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Unable to reach customer service on phone.

3.0/ 5

Very delicate jewelry. Received package from FedEx with stone opel seperated from setting. Unable to reach customer service on phone. Left message no return phone call. Shipping to me was excellent. Replaced opel to setting myself will not stay connected.

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1 Reviews

Long time client first time getting late products

4.0/ 5

I am a long-time client of this company. I have been using the site’s services for several years. Everything was fine and in principle, I was satisfied with the quality and prices. I liked everything. However, the last time there was an unpleasant situation: my order was very late and it upset me: after all, the gift was for Mother’s Day. Perhaps it wasn’t the company’s fault. At least that’s what they told me. But I understand that it was the company that sent the product late, the order was not easy: with engraving and some other nuances. Guys, if you need more time to prepare an order, say so, and don’t try to do the impossible. You need to be honest with your customers and count your strength.

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1 Reviews

The quality is not satisfactory

3.0/ 5

Everyone wonders why the products of this company are so cheap. I’ll explain it to you now: because they are of poor quality. I purchased a ring and necklace for my wife. The ring was lovely and the necklace was faulty as within 1 month the Amethyst has fallen out. The wife wore the product with great care., I saw it. The reason is simply a manufacturing defect, negligent attitude, and unfair work. I was also unpleasantly surprised by the reaction of the support staff who blamed my wife for what happened (yes, they did! !), without even offering to conduct an appropriate examination. Unfortunately, the stone was lost and I could not send the products for repair under warranty. Well, it’s just a bad experience. Next time I will contact another company.

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1 Reviews

There are a lot of classic models that I like

5.0/ 5

I was told that this company does not sell good wedding rings. That’s not true! I don’t know what you expect from an engagement ring, but I just wanted an elegant diamond ring. There are a lot of classic models on this site that will please a lot. Do you know why they don’t talk much about their wedding rings? Because they are not advertised enough. Unfortunately, nowadays they talk more about what is actively advertised. I also want to write about fast delivery and very polite guys in the support service. I realized that they are well versed in jewelry and are not just operators. When I needed details about the diamond, I was told all the things I was interested in detail. I am very happy and recommend this site to my friends.

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1 Reviews

There are good and bad points

4.0/ 5

I’ll start with the negative. My order told me delivery would be before valentine’s day. Several phone calls later it arrived a month after ordering. First I was told it had got lost on the way to the assay office. Then it was stuck in customs. How can you treat delivery and customers like this? Even though the products are really good and the prices are very pleasing, the attitude to delivery is very bad. If you are shipping an item, then ship it reliably. After all, we are talking about jewelry, not a box of matches! Still, this product sometimes costs a lot of money, and most often people buy jewelry for a certain holiday date. Nevertheless, I do not put too low an estimate because, in addition to problems with delivery, the company has no other disadvantages.

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1 Reviews

QP Jewellers Reviews

5.0/ 5

I like the products with rubies that this company sells. I really like rubies and emeralds. For a long time, I could not find a jewelry company with an assortment that I would like. And only on this site, I could find exactly what I needed. Do you know how difficult to find beautiful ruby necklaces and bracelets? Have you ever tried to find it? And I spent months on it. Thanks to this site ha a great choice and for low prices. It remains a mystery to me how, with such a choice and high quality, prices can be so low. I will add that it is not the first time I have bought jewelry from this company and I have never encountered problems.

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What is QP Jewellers?

QP Jewellers is one of the most popular companies in the world. The company’s activities are aimed at selling jewelry made of precious stones and diamonds. These are some of the most reliable jewelry suppliers in the world.

The British company in its activities places great emphasis on the fact that the design of jewelry was made by the latest fashion trends. Much attention is paid to the “modern” style. The company offers customers ultramodern designs of precious stones with a complex set of different shades, stones of different facets.

creators of the company say that their main priorities have always been and remain quality and uniqueness. Honesty is also of great importance in the work: the company’s employees always strive to be as honest as possible about their customers.

Since we started many years ago, our goal has always been simple: we want to offer an honest, ethical service based on a high appreciation of new and unique jewelry. At the same time, we want to combine our knowledge and care with the opportunity to offer you real jewelry with diamonds and precious stones at the lowest possible prices.

