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Delayed delivery

4.0/ 5

The delay in delivery, which just ruined my plans, is the reason why I can’t give the company five stars. I have used the services of this company several times and have never encountered unpleasant situations. But this time my plans and my wife’s birthday, for which I had prepared a surprise, were spoiled. I needed to receive the order directly before a certain date. As a result, the parcel arrived with a delay of two days. Now I don’t want to find out whose fault it was. Of course, they will tell me that the delivery service is to blame for everything and the company has nothing to do with it. So choose decent delivery services! The company is responsible for the fact that the goods will be delivered on time guarantees it! I hope that such situations will not happen again

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Reliable company

5.0/ 5

My review of the company is not just positive: I’m thrilled. Several times in the past I have used the services of a jewelry company online and have never been satisfied. When ordering jewelry, I didn’t expect too much. I imagined several scenarios: either I will receive the wrong order that I expected, or there will be problems with the transaction or a delay in delivery. After all, this is exactly how it used to be with my purchases in other companies. But this time everything went perfectly! Really, perfectly, without failures! I got the impression that the company employs only professionals in their field, ranging from jewelers and management to support service. I recommend this company because I am sure of its reliability.

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Rings are similar, no variety

3.0/ 5

All rings are similar. No variety. The same models that were 20 years ago. How can you say that you are constantly improving collections? I have been watching the jewelry industry for many years, I know the latest trends. Your words that your designers and jewelers are working on improving models are not true. You don’t want to hire professionals because it’s expensive. Instead, you spend money on advertising, and unfortunately, many believe you. Otherwise, I have no complaints about the company, but isn’t the assortment the main thing? Isn’t it for the sake of the assortment and models that we choose this or that company? I do not advise buying products of this brand. A waste of money.

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1 Reviews

What you see is what you get

5.0/ 5

I’ve often heard about this company from friends and relatives. I did not plan to make purchases on the Internet because I always considered it a risky venture. But my friends convinced me. I’ve read a lot of reviews on the Internet. Some wrote that they doubted the quality of diamonds, but familiar jewelers assured me that there was nothing to worry about. The fact is that it was on the website of this company that I saw a ring model that I had been dreaming about for a long time. An elegant, concise, but at the same time luxurious ring at a very pleasant price. I couldn’t stand and made an order and I don’t regret it at all! The order was delivered on time, the products I received were exactly what was stated on the website. I am very happy with the purchase!

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1 Reviews

I like the work of the company

4.0/ 5

I like this company and the jewelry that is offered for sale. Twice I ordered gifts – to my wife and daughter, both times I was satisfied. Nevertheless, I was unlucky the third time. I ordered earrings as a gift from my mother. However, the ambulance model I received by mail was not one hundred percent identical to the one I saw on the website. There were minor differences, in particular the size. This approach to sales seemed irresponsible to me. If a company positions itself as one of the leaders in America, then you need to carefully engage in the development of the site and how the products look on it. If you do not recall this case, then in general I like the work of the company, especially the assortment and prices.

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1 Reviews

Yadav Jewelry Review

5.0/ 5

I am a very distrustful person. Therefore, initially, I was wary of this company. What made me make a purchase? A magnificent ring made of two stones, the analogs of which I have not seen in any brand. This ring just hypnotized me and I stopped thinking about the reliability of the company and other details. I just decided to take a chance and now I don’t regret it a bit. The company is working smoothly, 100 percent. Starting from the checkout, transaction, and delivery, everything went very smoothly. Many people doubt buying products here because it is not an American company. Not logical. What difference does it make who is the founder of the quality is the best? I now recommend this company to all my friends and acquaintances.

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What is Yadav Diamonds?

Yadav diamonds company has proven itself all over the world among customers of different age categories and different social classes. According to recent surveys, the company is confidently among the five most popular jewelry companies in America. This is a family-owned company, which is of great importance for many customers: as a rule, the family business is trusted more these days. The company has been in existence since 1983, and from the very first years of its work on the market, it has revolutionized the jewelry industry: no one has ever paid so much attention to an individual approach to each client before. The company focuses on rings for engagements and weddings, focusing on the wishes of customers in the assortment. Today, the company’s website and online sales are among the leaders not only in America but also in the world. The jewelry that the company sells is made in America, but the popularity of the brand has gone far beyond the country. In many ways, this is the merit of the founder Yair Yachdav, who made the company the meaning of his life. He started his career as an idle dealer, but he was well-versed in this business, knew reliable places of supply, knew all the negative sides and dangers. When he became the head of the company, he was no longer a novice and could not be deceived. He felt confident and confidently pushed the company forward despite the great competition and skeptical people. Yair often says in interviews about the need to put Sei in the customer’s place, “Stop being a seller! Become a customer! Put yourself in his place, feel like a customer, think like a customer, rejoice and grieve as a customer! When you think about the benefits and interests of the client, then you will have a lot of buyers. Because customers don’t like selfish sellers,” he says. Now the company sells jewelry not only in America, but the brand also has a lot of customers in many countries of the world and this number is constantly increasing. The managers of the company constantly say that they are proud of their brand, but they do not plan to stop there. The company is constantly improving, paying attention not only to the quality of precious metal and diamonds, but also paying a lot of attention to current trends in jewelry fashion, new trends, and the mood of customers. In addition, the company is known for its attention to security issues. This is especially true for transactions and all financial issues. Speaking in general, the company’s rating is quite high. Jewelry of this brand has never been involved in situations with fakes or low-quality goods, the company is called one of the most reliable in the world.

