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Economical pricing policy

4.0/ 5

I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about this company, so I decided to order a ring there. I liked the prices: I don’t know any more companies with such an economical pricing policy. My jeweler friend also told me that the diamonds in this company are real and a certificate is attached to them. Well, I purchased by following the instructions on the website. I’m sure I did everything right, but in the end, I got a ring of the wrong size that I ordered. I was very disappointed. It took time to send, make an application, send. The company does not admit guilt and says that I made a mistake when making a purchase and incorrectly indicated the size. I will not say which of us is right who is to blame. But the impression was not very good.

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One hundred percent satisfied

4.0/ 5

I can’t say that I’m one hundred percent satisfied. Of course, the company is good, the prices are affordable, communication with customers is at a high level. Nevertheless, I would like to pay attention to the assortment. Despite the convincing advertising, the range of models is very scarce. Of course, you can come up with and create a ring model yourself. But I don’t want to do this, I want to be shown a decent assortment of ready-made jewelry. From what I saw on the site – very concise, simple models, there are no interesting ideas. Nevertheless, I decided to cooperate with this company and in general, I have no complaints. However, if the assortment does not improve in the future, the company will lose customers.

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Recommend it to everyone

5.0/ 5

I think that the representatives of the support service are real heroes. They managed to do the incredible: to cope with my questions, which were incredibly many. I didn’t even count how many times I called. It was my first experience buying jewelry online, and I was very nervous. The fact is that we were choosing a ring as a gift to my mother. Not an engagement ring, but just a beautiful ring for a gift. I was afraid that the ring would not be delivered on time and the holiday would be ruined. Nevertheless, in the end, everything learned perfectly. The ring was delivered on time, mom was delighted with the gift. I didn’t expect that buying jewelry online is so easy. In addition to not wasting time going to the store, you can create your model by picking up the stone metal and frame. A great company, I can recommend it to everyone.

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1 Reviews

Mediocre services

3.0/ 5

A bad company that is not worth your attention. From the good – only the prices, nothing else. In all other areas, there are only disadvantages. A choice? Insufficient and meager. Support service? Mediocre. I was never able to talk to a high-class specialist who was promised to me. As for diamonds, I have a suspicion that their quality is average. At least when compared with the world’s leading companies. Still, I give 3 stars, not less, because in difficult times when many people are straitened financially, but still need engagement rings – this company can help. Prices for many products are very low. I also want to mention the interface of the site? It is inconvenient compared to the models offered by many competitors.

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1 Reviews

With Clarity Review

5.0/ 5

I have always preferred jewelry companies with many years of experience. This company is quite new and therefore did not inspire me with confidence. Nevertheless, friends persuaded me to use the services of this site. We chose rings together with the groom, we have different tastes and usually, we absolutely cannot reach a consensus. However, on this site, we found models that both of us liked. Beautiful models, affordable prices, and polite support representatives. I want to write to those who do not dare to make purchases in new companies: do not be afraid sometimes trouble can happen in a company with 100 years of experience. Be guided by your taste and common sense.

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What is With Clarity?

This is a fairly young, but already very popular company that offers customers unusual, original, and classic jewelry. The creators of the company themselves went through the difficult experience of choosing wedding rings and diamond jewelry, after which they decided to found their own company. Everything here is designed for the convenience and comfort of customers, not their different tastes. In an interview, the founder of the company, Anubh Shah, said that his goal was not to start a jewelry business from the beginning. “You see, I just wanted to create a ring, the perfect engagement ring in my opinion. My fiancee helped me in the creation, now she is already my wife and business partner. There was no goal to make money from this business. There was a goal to create unique rings,” he says. Today, a small business that started in Manhattan has become one of the most successful in America. Indeed, the pace at which the company, founded only 5 years ago, was developing amazes even many experts who have seen it. We can say that this company opens a new era of jewelers, a new era of jewelry specialists. “A simple jeweler and a specialist are two different things. It’s just that a jeweler is dressed to fix a ring, fix a fallen stone, but only a real specialist can feel a piece of jewelry, speak the same language with the product,” Shah says in an interview. The company wants to focus on the sale of jewelry online, this method has become one of the most popular today. More and more people realize that by buying online they save time and get the opportunity to even model their jewelry. The company uses the latest technologies in the manufacture of jewelry. The founders of the company also considered it a prerequisite for the success of products. “If you are not in love with a piece of jewelry that you have created, then it will not be a success.” It looks like this scheme is working. Because most of the company’s clients write on the Internet that “rings are made with love.” If you pay attention to the analytical research of recent years, the company is not only one of the fastest-growing but also the most popular among young people. Yes, the main segment of that jewelry company is young people who prefer new styles, experiments, sophisticated design.

