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1.0/ 5

Very poor quality and terrible customer service! I had my engagement ring for less than 3 years and diamond fell out! I’m very careful when I’m wearing my ring, also I keep it in box provided by FH! But somehow I managed to break platinum ring (that they claimed, it’s unbreakable when purchasing!) So after spending lot of money on ring, they want me to pay more for repair! I never did anything to break my ring, it’s 100% poor quality and appalling costumer service! Really hope people reed this, before they decide to spend significant amount of money and risk to loose their diamonds! 564-15645 Repair number

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1 Reviews

Dissatisfied with my purchase

3.0/ 5

I bought a gift for my wife in an online store and was dissatisfied with the result. A person who understands jewelry. My grandfather was a jeweler, and he taught me many subtleties with which you can understand whether a ring is of high quality. So, the ring I received was of poor quality. I saw a manufacturing defect in it. But when I contacted the support service, it turned out that I was to blame for everything myself. They began to convince me that the soy spouse had used the ring incorrectly and therefore the central stone began to fall out of the fastenings. Guys, is this a joke? She didn’t wear this product at all. Be honest and be able to admit mistakes! I do not recommend this company and website to anyone.

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A generally good online store

4.0/ 5

In general, I can’t say anything bad about this site. The work is well established, the products are of high quality. Only more and more often I see prices that do not correspond to reality. That is, similar models can be found on other sites at a much lower price. Discounts offered by this store = most likely just an advertising move because the discounts are very insignificant, and the price increase is very noticeable. In fact, in this store, prices change more often than in others. I don’t want to criticize, I’m just saying that I noticed that prices in this store rise a month or two earlier than in other jewelry stores.

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1 Reviews

I'd love to see more selection on wedding rings

4.0/ 5

In this online store, I am satisfied with everything except wedding ring collections. I believe that the choice of wedding rings is insufficient. I say this by comparing it with other competitor companies. The fact is that there are many models, but they are all quite the same type. There is no variety of design, there is no originality. In addition, there are no vintage rings, although everyone knows that today it is very fashionable and many brides prefer such rings. I believe that the company’s management should pay much more attention to the assortment. Because the assortment is large but at the same time monotonous. I don’t understand how managers don’t see this, it’s an obvious fact! But there are no complaints about the quality of work, the quality of products, delivery, and guarantees.

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High quality watches perfect as a gift

5.0/ 5

On this site you can find a lot of high-quality jewelry and watches, I was especially impressed by the watch, which I bought an hour as a gift to my dad. The watch is very high quality and I liked the gift. I think that this site is reliable, besides, the company has a lot of experience and a lot of stores. That is, this store does not belong to those companies that appeared today and will disappear tomorrow. I also want to say a few words about the support service. I liked the communication with the operators, they are polite and professional people who patiently answer all questions and help with good advice. There were also no problems with delivery, we received the ordered goods on time.

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1 Reviews

Fraser Hart Reviews

5.0/ 5

Sometimes I buy jewelry from famous brands and when I do, I carefully choose a store. It so happened that I was in the UK for some time and thanks to this I got acquainted with this online store. At first, I was suspicious, but then I realized from customer reviews that this is a reliable company. I bought two rings and a bracelet and was satisfied with the purchase. In addition, they provide a lifetime guarantee for diamonds, which is of great importance to me. I love diamonds very much and it is important for me that they are certified. In general, I have no complaints about the work of this company, it’s just a pity that it only works within the UK, otherwise, I would take orders from this site.

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Fraser Hart Reviews: Is Fraser Heart Diamonds UK Legit, Safe, and Reliable?

What is Fraser Hart?

Fraser Hart has an almost impeccable reputation. This company was founded in the UK. This company has 28 stores in the country, and a successful online jewelry trade is also carried out.

The jewelry industry of this company has existed for more than eighty years, it is one of the companies whose trust rating is very high. This is confirmed by surveys not only in the UK but also in other countries. The popularity of the company’s stores has long gone beyond the borders of their native country.

In the stores of this company, you can safely buy a fake, you can confidently buy luxury watches, diamonds, and jewelry for every taste.

The company’s stores offer an incredibly wide selection of jewelry. Customers are offered many options for earrings, rings, bracelets, and pendants. High-quality materials and magnificent diamonds are associated with this company by many.

The company places great emphasis directly on gold and diamond products. The choice of diamond jewelry is a delight even for skeptical buyers.

The company pays a lot of attention not only to the quality of products and development policy but also to ethical factors. The company’s management takes care of its employees and many articles have been written about this in the UK. Indeed, the company is a very good employer and always shows respect not only to customers but also to employees.