Are Yadav Diamonds diamonds good?

The diamonds that this company uses are called high-quality and with good characteristics by experts. These are not just words: the quality of diamonds is confirmed by certificates of the world’s leading laboratories. On the website, you can choose a diamond according to its characteristics quality, weight, and price.

Yadav Diamonds Review

Everyone has their criteria by which they choose a diamond. For someone, carats are important, for someone other characteristics. However, in general, has received a certificate in your hands, you can be sure that you are not being offered a craft. The company does not just have a negative attitude to counterfeiting but also participates in various fraud prevention companies. Unfortunately, fraud cases have become more frequent, especially in America. Small little-known companies are trying to sell low-quality diamonds at a very high price without passing certification. Of course, not all companies want to pay extra money for diamond certification. However, veteran companies that have already earned a reputation for themselves will never deal with a certified diamond. According to the head of the company, diamonds should be given maximum attention in the jewelry business. “Not only the characteristics of a diamond are very important, but also its cut, how exactly it is used in jewelry. Even a small diamond can turn an engagement ring into perfection if the design of the product is thought out and the work is done professionally,” he says.

The company offers both natural diamonds extracted naturally, and diamonds created in the laboratory. Laboratory diamonds are not inferior in quality, but more attractive in price.

Is  Yadav Diamonds good for engagement rings?

Engagement and wedding rings are the main direction in which this company works. It is worth admitting that the brand works very successfully. Many models first introduced by this company have become classics and are among the best-selling. It’s no secret that there are a lot of high-level companies in the world that offer engagement rings. Sometimes it is quite difficult to choose a good option, and buyers cannot decide on a company. On the one hand, I don’t want to pay a lot of money, on the other hand, I want to buy a beautiful and high-quality ring.

Yadav Diamonds

Engagement is one of the most important days in any person’s life. Every detail of this day is important and can become a lifelong memory that you will later tell your grandchildren about. The company is very sensitive to the modeling of engagement rings. According to representatives of the brand, it should be a ring that will always remind you of happy moments in life.

The rings that the company offers, according to experts, are made very qualitatively By the way, in the mono network you can see a lot of positive reviews about the rings of this company not only from the point of view of their quality but also from the point of view of design. Important! The models are not exclusively aimed at young people. Among the rings presented by the company, you can see models designed for all age categories.

If you haven’t found exactly the ring you wanted, then you can create a new ring model together with the company’s jewelers, choose and discuss all the details.

Most popular Yadav Diamonds models

The range that the company offers is very impressive. Different diamonds, precious metals, characteristics, shapes.

Yadav Diamonds Reviews

At first glance, it may seem that the models offered by the company are quite standard. But in fact, this is not the case. If you take a closer look at the collections, you will see that the design differs from generally accepted standards. These differences can be seen in small details, in style.

One of the most popular engagement ring models in 2021 was the SAMIRA ENGAGEMENT RING model – a magnificent white gold ring worth $ 1300.

Yadav Diamonds Legit

The model enjoyed popularity mainly among young buyers. The average age category of clients prefers other models according to the results of analysts’ research. For example, GALI ENGAGEMENT RING.

Is Yadav Diamonds Legit

If your order is not urgent, then as a rule the ring is delivered within 12 or 15 days, this is the standard time. If you have an urgent order, then you can view the selection in a separate catalog called “Ready to ship”. There are also a lot of beautiful models in that section that will be delivered to you in a much shorter time.

If it speaks about the general trend in the development of collections, then in recent years the company has been offering rings in which the emphasis is on small details. The design of the rings attracts attention because jewelry creates such products that emphasize the beauty of the stone, and do not reduce it. Unfortunately, in recent years, in the collections of some brands, you can see rings in which the beauty of a diamond is lost, and not emphasized.

