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Bad experience with them

3.0/ 5

Do not buy products on this site. My husband brought me a bracelet from Beaverbrooks for Christmas. By New Year, one of the stones had fallen out of it. We returned it to the store and it was exchanged for another one. The most unpleasant thing in this situation is that the company’s experts accused me. They said that I was taking care of the bracelet incorrectly and that’s why this happened. Do you think that’s the end of the story? No! Two months later, another stone fell out and this time I made a scandal, but they still did not recognize the fact of a manufacturing defect. Well, I decided not to be nervous and just forget about this bracelet, but I don’t want to shop on this site anymore.

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1 Reviews

Support could be better

4.0/ 5

A good company except for the support service. Unlike other jewelers like Goldsmiths or Ernest Jones, Beaverbrooks staff seem very money/sale orientated rather than focussing on WHY you want to buy something. I had to communicate with support representatives several times because I was planning to buy a very expensive thing and I needed to find out a few details. They only think about money and how to make the customer pay more. I don’t understand, do they get paid a commission for this? As far as I know, they don’t pay, then why such an interest in money. Nevertheless, I do not give the company a low rating because on the site you can buy high-quality goods, especially magnificent diamond rings.

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1 Reviews

Loyal customer but disappointed recently

4.0/ 5

I have been using this site for many years and I liked the jewelry that this company sells. In April 2021 I got engaged and started to wear my diamond engagement ring, by June I noticed it had started to go yellow on the underside, I always wore it and thought maybe I had used something cleaning to cause the coating to come off. Of course, I was very disappointed by this circumstance, especially since we paid a lot of money for this ring. I did not contact the warranty service: they would say that the color change is my fault and maybe they would be right. I would just like to focus on this problem, the company’s jewelers should pay attention, and all the nuances and the fact that the client may be wearing a ring without removing it.

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1 Reviews

Awesome necklace and great delivery service

5.0/ 5

I really love necklaces. I am constantly choosing, buying, and collecting necklaces, this is my passion. Ordered a necklace online, and it arrived quickly despite the current climate and was packaged well. So pleased with it, and was happy that it arrived with an authenticity card and in the original brand’s packaging. I’ve already bought two necklaces on this site and I’m going to buy more. Because I like the quality, speed of the people who work in the support service. For example, when I urgently needed to change the delivery address, mg did not help me do it without unnecessary questions and took it upon themselves to communicate with the delivery service. I was surprised by the sincere desire to help and kind attitude.

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1 Reviews

Beaverbrooks Reviews

5.0/ 5

I liked the choice of rings. Before looking at the models on this site, I tried to find the ring I needed from 4 companies. I didn’t want an individual job. Firstly, because it takes more time, and because such a piece of jewelry cannot be returned if you don’t like it. I’ll be brief. I was able to find the model I needed and was delighted to learn that the company has been working on the market for more than a hundred years. I am a distrustful conservative and do not trust new companies. I was not mistaken in choosing Beaverbrooks because at all stages, from choosing to receiving the goods, I encountered only professionals.

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What is Beaverbrooks?

Jewelry has long ceased to simply decorate our lives. They have also become an indicator of status, a mood regulator, and an intermediary for expressing feelings.

Of course, when choosing jewelry, we try first of all to pay attention not only to the model but also to the brand. The quality of the product also depends on the reliability of the brand. Beaverbrooks company has been on the market for more than a hundred years and every year improves its work in all directions. It is a family-owned company that opened its first store in 1919 in Belfast. A hundred years later, the company is still a family business.

The company is owned by direct descendants of the founders. The company pays great attention not only to customers but also to employees. Well-known media (in particular, the Sunday Times) write that the employees of this company are named the most satisfied and protected according to the results of research and surveys, the company has become the leader of the prestigious rating of the 100 best companies to work with.

The products that the company sells are known all over the world. The company offers a very good range of not only diamond jewelry, but also watches. In Britain and abroad, according to the results of many surveys, the company is in the top five. By the way, quite recently, in 2021, the company was once again recognized as the best employer.

As a rule, jewelry companies rarely manage to get such reviews in the world practice. Important! The company has held a leading position in the “Best Retail Company” nomination many times and has held leading positions on the list for 17 years in a row.

