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1 Reviews

Whiteflash Reviews

5.0/ 5

I’ve been choosing an engagement ring for a very long time. Frankly speaking, I spent a lot of time and effort on this. I consulted a lot with friends on the question: where is it better to buy a ring, is it not dangerous to buy a ring online. I received a lot of different answers, but I did not decide on the choice until I thoroughly studied the White flash website myself. I am a very careful person, so, first of all, I paid attention to the guarantees that the company provides. I was satisfied with everything. I especially liked the lifetime exchange guarantee. I was also satisfied with the price. It is also worth mentioning that the company has a very convenient payment system, the transaction passed without problems. And one more important detail is why I am writing this review: the company offers great models. I was struck by the design. Having visited many websites, many stores, I could not find such a design anywhere, which is why I undoubtedly give the company 5 stars.

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1 Reviews

Whiteflash Reviews

4.0/ 5

I do not know how and do not like to choose jewelry. Before the engagement, choosing a ring was a real challenge for me. However, I went through dozens of options, visited many stores. My choice stopped at this site because I liked the return guarantees that were offered. In addition, I understood from the reviews that this company adheres to the promises. My sister helped me in choosing a model, and she directly helped me make an order. When I received the ring, I realized that this was not the model I had chosen. In this situation, the company is not to blame, my sister made a mistake with the ring model. But I had some difficulties with the refund. Of course, the money was returned to me, but the process of applying for a refund seemed to me too long and tedious. Then I bought a ring that I liked, but still, I can’t give it five stars, because the return procedure seemed too long to me and required answers to many questions. Guys, simplify the system and you will become the best!

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1 Reviews

Whiteflash Reviews

4.0/ 5

Everything is fine in this company: design, price, quality of diamonds. And I am an expert in the field of diamonds, so I can assure you: these guys sell the best stones. And I would be happy to call this brand the best today, if not from the support service. Who said that the question is answered by professionals? Some ordinary operators have learned a few terms and are trying to use them. My resume: the diamonds are great, but the support service does not match the level of the company. Therefore, 4 stars.

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2 Reviews

Whiteflash Reviews

4.0/ 5

I didn’t like working with this company. Despite the fact that all my friends express delight and admire the diamonds of this brand, I did not like it. Firstly, inflated prices. Secondly, there are very few discounts and promotions. Thirdly, the ring models do not differ in originality, and when trying to create an individual order, their jewelers insist on their own and refuse to listen to the client. That’s what happened to me. The specialists they praise so much -could not understand what kind of ring I want and tried to impose their point of view. I consider this behavior and disrespect to the client.

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1 Reviews

Whiteflash Review

5.0/ 5

Without any doubt and a moment’s hesitation, I rate this company at 5 stars. I am not a very rich person, so buying jewelry for me is an important and deliberate event. To be honest, I was worried before the first purchase. There were many doubts about where exactly to buy the ring. It wasn’t an engagement ring, I just decided to buy myself a beautiful piece of jewelry. I couldn’t make a choice myself and I had to ask for some advice. I was pleasantly surprised that not just operators, but real experts communicated with me in the support service. The support service employs people who were able to answer my questions directly on precious stones. I was satisfied with the price, the quality of the jewelry, and the delivery time. There are no complaints. I can safely advise my friends to use the services of this company.

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Is Whiteflash Jewelry Diamonds Legit? Whiteflash Reviews and Customer Feedback 2023

What is Whiteflash?

Diamonds and jewelry at any time have played an undeniably important role in any country, for people of any age, and under almost all circumstances.

No one doubts the fact that diamonds are not only an indicator of well-being, it is also a mood regulator, a way to declare love, remind yourself, or express your admiration. It is not surprising that the companies that are engaged in the sale and production of jewelry have always been and are receiving increased attention from both buyers and competitors.

So, one of the brightest representatives of jewelry companies is Whiteflash. According to the company’s management, they have the largest stock of AGS ideal diamonds in the world!

The company offers its clients a diamond of any shape and characteristics certified by AGS in various variations. The company is an authorized reseller of the best design brands. But the biggest trump card is that the company supplies exclusive diamonds of its own A CUT ABOVE®  Super Ideal.

In addition to the above, the company is famous all over the world for its design works. If you need to buy an original, really unusual product, then the company’s professional jewelers will be happy to help you with this.

You can buy jewelry both from the Internet and in the company’s store, which is located in Houston where the company is based. The company was established back in 2000 and gradually turned into one of the most important founders of the diamond industry on the Internet.

Are Whiteflash diamonds good?

There is no doubt that the diamonds of this company are very popular all over the world precisely because of the high quality and high assessment of experts. Experts say that it is this company that has almost perfect diamond cuts, each product is expertly made by the highest standards of cutting.

Round cut diamond from whiteflash with options to show the ideal scope image, actual aset image, actual hearts image, and a video of the brilliance and sparkle of the diamond.

At the moment, most analysts and experts are inclined to believe that the company has firmly taken its place in the list of leaders of the online diamond industry.

Whiteflash’s Better Business Bureau is A+.

