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High prices and monotonous collections

3.0/ 5

There are three reasons why I don’t like this brand. The first is high prices. I am not a poor person, but I often buy gifts for my wife online, but I see similar products at a lower price. The second reason is monotony. Yes, monotony! Even though there are many collections, the products have not recently been distinguished by a special design. And the third reason is the terrible work of the support services, whose employees cut off my words without even letting me finish the sentence and start talking to me on abstract topics. I decided for myself that I will use other online stores and I do not recommend this brand to anyone, which disappoints me more and more every day.

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The products are great but please improve on customer service

4.0/ 5

It is worth noting that I rarely use online stores. If I use it, I approach the choice of the store very responsibly. When I became a client of this brand, at first I liked absolutely everything. But when I started communicating with the support service, I was a little disappointed: I didn’t like that they didn’t listen to me and sent me to read the most frequently asked questions on the site. If I wanted to count them, I would have done it. I wanted to call and please do your job and talk to me. Am I wrong? I think I’m right in this situation. So, apart from the poor work of the support service, this site is quite good and there are products for every taste. I’m not just talking about jewelry, watches are also very high quality.

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1 Reviews

Had one loose stone but overall satisfied

4.0/ 5

I recently ordered a watch on the website as a gift to my father. I was satisfied with the quality and speed of delivery. After that, I ordered some products for myself: earrings and a bracelet. Unfortunately, in one bracelet, the stone was held loosely and could just about fall out. I contacted the support service and the issue was resolved as soon as possible. The products are very nice and stylish. The products of this brand cannot be confused with any other, I am sure of it. If it wasn’t for the incident with the stone, I would have given the company 5 stars, it’s just that this incident spoiled my impression a little. In general, the choice, service, and prices meet all the requirements and I hope that this company will delight customers with new models and collections for a long time.

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1 Reviews

Loyal and happy customer here

5.0/ 5

Never believe the bad reviews about this company! !! That’s not true! I have been using the products of this brand for many years and have never encountered any troubles or malfunctions in many years. I am especially impressed by the high quality and reasonable prices. I hope that this company will exist for many more years and my children and grandchildren will also be able to use the services of this brand. I especially want to mention the collection of wedding rings that made a special impression on me. I have not met such models anywhere else! It’s incredible! Refined and bright, laconic and extravagant, can be found for every taste! Recently, my son bought a ring for the bride on this site, the bride was very pleased.

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1 Reviews

Is Georg Jensen Legit?

5.0/ 5

At first, the products of this brand seemed to be a little unusual and even too bright. I usually like more sophisticated things. But that was only the first impression. When I got to know the brand’s collections in more detail, I realized that the first opinion was wrong. The company has collections for every taste and I managed to find exactly the jewelry that suits me. The prices certainly cannot be called low, but I think these rings and especially bracelets are worth the money. In addition, I was satisfied with the fast delivery and good packaging of the goods. Some companies can’t pack the goods properly, but in the case of this brand, everything went perfectly.

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2023 Georg Jensen Review: Is Georg Jensen Jewelry Legit?

What is Georg Jensen©?

It has long been known that the age and experience of any jewelry company are of great importance to buyers. That is, even the best, but the new company is less trustworthy than companies with more experience.

Gerog Jensen Banner showing three fusion rings on the right hand side and text on the left side saying Elegant and contempoprary Scandanavian jewellery

The brand Georg Jensen has a very rich history. The brand is more than a hundred years old, and the design that this company offers is called many revolutionary, timeless, and new trends.

The company sells not only jewelry, although this particular direction is one of the most successful and popular. In addition to jewelry, the company sells bed linen and other necessary goods for home and design.

Georg Jensen has always promoted the philosophy according to which a democratic selection of functional designs was created. Quite a non-standard approach that won the hearts of buyers.

The incredible skill and talent of the artist, combined with his constant ability to identify new talented designers, became exactly the foundation on which the company, founded in Copenhagen in 1904, began to develop.

Initially, the company’s style included the diverse trends of modernity of the 1900s, but the company’s products were very different from the average ones. This was recognized by both experts of that time and modern designers. Many critics write that there is a special energy in the Georg Jensen style, which is largely provided by unusual ornaments.

