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Too good to be true advertising

3.0/ 5

I bought a ring on this site for my wife and I think I just threw away the money. The ring looks very cheap. Oh, yes, it is cheap. What did I expect from a cheap ring? It was a lesson for me, it’s not worth saving and if you make a purchase, then only from top-level professionals. Indeed, these rings look much better on the website, but when I received the ring in the mail, I saw that it looked like jewelry from the local market. No, I will never pay attention to prices again. In addition, many products on this site are very tasteless. I can’t imagine, I hardly chose a beautiful ring. Why did I buy on this site? I became a victim of advertising. Don’t believe the ads, believe your eyes.

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1 Reviews

I'm just wondering about the earrings I bought

4.0/ 5

The jewelry of this company is very unusual and certainly, not everyone will like it. I consider myself an extraordinary person and therefore it is not surprising that I liked the products of this company. I have been a client of this company for a long time. I bought a lot of products: rings, earrings, necklaces. However, recently there was a moment after which I stopped wearing earrings: problems with the earlobe began. I do not know if the material from which the jewelry is made could be the cause. This is just an assumption, so I will not assert and accuse the company of using substandard materials. In addition to this incident, all my purchases on the site pleased me. The prices are also quite low. So far, I have not decided whether I will continue to shop on this site. First I need to figure out whether the material of the product could affect the diseases of the earlobe.

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1 Reviews

Good and reliable hoping that they expand their collections

4.0/ 5

In general, I can’t call this site bad. Everything is fair: good prices, high-quality goods. A bright woman of any age can choose a piece of jewelry to her taste. The products are durable and do not break, it is time-tested. But I don’t like that the choice is small. I believe that there are few jewelry items and few thematic collections on the site. For example, why is there no collection of zodiac signs? Romantic collections? Why are there no collections with a wedding theme? Now many have stopped being fans of classics and it seems to me that such goods would sell very well. In addition, the list of products could be expanded with some accessories for men. Why not? In general, it is a good and reliable company.

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1 Reviews

Professionally made

5.0/ 5

Like many, my first reaction to the jewelry of this company was negative. It is ok. Because at first glance, these products seem too bright, sometimes even cheeky. But you should not trust the first impression? Take a closer look. These products are made with such love and with such a sense of taste! At first, I bought only a ring, and then I couldn’t stop and bought earrings, a necklace, and pins. I still can’t stop and buy, buy… I’m not going to stop, because this jewelry gives me joy! The quality is also excellent. The stones hold well, the material is not scratched, very professionally done work. I recommend this site to friends and acquaintances.

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1 Reviews

Heidi Daus Reviews

5.0/ 5

I think this company is created for women who want to make their lives brighter. Regardless of age, profession, or religion, this jewelry will decorate any woman’s life. I’ve tested it on myself! At first, I was surprised when my daughter gave me a bracelet from this site. She even asked: “And where can I go with such a bracelet? I’m 45, I’m not a young girl! “. But I was wrong. When I put on this bracelet, I didn’t want to take it off anymore. I liked the combination of colors and I can fly this product with different dresses and suits. I am also very happy with the prices on this site. High quality and reasonable prices – isn’t this the dream of every buyer?

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What is Heidi Daus?

Heidi Daus company is one of the brightest, extraordinary, and one of the most fashionable today. All products of this brand are inspired by the talent of a strong and purposeful woman who created the brand about 35 years ago. Heidi has dedicated her life to creating her niche in jewelry. The design offered by the company created by Heidi is original and easy to distinguish from others.

The main difference in the jewelry of this brand is in bright and unusual color combinations of crystals. Many critics and customers characterize the products of this company with the word “intricate”. Fans of this style even began to collect unusual collections of these products.

Indeed, critics admit that the company was able to initiate a new direction, a new movement in the world of jewelry fashion.

The product from Heidi invariably stands out from the crowd. These autumn products are difficult to confuse with products from other brands.

Another distinctive feature of this brand is the combination of styles from different eras with cutting-edge designs. The jewelry of this brand is handmade, many products use Swarovski crystals.

The products of this brand are presented in different directions and themes. There are glamorous products, and there are very elegant ones.

The company’s activities are focused on meeting the demand of women of any age.

