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Please be honest with your customers

3.0/ 5

I do not advise using the services of this company because dishonest people work there. They are good and understanding only until you decide to return your money. When making a refund, I encountered a number of problems. The representatives of the company had complaints about the form in which I returned the ring. I didn’t wear it, it was brand new, but they found some kind of mechanical damage on it. It was impossible to damage the ring because I didn’t wear it. Well, I’m upset about the money spent. But most of all I m upset that I was disappointed in the company and in the employees. I was disappointed in the brand that I considered one of the best for many years.

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1 Reviews

Overpriced goods

4.0/ 5

At first glance, I have no reason to put 4 stars instead of 5. Nevertheless, there is a reason. I think they are overcharging. I have been studying prices for a long time and painstakingly, not only in online stores in America but also around the world. I like to travel because I am familiar with the pricing policy in many countries. So, I can say with full confidence that the prices are overpriced. On the other hand, high prices are the only negative that I found in this company. The quality of the goods is very good, the jewelers work very efficiently, they are well done. In addition, there are very convenient programs for paying for goods in installments. As for the warranty service, I can’t say anything about this, since I have never had to use this function.

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1 Reviews

Good company and good choice

4.0/ 5

Perhaps now I will write banal words. However, despite the beauty of the diamonds in the rings of this company, I do not forget that they are grown in the laboratory. For some reason I want it to be natural diamonds mined in the mines. It seems to me that there is some special magic in those diamonds and you can see eternity in them, and the stones grown in the laboratory are just their replica. Despite that point of view, I like the jewelry of this brand and from time to time I make orders on the site. They are right that externally laboratory diamonds are no different from others, there are also no differences in chemical composition. Good company and a good choice. I recommend it.

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1 Reviews

You'll never regret buying from them

5.0/ 5

Great choice, I’m thrilled. There are jewelers in my family and they understand the quality. When I showed them the products purchased on this site, they told me that I did the right thing. Perfect handmade. But I think the main advantage of the company is the perfect price-quality ratio. I haven’t seen any overpriced products on the site. In addition, for the first time, I discovered precious stones grown in the laboratory. I never thought that they are no different from those that are mined in the mines. However, the difference is only in the price. Don’t be afraid to buy these stones, it’s gorgeous. Thanks to the brand and the website, I will recommend it to all my friends.

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1 Reviews

Gemvara Reviews

5.0/ 5

I like the individual approach that this company uses for each client. I used to buy jewelry online, but I didn’t do it to order. It seemed to me that you can order jewelry only in person after you meet with a designer or a jeweler, and touch the material. I was wrong! An incredibly beautiful ring was made to order for me, which impressed not only me but also all my friends. I am grateful to the jewelers for the hard work they did because the sketch I gave them was quite complicated. Many friends told me that I was making a mistake, but they were wrong: the product turned out great. I will contact this company again and again and will also recommend it to my friends.

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What is Gemvara?

For many of us, jewelry is not just a beautiful product. It is a symbol of a certain event, a period in life, the memory of something good, Precious stones perfectly help to express themselves and emphasize the individuality of the character and image. Jewelry perfectly creates an atmosphere. Of course, this applies only to high-quality jewelry. To date, the market offers a lot of options, there are a lot of medium and large jewelry companies among which you can choose a reliable seller. Gemvara is one of the leading and reliable companies. Often in American and British publications you can read articles that it was this company that became the founder of a new wave of the so-called jewelry culture, became the initiator of new jewelry trends in which classics are ideally mixed with modernity. The founder and CEO of the company, Matt Lauzon, is known among professionals as a very visionary person. He does not live for today but looks far into the future. For example, he often talks about creating jewelry for posterity. That is hundreds of years the brand will exist. According to him, every year the company not only gains experience but also increases its popularity in different countries. The company is recognized by many experts as the best of those who make jewelry to order. Indeed, making jewelry to order is a very responsible job, which unfortunately not all companies can handle. Nevertheless, Gemvara has proven itself admirably in this direction. Gemvara is currently owned by Richline Group Inc., Berkshire Hathaway In..Richline Group Inc. The company is recognized worldwide as the main manufacturer and distributor of jewelry in the USA. The company was fully acquired by Berkshire Hathaway Inc. in 2007. Bershire Hathaway Inc. enjoys undisputed trust not only in America but all over the world. Almost everyone who is at least a little interested in jewelry knows about this company. The company is one of the leading public companies in the world, owned by Benjamin Moore & Co., GEICO Auto Insurance, and Helzberg Diamonds. Jewelers who work in the company deserve applause. Experts often talk and write about it. Jewelers find precious stones all over the world and examine and process each frame manually. Yes, only manual work is recognized in the company! No equipment! Each custom-made decoration is a work of art. Each detail of the order is carried out individually, the company’s jewelers never use prepared layouts. The company is increasing its customer base every year and is recognized as one of the largest in the world. The company offers jewelry with various precious stones, different metals, and jewelry of different shapes and styles.

