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I find the site quite ordinary

3.0/ 5

This is a mid-level company. Statements about luxury jewelry are nothing more than a publicity stunt. Ordinary products, there are a lot of such competitors. Why is it necessary to inflate the price? Gone are the days when people took their word for it and did not go to check. I always go to check and compare prices in several companies and I can say with confidence: prices are inflated. The product is quite mediocre, but there are a lot of beautiful words, a lot of advertising, a lot of articles on the uniqueness of this company. How are your diamonds better? Nothing. The quality certificate will not surprise anyone now. You could surprise with extraordinary models, but I did not see such. I do not recommend this company. If you buy expensive jewelry, then you need to buy something really high-quality, and not waste money in vain.

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My order did not look like the pictures…

4.0/ 5

I love jewelry and I like to visit exhibitions, shops. After getting acquainted with this company, I also fell in love with buying jewelry on the Internet. I liked the site where you can choose everything down to the smallest detail. I was so glad that at last, it is possible to choose jewelry significantly saving time! I made 4 orders on the website. Nevertheless, there were disadvantages in the last order (it was a bracelet). Some of the stones did not look exactly like on the site. I reported this to the support service, but they told me that there might be a slight discrepancy with the picture. I didn’t like it. I don’t need a discrepancy with the picture, if I buy a product, then it should be exactly what I ordered. Except for this single unpleasant moment, the company’s work suits me.

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1 Reviews

The selection is great but not customer support not so much

4.0/ 5

I liked everything except for one thing: the support service does not work quickly, but very slowly. Unfortunately, I faced this problem not once, but twice. In the first case, I spoke with a support representative about my order: I wanted jewelers to create a ring of a special design for me. I thought that the support service operators in this company at least understand something about jewelry, but I was wrong. I was spoken to by a simple operator who cannot distinguish the characteristics. The second time I had to communicate with the support service on delivery issues and they solved my issue very slowly. Otherwise, the company suits me with the choice and prices and the models presented, and the quality of diamonds. If communication with the support service is not important to you, then you can use the services of this company.

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1 Reviews

Found the perfect gift for my wife here

5.0/ 5

To be honest, I don’t know how to choose gifts. Especially if these gifts are jewelry. I was very nervous before my wife’s birthday and could not choose a ring that both she and I would like. I had to ask for the help of a friend who is very well versed in precious stones. It was he who advised me of this company, saying that there is a good price-quality ratio. I did not visit the store and immediately began to choose online. I feel more comfortable this way. Firstly, I note that the interface of the site is very simple and convenient, and even a person who is poorly versed in jewelry will be able to navigate, find the right model and even make adjustments to an existing design. After I got acquainted with this site, now I have no difficulties with choosing gifts and I know that I can always choose the right jewelry without any problems.

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1 Reviews

Fascinating Diamonds Review

5.0/ 5

I bought jewelry of this brand several times and was always satisfied. I am satisfied with the choice, price, and conditions. I read a lot of comments that there are problems with delivery. Nothing like this has ever happened to me or my loved ones, so I tend not to trust such information. I would also like to note the professionalism of the support staff: the guys are great, they can explain everything patiently and clearly. When I had questions about payment and card usage, they explained everything in detail and helped me. When I could not decide on the choice of jewelry, I was also helped by an experienced jeweler – an employee of the company. When I needed to give my mom a unique piece of jewelry made to order, I was also provided with a great result. I had an idea that was quite difficult to implement, but nevertheless, the masters coped.

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What is Fascinating Diamonds?