Now the company is the only organization in the history of Best Companies that has received accreditation for fulfilling obligations to employees for more than 15 consecutive years. An interesting fact is that even despite the coronavirus pandemic, as a result of which many firms collapsed and became bankrupt, this jewelry company continued to increase sales. Many experts call the company a phenomenon for its ability to work successfully even in the most difficult situations.

The company’s executives, in particular CEO Anna Blackburn, said in an interview that the company is proud of its annual awards and the secret of success is in the culture of communication with employees, and customers, in the ability to take the place of another person and understand his needs.

Anna also stressed that one of the main priorities in the company’s work is the trust of customers, losing which is tantamount to bankruptcy. “Trust is more important than money and high sales. Sales can be increased in many ways, and lost trust cannot be returned,” Anna added.

Are  Beaverbrooks diamonds good?

Of course, the diamonds of this company are an excellent choice. The company is in the elite segment and cannot sell bad gems. Strict standards are one of the rules that the company always adheres to.

Important! The company has its diamond certificate, which includes a special and reliable expert report on the classification and all the necessary characteristics of the gemstone.

We can say that the company gives the client a personal guarantee of the quality of the diamond. It is noteworthy that this certification is trusted and recognized all over the world.

The company offers a large selection of diamonds. You can see it by visiting the official website. Diamonds are sorted by shape, carat, and other characteristics. Even a beginner can easily choose the stone he needs on the site. Representatives of the company say that the most popular in recent years are diamonds with 57 facets, they are usually chosen for engagements or weddings.

The round shape of the stone creates a beautiful light beam that is scattered from below to the top of the stone. As a result, the result is a unique shine and brightness of the stone. The company also offers emerald-cut stones, which incredibly emphasize purity.

The purity of a diamond is a very important nuance of the characteristics of a gemstone. As a rule, this style of cutting is preferred by fans of vintage glamour, there are quite a lot of them in Britain because the style is popular.

Also, the company’s jewelers often say in interviews that unusual styles have recently become popular. For example, a marquise-cut diamond. This diamond has an elongated shape and visually the stone seems larger than it is. In addition, such a stone visually lengthens the fingers and makes the hand more elegant.

The company buys diamonds only from reliable and trusted suppliers. 100 years of experience allows the brand to understand both suppliers and the product perfectly.

Is Beaverbrooks good for engagement rings?

The company offers a magnificent selection of engagement and wedding rings, highly appreciated by world experts. Customers from many countries express their delight with the models and quality provided by this brand

In addition to the classic ones, there are also very original models and designs.

You can choose a ring by price, by metal, or by stone, the site is very convenient for self-collection of the ring model. If desired, you can replace the stone with metal or make adjustments to the design.

The most popular are engagement rings made of white gold. This is the trend of 2021, which, according to the expert’s forecasts, will not end soon.

The company thinks that an engagement ring should not only be beautiful. It should be a symbol of a significant day and correspond to the character of the person who will wear it. Yes, many have noticed that the rings of this brand seem to be matched to different characters! Some models are calm, concise, and restrained. And some models differ greatly not only in their originality, but also speak of the looseness and brightness of their owner. Many professionals work in the development of engagement rings and weddings, including jewelers, designers, and focus group participants. Yes, this is one of the latest trends: before the release of a particular model, jewelers often resort to the help of focus groups to hear the opinion of potential buyers.

By the way, many experts say that such focus groups are very effective and ultimately have an impact on demand. If we talk about wedding ring collections in general, engagement and wedding rings from this company are popular not only in Britain but also all over the world and receive very high ratings from experts.

Beaverbrooks most popular models

The company presents many models of rings and other jewelry that have become popular not only in Britain but also outside the country. For example, in the last two years, necklaces, both with diamonds and without precious stones have been very popular. One of the most striking and memorable models is the Silver Cubic Zirconia Choker Necklace

This is an inexpensive, but very popular product among the young segment. Young girls from many countries buy this particular model. The design of this decoration was developed by Beaverbrooks. (On the company’s website, you can buy jewelry from many brands, not only models of jewelers of this company are presented there).

Since we are now focusing on Beaverbrooks, we will focus on models of their production. Among the rings of one of the most fashionable models with great reviews can be noted

Platinum Diamond Halo Ring

This ring has been discussed on many forums by both jewelry experts and ordinary buyers. Attention was drawn to the design and unusual approach to the design.

