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Poor support services

3.0/ 5

I don’t recommend using the services of this company. I found myself in an unpleasant situation because my order was carried out for too long. I wanted to give my husband a gift for the wedding anniversary, I warned the jewelers that I should get the ring before a specific date. Yes, the ring I wanted is not an easy order, I do not argue with that. The jewelers understood this but promised to finish the work on time. This did not happen. I didn’t want to take it only after the designated deadline. There have been a lot of showdowns with the support service and the situation is still not resolved at the moment. I do not advise you to use the services of this company if you plan to create a custom ring. If you just buy a ready-made ring on the site, then I think there will be no problem.

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1 Reviews

Never thought that men's jewelry fashion could be so diverse and interesting

5.0/ 5

I thought for a long time and doubted before making a gift to my husband. It was both his birthday and our wedding anniversary at the same time. I wanted the gift to be memorable, bright, original. Of course, I thought about jewelry, but unfortunately, it is very difficult to find a ring for a man. I ran into a problem: there are a lot of female models, but there is a big problem with male ones. Fortunately, my friends recommended this brand to me. When I went to the site, I just froze with happiness after seeing such a variety of models, styles, ideas. Honestly, I never thought before that men’s jewelry fashion could be so diverse and interesting. I chose a ring for a long time, paid for it and received it on time without any problems. We are 100 percent satisfied with this company. Besides, I liked the prices. For such quality and such a design, frankly speaking, it was necessary to put a much higher price. Thank you to the company for thinking about its customers!

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1 Reviews

I liked the prices

4.0/ 5

I used the services of this company on the eve of my dad’s birthday. He loves signet rings very much and I ordered him one of these rings. Besides, I ordered an engraving. Some of my friends have already used the services of this site and were satisfied, so in principle, I did not expect a trick. The choice is very good, I also liked the prices. There were no problems with the delivery either, the problem arose with the size of the ring. When we received the ring, the size was not the one that I specified in the order. Of course, I returned the goods and the jewelers fixed the problem, but we did not have time in time for the birthday, there was an unforeseen delay and this spoiled my impression of the services of this company.

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1 Reviews

I did not expect and was delighted

4.0/ 5

Previously, I did not think that such a thing as men’s jewelry exists in principle. All the men’s rings that I saw earlier were so standard and ordinary that I didn’t even show interest in them. I first learned about this company after my wife made me a surprise on our wedding anniversary and gave me a ring from the collection of this brand. To be honest, I did not expect and was delighted. For the first time, I realized that men’s rings can also be original, reflect the essence and character of a person. After that, I bought another ring on the website, this time with a signet ring. I want to thank this brand for paying attention to men’s products. The reason why I did not give the company 5 stars is the support service operator, who could not answer my questions competently. Otherwise, the company’s work and products are at a high level!

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1 Reviews

Rockford Collection Review

4.0/ 5

Previously, I was often upset by the fact that in America, and not only in America, but jewelry stores and brands also do not pay enough attention to men’s lines. Most engagement rings and engagement rings are too standard, mundane, there is no choice. It seems that the entire jewelry industry works only for women. Fortunately, I got acquainted with the collection of this brand on the eve of my engagement. I was glad that the industry finally stepped forward and I was able to choose exactly what I wanted. Engagement and wedding is a very important day in the life of not only women but also men. Of course, I want the ring symbolizing my relationship with the woman I love not to look ordinary. Regarding the models: I saw a lot of interesting ideas on the website and chose a ring without a diamond, very concise, but stylish. The price also seemed very reasonable to me. While other companies offer standard men’s rings at a higher price, here I can order an exclusive for quite affordable money.

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What is Rockford Collection?

Rockford Collection jewelry is well known all over the world. This is a men’s jewelry line, an innovative brand focused on men’s tastes and style.

Rockford Collection

The company mainly focuses on engagement rings and engagement rings for men. The company attracts attention precisely by paying attention directly to men, while most competitors focus on women. The company has occupied a niche in the world that is quite difficult to occupy. To occupy this niche, you need high professionalism and the ability to feel the trends of men’s moods subtly. At the first stages of its development, the company faced different opinions, including skeptical statements about such an idea. However, demand has shown that men’s rings are an incredibly popular product and men also want to be owners of stylish and unique jewelry. Many competing firms have always sold men’s engagement rings and wedding rings, however, according to most experts, the choice was so meager and so different from the variety of female models that that niche was not competitive. Today, many experts say that the Rockford Collection has begun a new era in jewelry. Today, a man’s wedding ring is becoming not only a symbol of marriage bonds and love but also a way of self-expression of a man. Even though the company used to mainly work with American customers, today rings are ordered from other countries.