Nowadays, as hundreds of years ago, many women cannot imagine their life without diamonds and various jewelry with these precious stones. Fortunately, the choice of jewelry is incredibly large: hundreds of jewelry companies and thousands of craftsmen are ready to offer their creations to fashionistas. Sometimes it is difficult not to get lost in the diversity of companies and brands, there are really a lot of them. An unambiguous answer to the question “which company is better?” does not exist. Because every customer has his own requirements and priorities. Thus, the Brillianteers company has also found its customers and its contingent. Initially, the company was founded in the so-called “family” format. For more than 30 years on the market, the company has managed to conquer many jewelry lovers with its exquisite models and diamonds with excellent characteristics. Brillianteers work not only in America. There are representative offices in other countries, including Israel, Britain. A few years ago, the company worked mainly as a supplier (one of the best suppliers) for jewelry stores in many countries. Nevertheless, over time, the company began direct sales and this initiative was enthusiastically received by customers. To do this, Brillianteers opened an online store, which almost from the first days began to enjoy incredible popularity. Even many skeptics, who previously had a negative attitude to online shopping, realized the advantages of such shopping. The company’s website is very convenient and accessible even for beginners. The interface helps customers not only to choose the best models but also to choose independently, for example, a frame, a stone, a precious metal. By the way, the range that the company offers is simply magnificent. According to many buyers, an individual approach is felt in each product, refined design is traced, products of this brand often stand out from the general mass. It is known that they work on each product for quite a long time, the company does not like jewelers who are in a hurry. Only experienced specialists who know a lot about painstaking manual work are hired. The company has another advantage over some competitors: custom jewelry is made for 100 points. It is the products designed and made according to special sketches that often become the object of criticism in competing companies, but Brillianteers jewelers do an excellent job with this task.

Are Fascinating Diamonds good?

If we talk about the trend in general, the trust of customers in the company’s diamonds is constantly growing. So, the number of satisfied customers who have been buying rings and other diamond jewelry on the website for more than the first time is increasing. The founders of the company are not just businessmen, but people who are very well versed in diamonds, which is why the quality of the diamonds sold is high in many ways.

It’s no secret that for many, diamonds are not just jewelry. Some consider diamonds as an investment because the characteristics of the stone play a very big role. Of great importance is not only the purity of the diamond but also a whole list of other characteristics. For most items, the diamonds offered by Fascinating Diamonds® meet high requirements. It is thanks to its diamonds that the company, which is designed mainly for sales in New York, has become known outside of America.

So, today the diamonds of this company are known in many countries, including Turkey, Spain, Italy, and even Russia.

An important point is also the fact that the company tries to sell high-quality diamonds at reasonable prices. According to brand representatives, this is due to the strict policy of the purchasing department and a well-thought-out trading plan. The company does everything possible to ensure that even the highest quality precious stones are available to customers.

In addition, we recall a nuance that has recently become increasingly important for buyers: the company does not use diamonds from conflict zones. Also, during the purchase, attention is paid to the working conditions and other ethical issues under which precious stones are mined.

Are Fascinating Diamonds certified?

You cannot be sure of the authenticity and characteristics of your diamond if it is not certified. This is stated by world experts who believe that certification by the world’s leading laboratories is a prerequisite for a jewelry company. Fortunately, the period when it was possible to organize a fake certificate has passed, and now certification takes place in strict conditions in any country. For example, the company Fascinating Diamonds® initially advocated exclusively for certification. According to the founders of the brand, initially, they did not even allow the idea of selling diamonds without certification. At the moment, all the diamonds that the company sells are certified by the GIA, it is an internationally recognized laboratory and its assessment is undoubtedly accurate. “A diamond without certification is like a person without a birth certificate or passport. He can tell you his name and age, but you will have to take his word for it and nothing will be documented,” they said in an interview. Representatives of the company and their words were supported by many experts. It is worth noting that the laboratory staff highly appreciate the diamonds that the company sells.

Is Fascinating Diamonds good for engagement rings?

Engagement rings that this company offers are called great by many. Today, it is from the “engagement” series that about two thousand different models are presented.

If we analyze the reviews of users and specialists, then the range of rings that the company offers will receive high marks. Using the company’s website, you can not only choose the ring model you need but also create it yourself. You can choose from a variety of metals, diamonds, and prices. That is, everything is at your service: it is much more convenient than at the shop windows, where you just look at the available goods. Engagement rings use both natural diamonds and stones created in the laboratory. According to experts, laboratory diamonds are not inferior to natural ones in quality, but at the same time, they allow buyers to save significantly.

Last season, according to the observations of analysts, rings with a heart-shaped stone were the most popular.

Yes, these engagement rings are a little far from the classics, however, these models have become popular.

As for the prices of rings that this company offers, you can pick up a product for any wallet. There are cheap options, there are very expensive ones. On average, customers buy rings for 3 thousand dollars. These models represent the so-called “middle class” not too cheap and not very expensive.