Are With Clarity diamonds good?

Yes, according to the general estimates of experts and laboratories, the company sells good diamonds.

With Clarity

The quality of diamonds is confirmed by certificates. The company does not work with non-certified diamonds. Sometimes clients ask jewelers whether certification is of great importance and whether it can guarantee quality. Yes, of course, it can. On the other hand, not all companies certify their diamonds because certification costs money. For example, the official evaluation of a stone by GIA or IGI laboratories costs a lot of money. Some companies do not want to pay for certification and sell diamonds without a document, This does not always mean that the diamond is bad, there is simply no guarantee of its quality. Initially, the creators of the company decided that they would deal only with diamonds that are certified by GIA or IGI, regardless of how much it will cost. Because in addition to quality assurance, there are other advantages in certification. For example, confirmation of authenticity and ownership. Objective evaluation of a diamond: this is a particularly important point that often has great importance. Do certified diamonds have disadvantages? Yes, there is one. This is the price. As a rule, a certified diamond is more expensive than a diamond that has not passed certification. According to surveys in America, Italy, Spain, and Brazil, about 75 percent of buyers still prefer certified jewelry A few years ago, the indicator was different: about 50 percent of respondents did not pay much attention to certification. So, back to With Clarity: the diamonds of this company are thoroughly tested not only in laboratories but also in the workshops themselves. The management is very careful about the selection of specialists because even the slightest flaw in the stone can not go unnoticed Often in the press you can read that specialists are top-class professionals. The characteristics of the diamonds that the brand uses are quite different, you will be able to choose a stone according to your taste and by financial capabilities.

Is With Clarity good for engagement rings?

Of course, because the company mainly specializes in engagement rings and weddings. Some customers are mistaken in believing that all collections of engagement rings are similar to each other. That’s not so. Each collection is the self-expression of the author, the jeweler. Today, this company offers very interesting collections and models, which many experts call innovative.

With Clarity

You can find rings for every taste, both for lovers of classics and extraordinary style. Today, many people prefer to model the ring themselves to get a unique result and the company’s jewelers are happy to fulfill the wishes of customers. At the height of the coronavirus pandemic, when most of the sales in the world switched to online, one could read some articles by experts in which the company’s collections were called “too concise”. Many customers did not support this point of view and stood up for their favorite company. It is worth noting that in the last year and a half, the assortment has expanded significantly. For example, there are many models of rings that combine classic and vintage. The company’s jewelers managed to maintain a balance without a preponderance in one direction or the other. Clients have written a lot about this collection on various Internet platforms. Important! The company offers a unique program for fitting engagement rings at home. You can get the ring and return it in three days! The company’s executives assure that this function enjoys incredible success and in 90 cases, after fitting, the client buys a ring.

Most popular With Clarity models

In addition to the classic vintage models that we mentioned earlier, the company offers many different styles of trends and styles in the modeling of engagement rings.

For example, among the so-called budget options last year, the most popular ring was the Classic six-prong solitaire diamond engagement ring. This is a perfect example of a classic no-frills ring.

With Clarity

It was this ring that became one of the best-selling, which also indicates that many people are striving to return to the classics today.

Another attractive model that has been selling very well for the last two years is the Lily diamond engagement ring made of white gold.