Heidi perfectly understands the desires and aspirations of every woman and helps her clients to remain unique and original.

Heidi Daus often gives interviews in which he talks about the reasons for the success of his company and website. In her opinion, the main task of any jeweler and designer is to understand a woman.

“Do not offer women standard models and do not impose stereotypes.

It is wrong to convince women that these designs are good and these are bad. It is wrong to impose your concepts on classics. It is necessary to give a woman the opportunity to express herself. And how she already does it is no longer your problem,” says Heidi Daus.

By the way, in the early years of the company’s foundation, Heidi Daus products were often criticized. Many experts said that this style and direction has no future and that such products cannot be successful and cannot be called professional. Nevertheless, despite these nuances, Heidi proved that it is quite possible to invent and occupy a new niche in the jewelry industry.

In addition to the creative aspect, the issue of quality also occupies an important place in the company. The materials from which the products are made are very high-quality and durable. Despite the durability of the products, Heidi Daus often repeats in her interviews: “Treat your jewelry carefully! As my grandmother used to say, as Heidi’s grandmother used to say: “Jewelry should be the LAST thing you put on before leaving the house, and the FIRST thing you take off when you get home.”

The company is constantly in a state of development. New ideas, new models, conquering new peaks. The owner of the Heidi company is not only an excellent jeweler and designer but also an excellent business leader. This woman perfectly manages to coordinate the activities of the site and the company as a whole, as well as control every area of work, from the support service to work in workshops.

Heidi has big plans for the future. She plans to more actively develop her company’s activities in different countries, as well as introduce some innovations in the design and production technology of her products. By the way, not so long ago, in addition to jewelry, exclusive clothing models appeared on the site.

Heidi Daus Pros and Cons


  • Unusual and bright models
  • Good support service
  • Jewelry for different age categories
  • High-quality materials


  • Lack of classic models
  • Some customers complain about the fragility of the bracelets

Is Heidi Daus jewelry good?

Yes, most customers are happy with their purchases on this jewelry website. The site is very easy to use and offers different categories of jewelry.

Among these categories: are pins, rings, earrings bracelets, and various necklaces. Unfortunately, the site cannot model products independently and many customers are dissatisfied with this. That is, in other words, you cannot make the model you like as a basis, but replace the material and stones in it.

This practice is now widespread in many companies, but there is no such function on this site. The owner of the company explained the reason in an interview: there is no possibility to adjust the products, because each of them is unique, and has its meaning and aesthetics.

As for the choice: if we talk about the amount of jewelry on the site is not too much in comparison with some competitors. The company attracts customers not by quantity, but by quality, and this scheme works very well.

The jewelry of this company is undoubted of high quality, but its disadvantage is that they are non-standard. Not every woman will risk wearing such bright and unusual products. These jewelry pieces are far from classics and are designed for an exclusive circle of buyers

Heidi Daus Collections

The products on this website are presented in collections. Collections are constantly being updated and expanded. For example, one of the most fashionable collections is “0 To 60 With Style”. This collection features gorgeous bracelets and earrings that can be worn by a woman of any age. It’s no secret that many pieces of jewelry for young people often look comically on women of more mature age. However, there are universal models in this collection.

The prices are very reasonable, about $ 100 per product.

The collection called “1961 was a very good year” is very different in style from the main direction of the brand’s products. These are more refined products that are as close as possible to the classics. Elegant bracelets and earrings quickly became very popular and they have a very good sales record. By the way, this collection is most actively written in the comments: the collection is recognized as one of the most spectacular and discussed.

Also, there is s a very original collection called “60 Is The New 40”. This collection makes sense: to show mature women that it is always fashionable to look at 40 at 60, the main thing is a state of mind, internal positive energy, and of course bright jewelry that can perfectly emphasize individuality. By the way, this particular collection is highly appreciated by foreigners.

A strong impression on buyers was made by the collection “A Baby Blue Celebration”. This collection was created with special attention and with special love. In this collection, blue crystals are presented in a variety of models and shades. Many customers called this collection “The Triumph of Blue”. The collection has brooches, pendants, earrings, and a full set of products.

“A Twist Of Fortune” is a good idea and collection, but at the moment there is only one bracelet left for sale. Items from this collection were quickly sold out.