The company was created by friends David Adams and Matt Silversides, who actually run QP Jewellers. “From the first days of our store’s operation, we decided to be extremely honest with our customers, even if we suffer damage from it,” the managers said in their interviews, David often talks about how he always remembered the first day of the online store and his excitement. According to him, he felt great potential in creating new designs, he wanted to observe the formation of completely new trends.

The company’s executives have chosen a rather unusual method of promoting their company. They got acquainted with the leading American and world jewelers. They traveled a lot t.get acquainted with jewelers and personally observe the formation of potential new designs. In addition to America, the company’s executives traveled to Asia, their last study trip took place in 2021.

In Asia, David and Matt visited many jewelry fairs, where they learned a lot of new things and saw new trends in jewelry craftsmanship.

“We are not looking for standards or classics. We are always looking for the most unique and unusual jewelry… Exhibitions and fairs are the perfect way to find something unusual, a new interesting supplier that will surprise you with its design or gemstone,” says Matt. He also added that he is a supporter of natural organic beauty and believes that no designer can do something better than nature itself.

The company offers both natural stones and those grown in the laboratory, the QP collection includes many unique designs distinguished by their elegance. The company also works closely with the Edinburgh Assay Office. At this enterprise, each piece of jewelry is marked and passes a complete and thorough quality check.

It is also worth noting that the managers approached the design of the site with great responsibility. The site is as convenient as possible for making purchases at every step, a potential buyer is offered help with all questions. The entire interface of the site is aimed at making it easier for customers to find the jewelry they need.

Are QP Jewellers diamonds good?

Most experts say that you should not be afraid of the quality of the diamonds that the company sells. There is no reason to doubt the quality of precious stones. The company cares very much about its image and name and will never allow itself to deal with bad and low-quality diamonds. It is worth noting that the emphasis is placed not only on jewelry with diamonds.

The site offers an incredible assortment of gemstones. QP offers an amazing selection of options. From red rubies and garnets to cool blue tones such as sapphires and aquamarines. The company pays great attention to the verification of suppliers. The company will never cooperate with the supplier if it has at least 1 percent of doubts.

All stones are supplied only from conflict-free zones, everything happens exclusively according to the law and by the rules adopted by the international community. Many customers write online that the company should pay a little more attention to the line with diamonds.

” There is a very large selection of rubies and sapphires, incredible designs, but I want more diamonds and not only in rings but also in necklaces and other jewelry! “, – such comments are very often fashionable to read on the Internet.

Nevertheless, many experts consider such remarks unfounded: for example, if you visit the website, you will see that there are more than 170 models of diamond rings. In addition, you can change the metal yourself, you can make your adjustments to the frame, and choose a stone according to carats and other characteristics.

Is QP Jewellers good for engagement rings?

We can t say that the main focus of this company is wedding rings. As a rule, bright jewelry and simple rings are bought more on this site, and other sites are chosen for engagement. Indeed, even the company’s executives confirm that engagement collections are not a priority for them, Of course, the company offers a large assortment of rings that can be given for an engagement, but this direction is not predominant.

So, what can I say about the engagement rings that you can buy on this site: QP Jewelers is a good choice for Solitaire Engagement Rings if you plan to buy a good engagement ring but don’t want to spend too much money. The undoubted hit of the wedding ring line can be called the Diamond Solitaire Ring in White Gold.

Many models of wedding rings that this company sells are somewhat monotonous. This opinion is expressed by both buyers and experts, for example, if the company manages to maintain the image of uniqueness and originality with other jewelry, then originality is not traced in wedding rings. In principle, the range of wedding rings that the company offers can easily be called standard. As for quality, you can be sure in this matter: a lot of attention is paid to the quality, and since the concept of a manufacturing defect of a company is generally unknown.

By the way, last year several media outlets wrote that the company plans to reconsider priorities and pay more attention to collections that were previously in the background. Perhaps soon we will see new and much brighter collections of wedding rings from this brand.

QP Jewellers’ most popular models

Every year the company strives to diversify its collections and this applies not only to rings but also to other jewelry. For example, last year, ruby bracelets that the brand sells were actively discussed on the web. Customers from many countries liked the design of these bracelets very much.

For example, the Ruby Infinite Tennis Bracelet in White Gold was called a hit in sales and received the most positive feedback from customers. Many girls liked the bracelet for its versatility: it is ideal for a special occasion, and it can also be combined with daily costumes.