This so-called “special energy” continues to be present in the company’s products to this day.

Each of the products of this brand has its own personality.

Who is Georg Jensen?

To understand the essence and systems of work of this company, it is worth paying attention to the personality of its founder.

portrait of Georg Jensen on the right side with an accompanying quote from him saying "Do not follow fashion but be guided by the present"

Georg Jensen was born in 1866 and died in 1935. He has lived in Copenhagen almost all his life. He started studying jewelry quite early, at the age of 13, but already at that age, he had a dream to create a company of incredible scale.

Georg Jensen has always been ambitious and purposeful. These traits have been evident to him since childhood.

In 1887 he entered the Danish Academy of Fine Arts and this period had a great influence on his work and the design of many products. Studying at this institution has left a big imprint.

Georg Jensen’s activities were also greatly influenced by the fact that the company’s founder also studied ceramics for a long time. All this combined undoubtedly reflected the fact that the company he founded in 1904 has become truly unique.

A group of craftsman in the old work factory of Georg Jensen in black and white.

It is worth noting that when opening his company, Jensen took a lot of risks later, as initially, he had very little capital and almost no clients. Nevertheless, despite many difficulties over the years, the company has managed to become a landmark in many countries of the world and the number of customers is growing to this day.

What are the Pros and Cons of Georg Jensen Jewelry?

To give you an overview of what to expect when buying Georg Jensen Jewelry, here’s a quick overview of the company’s pros and cons. No company is perfect, and people’s preferences are different, so we based this list on the reviews that we have gathered for Georg Jensen.

Pros of Georg Jensen:

  • Very high level of customer trust
  • Excellent reputation in the international market
  • Variety of products
  • High-quality jewelry
  • A large range of jewelry
  • Reasonable prices

Cons of Georg Jensen:

  • Sometimes there are difficulties with the delivery of goods
  • The assortment of bracelets and bangles is not very common

Is Georg Jensen’s jewelry good?

Yes, there is no doubt that the jewelry produced by this brand is very high quality.

The company’s reputation has been strengthening for a hundred years, and designs and new directions in this field have been developing for the same number of years. So, today the company offers its customers an incredible selection of jewelry.

Georg Jensen also offers its customers very convenient filters with which the customer can choose the right product. You can filter products by category, one of the most convenient and popular ways to look for what you want.

What are the different categories that Georg Jensen offers?

Aside from filters, you can also browse through their categories. Here are the main categories that you can find on Georg Jensen’s website:

  • New Arrivals
  • Earrings
  • Necklaces & Pendants
  • Bracelets & Bangles
  • Rings
  • Cufflinks
  • Brooches

In each of the categories, you can find an incredible variety of products, very stylish, but at the same time containing a traditional classical direction.

Many customers are very impressed by the rings of this company.

From luxurious diamond rings to laconic silver or gold and gilded rings. The design of each ring is aimed at emphasizing the individuality or style of the client. The materials in which the products are manufactured are of high quality.

Three Georg Jensen rings, one is a gold ring with small diamonds, the middle is a silver ring from the moonlight grapes collection, and the last is a simple gold open ring

The products are very different in their models, you will immediately notice this as soon as you visit the site.

necklaces also make a very good impression. The choice of necklaces and pendants is very large. From bold and extravagant to laconic, from gold to silver. The pendants that the company produces also receive a lot of positive feedback from customers.

Georg Jensen’s earrings are also worth noting. The earrings of this brand are very original. These are earrings made of silver, gold, and diamonds of the highest quality.

Georg Jensen’s Collections

The company offers its customers several chic jewelry collections. In these collections, everyone can find something to their liking. To date, the company offers its customers more than ten collections:

  • Daisy
  • Reflect
  • Fusion
  • Moonlight Grapes
  • Offspring
  • Mercy
  • Curve
  • Hearts of Georg Jensen
  • Nanna Ditzel
  • Magic
  • Halo
  • Infinity
  • Torun

What are the most popular Georg Jensen Collections?

It is really hard to choose among their collections because almost all are very popular. Surely, you can find one that will fit your style and preference.

