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Will not order again

3.0/ 5

Never buy anything on this site. The products that you receive by mail are not similar to those that you see in the photo. BUT that’s not the whole problem. The ring that was sent to me was defective. The stone was very poorly reinforced, and there was a barely visible scratch on the frame. The scratch is very small, but I managed to see it. Unfortunately, I was unable to prove to the representatives of the support service that I did not scratch the ring. They were ready to help me with the stone but denied their guilt regarding the scratch, I did not send them a ring for repair or exchange, I did not do anything. I just decided to add this company to the list of unreliable and bad.

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1 Reviews

Happy with the company the support service not so much

4.0/ 5

I was delighted with the company and the website. I enjoyed shopping and especially enjoyed taking part in the creation of rings. I felt like a real jeweler and a professional when I selected metals and stones for my ring. It seemed to me that I had found the perfect company. Nevertheless, I had to change my mind after communicating with the support service representatives. My question was related to payment problems, however, I was not able to answer the question clearly and clearly. There was also a question about the stone and its certification, In this case, I received a full and detailed answer, but I did not like how they spoke to me. In other words, everything is good in this company except the support service

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1 Reviews

High quality and good support service

4.0/ 5

I know that there are no perfect companies, just as there is no perfect jewelry. Therefore, I was not very surprised when I discovered shortcomings in this company. But first about the positive aspects. High quality and good choice, reasonable prices and polite guys in the support service. And now about the disadvantages: they do not accept foreign credit cards and bank transfers. That is the payment system is very imperfect and requires renovation. It is very bad for buyers and the company when foreign customers are limited in some matters. I am an American, but I have a lot of foreign friends who want to buy products on this site, but for several reasons, they do not succeed. I advise the company’s management to pay attention to this fact

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1 Reviews

Gorgeous rings at a reasonable price

5.0/ 5

I rarely pay attention to the price of the jewelry. For me, the most important thing is quality, However, I was pleasantly surprised by the prices that I saw on this site. Gorgeous rings that look very expensive and luxurious can be bought at a very reasonable price. It alerted me at first. Then I began to learn about this company and realized that it was not worth worrying about, the company was legal and reliable. I bought a ring at my daughter’s entrance and bought a ring for myself. I am very pleased with the result. The stones hold very well, there are no complaints about the quality. By the way, the site has a very interesting section “Gifts” in which you can choose a ring by category and other parameters.

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1 Reviews

Azeera Reviews

5.0/ 5

With great pleasure, I make purchases on this site. There are very convenient filters that allow me to choose all the parameters of the ring myself and control every detail. I like the price and quality. Of course, I didn’t dare to buy jewelry from this brand for a long time because some friends said: “buying online is risky.” Nevertheless, I made purchases 4 times and everything went well. I especially want to mention the ring made according to a very complex sketch: I thought that the masters would work on the product for a very long time, but they created a masterpiece in 10 days. Therefore, I recommend this site to all my friends and acquaintances. And of course thanks to the guys from the support service for their patience

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What is Azeera?

AZEERA is a jewelry company that is incredibly popular not only in America but also outside the country. The company is known mainly for the fact that jewelers are perfectly able to combine colored precious stones and metals. The company’s specialists pay great attention to the optical characteristics and natural color distribution of the cut. The modern designs that the company offers are popular with customers of different age categories.

Precious stones are an integral part of the work of any jewelry company. However, it is important not only to have a stone but also the ability to harmoniously fit it into the design.

The style of work of the company’s jewelers is characterized as “innovative elegance”.

Representatives of the company claim that they consider jewelry as a subtle art of balance, which reflects all the moods of nature, combining the elements and tranquility.

The company’s jewelers create durable jewelry that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Handmade products of this brand quickly became popular. The models offered by the company are universal, which makes them ideal for different situations, holidays, or everyday work.

The founder of AZEERA Punit is the heir to the family of gemologists. He studied gemology in New York and it was in this city that he came up with the idea to found a company.

So, the Puneet family company launched the AZEERA brand. The main goal was the production of handmade precious stones of very high quality. The head of the company personally participated in every stage of the creation and operation of the company. He also pulled out suppliers to independently check all the details to make sure of the reliability of partners.

