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The website did not impress, needs more originality

3.0/ 5

I thought it was a joke when I started looking at the products of this company. It’s not jewelry. This is just an attempt to copy other competitors! I didn’t like the interface of the site, the prices, or the models. Why create dozens of unnecessary sites if you mono create one or two normal ones? A meaningless website. Let the creators not be offended, for sure they have invested a lot of work in this matter. I just expressed my opinion, which may not coincide with the opinion of others. As for the quality: I can’t say anything, because I never decided to make a purchase. After a detailed study of the site, I realized that this is not my level and not my style.

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This store has very good silver products

4.0/ 5

I liked the silverware that you can buy in this online store. The collection of silver rings for men looks especially luxurious. It’s just great! When I bought a birthday present for my boyfriend, he was delighted! In principle, the choice of silver products is much better than the choice of gold products. This is my personal opinion. That’s why I can’t give it 5 stars. I love gold very much, but after looking through all the products of this store, I did not find a single gold product that I could like. I advise employees and managers to pay more attention to the direction of gold rings and bracelets because these products are not enough on the site. Otherwise, I like the work of this company. Reliable, honest guys who do their job well.

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1 Reviews

Bring back more ring models

4.0/ 5

On the one hand, I like this online store. But on the other hand, I’m disappointed. I was able to choose wonderful gifts for my sons, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything for myself! What happened to the site? There used to be such interesting female ring models. Now everything has changed a lot. I don’t know what happened. Maybe your leadership has changed? Or has the focus changed? Why are there so many men’s products and such a careless attitude towards women? Nevertheless, I must say that the quality of jewelry is very good. My uncle is a jeweler, and after looking at my purchases, he highly appreciated the quality of the materials and said that these products “are not for one day”, but for many years.

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1 Reviews

Please with my individual order

5.0/ 5

When I read on the Internet that this company cares about its customers, I just smiled and thought: what a banal advertising trick! Does anyone still believe that? However, when I ran into the company and representatives of the support service, I realized that I was wrong: the guys are doing everything possible to make the client happy. They talked to me as a close relative and very quickly solved my problems with payment. I was also very pleased to make an individual order: all my wishes were perfectly fulfilled, although I asked to make a rather complex ring model with an unusual engraving. Thanks to this online store and the whole team for the good work.

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1 Reviews

Jewelry Affairs Reviews

5.0/ 5

On this site, I found very interesting products. I especially liked the bracelet for children. I bought two bracelets for my daughter, now I’m thinking of buying something for myself. Amazing value for money. Compared to many other sites, the prices here are very good. My friend ordered a ring on this site two years ago, now she wears it and the product looks like new! I like the way this online store selects the assortment. Many jewelry companies choose one direction and all their products are somewhat similar. Everything is different in this store, the products are diverse and designed for different age categories. I can recommend this online store to friends and acquaintances.

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What is Jewelry Affairs?

JewelryAffairs is one of the successful examples in the field of e-commerce. The store based in America sells jewelry of good quality. Many people trust the company. The brothers Kristo and Niko work in this family business under the guidance of their talented father Konstantin, who has been a top-class jeweler for more than 40 years. A distinctive feature of the online store is not only the quality of products but also a very attentive attitude to customers. The interests of customers for this company have always been more important than profits. The company has good ratings not only in America but also abroad, as the store ships its products to different countries.

Initially, the company did not claim to be the “best” and the director did not seek to bring the store to the international level. However, the popularity of the store grew rapidly. According to experts, this once again shows how important it is to find the right approach to customers. Many experts in the field of jewelry call this online store a phenomenon. This is because, in fact, without being distinguished by special designs or technologies, the store managed to quickly become very popular. Experts suggest that the secret of success lies in the so-called trust strategy that Konstantin used.

Many people like to visit the company’s website also because of the blog. In a blog, you can often read useful news, for example, about gold prices or analytical articles.

By the way, the site has a very strict policy: the site and its contents are provided exclusively for personal, non-commercial use. Any downloading or copying of materials is permitted only for personal, non-commercial use. If we talk about pricing, then the site belongs to the “middle” link. The prices cannot be called cheap, but it cannot be said that the prices are very high.