The chicest, the most fashionable, and according to experts, the most successful collection is undoubtedly a collection called “About Heidi Daus”. Here are the most popular models of bracelets, hairpins, necklaces, and clothes.

It is worth noting that not all collections are given equal attention. Some collections are no longer replenished after a full sale, but new ones are created instead. For example, it is not yet known what fate awaits the “Absolutely Gorgeous” collection, in which there is only one model left for sale. Perhaps the collection will be replenished, perhaps replaced by another more fashionable direction.

One of the most original mini collections is called Ahoy There. Very unusual themed products are presented here. For example, bracelets and earrings with an anchor element.

The collection called “All Hail The Queen” is now very popular among young people.

Crown, roses, and frogs? It would seem completely incongruous! However, the youth liked these themed products, the collection was very actively condemned on the positive side of social networks. This collection is based on famous fairy tales and heroes.

Also on the site, there is a mini collection of All the Glitters, the Alli-Heidi collection. Each collection is original in its way and carries a special meaning. If you take a closer look at these products, you will see a special semantic note in each of them.

Is Heidi Daus good for rings?

The rings that are presented on this site are very non-standard. Therefore, the opinion of buyers and Internet users about these rings is very different. Women express many categorical opinions: from very good to bad. Over the years, the company has formed its circle of loyal fans, which, in principle, the brand focuses on.

The owner of the brand herself calls the rings “majestic” and says that special attention is paid to vintage style when creating rings. According to Haidi, it is the vintage style that can optimally emphasize female individuality and beauty at any age. “I create jewelry that is worthy of a queen,” Heidi often says in her interviews.

Another distinctive feature of the rings of this brand is that they are perfectly combined with other brand products, with earrings or necklaces, even with hair clips! There is a great addition to any ring. You can buy rings both online and in one of the brand’s stores.

Rings are created specifically in such a way that they can be easily combined with outfits of different styles and color schemes.

The rings that this brand represents have very good reviews regarding quality. That is, such troubles as a sunken stone or a fallen clip do not happen to them. Each ring is made carefully, with a great sense of responsibility and a desire to please its buyer.

Is Heidi Daus good for bracelets?

The site presents bracelets in different variations, but in general, all these products are committed to the same style.

The bracelets are very bright, but at the same time sophisticated.

Of course, such a bracelet is unlikely to be worn complete with strict style clothes, but some clients of the site claim that they succeed.

To date, on the website, you can see more than 70 models of original bright bracelets that can perfectly complement the image. The owner of the company always says in an interview that the bracelet is a very important part of the image of women of any age. Each of these bright bracelets symbolizes character, temperament, mood, and outlook.

The bracelet on this site is constantly included in the list of best sellers.

Heidi Daus Payments

You can easily place an order on the website and pay for it by credit or debit card. All leading cards are accepted without problems: Visa, Master, and others. In addition, if you want, you can pay for your purchase using PayPal or GooglePay. Don’t worry about security: all transactions are legal. If there is a problem with payment, then most often a system failure occurs on the part of the bank. The Company complies with all legal requirements regarding financial transactions. Most customers are satisfied with the speed and quality of the payment process.

Heidi Daus Delivery

If the cost of your purchase exceeds $ 75, then the delivery is free of charge.

The delivery service adds $5, 95 to all orders up to $75, 00.

As a rule, the order is delivered within a week, in extreme cases, delivery takes 10 days.

Orders over USD 250.00 are delivered within 2-3 business days

Deliveries to Alaska and Hawaii are carried out according to the standard tariff schedule, but the goods are delivered three days longer.

Heidi Daus Return Policy

Each buyer can return the goods within 30 days from the date of order.

All jewelry whose value does not exceed $ 95 is subject to a refund. At the same time, goods that cost 21, 98, or 61 dollars cant be refunded. Yes, this is an unusual system, but these are the company’s rules. You will also not be able to return gifts or promotional items. The cost of return shipping is paid by the buyer. It is very easy to make a refund, there are instructions for this on the company’s website. The Company reserves the right to approve or reject the refund.

Heidi Daus customer service

You can contact the representatives of the company. Using a special page on the website. You fill in the required fields where you write your email, first and last name, and then enter your message. This is the most common way by which mono can contact customer support. You can also write to representatives using the company’s social media accounts.

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