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Do not buy. Unethical slamming of outrageous COD FREIGHT charges.

1.0/ 5

This Co is an unethical fraudulent company. They are international and work on the own rules of “Disclosure”. I purchased a purse and thought it was a good deal until I received a COD freight notice for $150 just to receive a shipment of a small purse. It was outrageous as I was not aware of this charge during checkout. Ethical business practice should mean disclosing shipping costs or estimates at checkout. When I filed a complaint all they kept saying is they do not know how much shipping fees are, and therefore cannot provide that information during checkout. It’s their escape goat for not being honest about the “Total Fees” for the purchase. It’s outrageous and unethical and their customer service department continues to preach about providing service when all they did was not solve my problem nor acknowledging their error for not providing freight fees or estimates in their check out. Do not purchase from them or you’ll get hit with an outrageous Freight delivery fee at the very last minute That are hundreds of dollars added to your purchase.

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The Luxury Closet Reviews

5.0/ 5

I often buy various accessories online. Previously, unfortunately, I often became a victim of fraudsters who sent me low-quality goods. I don’t want to mention the names of these stores here now, because they tried to accuse me of anti-advertising. Nevertheless, this boutique pleasantly surprised me. I liked the choice of watches and liked the prices. I will not hide that despite the presence of money in my wallet, I really like to save and the price of the goods is often of great importance to me. So, I like everything on this site. I can’t say about products for women, but a man can find in a boutique almost everything he needs from world-famous brands at a very reasonable price.

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The Luxury Closet Reviews

4.0/ 5

In general, I can rate this boutique as good and comfortable. The package was fast received and the item was also as described, but the packaging could have been a bit better (my package was a bit smashed). I believe that if a company positions itself as a luxury boutique, then every detail should be thought out, including the packaging of the goods. In addition, the prices did not seem profitable to me, although everyone says that the boutique significantly saves costs. I often monitor online stores and I can say with confidence that similar products can be found at a more reasonable price on less advertised sites. In general, I can recommend this boutique, if you are not a perfectionist, then you can find something interesting there.

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The Luxury Closet Reviews

5.0/ 5

I don’t like online shopping and I don’t like buying previously used goods. I don’t understand how I became a client of this site. The boutique made a strong impression on me: you can buy almost new and even new things from famous brands at a very good price. The jewelry is in perfect condition, I bought two rings and was very satisfied. I also want to draw attention to the excellent range of men’s accessories, my husband has also become a regular customer of this online boutique. Some users write about problems with the delivery, but we have not experienced such problems. In addition, when communicating with representatives of the support service, we were struck by the politeness and professionalism of the operators. I recommend this online boutique to anyone who loves branded items but does not like to pay extra money.

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Is The Luxury Closet Legit?

3.0/ 5

I’m just shocked by the low quality of the goods that this boutique sells. The description of the product does not correspond to reality at all. Guys, this is a hoax! I purchased a handbag with holes in the leather which was left out of the description and photos. When standing over $3k on something, you would expect more transparency. I also heard from many that parcels are not delivered on time, the delay can be up to 5 days. There are many disadvantages to the work of this boutique. That is why I decided not to use the services of this online store anymore, whose employees I do not consider honest. A lot of advertising, a lot of praise, as if there is no result. There is no reliable information about the product.

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1 Reviews

Is The Luxury Closet Legit?

4.0/ 5

Of the positive aspects of this site, I can undoubtedly name fast delivery. As for the prices, I think they are a little too high based on the assortment of goods that the site offers. Also, undoubtedly, I think that it is necessary to post More photos of the damages in each item with more details and descriptions. Sometimes the information about a particular product is not enough and complete, and there are many more questions about the jewelry or accessory. Otherwise, I can call the boutique very useful and convenient because there you can find a lot of branded things at very low prices. I also want to add that it is worth paying attention directly to the quality of the photos that are posted on the site. Some photos were not taken professionally enough, perhaps to hide one or another defect of the product.

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2023 The Luxury Closet Reviews: Is the Luxury Closet Jewelry Legit? 2023

What is The Luxury Closet?

The Luxury Closet is an online boutique that is known in almost all countries of the world. It is a boutique that is used by world cinema and pop stars, famous politicians, and representatives of the elite of different countries. This online boutique has been able to establish itself as one of the most reliable in the world.

The Luxury Closet homepage banner

So, The Luxury Closet was founded by entrepreneur Kunal Kapoor in Dubai. The date of the boutique’s foundation is 2011, but the idea was conceived years earlier.

The company sells and buys both new and previously used goods. The boutique offers different products without concentrating on any one direction. For example, today, with the help of this world-famous Internet platform, you can buy and sell a variety of luxury items.

Among the products that the boutique offers its customers are magnificent jewelry, luxury watches, and luxury clothes.

For example, on the website, you can buy products from such brands as Van Cleef and Arpels, Cartier, and other brands of this level.

Today, the online boutique offers customers more than 41 thousand different products. This is an incredible success, which continues to progress every day. It’s no secret that many world experts call this an online boutique phenomenon. This business was built not just professionally, but masterfully.

