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I don't like the styles

3.0/ 5

Many will disagree with me, but I don’t like this brand. First of all, I don’t like the way to mix classics and incomprehensible new trends in design. It seems unacceptable to me and I have a lot of negative impressions about the design of products. There are no complaints about prices, delivery, support service, or assortment. It’s just that some products are created contrary to all the rules of aesthetics. Do you think that mixing classic and modern is acceptable? Acceptable, but not always! For example, experiments with wedding rings are completely inappropriate and cause me indignation and indignation. This applies not only to women’s but also to men’s wedding rings.

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1 Reviews

A good brand

4.0/ 5

A good website and a good brand, but the price of some products is very high. I say this because I analyze and compare a lot with other sites where I can see the price difference. Of course, the brand presents its products as absolutely unique and inimitable. In some collections, the products are very expensive and are worth the money they are being asked for. But, guys, about 30 percent of your products are quite mediocre and you should not overstate the price for them. Or have you started following the “pay for the name” tactic? I don’t want to pay for a name unless it’s a company of the highest echelon. Although this brand is good, I attribute it to the middle link.

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1 Reviews

I like this brand

4.0/ 5

I like everything to be perfect. This applies to all areas of my life, including the purchases I make. For example, I can choose not only jewelry for a long time but even simple products. So, my first impression of this jewelry brand was very good. I liked the assortment, I was satisfied with the price of goods and communication with representatives of the support service. But two weeks ago I was faced with a situation that changed my opinion about this brand a little. We did not find mutual understanding with the jewelers who refused to make the product according to my sketch. I note that my order was fulfilled by another company. Not perfect, but executed. Apart from the unpleasant moment with the jeweler, I like this brand.

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1 Reviews

In love with their products

5.0/ 5

My first impression of this site was average. I “fell in love” with the brand gradually. Now I am completely dependent on this brand and I can’t live without this beautiful jewelry that can reflect my mood and raise my self-esteem. My first purchase was earrings. Good quality earrings, but I can’t say that I was delighted. But when I got acquainted with all the collections, including the Italian one, there was no limit to my admiration. Magnificent products! In addition, I want to note the quality of fasteners on products, which is an important aspect. I pay attention to every detail when buying a product and if this brand suits me, I can also call the prices acceptable. There are very expensive products, but there are also rings, and bracelets at an average price.

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1 Reviews

Hestia Jewels Reviews

5.0/ 5

I’ve always been against online shopping. It seemed to me that it was unreliable and risky. Many friends recommended trying it, but I was afraid. Especially when it comes to jewelry. I didn’t even order cosmetics and clothes over the Internet, much less jewelry! How can I be trusted? Nevertheless, three months ago I had problems with my leg and rarely left the house, so I had to use the services of online stores. In particular, I decided to take a chance and buy a ring. Well, my impressions of the purchase are very positive. I also liked the communication of the support service operators, discounts, interesting offers, and the willingness of jewelers to do the work according to the customer’s sketch.

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What is Hestia Jewelers?

Hestia Jewels is an incredibly popular jewelry company among the most diverse segments of the population. This brand is loved and trusted by jewelry lovers from many countries. The company sells incredible products, which some call unusual, some – perfect.

The brand name says a lot. Hestia is the name of an ancient Greek goddess. This goddess patronized architecture was also considered a symbol of home and family. In many of the products that the company presents, there are notes of nostalgia skillfully combined with modern motifs.

Representatives of the company often say in interviews that their products are designed for several generations. The jewelry that the company offers to its customers is very peculiar and carries a sense of home comfort. The products offered by the company are very beautifully and unusually processed: jewelry masters often use incredibly original techniques taken from the past.

World experts often write that this jewelry brand can be called the pride of Canada in the jewelry industry. Each piece of jewelry that the company sells is initially developed in a special studio in Toronto. Not only jewelers but also experts take part in the creation of each product.

In its work, the company uses only high-quality materials, including diamonds. A special approach is used to the selection of diamonds: these precious stones are delivered only from conflict-free zones. Ethical standards play a very important role in the company’s work process.

Representatives of the company say that their goal is not to sell products, but simply to give people joy and happiness.

“We will help you capture the brightest moments of your life with the help of luxury jewelry,” the company’s official website says.