Rockford Collection

It is possible to say that the company is one of the most popular in America. In terms of popularity, it can be compared with James Allen. Most of the orders are made using the company’s website, where you can quickly find exactly the right model. The founders of the company claim that each of their models is universal. Many already today refer to this brand as the “luxury” class. Now many world experts say that this company “turned the men’s world upside down”, “made a revolution in the concepts of rings for men”, “created a new niche”. Indeed, if you pay attention to the popularity of collections and the hype around them, it is fashionable to agree with these statements. The company’s customers (more than 90 percent judging by the reviews) are satisfied with their purchases and plan to use the company’s services again.

Are Rockford Collection diamonds good?

Yes, the diamonds used by this brand are highly appreciated by experts and have good characteristics. The founders of the company initially wanted to bet not only on the design but also on the quality of diamonds and precious metals. It is very difficult to find negative reviews on the web regarding the quality of diamonds or products of this brand in general. Most customers are satisfied. It is worth noting that few people question the quality of this company, because many in the world know with what responsibility the founders approach the development of the company. To the fact that the company’s diamonds are of high quality, it is worth adding that the company practices an individual approach to each product. For example, products are created not just manually, but also using unique tools that have no analogs in the world. Important! All diamonds used to create rings are exclusively natural stones, at the moment the company does not use laboratory

Is Rockford Collection good for engagement rings?

Absolutely! More and more jewelry fans are putting the products of this company in the “luxury” line. In many ways, the uniqueness of the models that the company offers plays a role. There are thematic models, there is an individual design, there are bold youth models. In fact, if you carefully study the brand’s website, you will understand how seriously the assortment is organized. For example, the idea of naming rings after gold mines in America caused a real delight among many customers. It’s not just about the names! Each ring model carries a meaning, a symbol, a message. Rings can be chosen from different metals, with diamonds and without different tones and different shapes. For example, one of the most recently sold rings was a ring called NORTHSTAR Men’s Gold Wedding Band with 0.50ct Diamonds.

Rockford Collection

Often this model is ordered as a gift for their men. This model also has a nice price, which will not exceed 3 thousand dollars. Experts note that buyers are increasingly moving away from the classics and prefer newer bold models. We can say that now we are experiencing a period of renewal in men’s fashion for jewelry. There are no more times when a man’s engagement ring or wedding ring was not given due attention. Men also want their ring to be a real symbol, not just a piece of metal on their finger. Leading specialists took part in the development of models for this brand, focus groups were also created, surveys were conducted. When creating models, jewelers primarily focused on what men like, on how a man can express himself with a ring. Yes! Not only do women need self-expression through jewelry but the brand’s collection will help them in this.

Most popular Rockford Collection models

The company offers a truly incredible selection of models. Analysts note that each age category of men prefers different models, styles, and directions. For example, men under 30 years of age prefer such ring models as BRIGGS Men’s Gold Wedding Band with 1.00ct Diamonds or models without diamonds. There are also a lot of such models. These models are aimed at emphasizing the exceptionally precious metal and its laconic elegance. For example, a very popular model is a wedding ring without a diamond called BREWER Men’s Gold Wedding Band. The cost of such models is about 2 thousand dollars. By the way, models without diamonds are popular not only among young people but also among the older generation. Separately, I would like to note the models of rings with black onyx. Recently, they have become increasingly popular not only among Americans but also among foreign customers. For example, a men’s gold ring with a BETZ seal is a ring on which engravings are very often ordered. A very elegant model that can often display the personality traits of its owner. According to the idea of the creators, the signet ring displays the character and mood of gold miners from Nevada and tells the story of the mines that are located in this area. It is worth noting that not so long ago, the fashion for Multi-Colored Gemstone Rings for Men began to become more active. These are truly unique models for those who prefer variety and are tired of the classics. It is such things that emphasize individuality in the best possible way.

