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My custom design did not push through

4.0/ 5

I have been using the services of this online store for a long time. I usually bought ready-made products. However, I recently decided to experiment and order something original. I had a sketch of what I wanted, which is not like the general filters of the site. I contacted the support service, the guys helped me to communicate directly with the jeweler. I was unpleasantly surprised that they didn’t want to implement my idea of a ring. The sketch was simple, the idea was simple. Maybe the jeweler was just in a bad mood or I had a bad day. Nevertheless, because of this small incident, I cannot give the company 5 stars and I give only 4 In general, the guys are well done: a good selection of rings and reasonable prices.

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I know if something is not right

3.0/ 5

This is a company that just makes money on your credulity. Have you seen these prices? Zero design, all models have already been invented before them, but such high prices ha supposedly unique work! Guys, look around! We live in the age of the Internet and high technology, any student can compare prices and understand that you are simply being deceived. I used to work as a jeweler for many companies and I know the real price of certain materials. Why am I writing about this? Because I love honesty and when I saw the prices on this site, I was horrified. Now many people will think that I just didn’t have enough money to buy a ring and I got angry: That’s not so. I have no financial problems. However, when I see a lie, I feel uncomfortable.

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1 Reviews

I was hesitant at first but I'm very sarisfied

5.0/ 5

I bought a ring in this online store on the recommendation of friends. I have never trusted purchases on the Internet, the experience with this brand has become successful. I bought a ring worth about 3 thousand dollars, it’s not cheap jewelry. This is my biggest and riskiest purchase in recent months, and when the parcel was delayed for one day, I was already starting to get nervous. I barely restrained myself from calling the support service, although I was well aware that there are delays in delivery. When I received the goods, I initially immediately showed the ring to a familiar jeweler, whom I consider a great professional. He assured me that the product is very high quality and I paid a large sum for good reason. I don’t know if it’s possible to judge a company by one purchase, but I’m satisfied.

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1 Reviews

All previous purchases were great

4.0/ 5

I used the services of this store before: I bought gifts for my father and brothers. The result was always excellent, we were always very satisfied with both the price and the quality. Nevertheless, when I decided to order a ring for myself from the women’s collection, I was disappointed. The ring is of poor quality. Firstly, a month after the purchase, I began to have a green trace on my finger from the ring. This usually happens with cheap jewelry, but for expensive brands, it is not permissible. Secondly, the stone holds very weakly: it seems that the stone is about to fall out. I didn’t like the ring and I wanted to return it, but I ran into problems: a month has passed, and after this period the refund is not accepted. Nevertheless, I give the company 4 stars because all previous purchases were great.

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1 Reviews


3.0/ 5

READ THE RETURN POLICY!!! At first I thought the ring I got was too small and asked if I could exchange it. Kim directed me to their policy which calls for a 20% “recycle fee” of the current price (not the sale price I paid), to exchange it! It’s not a custom piece but something they have on their site and could sell to the next customer o problem. What would that $350 be for?? And if you want to return it, they keep 40% of the current price (again not what you might’ve paid on sale). That’s almost $900. For a ring they sell on their site, in a very common size. I’m keeping it, but this knowledge soured me on the company (so I’m not gonna recommend them to anybody who asks). By contrast, I got a solid gold bracelet for my fiancé last Xmas from a place called GLDN with a small inscription on it. So small that we didn’t actually proof read it until three nights ago. (!) When we did, we saw they misspelled a word. I emailed to inquire and they immediately said they’d send me a replacement, even though it’s been over a year and it’s actually customized!! Major difference.

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1 Reviews

Is Revolution Jewelry Legit?

5.0/ 5

At first, I didn’t trust this company. In addition, the prices seemed to be very high. I did a quick glance on their Facebook and it looks like they have 80k fans but very little interaction, it seems that the administrators themselves write laudatory odes to their company’s products. But I liked the Damascus steel ring so much that I decided to take a chance and despite the distrust, I bought this product. Well, so far I’m in a state of ecstasy: the ring is great. Material quality design. I understand rings and was afraid to get something completely different from what I saw in the photo. However, I was not deceived and I bought a quality product.

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What is Revolution Jewelry?

