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They have stolen my designs

1.0/ 5

They have stolen multiple designs from me, and it’s hard to get them removed, as they are based in China. Truly awful!

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Good site but not the best

4.0/ 5

It seems to me that the assortment has deteriorated a little. This observation of mine concerns beads directly. Otherwise, I like the store, I like the interface of the site. I just want to advise managers to pay more attention to new fashion trends, monitor demand, and know what the buyer is looking for now. For example, the demand for beads today and two years ago is very different. I am seriously engaged in needlework because I speak from the point of view of a professional. On the positive side – low prices. Although, of course, you have to pay for delivery and sometimes it’s not cheap at all, depending on the country. In general, I could recommend this site, but I warn you: do not expect something chic. The site is good, but not the best.

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Modern trends and they never disappoints

5.0/ 5

I am fond of needlework and often use beads. I am not a wholesale buyer, but a regular customer of this site. In addition, I travel often and I have to order goods from different countries. I am glad that the company has such a professional delivery. Yes, I read that some goods arrive at the wrong time, but this has never happened to me. Separately, I want to focus on the fact that the site very professionally displays modern trends, and fashion, very subtly the employees of this company feel the demand. I will continue to use the services of this company because I have never been disappointed, but for a long time of cooperation. A good company and has very high-quality products.

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1 Reviews

Be more considerate next time

4.0/ 5

I have been using the services of this company for a long time, buying various interesting things that seemed funny to me. But there was an incident that made me think: Is it worth buying on that site in the future? I spent a lot of time waiting in order to get my package. Subsequently, the company accused me of giving the wrong address, although this accusation was unfair. I did not swear with the representatives of the support service because there had never been a malfunction before. I’m generally a calm person and I don’t like conflicts. Therefore, I agreed with the arguments of the company, but still, I have my own opinion. It’s a pity that one case can spoil the impression of a good site.

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1 Reviews

I had to cancel my orders

3.0/ 5

This is a company that cannot cope with the influx of customers and cannot admit it. I made an order with 5 items, all with 4 days of preparation time for shipping. The four days of preparation were fine and as I needed it fairly quickly I had an extra to have it sent a bit faster. I was amazed when a day later I received a letter with information that my order could be delayed for 10 days. I thought it was some kind of mistake, I called the support service. What answer do you think I got? I was told that one item was not available and suggested canceling it. I canceled the order and no longer use the services of this site.

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1 Reviews

Is PandaHall Legit?

5.0/ 5

I can recommend this company. Very professional job. As a PandaHall customer, I am confident in every purchase I make. This company provides me with quality products at reasonable pricing. Incredibly fast delivery from China, good packaging of the goods. Everything suits me. The product I received looked similar to the picture advertised, and this is very important to me. It was the difference between the photo and the original that made me refuse the services of several online stores. I am grateful to the company for its honesty towards its customers, for the good work of the support service, and for the fact that despite the difficult situation in the world, the company does not understand prices.

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New PandaHall Reviews: Is Pandahall Legit and Trustworthy?

What is PandaHall Jewelry Making?

This is a very unusual Chinese online store that is popular in many countries.

We can say that this is a unique online store that offers its customers various beads and accessories of high quality. Beads are used for various purposes, in particular, they are bought by manufacturers of accessories, and jewelry, and used as jewelry on some models of clothing.

The list of materials that the online store works with is very wide. There are pieces of jewelry made of silver, pearls, crystal, jade, and others. The list is constantly expanding and the site has long stopped working in this direction.

This is a Chinese company on whose website you can currently find a variety of products. These are not only beads, they are key rings, earrings, rings, and other products. Jewelry made of beads is the pride of the company. In addition to a large selection, this category of products is of very high quality.

The company supplies beads and other jewelry both wholesale and retail. At the moment, a lot of stores around the world cooperate with the company.

Working with large volumes of goods, however, the company manages to maintain quality control: this moment is constantly under the close attention of the company’s managers.

In addition to the above, the company produces various bags and accessories for bags.

PandaHall Jewelry Making also employs professional designers who can help and suggest the right design solution.

Gift packages are also included in the range that the company offers.

If you are in China, the goods will be delivered to you as quickly as possible, directly.

The company is very versatile and this allows for constantly replenishing the catalog of products.

Business p is constantly expanding and operates in many countries. The online store has its own logistics company, which allows you to avoid any problems with the delivery of goods. to different countries of the world.

PandaHall Reviews: Pros and Cons

PandaHall Jewelry Pros:

  • A variety of assortment, a large selection of goods and services
  • Low prices
  • The ability to buy goods in bulk
  • Well-established logistics services

PandaHall Jewelry Cons:

  • Frequent complaints about the poor quality of the goods
  • Sometimes there are errors when sending
  • Sometimes there are delivery delays (rarely)

Is PandaHall jewelry good?

Among the huge variety of products that this company offers, there is also jewelry. Even though many people are skeptical about the products in this online store, they buy these rings and earrings very actively. Today, the store provides more than 15 well-known brands that offer their products. The company does not work with all manufacturers but carefully selects candidates.

It is fashionable to find cheap, but high-quality earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces on the site.

a hand wearing a lavender blush rose quartz bracelet a gold adjustable ring with heart-shaped hole. The outline of the heart is studded with tiny diamonds.

Of course, we are not talking about luxury jewelry, this is another product level. Here the emphasis is on handmade work and original materials.

It cannot be said that all the jewelry that this site offers are equally good, there are also not very successful models. Buyers often write about this online. However, the successful products from the jewelry series undoubtedly include earrings

Popular jewelry is often bought in bulk. In recent years, the original handmade has become even more popular, so the demand will increase.

The company also offers interesting bracelets, necklaces, and jewelry sets. There is no specific style or direction, all products are very different and designed for different customers.

