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Szul Reviews

5.0/ 5

Quality and reasonable prices, what else do you need for a successful purchase? I think it is wrong that some complaint about the company’s lack of real stores. In my opinion, the online store is quite enough. The problem is that despite the progress, many remain very conservative and cannot trust the Internet business. I took a chance and am very happy that I did it. After all, among Internet companies, as well as among ordinary stores, there are both good and bad. I am sure that you will enjoy being a client of this company because it is very difficult to please me, but after shopping in this online store, I was completely satisfied. I also want to say about prices: they are designed for different social levels.

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What is Szul?

This company has had its regular circle of customers for many years and is constantly expanding. The company started its work in 1999, but it did not immediately become popular and trustworthy. This is one of the first companies that began to seriously engage in the sale of high-quality jewelry made of precious metals with diamonds online. Sure we must admit that online diamond trading did not inspire confidence among buyers for a long time, many considered this type of purchase and sale quite risky.

This is a well-founded fear: 10 years ago it was fashionable in the world to observe a real outbreak of fraud in this direction. To date, the company has managed to show customers that there are brands that are trustworthy and work only with high-quality goods. Today, the company sells a variety of high-quality jewelry.

Many world-renowned experts are confident that the company is a leading online retailer of high-quality jewelry. A great achievement of the company is the ability to establish trusting and partnership relations with customers, For many years this online store has consistently been among the most popular among the population.

Szul is not only engaged in the supply but also produces jewelry. The prices offered by the company are liked by customers, most consider the prices affordable.

The main focus of the company’s work is on products with diamonds and other precious stones. At each stage of its work, the company primarily takes care of the client, and it is also worth noting the very effective work to prevent fraud on the part of customers.

The company works exclusively on the Internet. And while most of the competitors of the Internet site are only an extension of the main retail business, Szul focuses all attention directly on the online business.

Many experts note the fact with what professionalism the business is built. Indeed, the business is built very competently and with a view to each of the categories of buyers. The products are selected by the most reliable experts, and the best designers work on the products.

Of course, not everything turned out to be easy: in the history of the brand, there were both light and dark periods, economic crises. But thanks to competent management, the company was able to overcome all the difficult moments.

Szul Pros and Cons


  • A good selection of wedding rings
  • High-quality materials
  • Good work of the support service
  • Convenient payment methods
  • Convenient conditions for the return of goods


  • There is no showroom
  • Prices are sometimes overpriced
  • There are delays in the delivery of goods

Is Szul good for engagement rings?

Wedding rings and engagement rings from this brand are often the subjects of dispute among both buyers and experts. Opinions about these rings vary greatly. The fact that the purchase and sale of diamond products is a priority in the company’s work has long been a well-known fact. It is also known that the company makes large purchases, and the turnover is very active and large.

According to many experts, unfortunately, quantity sometimes negatively affects quality. It is often fashionable on the Internet to meet customer complaints that they have received a ring that does not meet their expectations. Of course, having tried on a ring in a store, all these problems disappear, but unfortunately, they are very relevant in many companies that sell jewelry exclusively online.

However, if you do not focus on perfectionism regarding quality, but look at the assortment, then you will like the site. Indeed, the company offers an incredibly large selection of engagement rings.

The company offers customers many options for rings with certified diamonds of different shapes and cuts. Of course, in addition to just rings on the site, you can also find wedding sets, which by the way are very popular.

If we talk about specific complaints that are fashionable to hear directly to the collection of wedding rings, then most often customers complain about the color of the stone, not strong enough teeth, and being overpriced.

A big plus is a convenience when choosing a ring: the interface of the site is very simple and with its help, you can very quickly choose a metal, stone, or stone shape. Of the metals in the assortment, there are white, yellow, and rose gold.

Is Szul good for men’s rings?

In recent years, the company has made a big breakthrough in the direction of male collections. If in the early years of the online store’s existence this category looked rather sparse, then with the experience of work, it began to come to an understanding of how well men’s rings are sold. Yes, unfortunately, many jewelry companies forget or do not pay attention to the fact that men also want to emphasize their individuality with jewelry. So, what kind of men’s rings does the online store offer? Of course, first of all, these are diamond rings, because it is diamond products that the company pays the most attention to.

In addition to the standard diamond rings for men, you can find very interesting models on the site in which diamonds are combined with onyx. Recently, this combination is considered one of the best-selling on the site.

Men’s yellow gold models are not as successful as white rings. In fact, models made of white gold with onyx and diamonds look very stylish and can perfectly harmonize with any style.

Is Szul good for bracelets?