Recently, the company attracted new marketers to the staff, which had a positive impact on the promotion of the site abroad, while previously the buyers of the site were mostly Americans, today the online store is also interested in buyers from France, Russia, Belgium, the UAE.

In addition to women’s products, the store also sells men’s jewelry, this fact plays an important role in the development of the company. Not all online jewelry stores can offer their customers high-quality men’s products. Unfortunately, men often complain that it is very difficult for them to find a suitable product because the main production of jewelry is aimed at a female audience.

In the future, experts predict an even greater success for the store. Because the company does not stop at the achieved prices, but constantly attracts new specialists, and develops new ideas and concepts of doing business focused on customers.

Jewelry Affairs Pros and Cons


  • A good selection of jewelry for women and men
  • Discounts
  • Excellent work of the support service
  • Good ring collections
  • Good quality products


  • Delivery of products sometimes occurs with a delay
  • Some buyers complain about the small selection of bracelets

Jewelry Affairs categories

The online store has found its fans and regular customers. There are celebrities among them. who choose this particular site for purchases. The selection of jewelry on the site increases every year. To date, the store offers the following categories of products:


Each of these categories has its own sections, with the help of which it is very convenient for the site’s customers to find the right product. By the way, not every website sells such an assortment of jewelry for men and children made of high-quality materials.

As for the goods for women, the quality is also at the highest level. Neither buyers nor experts have any complaints about the quality of the products.

Recently, the site has significantly expanded the collection of GOLD BOX CHAIN NECKLACES and rings for women. In the category of women’s rings, the store presented many new, unusual designs.

In addition, not so long ago, the store started selling toe rings. At first, this product was not very popular

However, over time, these rings began to sell very well not only in America but also in other countries.

Also, many analysts and experts note the fact that the site presents a very good collection of earrings. For example, as of today, the range has greatly expanded. Buyers are offered:


The choice of bracelets is also good. Bracelets have different styles and different metals. Of course, it is difficult to call them luxury-style bracelets, but the price of these bracelets is quite acceptable. Today the company offers:


Customers often write positive reviews that the store’s assortment is constantly expanding. As a whole, the jewelry of this online store is mono rated at 4 stars out of five, if based on customer comments.

Is Jewelry Affairs good for men’s rings and bracelets?

The jewelry for men that this online store offers is of fairly high quality. The choice is also great. To date, the online store offers such types of jewelry for men:

  • Phillip Gavriel Bracelets
  • Leather Bracelets
  • Gold Chain Bracelets
  • Silver Chain Bracelets
  • CROSSES (metals such as gold and silver are offered)
  • Gold & Diamond Rings
  • Gold Fancy Wedding Bands
  • Gold Diamond Wedding Bands
  • Phillip Gavriel Collection
  • DMC Delorean Watches

As you can see, the choice is quite good. As for popularity, at first, buyers were somewhat wary of products from the men’s category, This happens with many online stores. Products for men are always, as a rule, slower to gain the trust of customers. However, gradually these products began to sell very well, and buyers appeared not only in America but also abroad.

The employees of the online store pay special attention to men’s rings because this category is the most popular and best-selling. The assortment is constantly changing and expanding.

There are many spectacular rings for men with diamonds on the site. Diamonds with good characteristics, experts have no complaints about the diamonds that are used in the products of this online store.

When buying any ring, the product description details the characteristics of the diamond, such as transparency and other details. The company is always honest with its customers and never uses advertising moves to embellish its products. You always get exactly the kind of jewelry that you saw in the photo and read about in the description.

Recently, the category has been very popular


This is really a very bright category of products that attract attention.

Rings are sold very quickly, which of course is considered an indicator of the popularity and quality of this product.

Is Jewelry Affairs good for children’s bracelets?

In America, many websites offer their customers children’s jewelry, but unfortunately, it is quite difficult to find high-quality goods from children’s collections.

Nevertheless, in this online store, according to buyers, it is fashionable to find very interesting and unusual models for children.

For example, today the models are presented in the following assortment: earrings and bracelets made of gold and silver in different styles. Gold children’s bracelets are an absolute hit in sales. As a rule, they are given to children for birthdays or other significant dates. Such a bracelet can be personalized at the request of the buyer. However, information about personalization should be clarified immediately before purchase because not all products can be modified to the taste of the buyer, and sometimes this function is not available. Also, the advantage of children’s bracelets this company is in the price. The price is very affordable, and the quality is good. This applies to both silver and gold jewelry. Earrings for children were also previously presented in several designs and directions, but at the moment, unfortunately, there are no products in this category.