Georg Jensen Jewelry: Daisy Collection

The Daisy Collection attracts a lot of attention from customers from many countries of the world. Most clients call this collection unique and magnificent

four jewelry from the daisy collection. The first jewelry is a ring with a daisy flower on top, beside the ring is a necklace with a daisy flower pendant. The third jewelry is a hook earring with a daisy flower design and the last jewelry is a bracelet made of daisy design beads.

Georg Jensen Jewelry: Hearts Collection

It is worth paying attention to another collection. The Hearts collection has resulted from fruitful cooperation between the company and various designers for many years. The collection presents an incredibly original collection of pendants made of different precious metals.

Necklaces from the Hearts of Georg Jensesn Collection, All of them have a heart pendant two silver and two gold

The jewelry was created in the Scandinavian style and sustained in the best traditions.

Georg Jensen Jewelry: Magic Collection

Featured image of Georg Jensen's Magic collection,  it shows a woman wearing a pearl necklace and earring from the magic collection. She also wears a simple gold ring from the same collection.

It is also undoubtedly worth mentioning the magnificent collection called Magic. The designers claim that they created this collection under the impression of the beauty of nature. The jewelry Magic collection is mainly aimed at emphasizing the natural beauty of a woman.

Left image shows the magic earrings from Georg Jensen's magic collection. The left photo shows the magic necklace with a pearl pendant. The left photo shows the Magic Ring made of 18 kt. yellow gold, and diamonds. On the right side is another Magic ring band made of 18 kt. yellow gold.

Clients are offered a choice of different precious metals of the highest class.

Georg Jensen Jewelry: Moonlight Grapes Collection

Featured image for the Moonlight Grapes Collection. It shows a woman wearing a moonlight grapes earrings.

The Moonlight Grapes collection is also now one of the most fashionable and unique of Georg Jensen’s collection. This collection was designed by a very talented, internationally recognized designer A. Roege Hove. This collection looks very meticulously made, and inspired by A. Roege Hove’s systematic approach to knitwear.

there are four pieces of jewelry presented the first is the moonlight grapes ring in silver, the next is a moonligh grapes ring in gold, the next is the moonlight grapes chain bracelet, and the last image is a moonlight grapes ear cuff

Each design is bold, brave, and dynamic. It embodies the dynamic expression of one’s craft and is made of 100% recycled sterling silver.

Is Georg Jensen good for engagement rings?

The company produces magnificent wedding rings that have already conquered many brides from around the world. Much attention is paid to this direction in the company’s activities. Wedding rings of this brand are very easy to distinguish from other collections.

The theme, processing, and design of these rings are truly unique. This opinion is expressed not only by buyers in the comments but also by world-class experts in many analytical articles.

Four rings with diamonds. The first ring is a gold ring with diamonds surrounding the band, the next one is a silver ring with small diamond design on top. the next ring is a silver ring with equally separated diamonds and the last one is a gold ring with small diamonds on top

The most important and symbolic jewelry is wedding and engagement rings, which is why the brand pays much attention to this direction. The company offers magnificent rings in the Scandinavian style, especially impressive sorcerers with diamonds of high quality.

Statistics show how popular the wedding rings of this brand are: most customers are satisfied with the purchase of an engagement ring.

 Georg Jensen BestSellers

The company has many bestsellers. This brand is trusted because many models become hits almost immediately after release.

For example, an engagement ring named Aurora is very popular.

An engagement ring called Aurora ring modeled by a woman. It is a silver ring with the band lined with small diamonds.

This is a very elegant ring that is wonderfully combined with outfits of various styles and trends.

Another very popular model is the FUSION center ring.

Fusion center ring modeled by a woman. She is wearing both the gold and silver fusion ring which features a unique wavy design and diamonds at the middle of the ring.

This model is also an undisputed bestseller due to its unusual design.

We also present you with a very popular model of earrings.

A parit of fusion earrings made of 18 kt white gold and yellow gold creating a fusion design. It is modeled by a woman.

These earrings are created by two rings, one of which is made of 18-karat white gold, and the other of yellow gold, which together form the iconic Fusion pattern. The wavy design present in the collection is inspired by the works of Nina Koppel. The earrings also have diamonds.

