possible. There was incredible confusion, a long dialogue with the support service, I had to get nervous. Later I found out that problems with transactions are quite common in this company, so I decided not to deal with them anymore.

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1 Reviews

Not good third purchase but still I'll order again

4.0/ 5

I really want to give this site and this company five stars, but I can’t do it. Now I’ll tell you why. At first glance, everything is fine in this company, both the assortment and the stones and the attitude towards customers. I bought products on this site twice and both times were satisfied. An unpleasant situation happened at the third purchase. Or rather, not even when buying, but during the checkout process, when I wanted to buy an original ring that I modeled myself. The company’s jewelers were only required to implement my idea. Unfortunately, they couldn’t handle this task well. This is a common problem of many jewelry companies. Reading the reviews, I understand that I’m not the only one facing this problem. Except for this nuance, I like the work of the company and I can recommend the site to friends.

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1 Reviews

Positive experience

5.0/ 5

I have had a very positive experience with this company. For example, recently purchased Leibish & Co. It was a very pleasant experience. Contrary to my expectations and negative experience with other companies, Customer service was excellent. As a rule, it was the support service that disappointed me in communicating with other jewelry brands the most. Nevertheless, the operator who answered my questions on the label was very helpful, professional, knowledgeable, polite, and patient due to the problem with my bank. Yes, there was a problem with the transaction and we could not figure out what the issue was because initially, the bank did not confirm its guilt. However, thanks to the professionalism of the customer support representative, the problem was solved. I recommend this company to everyone.

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1 Reviews

Leibish Review

5.0/ 5

I don’t think that this company needs advertising, the quality of diamonds that this brand sells is known all over the world. However, I couldn’t resist and I want to write a review. I recently purchased 2 additional colored diamonds from Leibish. As a gemologist, I truly appreciate the knowledge, excellent service, and value they provide. I am very well versed in precious stones, so I confidently speak about the quality of these diamonds. I especially like yellow ones. There is something magical about them that inspires optimism. But of course, the quality of precious stones is not the only point that I want to tell you about. This brand pays a lot of attention to an individual approach to its customers. This is very important to me, because in many jewelry companies, unfortunately, I have encountered unprofessionalism of the support service. Without hesitation, I give 5 stars to this company.

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What is Leibish?

The popularity of Leibish has been growing rapidly. The company was founded in 1979. Leibish diamonds are so unusual and bright that attract the attention of buyers from all corners of our planet. We want to draw your attention to the fact that the company is the only supplier of unique jewelry using diamonds of different colors. It is this detail that distinguishes the company from hundreds of competitors and attracts more and more attention every year. The company’s experience is a big plus, for many buyers, it is the experience, reliability, and legality of the brand that becomes the decisive factor when choosing a seller. Of course, the sale of diamonds online did not begin immediately. Modernization of the process took place in 1996. Initially, the management understood that it was taking a big risk. Then no one could guarantee the success of this event. However, the experiment turned out to be very successful. Many have realized how convenient it is to buy jewelry online and how practical it is to select the necessary characteristics. Separately, it is worth paying your attention to the jewelry of the company’s production: many customers call this jewelry a masterpiece. Indeed, the company employs only high-class jewelers with fine taste, who intend to emphasize the unique beauty of a diamond in each product. At the moment, the company does not have many representative offices around the world, the main office is located in America (New York), and there is also a headquarters in Israel.

Leibish Review

You can find the addresses of all showrooms on the official website of the company, where, in addition to the address itself, a map with the route of travel is also provided.

Leibish Review

It is worth noting that despite the presence of stores, most buyers still prefer to buy products online, considering it is faster and more practical.

Are Leibish diamonds good?

If you pay attention to the reviews of most experts and clients of the company, then you will understand that the Leibish diamonds are really good. These stones attract the attention of those who like everything unusual, original, bright. It is no secret that the brand has long been recognized as a world leader in this particular industry – the trade-in unusual diamonds. It is unlikely that according to the current state, you will be able to find better-colored diamonds than this brand. Some people think the price is a little too high, but world experts and analysts assure that the ratio of price and quality in this company is perfectly balanced. The company works in a rather narrow direction, but it works perfectly. Also, many experts focus on how the jewelers of this brand set diamonds: maximum attention is paid to ensuring that the color of the stone is optimized at the final stage and nothing distracts attention from it. Important! The stones that the company offers to its customers are natural. There are no impurities or components that enhance the color. This has been proven in the laboratory. Everything you see in the catalog is natural. Now the company offers its customers about 2,600 different variants of diamonds of different colors, different shapes. Indeed, the range and quality of diamonds are amazing.

Leibish Review

To be honest, unfortunately, many companies today neglect the certification process. Yes, for many it has become a formality, not a necessity at all. Experts say that this is a very negative trend that needs to be eliminated as soon as possible to avoid problems in the jewelry industry. Fortunately, Leibish is not one of those companies that want to avoid diamond certification or consider this process expensive and not important enough. All the diamonds that the company sells are certified by the world’s leading laboratories. Each stone has a certificate that confirms its quality authenticity and characteristics.

Recall that in the collections of the brand there are very rare stones, rare colors, and shapes. These stones look so unusual that many buyers have a question: are they natural? This is exactly what certification is for: to guarantee authenticity and dispel customer doubts, as well as to protect yourself and customers from fraudsters.

Laboratories, among other characteristics, record the cut and purity of the diamond, but let’s be frank: in this case, the color is most important! It is the color that makes Leibish diamonds unique. That is if in the processing of an ordinary diamond the emphasis is on the cut, shape, then with these stones everything is different: here the color is the business card of the stone and all efforts are aimed at emphasizing the color.