Rockford Collection payment options

It is quite easy to pay for the goods. The official website of the company indicates that standard world cards such as Visa, Master, Paypal, Apple pay, Amex are accepted for payment. This list may be replenished, so we recommend that you track it on the company’s website where you can get the most reliable information. Layaway and Affirm systems can also be used when buying. In principle, these are very popular methods. In fact, you can choose the option of paying money for a purchase in installments, it is very easy and convenient. Customers write that the company follows its obligations and customers have no complaints about the organization of payment. All payments are made in dollars, all transactions are protected by law. If you have any doubts about the payment, you can consult with a support representative or your bank beforehand. In addition, you can make a payment using your Amazon account, which is also one of the most popular methods.

Rockford Collection warranty

Undoubtedly, nowadays a guarantee is not only paper but also a kind of “face” of the company, an indicator of reliability and solidity. It is unlikely that anyone will want to buy jewelry without receiving guarantees: it is not enough just to trust the company, you want to have proof of reliability. So, the brand offers some guarantees according to which 100% availability of natural diamonds is guaranteed, the quality of gold and platinum used to create products is guaranteed. Of course, the company provides a guarantee of free care of ha products, for example, you can polish the ring for free. By the way, many customers are enthusiastic about how professionally jewelers cope with the care of rings. At a time when there are a lot of complaints and dissatisfied comments from competitors in this matter, it is fashionable to hear only positive opinions about this company. So, let’s go back to the guarantees, which also include a freestone lift. The company guarantees that each product undergoes a thorough quality check, this check includes several stages and takes a lot of time. The company guarantees that your ring will not have manufacturing defects. In an interview, representatives of the company said that a manufacturing defect is a disgrace, and allowing a defect is comparable to a slap in the face. By the way, the period of maintenance and repair of jewelry is not limited – that warranty is positioned as a lifetime. If the repair goes beyond the warranty, then the masters will not start repairing the ring without warning you that you need to pay. By the way, before any repairs, the ring is thoroughly checked by jewelers and experts.

Rockford Collection return policy

The rules for the return of goods offered by this company are somewhat different from the standard. While competitors offer a full refund for the product within a month, this brand makes a refund only within two weeks after making a purchase. The main thing is to follow the return rules that the company has established. If you decide to return the ring, first of all, you should inform the customer service by calling support. The call must be made to receive a special number called the “authorization number”. This number is not issued immediately, but within 2-3 days after the request. Then you will need to follow the step-by-step instructions provided on the website: without following the rules, sending the goods will be impossible. So, for example, the product must be returned in the same form in which it arrived at you. Remember that when returning, the expert evaluates the ring and if there is even the slightest damage on it, it will become obvious in a matter of seconds. Also, when returning it is very important that the product is returned with all the accompanying documentation. Nothing should be lost. Please remember that the ring created by individual order and sketch cannot be returned! Another important point: if you return a ring that does not belong to the Ever black rings category, then you will have to pay $ 250. If we are talking about Ever black rings, the fee will be $ 350. Now let’s talk about the exchange. Here, the system is also somewhat different from the competitors’ system. For example, when exchanging a ring due to an unsuitable size, you will have to pay an amount that, depending on the model and other factors, will vary from 260 to 650 dollars. If we are talking about changing the size of a custom-made ring, then it will cost more: from 400 to 870 US dollars.

Rockford Collection customer service

The company’s support service is working satisfactorily, except for some failures that usually occur on weekends. On weekends it is very difficult to get in touch with the support service operators, especially if you are not logged in and ask your question on the site simply as a guest. If you want to communicate by phone, then call 888-766-9122| Spanish: 888.404.2790. Email at info@rockfordcollection.com Also on the site there is an interactive chat that works very well during the week and very slowly on weekends. Nevertheless, the support service operators are distinguished by literacy, politeness, and patience. At least that’s what the company’s clients write. Also, in principle, there are almost no complaints about the speed with which the service works. Operators can advise you on various issues, including you can ask them professional questions about jewelry. As a rule, the company employs people who are exceptionally well-versed in jewelry, precious stones, and precious metals. If you want to meet with a representative of the company face to face for a consultation, then you can do it in the New York office of the company or by video chat.

Q Are Rockford Collection real diamonds?

Yes, of course. The authenticity of diamonds and precious metals that the company uses for its jewelry is beyond doubt and has been confirmed by many tests.

Q Does Rockford Collection have sales?

There are discounts and sales, but there are not as many of them as the company's customers would like. Many buyers ask the management to do more discounts sales and other pleasant surprises.

Q Where are Rockford Collection from?

The company's jewelry mainly uses diamonds from America.

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