When the brand was just starting its work, only three people worked in the company. Now the boutique has more than 155 employees, and the staff may continue to expand.

The online business strategy model of this online boutique is constantly being improved. Management does not plan to dwell on the successes achieved and constantly makes adjustments that correspond to the influence of time and the mood of the public.

The business that the creators of this online boutique managed to build is undoubtedly recognized by experts as successful and sustainable.

If we talk about the opinion of users, then the boutique undoubtedly has a very high rating.

The format allows you to buy and sell Luxury products on favorable terms. The boutique works with brands directly, which guarantees the authenticity of the product. Before the products are put up for sale, they also undergo a thorough inspection by the company’s employees.

The Luxury Closet Reviews: Pros and Cons


  • Quality assurance
  • Availability of luxury brands on sale
  • Fast international delivery
  • Good work of support services
  • Compliance with warranty obligations


  • Sometimes buyers complain about inflated prices
  • In some categories for men, customers are asked to expand the range

The Luxury Closet: How It Works

Boutique The Luxury Closet is called by many a unique boutique. On the one hand, the boutique does nothing impossible, just buys and sells. On the other hand, the scheme of the boutique’s operation has been improved in many ways and practically eliminates various malfunctions.

So, if he is talking about the sale of products, then the client is always aware of the smallest details. If the item has already been in use, the customer is provided with the most complete information, the product is described to the millimeter. All the pros and cons of the product are demonstrated.

The Luxury Closet Important Note!

The client of the boutique can submit a request for bidding, and in some cases this request is satisfied! A small concession to customers,  increased the popularity of the boutique many times. Note that, as a rule, this does not work with luxury brand products. Each product that is sold on the site is necessarily accompanied by a confirmation of authenticity.

The model according to which the sales of this boutique are built is very convenient: customers are provided with thousands of luxury items, most often in perfect condition at a reduced price.

Yes, sometimes you hear complaints from customers about high prices, but in general, the prices that the boutique offers are very affordable.

The boutique offers excellent conditions for both buyers and sellers, this is in principle the uniqueness of the company’s work.

The Luxury Closet Collections

For the convenience of customers on the website, the collections are divided into men’s and women’s.

The Luxury Closet Collections — Shopping for men:

  • Bags
  • Shoes
  • Accessories
  • Watches
  • Clothing

Each category offers an incredibly wide selection of products.

For example, if we are talking about bags, then they are divided into several additional categories, which greatly facilitates the search for a tedious model:

  • CLUTCHES and many other options.

As for the “Shoes” category, it also has many collections selected by the style and model of the product.

The store offers belts, glasses, ties, and much more among men’s accessories.

Collections for women are also very diverse. The categories of women’s products are divided similarly to men’s, but the choice is much larger. For example, for women, the boutique, in addition to accessories of bags and clothes, offers a luxurious selection of jewelry of the highest quality.

So that customers do not get confused in the variety of brands and collections, a very convenient filter is provided for them, thanks to which you can find the right product. So, you can choose a product by filtering it by category, brand, and many other parameters.

When it comes directly to jewelry, customers are also offered a choice of precious metals, and you can also choose a ring by size.

The Luxury Closet rings for women Of course, as in any online boutique, there is also a price filter. You can refine the frames in which you will hiccup a tedious product.

The Luxury Closet Collection — Shopping for Women’s Jewelry:

  • Bracelets
  • Brooch
  • Charms and Pendants
  • Earrings
  • Necklaces
  • Rings

The assortment is constantly changing and restocked.

Are The Luxury Closet rings good?

Undoubtedly, the online boutique offers great ring models. You can understand this by reading the list of brands that are present on the site and the range of products.

A very important moment! In addition to the other main filters, you are offered a filter with which you can choose the degree of wear of the ring.

The Luxury Closet Shopping — Ring Options for Degree of Wear:
  • Gently Used
  • Like New
  • New
  • Well Used

Of course, the price of the product will also depend on the category selected in this filter. Rings that are many years old and that have been in active use will certainly cost less.

Each ring must be carefully checked by online boutique experts before being put up for sale. For these purposes, the boutique managers hired top-class professionals. Often in interviews, representatives of the company said that for them there is nothing more important than the trust of customers, which is why such strong attention is paid to the quality of the goods sold.

The Luxury Closet Shopping — Ring Options from Hatch Brands:

There are a lot of rings from hatch brands on the site. Here are just some of them:

  • Boucheron
  • Bucherer
  • Bvlgari
  • Cartier
  • Chanel
  • Chaumet

On the web, you can read mostly positive reviews about the rings purchased in this boutique.

Shopping at The Luxury Closet: Watches

The store offers a very large selection of watches for both men and women. The watches are presented in different price categories. It is very easy to find the right watch model on the website thanks to the incredibly simple and functional interface.

In the online boutique, the watches are divided into categories: for men and women, by brand, and by collections.