Regarding the bracelets that are sold on this site, the opinion is quite unambiguous: buyers like these products. By the way, the site offers several types of bracelets:


Each of these categories is interesting and unusual in its way. Designers have done a good job of creating bracelets. The most popular bracelets are diamond ones. Beginners on the site are confused by the big difference in price: bracelets are offered from very cheap to very expensive. This is a normal practice: it all depends on the number and weight of diamonds, as well as on the material from which the bracelet is made.

By the way, bracelets are one of the categories of goods on the site for which discounts are often made. Discounts can be very good even on luxury diamond bracelets, the main thing is to constantly monitor the site and wait for the right moment.

Is Szul good for accessories?

It cannot be said that accessories are a very strong side of this site. For example, at the moment there are no accessories on the site except chains. It is doubtful that all the goods were sold: analysts believe that simply because of low demand, the sale of some goods has been suspended. So, back to the chains: they are standard and do not stand out for some incredibly high quality or design. There are chains of different lengths and thicknesses. As for the materials, the set is also standard: white, yellow, and rose gold. The chains absolutely comply with all necessary and generally accepted standards, because the expert does not consider comments about their low quality to be justified. If you believe the statistics of the site, then in recent months the models of rose gold chains have been most actively sold.

Is Szul good for earrings?

Yes, recently the collections of earrings that the company offers have improved several times because many experts advise buyers to pay attention to the products of this company. You can choose earrings with different stones. At the moment, the assortment includes:

  • Diamond
  • Blue Topaz
  • Emerald
  • Sapphire
  • Ruby
  • Garnet
  • Citrine
  • Peridot
  • Aquamarine
  • Black Diamond
  • Blue Diamond
  • Tanzanite

A few years ago, the site’s clients could not even imagine such a variety of earrings, but today a whole team of designers and other specialists is working hard to expand exactly that direction of the company’s activities. If he talks about the most popular models, then according to the statistics of the site, these are miniature diamond stud earrings that never go out of fashion.

Szul Payments

The payment system offered by the online store is convenient and standard. In describing their activities, company representatives often emphasize that all financial transactions are legal and that all transactions are carried out exclusively following legal requirements. So, the company accepts leading credit and debit cards, such as Visa Master and others for payment. You can also pay using the Amazon payment system. This is a very convenient method that many customers use. It is worth noting that there are practically no complaints about the poor performance of the site regarding payment. The technical service is working very well. If there are any problems with payment, then these are usually failures related to the client’s bank.

Szul Delivery

The delivery time of your product will be indicated directly during the processing of the product.

The processing time of your product is indicated in the product specification under the “US Flag Logo” button. This button is located on the information page about your jewelry.

So, at the moment, the company offers the following options for delivering goods to customers. Within America:

  • Complimentary ground shipping (4-7 days) – FREE
  • Express Shipping Service (3-5 days) – $9.95
  • Expedited Shipping Service (1-2 days) – $24
  • Important! All products are insured.
  • Delivery to International Countries – USPS/UPS/APC – $45.95

It is important to remember that orders received by the company after 15: 00 p can only be processed the next day if it is a working day, and not a holiday. Another important clarification: certified orders for receiving loose diamonds that were purchased with a credit card can be sent to a physical address within the United States.

Szul is not responsible for any delays due to unforeseen circumstances or weather conditions.

Szul Return Policy

The company can return or exchange the jewelry within 30 days from the moment when you bought the product. The return process is quite simple and does not require much effort. The main thing before making a refund is to call or write to the company’s support service. This is necessary to get the exchange authorization number.

It is this number that is of great importance. The number should be written on the label of your return.

You can send a refund in different ways. For example USPS, FedEx, UPS. The company strongly advises you to set up an inventory and get a number according to which it is fashionable to keep track of the movement of the parcel. Of course, the goods must be sent unused and in the same package in which you received them.

The company returns the purchase price, however, that process may take up to 10 days depending on your bank.

Important! A different scheme applies to certified loose diamonds. This item can be returned within 15 days.

All Certified stones must be returned with the original Certificate of Gemological Evaluation of diamonds. If you have lost the certificate, you will be charged for this document: up to $ 500.

Szul customer service

The company’s support service works very well and the only negative is the lack of an interactive chat on the site. Many customers are used to contacting support representatives in this way. Despite the minus, the service operators perfectly cope with their tasks also with the help of a phone and an email:

On the web, you can see a lot of positive feedback about the work of operators who can find a way out of even the most difficult situations.

Q Is Szul legit?

Yes, this is a legal company that operates following the rules adopted by the legislation of the country, also observing ethical measures for the purchase of precious stones.

Q What items are not eligible to return?

Products that are created according to a special sketch by the company's jewelers or products with engraving.

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