Revolution Jewelry is one of those companies that managed to make a breakthrough in their field of activity. Unfortunately, for many years in the world of jewelry fashion, there has been a large preponderance on the side of female models. Almost all jewelers in the world work for women, creating new design models for them and thinking of new ideas. Revolution Jewelry is a company that has broken stereotypes and is trying to bring balance. The company specializes in the production of rings for men. Today, the number of models that the brand offers to its customers exceeds two thousand! The choice of metals and other materials from which rings are made is very large. We are talking about both precious metals and alternative materials for the manufacture of rings. The products of this brand made of platinum gold and silver are leaders in positive reviews on the web. Today, most men in the world are familiar with this brand, even if they are not fans of jewelry. Earlier, some experts and critics said that such a strong emphasis on men’s jewelry: some wrote that this is a women’s privilege. The creators of the brand boldly refute such arguments and prove their right to exist. Men’s jewelry fashion has recently occupied a separate niche and a special place in the world. This brand plays a very important role in the creation and development of this direction in many countries of the world. The rings that the company offers can be custom-made taking into account the individual wishes of the client. It’s not just about everyday rings, but also about engagement rings. The quality of the products offered by the company is not in doubt. Only top-class jewelers with extensive work experience and very good recommendations are invited to work for the company. Often the company’s management participates in interviews to prevent the hiring of an unqualified jeweler. The company does not make third-party purchases and this is one of the important distinguishing features. Each stage of the ring manufacturing takes place exclusively under the supervision of the company’s specialists without the involvement of third-party workers or materials. In an interview, representatives of the company stated that every detail in the production process is of great importance for the brand and the company is responsible for every piece of work. Today, the brand is among the five most popular men’s jewelry companies, often occupying a leading position.

If you pay attention to the surveys that are conducted from time to time in America and other countries, then buyers associate this brand with quality and reliability. As for the pricing policy, some customers consider the company’s products expensive. It is often possible to read complaints that the price is too high. Nevertheless, most buyers believe that the quality of goods is very high because prices cannot become low.

The company continues to actively develop, expanding the market in many countries of the world. We can say that now the brand is in an active stage where work is underway to optimize cooperation with many countries.

Revolution Jewelry Pros and Cons


  • Large range of models
  • High quality
  • Convenient payment system
  • Lifetime warranty on all products


  • Buyers consider the prices of some products to be too high
  • Sometimes technical failures occur on the site (very rarely)
  • The collection of DiamondCast rings sells out very quickly and is slowly replenished

Are Revolution Jewelry rings good?

A lot of articles and reviews have been written about the rings that the brand presents to its customers, including from well-known bloggers from different countries. It is worth admitting that a few years ago, men’s rings and their diversity were treated somewhat warily. One could hear such statements: “Men’s jewelry fashion does not exist! “. The brand has proven the opposite. Men’s fashion exists and it is very diverse. For example, if we look at Revolution Jewelry rings, we will see that men’s rings can be concise, bright, luxurious, and original. On the brand’s website, customers are even provided with a so-called Custom Ring Design Tool with which the buyer can independently design the necessary ring model. YOU can choose from a wide variety of materials:

  • Solid Gold
  • Black Diamond
  • Black ZirconiumTantalumDamascus Steel
  •  Kuro Damascus SteelTungsten
  •  Titanium
  •  Black Titanium
  •  Cobalt Chrome
  •  Carbon Fiber Kuro-Ti Rings
  •  Superconductor
  •  Ceramic.

Not every company is able to offer such an incredible amount of materials. It is also worth focusing on the high quality of these materials. Before these materials get into the hands of the company’s jewelers, they undergo a very thorough check for quality and defects. Perhaps that is why the probability of a manufacturing error or defect in this company is almost zero. At least if you promise according to customer reviews, then such unpleasant situations happen extremely rarely. In addition to a large range of materials, the company offers a wide variety of ring shapes.

In general, today the company offers 23 different shapes for men’s rings.

Answering the question “Are the rings of this brand good?” approximately 80 percent of buyers answer

Revolution Jewelry Collections

The collections that this company presents are very original and designed for different tastes. Regardless of the preferences of men, of different ages and different social strata will be able to choose for themselves exactly the collection with which they can express themselves. The greatest attention of buyers for a long time has been attracted by a collection of diamond rings. In Revolution Jewelry, men’s diamond rings can be made of different materials, depending on the wishes of the buyer. For example, such materials as white gold, rose gold, and platinum. Alternative materials can also be used in the manufacture of diamond rings. The most popular of them are Damascus steel and titanium. Black Zirconium is also used, but it is ordered much less often. Of the unusual design solutions, the brand’s jewelers can suggest adding a dinosaur bone or a meteorite to a diamond ring.

If we talk about the collections of the brand as a whole, then often not only diamonds are used in the design of rings, but also sapphires, moissanite, rubies, and other stones. The brand offers precious stones in various colors, which allows the buyer to create his own unique ring model by choosing a stone in shape and color scheme.

Another very interesting and unusual collection of the brand is called Pine Tree Design Rings. Not only ordinary buyers but also many designers call this collection very original and worthy of attention. The rings from this series are instructed by images of coniferous trees.

The company also offers customers other unusual collections

  • Pine Tree Design Rings
  • Cerakote Rings
  • Celtic Rings
  • Hammered Rings
  • Glow Rings
  • Tire Tread Rings
  • Spinner Rings
  • Sports Rings
  • Anodized Rings
  • Square Rings
  • Men”s Wedding Rings

Customers really like this variety.