Gemvara Pros and Cons


  • Very good quality of goods
  • Assortment
  • Convenient payment system
  • Good work of the support service
  • Quality control of precious stones
  • Guarantees
  • User-friendly website interface


  • High prices
  • Sometimes there is a delay in delivery
  • Periodic technical problems with transactions

Are Gemvara diamonds and other stones good?

To date, the company has manually made more than a million custom-made diamond jewelry. The company focuses on diamonds that are grown in laboratory conditions. These stones are no different from those that were mined in the mines. The company’s management is very strict about the quality of precious stones. There is no need to confuse laboratory-grown diamonds with imitation. These are different stones. Diamonds that are grown in the laboratory are 100 percent natural, both in chemical and physical qualities. These are real diamonds, not imitations or forgeries.

In addition, buying jewelry with such diamonds will save your money well. Sometimes such stones are 30 percent cheaper than mined ones.

When choosing a diamond on the company’s website, you will be offered to familiarize yourself with the certificate in which all the characteristics of the stone are painted to the smallest detail.

In addition to diamond jewelry, the company offers many products with sapphires. It is jewelry with sapphires that have recently become more popular and occupy leading positions in the sales ranking. The quality of the sapphires is very high. The choice is very good and when you make an order for your ring, you will be allowed to combine and choose those stones that you like with any characteristics.

Is Gemvara good for engagement rings?

Everyone has their attitude toward wedding rings. Some prefer diamond classics, while others are more interested in experimenting with stone styles and designs. Since the company offers custom jewelry and places the main emphasis on it in its work, customers are given a wide choice. Often on the Internet, you can read about how professionally the company’s jewelers work even on the most complex and unusual sketches that customers offer them. The company also offers magnificent collections of engagement rings with diamonds, aquamarines, and other precious Stones. Even though many often write about high prices in the 2021 season, there were a lot of discounts on wedding rings and several models could be purchased at the most affordable price.

In wedding rings, classics are the most popular among customers. But at the same time, the original models of wedding rings with topaz are gaining popularity

Speaking in general about customer reviews, wedding rings from this brand are very popular not only in America but outside the country. The company has more and more foreign clients every year, and it concerns the collections of engagement and wedding rings.

It is known that the company has a specialized department for the development of wedding rings, specialists in this field create unique designs and fulfill customer orders according to the sketches provided.

Answering the question “Are there good wedding rings in this company”, it is no doubt fashionable to give a long answer. The wedding ring collections are great.

Gemvara’s most popular models

Among the most popular models that the company presents, there are several main directions. The leading direction is undoubtedly the manufacture and sale of wedding rings, followed by the collation of rings called Moments.

This is a very interesting original and memorable collection about which many comments and expert reviews have been written

For example, an emerald and diamond ring from this collection caused a wave of positive comments and was named one of the most popular.

This ring and the entire collection as a whole are called innovative by representatives of the company. Because when creating these rings, stones grown in laboratory conditions are used, but in quality, they are in no way inferior to natural ones. It is worth noting that when the collection was presented, some jewelry connoisseurs tried to speak out against laboratory stones. However, the company’s specialists argued their point of view and managed to prove that the stones they use are in no way inferior in quality to those that are mined in mines around the world.