For example, among watches, such categories of quartz watches are most often replenished.

It is also worth noting that there are a lot of ROLEX watch models on the site. On the Internet, it is possible to read a lot of positive reviews about the quality of the goods being sold. In addition, do not forget that you can not only buy but also sell your watches on the site.

Shopping at The Luxury Closet: Decor Accessories

In addition to jewelry, watches, shoes, and accessories, the boutique also offers home decor items. Many people fell in love with the boutique for this very reason. Few competitors can provide customers with such a wide choice.

On the Luxury Closet website, you can find stylish vases and chandeliers of famous brands and other items for interior decoration.

It is important to note that it is among this category of goods that it is most often possible to see significant discounts, even on new unused goods.

Recently, unique, sometimes collectible candlesticks have also been presented in this category, which attracted the attention of many collectors to the boutique.

The styles that are presented in the boutique are very diverse. This is both retro and modern, you can find interior decor for every taste.

Also in this section, you can find unique dishes. It is worth noting the fact that it is among this category that goods are sold out the fastest, you will be able to notice this if you become a regular visitor to the boutique: as soon as the product is put up for sale, it is almost immediately bought.

There are almost no complaints about the quality of goods in this category, and if there are, as a rule, they are related to delivery and are not directly related to the product.

Is The Luxury Closet Worth its Price?

This question cannot be answered unequivocally. On the one hand, the boutique has a great reputation, the boutique devotes a lot of time and effort to detecting fakes. A lot of work is being done in the direction of strengthening quality control.

In principle, this boutique has a good reputation in most countries of the world and about 80 percent of users believe that it is very profitable to buy goods in a boutique. On the other hand, buying goods on the Internet, especially used goods always carries some risk. That is, you should understand that even a luxury boutique may have failures or you may not be lucky.

Are the goods from the boutique worth the money spent on them?

Surely the answer will be positive. Because the buyer greatly wins the price.

The Luxury Closet Payments and Privacy Policy

The payment methods for the goods are as convenient as possible and are designed to ensure that the customer easily pays for his purchase. So, if you purchase within the UAE, then you can pay for the goods by debit or credit card, you can also use the system.

  • PayPal
  • PayFort(For selective banks)
  • Cash on Delivery (COD)
  • Cash on Location (COL)

If the purchase is made outside the UAE, then you can pay only by debit or card or using PayPal.

The Luxury Closet payment options Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and PayPal

All transactions made on the site are legal and protected. The company’s activities are legal and you should not worry about your transactions. You can also read their privacy policy as an assurance that your private information is safe.

The Luxury Closet Delivery

The delivery time of each product is individual. As you understand, it all depends on the country from which the purchase is made. All information about the parcel’s movement is displayed on a separate page of the site in your account.

As a rule, if there is a delay in delivery, then this is the fault of the delivery company and the boutique has nothing to do with this problem.

It is worth noting that the company cooperates only with proven and well-established courier offices.

The Luxury Closet Return Policy

You can return the goods, but you don’t have much time for this: only three days. That is, if you have not sent a request within 3 days from the date of purchase, then you will not be able to return the goods.

There are Non-refundable items on the site. The buyer is warned about this before buying.

Refunds are made within 7 working days after the returned item has been received by Luxury Closet and checked for quality and condition.

The money is returned only via online transfer to a bank account. The buyer is responsible for any costs charged by the bank for the transaction and/or currency exchange.

All international transactions are converted to US dollars

The Luxury Closet Promotions

The boutique offers its customers a permanent sale section and systematic seasonal sales.

In addition, the company has an unusual and very popular internal reward system among customers. This program is unique in its way, it encourages buyers to return to the site again and again to exchange TLC Cash.

The system is simple but at the same time brilliant.

To cash out TLC, buyers must create their account in the boutique, you can find out the details of the scheme by going to the official website of the boutique.

As for discounts, they are very generous and sometimes you can find goods for half the cost.

Student discount for the Luxury Closet student customers

The Luxury Closet Customer Service

You can contact the boutique’s support service as follows:

  • Email address: info@theluxurycloset.com
  • Phone number +97142472985
    • Monday to Sunday
    • 9 am to 12 midnight (GST)

The support service employs very polite and professional operators who try to solve any problem quickly and answer any question.

These guys are not jewelry experts or designers, so you should not ask them narrowly focused questions. That is, they perform their work within the established framework.

Sometimes you can read complaints online that the operators did not give information about the carats and the origin of the stones, we emphasize once again that jewelers do not work in the boutique’s support service.

The Luxury Closet Social Media

The Luxury Closet is also active on social media and you can check their Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), and YouTube accounts for different content and exciting updates.

Q Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel the order, but only if it has not been shipped yet. To make a cancellation, you need to follow the following links: My Purchases tab > Ongoing tab > Select Order > Cancel. If you have any problems with the cancellation, contact the support service operator.

Q Can I exchange my order for another item?

No. The exchange of products is not allowed. Only refunds are allowed. Subsequently, you can make a separate purchase of another product.

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