Georg Jensen Diamonds

All Georg Jensen jewelry is made of 18-carat gold. The diamonds that the brand uses in its work are of the highest quality.

These diamonds have the purity of G and VS colors. Nevertheless, other diamonds are used on silver products – colors G-H and purity I3.

Important! All silver products using diamonds are covered with rhodium. Diamonds are processed exclusively by hand, diamonds are given the maximum amount of attention.

The company uses a minimum number of “G” color diamonds in gold products. Our silver jewelry uses a minimum of “H” color diamonds. Also, maximum attention is paid to the clarity of the diamond. Many specialists work on each stone. The company undoubtedly supports the Kimberley Process for the elimination of “conflict diamonds”.

The brand strictly complies with the UN resolution. All our company’s diamonds were purchased from legitimate sources not involved in the conflict.

At the moment, the supply of diamonds from Russia has also been stopped, as this contradicts the rule for the supply of diamonds from non-conflict zones.

Georg Jensen Payments

The company uses standard payment methods: you can pay for your purchase with credit and debit cards that are accepted worldwide: Visa Master Card and others. You can also use the PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay systems. All transactions are legal.

Georg Jensen Delivery

For all orders (parcels), a transportation fee is charged, regardless of the number of goods you purchase. This payment is fixed.

How much is the delivery fee of Georg Jensen Jewelry to my country?

The cost of delivery is:

  • Delivery in Europe, excluding European Union countries: 26 euros
  • Delivery to Greenland, Faroe Islands, Iceland: 42 euros
  • Delivery to South America, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region: 48 euros
  • Delivery to all other countries: 49 euros
  • All prices are without VAT.

The cost of delivery will be indicated on the checkout pages. This information will also be in your email.

As a rule, buyers receive orders within 4-7 business days.

For complete details about Georg Jensen’s delivery of products and goods, you can refer to their Terms and Conditions.

Georg Jensen Return and Privacy Policy

Within a month of receiving the parcel, you have the right to return the product if you did not use it but only tried it on.

It is also important to take note of the following return/refund/exchange conditions when asking for a return or refund of the product:

  • The packaging and all accompanying receipts and certificates must be intact.
  • That is, the product must be exactly in the form in which it was delivered to you or the refund will not be accepted.
  • You will need to fill out a return form and inform the company of the order number.
  • 30 euros are deducted from the amount returned to customers.

What do customers think of Georg Jensen’s refund system?

Opinions on how the refund system works are very different. There are also dissatisfied customers. For example, Adele from London writes that she barely managed to return the ring she bought.

“They asked me a lot of questions and told me a very complicated return scheme. And how can the packaging be completely untouched if I measure the ring by opening the package? An ill-thought-out refund system and unprofessional employees who themselves confuse the order of application processing. I managed to get it back to me only on the third attempt, I had to swear with the representatives of the support service. Unfortunately, this incident has spoiled my impression of the company, although they have already apologized to me on some forums.”

Georg Jensen Privacy Policy

Georg Jensen’s Privacy Policy is clear and easy to understand. They will only collect data that is related to your transactions with the store. In case you ask them a question or raise a concern, they’ll delete the conversation once it is already resolved unless there is a need to keep or revisit the conversation for reference.

Georg Jensen Customer Service

The company’s representatives in the support service do their job perfectly and help customers solve all the issues. You can contact the support service by using these contact details:

Feel free to also visit their contact page.

In general, the work of the support service is estimated at 8 points out of 10.

Does Georg Jensen have social media?

You can find Georg Jensen Jewelry on social media aside from their online store. They connect to their customers and post the latest updates through Facebook, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter).

Make sure to follow them on your preferred social media platform and look at their beautifully made pieces of jewelry.

Q Can I cancel my order?

Yes. Within 30 days you can cancel and return the order after receiving your money back.

Q Do you offer gift wrapping?

Yes. This happens at the request of the client.

Q My payment card is rejected. What should I do?

Contact the support service and they will tell you how to check the reason for the refusal as soon as possible. Most often, the refusal is the fault of the bank.

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