Individual orders are also popular, with which the company’s jewelers cope very well. Increasingly, newlyweds want to realize their fantasies and order unique ring models.

Fascinating Diamonds payment options

Like most jewelry companies, this brand offers several payment options so that each client can choose the best option for himself. It is known that, as a rule, buyers do not have any questions with transactions and netizens call the company “trouble-free” in terms of payment. So, the company accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discovery, and other cards issued in America and Canada for payment. Important! Every time you make a purchase, your debit or credit card will be checked for authenticity. This does not mean that the company does not trust you, it’s just that there have already been precedents after which such checks have become mandatory. Sometimes the payment process may be delayed, most often this happens due to some limits set by the client’s bank. The company’s employees advise the buyer to check the availability of limits on the card in advance so as not to encounter an unpleasant surprise later. In addition, you have the opportunity to pay for the purchase using PayPal. It is worth noting that to date, most customers are pulling out this method. You can read more about how to make a payment on the official website of the company and clarify the necessary nuances with the support staff. You can also pay for the purchase using your Amazon account and many other ways that are described in detail on the company’s website with step-by-step instructions

Fascinating Diamonds warranty

The company offers its customers several guarantees, including a lifetime. The guarantee is an important point when buying for almost all customers, and we advise you to carefully familiarize yourself with the main points of this service. For example, it is very important to know which services and actions are covered by the warranty. Of course, cleaning and care of the product will be carried out free of charge under warranty, this is traditional for almost all companies. Checking the jewelry for loose stones, also if the side stone is lost, then it will be replaced for free. The company also offers a very polar program: a lifetime opportunity to exchange a diamond! This is a very interesting scheme. To be eligible to participate in it, you need to follow some rules: the diamond must be in the same condition as when buying without chips and damage. Then you will be able to change the stone to some other. As for other types of guarantees, of course, the company guarantees you the legality of verified financial transactions, receipt of the goods that you ordered, and the absence of manufacturing defects.

Fascinating Diamonds return policy

Undoubtedly, the company provides a product return function. The company places great emphasis on customer reactions and feedback, so it tries to organize the work so that customers are as satisfied as possible. However, there are exceptions to all the rules. Also in the company’s products, some items cannot be returned. Such goods, for example, include some engraved products made by special order, antique goods. Also, you will not be able to return the goods if you have lost the documents or the original certificate. If you decide to return the product to change the size of the ring, then remember: not all rings can be resized! This is especially true for some models made of silver. Recall that with proper use of the site, it is very easy to determine the size of the ring. If you encounter difficulties, the representatives of the support service will quickly help you solve the issue. So, now about the timing. You have the right to return the purchase within 30 days. The company has developed a special refund scheme following which you can easily return the jewelry and get 100 percent of your money back. Remember! Before making a refund or exchange, you need to request a special code that is issued by representatives of the support service. Also remember that in case of a return, the parcel is not paid for by the company, but by the buyer.

Fascinating Diamonds customer service

If you have any questions to the representatives of the support service, you can call 212.840.1811. You will communicate not just with operators, but with jewelry experts who will be able to answer your questions about precious stones and jewelry. Also, with the help of the support service, you can schedule a rendezvous in the company’s boutique if you need to discuss an individual order with a specialist in person. As a rule, it is better to make a record in three to four days and indicate which jewelry you are interested in. A meeting with a jeweler can also be held online. By the way, this is a very popular option. Most customers use this opportunity. In addition to communicating by phone and email, you can ask your questions in a virtual chat where a specialist will also answer your questions. Company email: info@fascinatingdiamonds.com. If you used this address for communication, then be prepared for the fact that the answer will come within 2 days.

Q Are Fascinating Diamonds real diamonds?

Yes, the authenticity of the diamonds that the company sells is beyond doubt and experts highly appreciate the characteristics of these precious stones.

Q Does Fascinating Diamonds have sales?

The company has many interesting offers for its customers. In addition to standard sales, these are promo codes, promotions, and gifts.

Q Where are Fascinating Diamonds from?

Diamonds are supplied only from conflict-free sources with strict control over the ethical side and compliance with labor legislation. These are diamonds from America and some other countries.

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