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Interesting jewelry models

4.0/ 5

I don’t have a very clear impression of this company. On the one hand, the models are very interesting. There are even such rings whose designers I am ready to applaud. On the other hand, for some reason, the company offers a rather banal selection of bracelets and earrings. For a company of this orientation, it would be possible to work more actively in these categories of goods. As far as I understand, they focused on rings and pendants, at least these products are presented in a chic assortment. As for payment and delivery, everything went without problems and I have no complaints from this side. Of course, there is also one wish: the period of return and exchange of goods should not be 15 but 30 days. This deadline is set by all large companies.

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1 Reviews

A good company

4.0/ 5

In general, in a good company, you can buy interesting and unusual gifts for friends in the online store. There are interesting models of pendants with zodiac signs, I bought one of these pendants to give to a friend for his birthday. My friend was pleased and for the second time, I ordered a ring for myself. Well, here I came across something that is often described in the comments. My package was in a hurry. The delay was five days. The company tells me that this is the fault of the delivering company and due to various circumstances, this sometimes happens. Okay, I accepted that answer. But guys, I hope that this will not become a tradition and I will receive my next order on time.

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1 Reviews

Products have incredible energy

5.0/ 5

I completely changed my image after meeting this company. I became a different person, I gained self-confidence and even recovered from depression! Yes, you may not believe me, but that’s exactly how it is. These products have such incredible energy, an incredible positive comes from these products! I started to smile again, and my reflection in the mirror began to please me again! I bought earrings, a bracelet, and a ring. All products are of excellent quality and at a very reasonable price. I thought that only very expensive products could be of such high quality. There were also no problems with the delivery, everything is at the highest level. I recommend this brand to everyone who wants to make their life brighter!

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1 Reviews

Expectation versus reality

5.0/ 5

At first glance, I liked the products on this site. Moreover, I read the information about the company and I liked that the company helps people find employment, values the human factor, and takes care of the environment. Therefore, I ordered a ring and a bracelet on the website without a doubt. Well, in the end, I was in for an unpleasant surprise. In the photo, these products look very beautiful. But upon receipt, I realized that they look “cheap”. It feels like I’m wearing cheap jewelry bought at a street sale. I’m wearing these products and an absolutely useless purchase. I do not recommend this site to anyone. It is better to pay more but wear normal rings.

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1 Reviews

Soko Jewelry Reviews

5.0/ 5

To be honest, I don’t have enough words to describe all my emotions after shopping on this site. I was planning to buy something more classic, maybe a gold or diamond ring. But Mom persuaded me to try and change my style a little. At first, these products seemed a little unusual to me, but when I saw the collection of rings, I realized that I would not rest until I saw such a ring on my finger. Excellent brand, very good prices, high quality. The support service also answered all the questions that interested me. The only nuance that confused me a little is the slightly poor choice of earrings, but because of this I will not lower the score and give the site 5 stars.

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2023 SOKO Jewelry Reviews: Is Soko Jewelry Legit and Reliable?

What is SOKO Jewelry?

This brand is one of the most unusual in the modern jewelry industry market. The uniqueness of the company lies in the fact that the brand succeeds in popularizing the works of Kenyan artisans. That is why the products that the company sells are so unusual.

SOKO Jewelry Banner with text saying Handcrafted in Kenya, sustainable. ethical, beautiful. ALWAYS

The company is headed by women who have decided to create a unique scheme for the development and popularization of goods.

The company uses the most modern and unique technologies to promote and popularize the skills of jewelers from Kenya. An important aspect of the company’s work is the unconditional and maximum involvement of people’s work, which allows them to earn money.

It is a certified B-Corp, with a clear focus on the positive impact of business on society. The company’s goal is not only to make money but also to benefit people.

Grayscaled photo featuring a pair of hoop earings held in front of the camera and a badge for B certification

The development of jewelry does not take place in Kenya, the development takes place in San Francisco.

The company’s activity is a unique business model that aims to create economic stability and optimize the process. The company works hard to minimize the inequality between people and poverty. The company also pays maximum attention to taking care of the environment.

The standards that the company sets are constantly increasing. The company is constantly improving and does not stop there. In many ways, attention is focused on women’s strength and independence, many products and developments that the company offers are aimed precisely at demonstrating women’s independence and strength.

SOKO is focused on studying and introducing various innovations both in terms of design and in terms of the development and improvement of production in general.

The company’s experts are constantly researching new craft techniques, this is a prerequisite for work. The company’s specialists are doing everything possible to help women express themselves without spending a lot of money.

Many experts call the collections that the brand creates unique and inimitable because the motives and directions of Kenyan art are incredibly combined with classical notes.