Punit often says in interviews that he is very proud of his company. According to him, the creation of the brand required a lot of effort, money, and connections, but the result exceeded all his expectations.

“We did everything to make our jewelry different, special, and unique. Quality, design, all this was created as a result of long efforts,” he says.

The company is famous for the fact that every detail of jewelry is checked several times, and quality is in the first place.

The precious stones used by the company are cut and mined in mandatory compliance with ethical standards. The company is a supporter of open information and does not hide any details from the public.

Perhaps this is one of the most “transparent ” companies in America, which offers its customers open information about the entire production process.

Azeera Pros and Cons


  • High quality
  • A wide range of
  • Magnificent collections of wedding rings
  • Reasonable prices
  • Good work of the support service


  • Sometimes there are n delivery delays
  • Do subscribers sometimes complain about the delay in the refund
  • The company does not accept international credit cards for payment

Are Azeera gems good?

The founder of the company Punit pays special attention to the search for high-quality precious stones. His family has been engaged in this business for 3 generations. The founder of this jewelry dynasty was Punit’s great-grandfather, who started trading rubies in India.

Today, the company perfectly combines age-old traditions and new trends in the principles of the search and processing of precious stones.

The company’s management claims that it strives to turn every stone into a work of art, with its own history. The selection of stones for production takes a very long time and carefully.

After selecting the rough material is sent to the workshop. An important role in the production is played by a team of craftsmen in Jaipur, India. The company’s specialists often talk about the production process. For example, how the rough material is divided into optimal shape and size. Masters have a special attitude to this department of work.

As a rule, when cutting diamonds, artisans can save about 50% of the original weight, in the production of colored stones, the ratio is somewhat different. As a result, only about 20% of the original weight is retained, this requirement is unavoidable to meet the recommendations for 4c.

Precious stones are made gradually, several stages are required. After each stage, there is a mandatory check of the quality of the stones, and specialists of the highest level inspect the work. In the final, some of the stones, as a rule, are eliminated. Only the perfect ones are chosen for jewelry.

After manufacturing, the stones are delivered to New York, where they undergo another stage of quality control.

Each jewelry of the company is a handmade work, in which the masters put their soul and their professionalism.

Is Azeera good for engagement rings?

The wedding rings that this company offers are very high-quality and popular. The rings are unusual, they are easy to distinguish from rings offered by other brands.

You can create your ring using very convenient filters that are available on the site. So you can choose metal, stone, and the shape of the stone. You can also choose a ring according to the price angle.

Recently, more and more brides and grooms prefer unusual rings with colored stones. In addition to diamond classics, now more and more companies have begun to offer just such rings. Many clients write that Azeera wedding rings convey the mood, and can emphasize individuality.

Not only customers, but world critics claim that engagement rings from this brand are worthy of praise and appreciation. Of course, many experts focus on quality. With these rings, there are no troubles in the form of grazed stone or defects. When choosing a ring, the company offers each client to feel like a real designer and gives free rein to their imagination.

This is also a distinctive feature of the company: instead of offering a ready-made product, the client is offered to choose all the components for his ring, Which is very popular with buyers who can take part in the creation of jewelry.

It was the wedding rings that helped the company become famous, many became customers of this brand because they can take part in the creation of the ring. All that is required from the buyer is to choose a stone frame, color, and size.

If we talk in general about the wedding rings of this brand, then they can be appreciated highly. Of course, there have always been and will be disputes regarding the style and stones. However, there has never been a claim to quality and there is no.

Is Azeera good for everyday rings?

Rings for daily use are a category in which not every jewelry company can achieve success. This is because it is much more difficult to create rings for every day than wedding and anniversary rings. While wedding rings still have a certain standard, rings for every day should match the style, costume, mood, and place of work. That is why rings for every day should be varied to meet the needs of even the most demanding buyer.

In other words, rings “for every day” and their creation is a very responsible task that not every designer or jeweler can cope with.