Is Jewelry Affairs good for engagement rings?

It cannot be said that the site offers a wide range of wedding rings. There are not very many models. These rings are made of silver and in principle do not differ in anything unusual according to experts.

The models of these rings can in principle be called standard, and the prices are very reasonable.

If we compare it with the men’s collection of the same online store, then according to customer reviews, the men’s collection looks much more spectacular and harmonious. This is a lack of stylists’ work, which is constantly being written about in the comments: recently, a lot of attention has been paid to men’s rings, but not to women’s rings.

Although, in the Fancy rings category there are rings that can be suitable for the engagement event and the designs in this category are quite original. These rings are made of gold.

However, we can say based on the general opinion that this online store is not the best place to buy an engagement ring. This direction of the company is not developed professionally enough.

Jewelry Affairs Payments

As a rule, there are no problems with payment in this online store. Paying for the goods is simple and convenient. You can pay for the goods with any of the leading debit or credit cards such as Master, Visa, Discover, and American Express, as well as buyers can use the PayPal payment system.

Important! The online store accepts cryptocurrency for payment!

Customers can use the same refund rules and guarantees that apply to purchases made with bitcoins.

You can pay for the purchase with cryptocurrency by selecting the BitPay or Coinbase option in the Payment Information section on the checkout page.

It is worth noting that after the introduction of cryptocurrency payment, some customers expressed their dissatisfaction. Some users wrote that cryptocurrency should not be used when buying jewelry, but the owners of the online store never paid attention to criticism.

Jewelry Affairs Delivery

Officially, the parcel takes from 2 to five days, but as a rule, the delivery process is faster, often within a day on the territory of America

If you placed an order before 2 p.m. Eastern time on any weekday, your order will be shipped the same day.

Special order goods and personalized goods are delivered within 3 days. On weekends and official holidays delivery is not carried out.

If the product you need is not in stock, you will receive an email notification about the delay in the expected delivery date. All parcels are sent fully insured, and all products are checked before shipment in the presence of two employees.

Important! A tax of 8.75% will be added to orders that are shipped to New York.

Special UPS rates that you can find on the store’s website are valid for Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

  • International parcels arrive within 1-7 business days (M-F).
  • Shipping cost
  • USPS Ground Shipping is Free
  • Expedited Ground Delivery $7.5
  • Delivery 2 days $20, 00
  • Overnight delivery $30

Jewelry Affairs Return Policy

Jewelry Affairs gives permission to return the goods within 30 days from the moment when you received the jewelry. It is important to remember that the goods must be returned unworn, without damage, in the same form in which you received the product. Upon receipt of your return, specialists check the condition of the jewelry, often the process of receiving the parcel is recorded on camera so that later there will be no complaints from customers.

Some designer jewelry is non-refundable in case of damage as indicated in the product description on the website page.

Personalized products or made according to special sketches cannot be returned.

Any returned item will be charged a 20% restocking fee.

Jewelry Affairs Affiliate Program

JewelryAffairs also offers an affiliate program where you can earn up to 12% commission on all transactions from JewelryAffairs.com. The program works through eBay (formerly PepperJam). Everyone can join the affiliate program for free, the website describes step by step how you can start this work. However, if you find the information provided on the site insufficient, then be sure to call the support service where they will answer all your questions in detail.

Jewelry Affairs customer service

The site’s support service causes a lot of controversies: some customers like the work of operators, and others de express indignation. Most of the reviews are positive. It is worth it because the company’s policy is mainly aimed at protecting customers, and meeting their needs. Therefore, the management pays great attention to the work of the support service. You can contact the representatives of the support service as follows:

Q How do I apply my special discount / promotional code?

Using a promo code is very simple.
Enter the promo code in the PROMO CODE field, you will see this field when placing an order. Thus, a discount will be applied to your purchase.

Q Can I cancel an order once it has been placed?

You should call customer support to find out if it is possible to cancel the order. Not all products are subject to the same rules. You can cancel the order if you manage to do it before it passes through our system to the delivery department.

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