SOKO pays a lot of attention to ethical issues. This aspect never leaves the agenda.

Approximately 67 percent of the products today are made of recycled materials. At the same time, the company is constantly striving to increase this indicator.

Many articles have been written about the company, and experts are surprised to say how the popularity of this company is growing rapidly in many countries, not only products but also brand policy focused on the human factor and maximum benefit for the buyer are the reason for popularity.

SOKO Jewelry Review: Pros and Cons

Pros of SOKO Jewelry:

  • The list of products is unusual and diverse
  • The company pays special attention to its customers
  • The quality of the materials is very high
  • The support service works professionally
  • The assortment is constantly updated

Cons of SOKO Jewelry:

  • Sometimes there are delays in delivery
  • The choice of earrings is called a bit monotonous by some users

SOKO Jewelry Review: Is SOKO jewelry good?

If we analyze the reaction of buyers to the jewelry of this brand, then most customers are satisfied with the price, quality, and assortment of jewelry offered by the company.

SOKO jewelry categories

SOKO Jewelry High-Quality Products
  • Earrings
  • Rings
  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces
Metals Used by SOKO in Jewelry Production
  • Gold Plated
  • Silver
  • Mixed Materials

Among the mixed materials, there are such variants as Done Bone, Brass, GoldPlated, and Horn. The range of materials is changing and expanding.

Soko's neclace with green circular pendant

For example, recently the assortment of the online store has been replenished with many new products.

It is worth noting that the gilded products that the company sells have reached a completely new level.

This happened after several large investments. A large number of tests were also carried out and only after that, the production was brought to a new level.

Each design and style is created according to the unique color and tone of brass. Gold-plated jewelry that the company produces provides a higher quality product. These products do not fade so quickly, their service life is much longer.

The brand’s gold products, which are made of brass coated with 24-carat gold, are very popular with buyers in many countries.

Special attention should be paid to the jewelry of this brand made of brass.

Brass, well-known all over the world for its incredible strength, is becoming more and more popular. Many are sure that this is one of the most worthy alternatives to gold. The material is very resistant to corrosion and this is also one of the indisputable advantages.

Today more than 90 percent of brass worldwide must be recyclable, which is very important for the preservation of the environment.

SOKO Jewelry Collections

The collections presented by this company are not just unusual: many jewelry pieces are so bright and memorable that experts call them a work of art! So, in the list of the company’s collections today, you can see:

SOKO Jewelry: The Zodiac Collection

This is a very popular collection among buyers of different ages. Also, products from this collection are very often bought as gifts.

This collection includes magnificent pendants that attract the attention of buyers with their high quality and original design.

Another very bright collection called Simply Silver is fashionable to call the record holder of international sales. This collection includes incredibly stylish and elegant jewelry that combines laconic styles and brightness at the same time. The company’s designers have done a really good job on this collection, world experts recognize this.

Almost all jewelry from this collection becomes bestsellers, and if you read the reviews, then most enthusiastic fans bought just Simply Silver.

The Chain Link collection is also very popular. This collection features stylish and high-quality chains and original earrings.

Of course, the earrings in this collection are also presented in the form of a chain, which is very popular with customers, this collection is especially well sold among young people. It is fashionable to say that the earrings in this collection have become a new trend.

SOKO's chain link collection

To be aware of the appearance of new collections, you should follow the update of information on the official website of the company. As we mentioned earlier, the company’s management is constantly changing something. Both in the work policy and the collections and assortment.

SOKO’s other jewelry collection is called the Bahari Collection which features uniquely designed and beautifully made jewelry and accessories.

The constant striving for the ideal is the brand’s style of work.

SOKO Jewelry Thematic Categories

Jewelry on the site is also divided into thematic categories to make it easier for customers to navigate the assortment. That is, in addition to the main collections, there are also styles and directions according to which you can choose a product to perfectly add a soy image.

For example, in the category called Everyday Essentials, you can find great products for every day. The goods from this series are suitable for both a business suit and an evening dress. The choice is incredibly large.

It is fashionable to choose rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets that will perfectly complement your daily image.

Soko bracelet

The Date Night Looks collection attracts everyone’s attention with its brightness. As the name implies, the collection presents products that are ideal for parties, concerts, and other evening events. The designers carefully analyzed every detail before presenting this collection to their customers.

It is also worth mentioning a collection called Statement Styles, which combines classic and quite original products.

Is SOKO Jewelry good for gifts?

Yes, undoubtedly, buyers order a lot of gifts on this site. This is especially true of the Zodiac collection. In this online store, it is fashionable to choose jewelry for different tastes.