One of the famous Turkish jewelers Bahri Janister once said that in the modern world, with such a variety, it becomes increasingly difficult to please customers. Especially according to him, this applies to rings for everyday occasions – what kind of ring a woman can wear to work, on a date, to the cinema.

Azeera has taken a very responsible approach to the creation of such rings.

On the site, you will be offered a lot of filters with which you can create your own model and also offer ready-made designs.

Is Azeera good for gifts?

The company has made a special section on its website called “Gifts”. This makes it easier for buyers to decide on the choice of jewelry for a certain holiday. For example, the Engagement and Anniversary category is suggested.

This category presents both traditional gold rings without a stone and colorful models with precious stones of different colors and shapes. For anniversaries, there are rings calculated by age categories and even by characters. From modest models to very bright ones, you can choose an option on the website.

Another category is gifts for prom and birthday. In this category, there are rings and cufflinks of different designs and styles. Do not forget that you have the opportunity to order an engraving on the product or personalize it in another way.

There is also a category of gifts for pregnant women and newly-mothers.

Also on the site, you can find gift rings suitable for children aged five years and older!

Azeera Payments

In principle, the company’s payment system is standard, but at the moment there is a drawback that the company’s representatives call temporary. The company does not accept transfers. Unfortunately, the same situation is with international credit cards: they are temporarily not accepted for payment.

Nevertheless, the company accepts PayPal as a method of payment, it is also fashionable to pay for goods with American cards without a breakdown.

Also, the company does not currently offer financing. That is, at the moment the company still has a lot of areas in which it is worth working, and the first of these areas is the payment system. This system is convenient for Americans but causes certain difficulties for residents of other countries. Debit cards accepted for payment by the company: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express. In general, there are no complaints about the payment process. From the technical side, the company is working well.

Azeera Warranty

A lifetime warranty is necessarily provided for each product of the company, this warranty does not apply to the consequences of normal wear and tear.

The warranty gives customers access to discounted prices for all maintenance services. You can contact the company’s craftsmen to tighten the teeth, polish, or clean the jewelry. Buyers independently organize delivery or pay the company $ 60, then the company’s representatives organize the process themselves.

If you pay 60 dollars, you get insured round-trip delivery of the goods. The masters of the company insist that technical inspection and maintenance of any jewelry should be carried out every 6-12 months. If you do not adhere to these recommendations, the warranty may be canceled.

The warranty does not apply to lost stones, jewelry breakdowns, scratches, or defects of stones that occurred as a result of an accident caused by the client.

There is also a 30-day warranty that differs from a lifetime one, do not confuse them. In this type of guarantee, the company pays for the prosperity and repair if the stone fell out during the first month of use.

Azeera Delivery and Return

The company offers its customers free within the United States. Delivery is free of charge and is carried out on the 2nd day after the registration of the application. Delivery is carried out only to physical addresses, this measure is related to security issues. If you ordered an exclusive ring according to your design, then it will take 10-12 days to create the product. The number of days is specified depending on the complexity of the work.

Conditions regarding the return of diamond rings: the company does not accept the return of any products with individual precious stones weighing more than 0.5 carats. Nevertheless, the exchange is possible: you will get the same stone in a different design.

Before deciding to purchase a product with a diamond weighing more than 0.5 carats, it is recommended to contact the support service to get all the specific information on the return of this product and get certificates.

Conditions that relate to the return of products with other colored precious stones:

you can return the item within 30 days and you don’t need to pay for shipping.

The jewelry that you return must be in its original condition, without damage.

Azeera customer service

To contact the representatives of the support service, you can use several options: call (914) 227-2242, and write an email to customerservice@azeera.com. Also, an interactive chat is available for buyers on the official page of the company with the help of which you can contact the operators as soon as possible. The company’s support service generally receives positive feedback from customers. The operators will solve the issues quickly and give full information on the users’ questions.

Q Is Shopping With Azeera Com Secure?

Yes, all transactions, including financial ones, are registered on the website. Inspections and preventive measures are constantly carried out in connection with the prevention of cases of fraud and other precedents.

Q Does the company charge tax?

Yes, the tax is levied under the requirements of the law.

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