Yadav Diamonds payment options

Payment methods are fairly standard and do not differ from the generally accepted system in the world. Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover Card, Paypal, check/debit, and wire transfer are accepted for payment. It is important to note the good technical equipment of the site. While many competitors have technical failures from time to time, this does not happen in the case of this company. Transactions are fast and secure. The company attaches great importance to security issues, so sometimes trend representatives may ask you to provide a photocopy of the card or other documents. As a rule, this happens if the purchase is made for a very large amount. Most customers rate the company’s payment system by 8 points out of 10. Important! You can also make a bank transfer, in which case you will save 1.5 percent of the amount. If we talk about the reliability of transactions, the company is one of the most reliable. As for payment with cards issued in other countries, at this moment each situation is individual and representatives of the company strongly advise to consult with representatives of the support service before making a payment, because the rules regarding cards from other countries may change.

Yadav Diamonds warranty

Yadav company pays quite a lot of attention to guarantees in its work. Representatives of the company often talked in their interviews about how important the warranty is for the buyer. Even if the client never uses this guarantee, the availability of the guarantee itself is already of great importance. Some customers say: the guarantee is the honor of the company. So Yadav has prepared for its customers a so-called lifetime warranty not only for rings but also for other jewelry that the company sells. Of course, the company guarantees the absence of manufacturing defects, special attention is paid to this point. In the field of jewelry workers, industrial marriage is considered a real disgrace, and any company, even of an average level, tries to avoid such mistakes. If, however, such a nuisance has occurred and you have discovered a manufacturing defect, then after a proper examination, the jewelers will correct the error. Important! The warranty does not apply to

the loss of precious stones, the loss of the product. If it happened because the product was stolen from you, then the warranty will also not help you in this situation. Sometimes customers are not very good at studying the list of things that cannot relate to manufacturing defects. For example, the discoloration of precious metals caused by chemicals – sometimes after this, customers want to change products claiming that there is a defect. Also, after bathing in pools and hot baths, the decoration may be negatively affected. Remember that experts will accurately determine the cause and you will not be able to pass off your own mistake as a manufacturing defect. There is one more detail that many do not notice when reading the details about the warranty. If your product was repaired by another jeweler, and not by the company, then the warranty is automatically canceled. If you lead an active lifestyle, your product will likely be worn out faster. In this regard, the company offers customers a special plan that can cover many problems related to wear and tear for an additional fee.

Yadav Diamonds return policy

The company has of course provided for a refund in its rules. If for some reason you did not like the received product, then you can return it. If the delivery is carried out within America, then it is free. If you return the goods from abroad, you will have to pay $ 50. Safe delivery of jewelry is guaranteed because the company cooperates only with verified senders both within America and abroad. Depending on which city and state you are in, you will be able to send a parcel even on Saturday. If a return is received from abroad, UPS Worldwide Express® is usually used for shipment. Important! You can return an item worth more than $41,000 only within 15 days after receiving the purchase. If the amount of payment for your jewelry is less than 41 thousand dollars, then you can return the goods within 30 days. The products must not be damaged and be as new, this will be checked by experts after you send the goods back there should be no scratches, scuffs. Moreover, stones should not be missing. The jewelry return policy is described in great detail on the company’s page, but if you need additional information, please contact customer support.

Yadav Diamonds customer service

The company pays a lot of attention to the support service, in particular the quality of service. If you have general questions, then you can ask them not just to operators, but certified GIA experts will answer them. You will be able to chat with them online. If you want a personal meeting with the representatives of the company, then this can be done in one of their offices whose addresses are available on the website. To communicate by phone, call 1-888-968-8810 between 9: 30 am to 6:00 pm Pacific Time. In that case, if you want to write an email, then you will find a special form to fill out on the website. Before contacting the support service, you can carefully study the site that provides answers to most of the most frequently asked questions. According to customer reviews, the company’s support service employs very friendly, patient, and professional people. Every year, the support service of this company receives higher and higher ratings and, according to the managers, the customer communication department continues to improve.

Q Are Yadav Diamonds real diamonds?

Yes, the diamonds that are used in the jewelry of this company are real and are thoroughly tested and certified in world-famous laboratories.

Q Does Yadav Diamonds have sales?

The company tries to do everything possible to purchase for customers as profitable as possible. That is why sales are often held, and discounts are arranged. However, this does not happen regularly, so you need to keep an eye on the announcements.

Q Does Yadav Charge sales tax?

Yes, by law, the company is required to collect sales tax on all orders sent to the state in which this is provided. For example, a company is located in California, which means that the tax will be because it is provided for by California law.

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