This is a family business, as it is known in Britain, this type of business often becomes the most popular and successful.

Fraser Hart makes every effort to ensure that luxury is available to its customers. The company offers luxury goods at reasonable prices, in addition, sales are very often held and there are good discounts. The company considers its collections of watches and wedding rings to be its pride.

Fraser Hart Pros and Cons


  • Products of the world’s leading brands
  • Quality assurance
  • Excellent work of the support service
  • User-friendly interface
  • Simple payment


  • Sometimes complaints are received over faulty products
  • Many customers offer to add more filters to the site
  • Sometimes buyers complain about insufficient discounts on diamond rings

Is jewelry Fraser Hart good?

The company offers its customers jewelry from the world’s leading brands, there can be no doubt about the quality. Undoubtedly, the jewelry in this online store is very good.

On the website, you can quickly select the product you need: the interface is very simple and allows you not to spend a lot of time searching. The first three categories, the most popular among the buyers of the site are watches, jewelry, and wedding rings.

The products of the most popular brands are presented in these categories. By the way, you can choose the brand you need using special filters. In addition, the site offers to choose products for both women and men.

That is why many people call this online store universal. Here you can find almost any piece of jewelry for any occasion.

Of course, there is also a category of “Gifts”, in which you can choose a product by brand or price. It is worth highlighting the category of diamond jewelry that the company offers.

Diamond lovers prefer to buy products on this site. After all, only here you can find very good discounts on very expensive brands and at the same time be sure of the authenticity of the purchased product.

You can see discounts on the company’s jewelry on the website all the time: they do not depend on the season, they are constant sales. Answering the question “Good jewelry is sold by the store”, it is fashionable to answer only in the affirmative.

Of course, there are also dissatisfied ones, companies that 100 percent of customers like do not exist in the world. However, approximately 80 percent of customers are satisfied with the products they bought in this online store.

Fraser Hart Watches

The collection of watches offered by the company impresses with its size and variety. So, the company offers

  • Men”s Watches
  • Ladies” Watches
  • Luxury Watches
  • Designer Watches
  • Smart Watches

Each category contains different models for every taste.

The list of the most popular brands includes:

  • TAG Heuer
  • Breitling
  • Longines
  • Gucci
  • IWC
  • Chopard
  • Hamilton and other luxury watch manufacturers.

Special filters are provided to buyers in the category. You can choose a watch by price, color, dial, and the name of the brand.

The store sells only high-quality watches, and almost every resident of the UK knows about it. While in many companies it is the watch that is the weak link, here it is the opposite – a trump card.

Fraser Hart Bracelets

Some buyers mistakenly believe that the company does not focus at all on the sale of bracelets. That’s not so. There are a lot of bracelets, they are just not so much advertised.

Here are the main filters by which you can choose a bracelet on the website:

  • Material
  • Brand
  • Price
  • Gender
  • Carat Weight

You can also choose a bracelet by stone, as well as by category “For women” and “For men”. In some comments, users write that the bracelets that the company sells are a bit monotonous.

There is no consensus on this, but the company’s executives assure us that they are doing everything possible to collect the best products and models from around the world on the pages of their online store.

There are practically no complaints about the quality of the bracelets. Sometimes they are returned due to an unreliable lock, but in this case, the problem is solved with the manufacturer of the product.

Fraser Hart Аccessoires

The assortment of online store has a variety of accessories. For example, elite cufflinks.

Cufflinks from the world’s leading brands are always on the bestseller list. Tie fasteners are not as popular as cufflinks, but they also sell well. You can choose the desired accessory on the website by material price and brand.

One of the disadvantages of this category, customers often call the lack of accessories for women. If you study the comments, then some customers would like to see original branded hair hoops, hairpins, and brooches in the store’s assortment.

It is worth noting that the company’s management always listens to the opinions of customers because these products may soon be included in the list.

Fraser Hart Diamonds

Of course, the diamond products that the company sells are a strong point. These are very high-quality branded products. Of course, prices can also be high. Especially for the goods of the elite category.

One of the highlights for the company’s fans was the appearance of the unique Amia Diamond collection on the website. This is an incredibly bright but at the same time delicate collection of diamond jewelry from Fraser Hart.

Many critics of the global scale have written about this collection: there are a lot of positive reviews from both experts and buyers.

Only certified diamonds and materials of the highest quality are used in the products. Each product of this collection comes with a certificate from the International Gemological Institute. The certificate guarantees the perfect cut of the gemstone, as well as color and purity.