The brand also constantly receives important awards.

Achieving the highest BBB Honors and a short description of the awards. Below are 5 plaques of Better Business Bureau Awards for Excellence given to Whiteflash.

The company offers its customers an excellent selection of diamonds of various cuts, colors, shapes, and carats. Even the most demanding customer in the assortment of the company will find a product that he likes.

An important point when discussing quality is the fact that the company’s diamonds are tested and certified by AGS.

The company has a great selection of colorless diamonds on a color scale from D to F.

On their website, you can also see the diamonds in 360° HD view.

Whiteflash homepage showing 3 diamonds and promoting their feature: Diamonds in 360 HD

Important! The diamonds offered by the company are appreciated between IF and VVS on the clarity scale. That is, even at 40x magnification, the diamond does not lose its clarity!

An oval diamond from Whiteflash

The company sells brilliantly cut diamonds. Experts say that the diamonds sold by the company correspond to the highest light characteristics. Customers also speak enthusiastically about the diamonds of this company.

Four most recent and positive customer reviews on the Whiteflash website. The first photo shows a hand wearing a diamond ring, the seond photo is a diamond ring with a lilac rose background, the third photo shows a diamond ring in its case, and the last photo is a diamond ring with a pink rose in the background. All of the reviews gave a 5-star rating.

In fact, there are no officially recorded cases when the buyer had claims to the quality and characteristics of the diamond, to its cut. Because it is precisely these moments that special attention is paid to. That is, answering the question:

How good are the diamonds sold by this brand?

Experts answer that they are very good.

Are Whiteflash Diamonds certified?

Yes. The diamonds presented by Whiteflash are certified. They have a diamond certification from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), and ISO 9001 Certification.

As we mentioned above, the company is distinguished by providing customers with an excellent assortment, and they are all certified.

Important! Some time ago, it was possible to read articles in the press allegedly refuting this information, but they turned out to be fake: the diamonds are certified.

Of course, it is important to understand what certification is in principle and what role this procedure plays.

Diamond certification is an internationally recognized and well-known system created by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). During the certification process, the color, purity, and other characteristics of the diamond are evaluated.

Two AGI certificates with seven photos of diamonds in round and square cuts.

If the diamond has not passed certification, then the buyer has to believe the seller’s words about the quality of the stone and not the official document. For many, this approach is categorically unacceptable, so most prefer exclusively certified diamonds.

Despite the apparent need for certification, many companies offer certified diamonds.


There are several reasons. The most common reason why a seller does not want to certify a diamond is the additional costs that will invariably be required during the certification process.

Is Whiteflash good for engagement rings?

Engagement rings are called by many experts the business card of the company. An incredible selection of exquisite models is offered.

Diamonds with the best characteristics and the highest quality are used for the manufacture of engagement rings.

This is not just the opinion of experts. Numerous clients and customers who write about their reviews on the website also agree with this point of view.

According to jewelry professionals, the company is one of those that are very selective about the selection of diamonds and precious materials when making jewelry.

Engagement rings of this brand are given special attention and for good reason: this is one of the most popular products sold by the brand.

Platinum Valoria Petite Open Cathedral Diamond Engagement Ring

This model is one of the most popular models of recent months and has become a go-to choice for an engagement ring.

The left side of the photo is the Platinum Valoria Petite Open Cathedral Diamond Engagement Ring and on the right side are details about the ring including the name of the ring, the item number, the price, and metal.

Many people like the design of this jewelry with a price worth about $ 1,500 at a discount.

By the way, the employees of the company themselves say that, according to tradition, a man should spend at least 2 months’ salary on a ring.

It is worth noting that the company often offers various discounts on wedding rings, this fact is one of the advantages of the company. An important point is also that the design of the wedding and engagement rings sold by the company is very different from the models offered to customers as standard.

Whiteflash Pricing, Payment Options, Warranties and Return Policies

So, the company’s payment system is very simple and convenient. Details are described in detail on the website as well as in numerous white flash reviews.

What are Whiteflash payment options?

If you make a purchase in the USA, then you can pay for the jewelry you like using the following platforms:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • PayPal
  • Regular bank transfer.

If you are located outside the United States, then, as a rule, the purchase is paid by bank transfer. Only in some cases, there are exceptions.

Each situation and purchase from abroad is considered individually because sometimes, under certain circumstances, the company can accept credit cards from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

If you plan to use one of these countries when buying cards, then you need to initially consult with representatives of the company’s support service who will be able to explain all the details to you.

Does Whiteflash accept split payments?

In general, most of the company’s customers use a credit card to make a purchase, but in addition, there is also financing with Affirm. This system allows the company’s clients to split the payment for a period of 3 months to a year.

At the moment, the rate of such a service is 10 percent of the value of the jewelry you bought, but this indicator may vary depending on political and economic nuances. In addition, the company offers customers a payment system for goods within 90 days.

Buyers who have bought jewelry or diamonds of the company’s production for a total amount of more than $ 1,500 can participate in this program.