Does Revolution Jewelry produce good women s rings?

Despite the fact that the company mainly focuses on the production of men’s rings, the brand also has a women’s collection. This collection did not appear immediately after the demand for it began to grow. Women’s alternative models represent a combination of a variety of fashionable materials and classics.

The brand’s women’s collection is not as popular as the men’s. Even though the company offers good and very unusual options for women’s engagement rings, this collection still cannot compete with men’s jewelry of this brand. This is the opinion of most buyers and experts.

Is Revolution Jewelry good for engagement rings?

Yes, men are increasingly buying rings of this brand as engagement rings or for a wedding. Recently, this area of the company’s work has significantly strengthened and expanded. Specialists are working precisely to create unique models that can be applied not only as a daily jewelry item but also as a ring for a memorable date. In the last few months, the company’s wedding rings have become very diverse, and many critics have paid attention to them. There are models that will appeal to both lovers of classics and fans of alternative materials and original models. For example, if men used to prefer mostly gold wedding rings, today many people buy rings from Damascus steel. Damascus steel is a unique material that is made in a very complex way. To obtain this material, a forging process is required for two different types of stainless steel, metals are bent and twisted. Damascus steel looks very impressive, Jewelers from many countries of the world call this material “masculine”.

Revolution Jewelry’s most popular models

The popular models that the company offers undoubtedly include Meteorite Rings. For example, the most popular models include Damascus Steel And Gibeon Meteorite Men”s Band With Hardwood Sleeve.

This ring model is preferred by men of different ages. The cost of such a model exceeds 2 thousand dollars, but none of the buyers believes that the price is too high. Models that go beyond the classic ones are also very popular. For example, Titanium Celtic Irish Claddagh Men”s Ring Hands Clasping.

If we talk about women’s ring models that the brand produces, then there are a lot of good reviews about the model Cobalt Chrome Carved Tread Design Ring With Moissanite.

It should be noted that the company plans to develop “women’s collections” because recently there has been a growing demand for these products.

Revolution Jewelry Payments

The company accepts all leading debit and credit cards such as Master, Visa, Discover/ Apple Pay, and Google Pay are also among the existing payment systems. All transactions are protected and take place exclusively within the framework provided by law. In addition, the company uses Klarna to implement a Payment Plan. You can divide the payment into 4 parts with a periodicity of 2 weeks. Under this scheme, your creditworthiness is not checked. You can also take an installment plan for a longer period with payments that you will make monthly. You can also use PayPal Credit! PayPal to pay in advance. Customers are very satisfied with the way the company implements financial programs and the payment system as a whole.

Revolution Jewelry Shipping

The standard shipping method that the company uses within America is FedEx. Delivery from Utah takes an average of 3-5 business days depending on the location. There is also a so-called express delivery. If your order is urgent, then you pay an additional amount. for the speed.

For international customers, the delivery method depends on the point to which the goods will be sent, so the price is individual in each case.

Important! For international orders, the delivery of the goods may take 6-15 working days. Sometimes this period may increase depending on the circumstances.

Revolution Jewelry warranty

The company provides very good guarantees. The company guarantees that your ring will be exactly the one you ordered. No mistakes will be made. The company also guarantees the absence of defects.

All rings have a lifetime warranty. The rings are repaired and polished for free, the buyer only pays for delivery.

Changes in the size or engraving, and other actions with the ring that were carried out by jewelers of other companies will automatically void the warranty.

Revolution Jewelry return policy

You will not be able to return the ring without losing money. A 40% fee is charged for returned rings. Regardless of the reason for the return, the ring can be returned within 14 days from the date of delivery. Before returning the ring, be sure to contact the support service where you will be given step-by-step instructions on how to make a return of the goods. If you make a mistake in this process, you may find yourself in a situation where you will lose both money and goods. Please be careful when making a refund and remember that the product must be returned in the form in which you received it.

Revolution Jewelry customer service

You can contact the representatives of the company’s support service by phone and by e-mail: contact@revolutionjewelry.com, phone (833) 874-6422. An email can be answered within 1-days, but the answer does not always come very quickly. You can also use the interactive chat on the official website of the company. This is the most convenient and popular way. According to customer reviews, as a rule, support service operators respond to questions and problems quickly enough and skillfully solve even difficult situations. Many buyers also write that real professionals work in the company’s support service.

Q Can I cancel my order?

You can change or cancel your order within 24 hours of making a purchase.

Q Can Revolution Jewelry do personal engravings on rings?

Yes, you can order additional engraving and choose the font you need on the website. The cost of this service is $ 30.

Q What is Revolution Jewelry's resizing policy?

If you want to change the size within a month after purchase, then you will be charged 20 percent of the cost of the ring. If more time has passed, then you will pay 40 percent of the cost for changing the size.

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