Creative Director Yasemin Mutlu plays a very important role in the success of the company. This is a Turkish-Canadian designer. In Turkey, her name is often pronounced with pride, because she is known all over the world for her unique approach to jewelry.

In Yasemin’s work, her Turkish roots are very clearly traced: in some jewelry, a Mediterranean accent is traced. Yasemin is not an amateur, but a professional. She studied gemology and diamonds at the Gemological Institute of America. Now she is putting a lot of effort into ensuring that the company successfully develops and constantly expands its customer base.

In the autumn of this year, Yasemin will present his stunning collections in London at the Jewellery Cut Live Event, where the presentation of the company is eagerly awaited. Constant development and improvement are one of the brand’s rules, thanks to which products are constantly being learned abroad. Indeed, every year the company has more and more foreign customers, and more and more world experts give the brand very high marks. If you pay attention to customer reviews, then most of them are positive. Customers like the quality of the products that the brand offers.

Hestia Jewelers Pros and Cons


  • Original jewelry
  • Non-standard approach to design
  • Very good work of the support service
  • Different price range
  • A great collection of wedding rings


  • Some customers complain about the poor choice of earrings
  • Sometimes there are problems with the refund
  • Delivery is sometimes delayed by 1 or 2 days

Is Hestia Jewelers jewelry good?

Even though each client has his tastes and it is very difficult to please everyone, most buyers are delighted with the jewelry of this brand. The fact is that the company’s policy is to create jewelry for the different tastes of customers. So, today the brand does not concentrate on any one direction but produces different products. As soon as you visit the official website page you will immediately see what the company offers

  • Rings
  • Earrings
  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces and Pendants
  • Wedding Bands
  • Under $800
  • Ceramics
  • The Unisex Shop

Yes, the brand even offers unisex products, which is one of the distinguishing features: not all companies offer this type of product.

It is worth noting that the unisex rings that the company offers have become a real hit of the season in many countries, especially Turkey.

As we wrote above, the creative director of the company is half Turkish, perhaps to some extent, the hype is related to this factor. Indeed, these rings are very popular among buyers of different ages.

In addition, the company offers its customers to independently participate in the creation of a particular product.

The company’s jewelers can draw by hand or perform a CAD design of your idea and help to translate your unique vision into reality.

Buyers can discuss products in different categories with the company’s jewelers:

Engagement Ring/Wedding Band and others.

You can also meet personally with jewelers to discuss and implement your most daring incredible ideas.

Considering all of the above, to the question “Are the jewelry of this company good? ” it is safe to answer in the affirmative.

Hestia Jewelers Collections

The brand offers its customers a variety of very bright collections, each of which is unique in its way. Top-class specialists, jewelry professionals, consultants, and other craftsmen took part in the creation of each collection. So, today the company offers its customers the 10 collections.

The NEO CLASSIC collection is being discussed very actively among buyers and world experts. In this collection, the classics are presented in a somewhat rethought form. In this collection, the Italian spirit and a magnificent combination of conciseness and luxury are very clearly traced.

Even skeptical critics often call this collection “magnificent”

. The collection includes earrings and pendants, there are no rings in the collection at the moment.

Another collection that has become one of the most discussed in the world is a collection called HESTIA x LUCKY IRON FISH.

This is an unusual collection. It was created in cooperation with the charity organization of the same name because the money raised from the sale of these products goes to charity.

Another interesting and very actively discussed collection is KALEIDOSCOPE. Yes, the name speaks for itself, the collection is bright and mysterious, like a real kaleidoscope!

The creators of the collection also call it an “optical dream” The collection features sapphires processed using innovative technology. The new technology allows light to be reflected through the linear surfaces and corners of the stone, creating symmetrical and three-dimensional patterns like in a real kaleidoscope.

Is Hestia Jewelers good for engagement rings?

Yes, undoubtedly, wedding rings and jewelry sets are the pride of this brand. The popularity of wedding rings in this store is very high.

The models of wedding rings offered by the company are distinguished by high quality and a creative approach to design.

Of course, there are classic models, and there are also those that emphasize originality.

The most enthusiastic reviews from customers are about custom-made rings.

Hundreds of satisfied customers write about how they managed to tell the story of their relationship with a loved one in one ring.

Indeed, the jewelers of this company can work wonders and bring to life even the most complex sketches.

It is also worth paying attention to the collection of men’s wedding rings: it is magnificent! Many critics have praised this jewelry very highly.