On the SOKO website, you will strengthen a special section called “Gifts”. It is very convenient to use this filter: gifts are divided into categories.

Their filter allows you to choose gifts for a special occasion, jewelry sets for the bride, as well as personalized products. The latter category includes jewelry that is created by special order and contains engraving, special inscriptions, and other distinctive features.

It is known that the company’s jewelers do an excellent job of creating personalized jewelry that is also very often ordered as a gift to loved ones.

You can also choose gifts according to the material from which the decoration is made and also according to the price. The site offers several “price corridors” thanks to which the buyer has the opportunity to choose the best option.

It is also worth noting that the gift can be chosen according to the material.

SOKO Jewelry Review: Is SOKO Jewelry good for rings?

Yes, rings are often bought on the site because these rings are distinguished by their original design and very good quality. Indeed, the design of the rings differs from the generally accepted standard norms. The rings are created based on the ancient artisans of Kenya, many designs are unique.

One example is that Jewelry experts will always identify the ring of this brand and will be able to easily distinguish it from other models. The brand offers different styles of rings.

The shape of each ring carries a certain meaning, each ring is a part of the history of the people of Kenya. The design of each ring was designed so that historical motifs perfectly harmonized with modern trends.

a lot of people like the rings of this brand. Yes, of course, the rings are quite peculiar and not everyone may like them. But the quality of the products is beyond doubt.

SOKO Jewelry Review: What are SOKO Jewelry’s Best Sellers?

Among the variety of jewelry that the company offers, there are undoubtedly leaders who belong to the bestsellers. So, among the undisputed leaders in the Laini Stacking ring

This is a very original and relatively inexpensive ring that has been very actively sold recently.

Also among the leaders in sales are products from the Zodiac collection.

Pendants with images of zodiac signs are constantly kept in the TOP sales because these products are very often bought as birthday gifts.

In addition, almost all of the brand’s bracelets can be called bestsellers.

SOKO jewelry's best seller

Because it is the bracelets that can most accurately convey the mood and flavor. Bracelets always sell well, besides, the prices for these products are acceptable.

SOKO Jewelry Payments

The company uses a standard payment scheme. All transactions are protected by law and safety. So, the company accepts all major cards for payment in the online store. In addition, you can use payment methods such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Play, and Quad Play.

SOKO's payment partners

Unfortunately, it very rarely happens that card payment is rejected. As a rule, this happens due to a mismatch of the entered payment address, which may not match the address specified in your bank’s file.

Please be extremely attentive to every detail when making a payment.

SOKO Jewelry Delivery

If we are talking about order delivery within America, then your jewelry will be delivered within 1-3 business days. Initially, when placing an order, you see the delivery method, and based on this information, you understand how many days it will take for delivery.

SOKO Jewelry International Delivery

Today the company practices international delivery to more than 100 countries. FedEx is used for this. International orders are shipped from America. You will be able to track the movements of your order using a special number that will be issued to you at checkout.

Recall that the company suspended deliveries to the United Kingdom due to VAT compliance requirements.

SOKO Jewelry Return Policy

Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that the buyer is dissatisfied with the jewelry or for some other reason is forced to return the goods. In this case, you can return the product within 15 days from the moment when the purchase was made.

To be eligible for a refund, the product must be unused, and undamaged. The company’s experts carefully check this aspect, sometimes parcels are opened by recording the process on video so that there are no complaints from customers later.

The money will be refunded to the de card from which the payment was made.

Be sure to pay attention to the packaging of the goods, this is a very important nuance. Also, the goods must be ensured that the goods are properly packaged and, at your choice and your expense, insured. The company is not responsible for damage caused due to poor packaging or transportation

SOKO Jewelry Customer Service: Email and Phone Number

To contact SOKO’s support representatives, you can write an email or call them using the following contact details:

  • Email address
  • Phone Number: +97142472985
    • Monday to Sunday, 9 am to 9 pm (GST)

The support service employs very polite and competent operators who are well-versed in jewelry and can give answers to a wide range of questions.

Nevertheless, before writing to the support service, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the list of the most frequently asked questions that are on the official page of the site.

SOKO Jewelry Social Media

Aside from SOKO’s online store, they are also active in social media as a way to connect with their customers and audience. Latest updates, discounts, and other content are posted on their Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), and YouTube accounts.

Q Are SOKO items nickel-free?

Yes, the brass from which the products are made in this company does not contain nickel. However, the base metal may contain some elements of nickel, so the company does not position itself as a brand that has abandoned this chemical element.

Q What items are not eligible to return?

As a rule, personalized products with engravings or created according to individual sketches belong to this category.

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