With Clarity

Also a classic model at very economical prices. Another popular model worth mentioning is the Eden lab diamond ring.

With Clarity

By the way, if you could not find the model you are looking for – model such a model yourself! This is elementary and the company’s website offers you a very simple scheme of cooperation when you choose everything for your ring yourself. For example, you can choose whether a diamond will be natural or made in a laboratory, and other nuances.

With Clarity

Also, you choose not only the shape but also numerous characteristics of the gemstone. The company’s website is currently one of the most popular tools for modeling rings in America. Many customers are enthusiastic about how easy it is to find or create the right model using the site.

With Clarity payment options

The company With Clarity offers its customers a convenient, profitable payment system that is in principle similar to the generally accepted systems in the world. For example, the company accepts all leading cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. In principle, this is the main issue that worries buyers after lending programs that are also used in the company. The use of the With Clarity card through Synchrony Bank is also practiced, this is a fairly convenient scheme that many of the company’s customers use. On the company’s website, you can read an appeal in which brand representatives advise customers to first decide on the purchase budget and only then choose a model and payment system. Priorities are set precisely with the budget. However, even with a small budget, the company helps its customers with various credit and interest-free programs, which it is fashionable to read in detail on the official website. According to some of the programs, you will be able to pay for your ring for a year without any interest! It is worth noting that, as in the whole world, before you get a loan, you need to approve it. That is, your solvency is assessed. This has nothing to do with distrust, this is the accepted way of issuing loans in the world. You can also find out about the monthly payments and conditions of each of the programs from the support service operator.

With Clarity warranty

The guarantee is of course very important as the purchase of jewelry of any value. No one wants to pay money in vain. So, what guarantees does the company offer its customers? Of course, this is a lifetime warranty. Today there are very few companies that do not use this type of guarantee and it has become almost traditional.

So, the company offers a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects. Under the terms of the warranty, the company’s jewelers will replace any diamonds weighing less than 0.10 carats, in case you lost them or some other problem happened to them. If the diamond is heavier, then the warranty will not apply to it. Many buyers do not read this clause in the warranty, and then accuse the company of cheating. There is no deception! Just read the rules carefully! The central stone on the ring (its replacement in case of loss, for example) is also not included in the warranty. If your ring was stolen: the guarantee will not help here either, the police will deal with this problem already. Important! In any case, before sending for repair or replacement under warranty, the company’s specialists will carry out an examination with the help of which they will issue an official conclusion.

With Clarity return policy

The jewelry return policy in this company is hassle-free, it is very easy to return the jewelry. The return is carried out according to the standard scheme within one month from the date of receipt of the parcel! Important! Some companies count the days from the moment of dispatch, but in this case, the countdown starts from the minute of receipt. Do not send the parcel without first registering a refund! This must be done by calling 1 (844) 234-6463. Another important point! If you have made another purchase within 6 months after the refund, then this purchase can no longer be refunded. Upon return, the warranty that is attached to the product must not be damaged. All documents must be in place and the goods must be in the same condition as they were sent to you. The refund is free of charge, you can send the refund using FedEx/UPS. At the post office, you can specify the delivery time.

With Clarity customer service

The company’s support staff pays great attention to the requests and questions of customers. For example, by email service@withclarity.com 24/7 Gemologists are Available, the answers come very quickly. You can also call: 8442346463 M-F 10 am-5.30 pm ET. Recall that many of the answers to the questions are on the site. If you carefully read the contents of the official page, you may not need to call the support service. You can also use an interactive chat where you will instantly get answers to your questions. In general, customers rate the work of the support service highly, 8/10.

Q Are With Clarity real diamonds?

Yes. The company offers both natural and laboratory-made diamonds. All of them are highly rated by experts and certified.

Q Does With Clarity have sales?

Yes, there are sales and discounts. However, according to customers, this does not happen as often as we would like. You can follow the discount schedule on the company's website.

Q Where are With Clarity from?

The company uses diamonds only from conflict-free zones.

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