Men’s wedding rings that the company offers are strikingly different from the usual models. These rings are very elegant, original, and at the same time classic.

Most men are delighted with this collection, which helps them express themselves.

You can buy a diamond ring with or without a classic or fancy shape at a very affordable price.

The women’s collection is certainly not inferior to the men’s: a variety of materials, precious stones, and design solutions make wedding rings very popular.

Hestia Jewelers BestSellers

So, which products of this brand are sold best? It is worth emphasizing that in different countries the popularity of certain jewelry is different. For example, in Canada, it is the wedding sets that the company offers that are very popular. These kits are sold very quickly and receive the maximum number of positive reviews. One of the most popular models is a men’s wedding ring

At first glance, a simple model seems very original to many. Another quite popular and well-selling model in Canada is a rose gold bracelet.

It is worth noting that rose gold has become very popular in the last year and a half, as evidenced by the sales analysis.

various models of earrings are also very popular. Some customers complain that the choice of this jewelry is somewhat meager, but the available models are very attractive and of high quality.

Ceramic products are also very well sold

At first glance, simple products are becoming increasingly popular not only among young people but also among other age categories of customers

Hestia Jewelers Payments

Payment terms in the company are standard. The site accepts all types of debit and credit cards, there are no problems with this. You can also pay for the purchase using Apple Pay, or Paypal services. In addition, customers often receive interesting offers from the company.

The practice of paying in installments has long existed in this company, besides, profitable promotions are often arranged for customers.

There is an individual approach to each product, including regarding the loan and the possibility of a payment in installments. There is no general rule applicable to each product. Of course, if we are talking about products created by individual order, then you can find out about the possibility of a payment in installments only on an individual basis.

Hestia Jewelers Delivery

According to the information distributed on the official website of the company. The brand cooperates with such delivery services as FedEx, DHL Express, and Canada Post. The cost of delivery is fixed and is $ 15. All shipped goods are insured. When you place your order, you will see the delivery method that is offered to you. You can confirm this delivery method or opt-out of it and request another one.

All shipments require a signature upon delivery, as this is a prerequisite for insurance and security purposes. The goods are handed only to you in the hands of intermediaries. The goods are never left in mailboxes or at doors. As a rule, delivery lasts 5-10 working days, the number of days depends on the chosen delivery method and several other circumstances. As soon as your order is shipped, the company provides a special number with which you can track all the movements of the parcel with the goods.

Hestia Jewelers Warranty

The company provides several standard guarantees, which it always adheres to. At least customers do not complain that brand representatives are trying to avoid warranty obligations.

And so, the warranty covers manufacturing defects. This warranty is valid for 24 months from the date of purchase. Repair of products as a result of wear or an accident is carried out at the expense of the buyer.

For any questions regarding warranty service, it is recommended to contact customer support because these conditions may differ depending on the product.

Hestia Jewelers Return Policy

If for some reason you decide to return the purchased product, then you have the right to do so within two weeks from the date of purchase. You can request a refund, or you can exchange the product for another one. You can return any product except the one that is made by special order. Customer feedback regarding the operation of the refund system is ambiguous. Some were dissatisfied, for example, Jane from Toronto:

” When I called the support service and said that I wanted to return the ring, I felt like I was being interrogated. They began to ask me an incredible number of questions, they began to suspect that I had damaged the product and now I want to return it. When I did manage to return the ring, I was informed that Ch had packed it incorrectly and there was no certificate in the box. Everything was very difficult. I have faced the refund process before in other companies and nowhere else has this process been so difficult.”

Hestia Jewelers’ customer service

The company’s support service works great. For example, in an interactive chat on the official website, you will be answered instantly. The operators on duty in this chat are not jewelry experts, but they can answer most of the questions asked about the purchase, payment, and refund. To make an appointment with a jeweler regarding an individual order, it is best to write an email to info@hestiajewels.com . Alternatively, you can call 416.792.9043 (Canada). You will find answers to all your questions at a professional level because special attention is paid to the selection of support staff.

Q Where is Hestia Jewelers designed and made?

Product development and concept take place in Canada. The products are manufactured at the best factories in Canada, India, and Thailand.

Q Do you offer gift wrapping?

The products are packed in a beautiful box that is suitable for identical cases, however, you can place an individual order for packing by notifying your intention to the support service.

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