As for the necklaces (the necklace line is being updated very actively), the leader in reviews and sales was Round Cut Pearl Pendant Necklace 2 ct in 9ct Gold.

At first glance, there is nothing unusual about this necklace, but if you look closely, you can find a lot of advantages because of which it is worth buying it. In addition, this necklace is very affordable, which also plays a role in its increased popularity.

As for diamond rings, of course, there are also favorites among them. For example, Round Cut Diamond Ring 0.15 ct in 9ct White Gold. A lot of good reviews have been written about this ring model

The cost of such a ring is about 400 pounds, also a very economical option. However, there is a trend: among the most popular models, models of the average price category prevail.

QP Jewellers payment options

The company accepts major credit and debit cards for payment. Of course, they include Visa and Master. At the same time, we note that QP Jewelers does not accept Alipay.

However, QP Jewellers does offer coupons and discount codes.

As a rule, the payment process goes without problems, but sometimes there are nuances. For example, sometimes a website may reject your card when trying to make a payment. There may be several reasons for this. Most often this happens for reasons related to the refusal of the bank. Sometimes, depending on the bank and the country from which the money transfer is made, the bank may block the transaction. This problem is solved quite easily: the customer just needs to contact the support service of his bank.

As a rule, this happens with very expensive purchases. If you need any assistance in the order payment process or have any problems with the transaction, please call 0800 488 0888 during business hours (GMT). Specialists will quickly help solve the problem and make a payment.

QP Jewellers warranty

Of course, the company offers its customers a guarantee. Today, almost every jewelry company of middle and senior management gives customers a lifetime warranty, and QP Jewelers also come. We are talking about the fact that the company will repair your jewelry for free if you find a manufacturing defect. The company also offers free maintenance of the product. If you take the goods to another jeweler, then you can forget about the warranty: it is canceled. Before determining whether the damage to the product falls within the scope of the warranty, the company’s jewelers will conduct an examination. This examination is a generally accepted practice and almost all companies resort to this scheme. Nevertheless, even if the damage does not fall under a lifetime warranty, the company’s jewelers will make repairs at an affordable price that will be much lower than the price offered by third-party jewelers.

QP Jewellers return policy

The company provides a guarantee under which you can return the product if for some reason you did not like it. Mandatory conditions for return – the product must not be used and it must have all the tags that were on receipt.

Products with engraving, other inscriptions, or custom-made products cannot be returned under the company’s policy. Replacement or repair may take up to 30 calendar days from the date of receipt of the goods by the company. During the Christmas season, there is a chance that during the holidays this period may last a little longer.

In the unlikely event that a manufacturing defect is found upon receipt of your jewelry, you can return them within 30 days of receiving the goods. Before making a refund, be sure to contact the support service, where you will be explained in detail the procedure for making a refund. You can also return the product if you just didn’t like it for some reason.

You will be refunded the money in full to the same card with which you made the payments. You can also send the product back to exchange it for some other or to change the size. In most cases, a fee of 25 pounds is charged for changing the size (this is the amount as of 2021, depending on the circumstances it may change).

 QP Jewellers return policy customer service

The company’s support service is working quite well. At least that’s what most customers think.

You can contact company representatives by email or telephone:

Before calling or writing to the company’s representatives, we advise you to study the list of the most frequently asked questions that are on the website. There are examples of many questions and there are complete and detailed answers. As a rule, most customers can find answers to any questions there. The customer service team is available from Monday to Friday, between 9 am and 5 pm (GMT). E-mails to our Customer Services team and queries through our contact form are normally responded to within one business day, between Monday and Friday from 9 am to 5 pm (GMT). In general, the support staff are professional and try to solve customer issues as quickly as possible.

Q Does QP Jewellers have sales?

Yes, the company has sales, promotions, and discounts. In order not to miss a good sale, you need to subscribe to the news from the site. The registration procedure takes place on the official page of the company.

Q Where are QP Jeweller's diamonds from?

Suppliers for the company are selected very carefully. The company's management often says in their interviews that trust in suppliers is one of the main principles of work. Precious stones are never bought from conflict zones and their quality is always confirmed by certificates.

Q Will I be charged tax for my order?

The tax will be deducted depending on the country and state of the buyer. If the tax is provided by law, it will definitely be included in the purchase price.

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