Is Leibish good for engagement rings?

We will not exaggerate by writing that the engagement rings of this brand are simply magnificent. These are the opinions expressed by most buyers and experts. The rings are so original and so professionally made that they have no competitors in the market. All jewelry offered on the site is of the highest quality, but engagement rings attract special attention. This collection is strikingly different from the assortment that the buyer is used to seeing on other sites.

Leibish Review

And now we are talking not only about the color of diamonds but also about the overall design and decoration of the ring. Now a novelty is coming into fashion – Fancy Light Yellow Oval Halo Diamond Ring, this is a great number of which many experts and regular customers of the company have already written about. The ring costs more than 11 thousand dollars, but almost no one could call it too expensive, because it’s enough just to look at it to understand what quality we are talking about.

Leibish Review

Many experts assume that in the coming months this model will become one of the best-selling.

By the way, if you did not like any of the rings offered on the site, then professional jewelers working in the company will be happy to create an order according to your design. Customers who used this book were very satisfied, many of them write about it on the Internet.

Also in recent months, a model called

White Emerald Shape 3 Stone Diamond Ring. This is a fairly expensive ring, the cost of which exceeds 58 thousand dollars, however, connoisseurs of high-quality jewelry are happy to choose this model.

Leibish payment options

It is worth admitting that the company has done everything possible to simplify the payment process for the client. The site accepts all leading debit and credit cards in addition payments can be made by bank transfer, PayPal. Of course, the company offers various discounts to its customers. According to customer reviews, the brand is doing everything possible to make the purchase profitable for the client. Prices for jewelry are indicated in US dollars. If the payment is not made from the territory of America or with a card of another country, then before making the payment, it is better to consult with a support representative who will help you make the transaction in an optimal way. The company also offers its customers an interesting opportunity to get a discount of one and a half percent. To do this, it is tedious to become a member of the so-called VIP club. In addition to discounts, membership in this club offers other privileges, but that’s not about it now: after all, we are talking about payment methods. Many customers are concerned about the question of, for example, payment made from another country. It all depends on the bank. Sometimes it happens very quickly, sometimes it takes about two days to transport. By the way, if you pay for jewelry by bank transfer, you save 1.5 percent, but this offer is not valid if we are talking about paying on credit or using some other special offer. Only by paying the hollow amount of the goods you can get this discount. All transactions are legal and protected by law. If you are in doubt about any moment of payment, then call the support service, where the operators will answer all your questions.

Leibish Warranty

The company offers its customers a set of fairly standard guarantees, including a lifetime warranty. Of course, now almost every major jewelry company offers such guarantees. So, a little more about guarantees: full money-back guarantee if you return the product within a month. A lifetime warranty is a free repair of your jewelry, but only in case of defects caused by natural wear. The warranty takes effect from the date of purchase. What kind of repair the product will need is determined not by the buyer, but by an expert who deals with this issue professionally. No one will repair your product without getting prior consent from you. For example, the expert concludes that the repair does not fit the terms of the warranty. He will inform you about this and will not start the repair on his own. If you have lost a piece of jewelry or it has been stolen from you, then of course it is pointless to talk about the warranty. In addition, if your product is deformed due to external factors, and not natural wear, then you will also have to pay for its repair, the warranty does not apply in this case. Another important point! If your product is changed by another jeweler or workshop, then the company’s warranty is canceled (for example, you changed the size of the ring). If you need to change the size of the ring, then do it on the Label. However, this procedure will be done for free only once.

Leibish return policy

The company provides a one hundred percent money-back guarantee to the buyer. How does it work? Firstly, you will not be asked unnecessary questions about why you decided to return the jewelry. For many, this is a very important point, often clients of other companies write that they are very nervous about such questions from employees of companies. Of course, there are conditions for a refund, they are standard. Like almost all jewelry companies, the company asks customers to make a refund within a maximum of 30 days after purchase. Important! The jewelry should be exactly in the condition in which it arrived at you. It is also a prerequisite to return with the product the originals of all certificates that were attached to the purchase. This is a very important point that many people forget about, and then complain that they did not get a refund. But even if you have lost the original certificate, the company meets you halfway and the return of the goods will still be carried out, but you will pay for the delivery yourself and pay from $ 150 fees. We remind you that this amount is charged only if you have lost the original certificates! Another nuance that many do not know about: you can return the product purchased on the website or in the store, but you cannot return the jewelry created by individual order. Of course, you can send it for revision, but there will be no refund with a refund of the full cost. In the case of individual orders, an individual approach is carried out and the company may reserve the right to solve some nuances.

Leibish customer service

The company has a very good support service. At least most of the clients praise the employees and write that professional operator solve all issues very quickly. You can contact the representatives of the company’s support service by email info@leibish.com or call (1-855-534-2474) during business hours. Unfortunately, the company’s support service does not work around the clock. If you carefully study customer reviews about the support service of this company, it turns out that 90 percent write “Leibish”s level of customer service and support is amazing.” Of course, before calling or writing to the support service, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the list of the most frequently asked questions that are located on the official website of the company.

Q Are Leibish real diamonds?

Yes, absolutely. The company offers only real diamonds. This is confirmed by the world's leading laboratories and relevant certificates.

Q Does Leibish charge sales tax?

Yes, but the amount of tax depends on many factors. In particular, it depends on where the purchase was made, in which state, city. The amount should be specified in each case.

Q Does Leibish make sales?

The company offers many good discounts. You can find them out from the announcements on the official website.

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