The minimalist collection presented by the company is also very popular.

A wide selection of minimalistic jewelry from talented designers allows you to find jewelry that exactly matches your style. This collection is also distinguished by the fact that it has a lot of discounts and favorable offers. The models from this collection were immediately liked not only by Americans but also by many foreign buyers about this they wrote on social networks.

Important! Absolutely all models in the collection are made by hand, you can change every detail and, at your request, experienced jewelers create the design you need, which will emphasize your individuality.

Gemvara payment options

As of early 2022, the company accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, PayPal, and PayPal Credit. This list may change. Depending on the changes, information about them will be published on the company’s website. For jewelry purchases, the amount which exceeds 10 thousand dollars provides the possibility of 2 or three monthly installment payments. This is an interest-free offer and is funded directly through Gemvara. Jewelers start making jewelry after receiving the first payment. Important! The company uses 128-bit encryption to protect all information on the Internet. This ensures the complete security of customers both when making a transaction and concerning all other data. The Company does not accept cash receipts or money transfers, but this phenomenon is temporary. Follow the messages on the company’s website to find out when these types of payments will be resumed. The company also suggests using Affirm. This system provides an opportunity for 3, 6, or 12 monthly payments and from 10-30% per year.

Gemvara warranty

The company provides a guarantee. This is a 12-month warranty. This policy applies to matters of craftsmanship and does not apply to repair problems resulting from damage or severe wear of jewelry. If the product was repaired by a jeweler of another company, the warranty is canceled. Of course, if you received jewelry with a manufacturing defect, then without a doubt you will be changed. However, as far as can be judged from customer reviews and comments from company employees, this rarely happens. “Our jewelry is created to be passed down from generation to generation, we cannot allow marriage in our products,” the company’s employees comment on their work.” There is no criticism from customers, but guarantees: the company and employees adhere to these promises and follow the warranty obligations.

Gemvara return policy

The company allows you to return the product within 45 days from the date of purchase. The jewelry must be in unworn condition. Items that have been modified or resized are non-refundable. The postage for the return of the goods is borne by the buyer. Customers speak ambiguously about how the refund system works in this company. Some praise and some write about the shortcomings. For example, a client from Florida was dissatisfied:

” I returned the ring because it did not fit me in size and did not harmonize with my style. The ring was ordered by my husband without consulting me, Nevertheless, when we started making a refund, problems began. Allegedly, they found a small scratch on the ring. I didn’t wear it! Where could this scratch have come from? I don’t know, our discussions are still ongoing, I hope we will get our money back.”

Gemvara customer service

You can contact customer support by calling

You can also use an interactive chat to solve issues, which you will see when you visit the official page of the company.

If you want to write an email, you can write to this address careteam@gemvara.com

As a rule, the response to emails comes quickly enough, within a day, even on weekends. Of course, there are exceptions, it all depends on the subject of the issue that you are trying to solve.

There are good and negative comments about the company’s support service. There is no unambiguous assessment. Some write that support service operators easily cope with only superficial issues, and when it comes to complex refunds, problems arise. For example, it is often possible to read on the web that the support service operators do not explain the system of sending a refund too clearly and too accurately. At the same time, there are also positive comments in which customers praise the support service operators for their politeness, friendliness, and patience towards customers. The response speed of the support service is rated as good, although sometimes the telephone line is overloaded. As a rule, this happens in the morning and evening hours. The most favorable moment for a phone call is noon. During this period, the chance of encountering line congestion is minimal.

Q Will be charged tax for my order?

It depends on which state and city the purchase were made in. The laws of the state privately provide for a tax and the buyer is obliged to pay it.

Q Does Gemvara have sales?

Sure. Discounts and sales are constantly used in the company's trade policy. You can follow them on the official website or on the brand's social media accounts.

Q Does Gemvara have certificated stones?

Yes, the stones that the company uses to create jewelry are certified.

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