Important! Diamonds purchased online are not covered by this system (only diamonds purchased in the store can participate in this program).

In general, the company’s customers highly appreciate the way the payment system is set up.

Whiteflash Warranty and Guarantee Information

Like any high-level jewelry company, Whiteflash offers its customers a guarantee. It would even be more correct to say not “guarantee” but a package of guarantees, which consists of many paragraphs and sub-paragraphs.

Experts say that the leaders of the jewelry market usually use a standard and optimal list of guarantees applicable in the jewelry industry.

Of course, it is worth recalling that each product presented by this company undergoes a multi-stage quality control system, but the client does not need words, but proof, which is why it establishes several guarantees. It is important that the company strictly adheres to these guarantees.

According to experts, only a few companies in the world offer guarantees similar to Whiteflash. The company is called the undisputed leader in terms of guarantees.

What are Whiteflash’s Guarantee and Insurance?

Lifetime Exchange Guarantee

The company offers its customers a so-called Lifetime Exchange Guarantee. We remind you that this is a 100 percent lifetime guarantee of the exchange of goods. Employees of the company claim that it is this type of guarantee that leads customers to them, this is really a very popular type of guarantee among customers.

The client can in the future exchange the purchased diamond for any other, at a price corresponding to the previously purchased one.

By the way, the company differs in that the fulfillment of the warranty conditions is not accompanied by any additional lengthy procedures, as often happens with other competing companies.

Conflict-free Guarantee

Another type of guarantee is the so-called Conflict-free Guarantee. Thus, the company guarantees the fact that the diamond you bought is not involved in a financing conflict and that the company does not have any common business with suppliers involved in conflicts.

The company works only with suppliers who comply with UN resolutions. This is stated on the official website. In addition, the company provides a one-year warranty.

We will tell you exactly what is included in this guarantee in more detail:

  • Metal polishing
  • Metal or diamond repair

The need for repair rarely arises, but polishing the product is a very popular procedure that many customers do not want to neglect.

Whiteflash Education Center

More information about diamonds can be found on the Education Center on their website so, make sure to check it out.

Here are some care essentials to keep your jewelry looking new for years to come:

What is Whiteflash’s Return Policy?

The company offers its customers a money-back guarantee.

Agree that this information is important even in a psychological sense, even if you are theoretically sure that you will not have to make a refund.

This guarantee has an excellent reputation: it is known that the company’s employees adhere to the guarantees given to customers and never break the promises they make to customers.

According to the managers, every client is fundamentally important to them.

We want to provide the client not only with a good and high-quality product but also peace of mind.

They write on the company’s official website.

So, what is a money-back guarantee? The company offers a guaranteed refund of your money within 1 month “without unnecessary questions” in the amount of 100% percent.

Important! If you return the goods within the borders of the United States, the delivery will be free of charge.

The money-back guarantee is a fundamental part of the Whiteflash guarantee, and even many competitors recognize that there is no equality about any other type of guarantee of this company.

As for the opinion of customers, reading white flash reviews, you can immediately understand: that there are practically no claims for a refund. There may have been some delays during the coronavirus pandemic, but these were isolated cases that did not hurt the company’s image in the world.

Important! Certified diamonds purchased in the online catalog have a 10-day money-back guarantee.

Before returning the diamonds, discuss the situation with experts in the support service and then issue a refund.

To the attention of foreign customers! Fees vary greatly from country to country so the pricing can change too.

How can I contact Whiteflash Customer Service?

The company’s support service employs not just operators, but experts who are well versed in diamonds and jewelry. You can contact the representatives of the support service through the following methods:

  • Online Chat: You can start an online chat with a representative of the company on the page www.whiteflash.com
  • Contact Number: call free 877-612-6770

Professionals will be able not only to answer your questions but also to give good advice if necessary.

If you decide to communicate with the support service in an online chat, then before you start communicating, you will need to enter some information about yourself, such as first name, last name, email, and the subject of the question.

At the same time, many answers can be found in the FAQ section, so it is not necessary to immediately call or write to the support service: sometimes it is enough just to read the information on the site.

Whiteflash Social Media Accounts

For the latest Whiteflash updates, you can check their Facebook, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter)


Does Whiteflash have sales?

Yes, the company systematically offers discounts to customers in addition to loans and benefits. Follow the announcements.

Where are Whiteflash diamonds from?

The company takes diamonds only from legal and trusted suppliers, and the brand is also famous for its own CUT ABOVE ® Super Ideal line, which has conquered almost the whole world.

Q Are Whiteflash real diamonds?

Yes, the company sells exclusively real and certified diamonds.

Q Does Whiteflash charge sales tax?

Fees and taxes differ in each state and even more so in the country. For example, in Texas, the sales tax is 8.2 percent

Q Does Whiteflash have sales?

Yes, the company systematically offers discounts to customers in addition to loans and benefits. Follow the announcements.

Q Where are Whiteflash diamonds from?

The company takes diamonds only from legal and trusted suppliers, and the brand is also famous for its own CUT ABOVE ® Super Ideal line, which has conquered almost the whole world.

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