A collection of diamond jewelry called “Tulip” is also very popular. These are exquisite and sophisticated jewelry that can emphasize the individuality of each woman by being able to bring to the fore the most positive features.

The central stone in the rings of this collection can be one or accompanied by side stones.

In the manufacture of jewelry of this collection, diamonds of minimum H color and Si1 purity are used.

It is worth noting that the online store offers not only rings but also magnificent earrings, bracelets, and necklaces with diamonds at an affordable price.

Is Fraser Hart Good for Engagement Rings?

The company offers women’s and men’s wedding rings of different styles, from different materials, and different collections.

The variety of models is amazing. Many people prefer to choose wedding rings by style, which is also very convenient.

To date, wedding rings with three stones are very popular. An engagement ring with three stones, decorated with a bright central stone and two additional stones on the sides, has become a real hit in sales in recent months.

As a rule, the center stone is a diamond, but sometimes customers choose models with side contrasting stones. Models with both a central stone and three equally large diamonds are popular.

Fraser Hart UK Wedding Ring Collection

Their wedding rings on the site are sold very quickly. Today there are three collections of wedding rings in the assortment:

  • Amia Diamond
  • The Orchid Setting
  • The Tulip Setting

Now about the cons.

Users complain that there are almost no vintage models of wedding rings in the online store, although there is a very large demand for them.

Many models are monotonous and in principle do not differ much from each other, although modern brides want to see more original and bold solutions regarding wedding design and wedding ring design.

Is Fraser Hart Good for Gifts?

On the website, you can choose gifts by category: for women, for men, and also by financial capabilities: there is a convenient filter on the site that allows you to set a price limit.

Among the gifts, in addition to traditional watches and jewelry, the online store offers wallets and luxury pens. Wallets on the site are sold from genuine leather, from elite brands, and of very high quality.

By the way, a lot of positive reviews have been written about the quality of wallets purchased in this online store. There are also disadvantages: there are no female models of wallets or elegant clutches.

Sometimes you can see comments online that in Britain they often forget: that women also use wallets and expect original models from manufacturers.

Fraser Hart Payments

The company offers its customers very convenient and standard payment methods that, in principle, do not differ from those recognized all over the world.

Payment Options Accepted by Fraser Hart UK

So, the company accepts payment

  • American Express
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • Paypal

In addition, you can pay for your purchase using the credit system. To use this system, you need to spend at least 500 pounds and choose a payment period from 6 months to 4 years, this period varies depending on the cost of the goods.

Fraser Hart Delivery

After sending your order, the company usually guarantees delivery within 2-3 business days.

The delivery times of Click & Collect orders vary. It depends on the store. As a rule, the delivery time is 5 days. Of course, on holidays, the delivery time of the goods increases.

Important! Before sending the goods, the company reserves the right to conduct an additional check on your debit or credit card. This is done to prevent fraud.

However, it is worth emphasizing that if we are talking about the delivery of a special order due to a change in size, the term may vary.

Delivery only within the UK and Northern Ireland.

Fraser Hart Diamond Warranty

Fraser Hart’s guarantee for diamonds receives very good reviews from customers.

The company never tries to avoid its warranty obligations. So, it is very important to keep the warranty card and not lose it. The company gives a lifetime warranty for all diamond rings.

A lifetime cleaning of the jewelry is also provided. You can return or change the diamond ring within 30 days from the date of purchase.

Fraser Hart Return Policy

The goods can be returned by mail or to one of the company’s stores. The company guarantees a full refund to the same card with which the payment was made. When a refund is made to a credit or debit card, or via PayPal, it may not immediately appear on your account, this procedure may take up to seven days.

If you have not received the money within a week, then you need to contact your bank.

For the return of the goods to be successful, you must strictly adhere to the conditions set by the company. For example, the product must be unworn, in the original packaging, with all certificates.

Important! The Tudor watch can be returned in no more than 7 days and with all seals (including QR code printing). The seals must not be damaged.

Fraser Hart Customer Service

There are several ways to contact company representatives. You can send them an email or call them using their contact details.

It is worth noting that the feedback on the work of the support service is mostly positive. The staff is responsive and professional, always trying to help as effectively as possible.

Fraser Hart UK Social Media

Aside from their official website, you can find Fraser Hart UK on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), and YouTube. Feel free to visit them there and learn more about the latest updates about Fraser Hart UK.

Q Can I buy Fraser Hart Gift Cards online?

Yes, gift cards are sold online and in the company's store.

Q Do you ship overseas?

No, sales are carried out only within the UK and Northern Ireland, however, the company has plans to expand its online business abroad.

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