Another interesting model is the 18ct White Gold Marquise Cut Diamond Halo Ring

The style of the ring was highly appreciated by international experts. By the way, it is often fashionable to see a model at company sales that take place systematically, there is even a special section on the site where you can see discounted products.

If in general, we talk about the diversity of the company’s models and the quality, then most experts and buyers speak positively about the brand’s collections.

Beaverbrooks payment options

The payment methods on the website are very simple. Administrators have done everything possible so that customers can pay for purchases as simply as possible. All leading Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, and Delta cards are accepted for payment. Payment from these cards must be made once if you are not a member of any credit program.

PayPal is also accepted for payment. Now it is one of the most popular payment methods among the company’s customers in many countries. If you have chosen this function, then do not forget that you will be redirected to the PayPal website so that the transaction is successful.

Applying for a PayPal loan is also very simple and this scheme can be used when making a purchase. You are only required to spend more than 9 pounds to be offered a 4-month installment plan. The company also offers gift cards that can be bought in one of the stores. There are several other installment payment programs that you can find on the official website of the company. From the many options offered, you are likely to be able to choose the appropriate payment method for yourself.

Beaverbrooks warranty

The company is distinguished by the fact that it pays a lot of attention to quality. So, according to the management, a lot of efforts are aimed at ensuring that the products never have manufacturing defects. The company guarantees that the products will be free of defects. Like 90 percent of jewelry companies in the world, Beaverbrooks cancels its repair warranty if you have applied for the services of other jewelers.

To protect the warranty, all work must be performed by Beaverbrooks (or a third-party company working on behalf of Beaverbrooks). Of course, the company guarantees that the stones and metals are authentic, which is confirmed by the relevant certificates that you will receive with the purchase. Customers write very good reviews about the repair and maintenance of products under warranty, write that the company employs very professional craftsmen.

Important! When sending the product for warranty service, the product will be previously examined by an expert and an expert opinion will be issued. If the breakdown of the product is not a manufacturing defect but occurred due to the fault of the owner, the company will offer to repair the product at a fairly low price.

Beaverbrooks return policy

Refunds are rare in this company. This is clear not only from the words of the managers but also from the comments that users leave on the network. However, if you still need to return the product, you can return the product in its original packaging and with all the receipts and documentation sent. This can be done within 30 days after purchase.

Orders made according to special sketches do not fall into the category of goods that can be returned. The return of the goods will be carried out free of charge (meaning delivery) if the product was purchased within the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. This also applies to orders made on the Internet.

The return scheme is very simple: it’s tedious for you to just fill out the form. The refund will not be processed instantly, it will take about 10 days to process. The money for the purchase will be refunded to the same card with which the payment was made when making the purchase. Sometimes the buyer cannot find the label for the return of the goods, in this case, the help of the support service is required.

You can send the goods without a label, but in this case, you will have to pay for the shipment. The goods being shipped mustn’t be damaged. Remember that when returning the returned goods, they are carefully checked by experts, sometimes the process of opening the parcel is even filmed on camera.

Beaverbrooks customer service

The work of the company’s support service is highly appreciated by most customers. Phone lines are open the Moon to Fri 9 am – 8 pm, Sat & Sun 10 am – 5 pm excluding Bank holidays. You can call free on 0800 169 2329. In similar time intervals, you can contact support representatives in an interactive chat, the window of which you will see on the official website of the company. You can also write an email. To do this, fill in the form providing your contact details and some information about your query. As a rule, the response to the email comes within a day, but on weekends and holidays, the process may take longer. Many customers note the courtesy and professionalism of the support staff. They also note the fact that the operators are both jewelry experts and are well versed in diamonds.

Q Are Beaverbrooks real diamonds?

Yes, the diamonds are real and have excellent characteristics. The company is a representative of the elite segment of jewelry companies that do not work with precious stones of poor quality.

Q Does Beaverbrooks have sales?

The company constantly offers sales. There is even a separate section on the site where you can always see products for which a good discount is provided.

Q Will be charged tax for my order?

The answer to this question depends on which country, city, or State the purchase was made from.

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