PandaHall Jewelry Categories Based On The Customer’s Preferred Material

In each of the product categories, you can choose your preferred material.

  • pearl necklace
  • chain necklace
  • crystal necklace
  • cross necklace
  • tassel necklace

In each of these categories, you will find different models of products not tied to the same style.

What are the different types of PandaHall bracelets and their other pieces of jewelry?

Bracelets are also available in a wide range. For example, at the melon moment on the website you can find:

  • PVC Plastic Bangle Sets
  • silicone bracelet
  • stainless steel bracelet
  • charm bracelet
  • magnetic bracelet
  • paracord bracelet

Earrings, rings, and jewelry sets also have different styles and are made of different materials that you can pick up on the website if desired.

PandaHall Beads

Beads are an important and very voluminous area of work for PandaHall Jewelry Making. A lot of attention is paid to this direction. It is thanks to a variety of beads that the company has become popular in the first place. So, today the company offers lots of bead types.

Special attention should be paid to the Gemstone Beads category because, for a long time, it has remained one of the most popular. In this category, you can choose from about 200 kinds of different beads. For example, customers are offered goods made of agate, amethyst, coral, and others.

You have a wide variety of choices and it amazes even those who were initially skeptical and did not believe in the globality of this company.

Beads from this category are very actively sold. The selection is constantly updated. These beads are bought by both private needlework lovers and large factories: this product belongs to the high-quality category.

By the way, a novelty is very popular on the site now: tiger eye beads. It is fashionable to call this product the “hit of the season”. As soon as these beads were put up for sale, they immediately became one of the bestsellers.

Also on the website, buyers are invited to choose different shapes. For example, they can be in the form of animals, fruits, stars, and flowers. There are a lot of different options, sometimes even very extravagant, it is tedious only to closely monitor the updating of the assortment on the website.

Is PandaHall good for wedding rings?

Of course, now many will smile upon hearing this question because many consider this site to be insufficiently professional in the direction of engagement and wedding rings.

But let’s not rush to conclusions and analyze this product from several sides.

Of course, engagement and wedding rings are not a specialization of this online store, but quite often you can find very interesting ring options here. The site has rings made of different materials, with and without precious stones.

A lot of models are presented with zirconium. It is these models that have most often recently become among the bestsellers.

How do I measure my ring size?

Pandahall’s website also posted some handy guides on how to measure or determine your ring size. So, if you want to make sure that your ring will fit your finger, go ahead and measure your ring size.

On the website for buyers, there are several methods by which it is fashionable to determine the size of the ring.

At the same time, we emphasize that about 80 percent of the site’s customers do not seriously consider the possibility of buying wedding rings there. Therefore, answering the question “Is the site good for buying rings? ” Most give a negative answer. Yes, the site is great for buying various small materials for needlework and accessories, but rings and jewelry have not yet reached the desired level.

Is Pandahall good for earrings?

Yes, the earrings that the company offers are not bad. Of course, we are not talking about elite earrings, so do not expect something chic. These are interesting handmade earrings, for example, options with rainbow stones. There are many models for young girls, options for every day at very pleasant prices.

If you are looking for chic and luxury models, then this site will not suit you. There are a lot of interesting things here, but these products do not fall into the elite category.

If we talk about earrings in general, the company has been making progress in this direction recently. This is noticeable both by the feedback of customers on the Internet and by the results of analytical research. Interest in this category of products has increased.

16k gold plated cuff earrings with peridot color rhinestone

Let’s be frank: recently, many have experienced a financial crisis due to the pandemic, and therefore many have turned their attention to cheaper products. This site offers people cheap goods of good quality.

Checking out PandaHall’s products and looking for pieces of jewelry without spending a lot of money is a good option.

Is PandaHall good for necklaces?

The necklaces that are presented on this site are rather popular in many countries. We are talking about both wholesale and retail customers. Indeed, there are very interesting models and materials.

Necklaces, pendants, and chains – there has been a lot of positive feedback about these products in the last two months. Perhaps this is due to the recent update of the assortment. So, the most popular necklaces are silver. These products cost little, but they look very elegant. If the necklace is instructed with stones, then the price is slightly higher but still very affordable.

Customers are very pleased that the models are not monotonous. In general, diversity is a distinctive feature of this company.

lampwork perfume bottle pendant necklace, rose gold titanium steel metal holder and dark blue perfume bottle design.

Even competitors often admit that the variety of the assortment, in particular necklaces, plays a big role in the growth of the popularity of this site.

PandaHall Payment Options

The payment system is very convenient. Online shopping is convenient and most online stores are flexible with their payment options. This is the same with PandaHall.

Some of the payment options nowadays, accept PayPal, Credit Card, Bank transfers, and checks. All types of payments are legal and transactions are legitimate.

When making each purchase, you can see the payment details on the page.

As for the PayPal system, in this way, you can pay both from the company’s website page and directly from the PayPal page.

Payment by card is elementary: just offer your credit card information on-site to make payment. As a rule, with this type of payment, there is the least number of delays and questions, and most of the site’s customers choose this method of payment for the goods.

Making a bank transfer is also easy. The company’s website works with almost all countries and with many leading banks.

PandaHall Delivery

Of course, the delivery time of the goods from China depends on which country you are in. If you use the express delivery method takes about 3-7 working days to arrive;

  • EMS: 10-12 days;
  • AIRMAIL: 20-30 days;
  • Mail Post: 15-20 days;

Important! This means only working days, weekends, and holidays are not taken into account.

Note that on the website you can find detailed information about the country you are in, and you will also see the delivery methods that are available in your country.

PandaHall Return Policy for Customers

The company of course accepts the return of the goods.

Here are the conditions under which it is possible to return the goods.

  • The refund must be made no more than within 30 days from the date of receipt of the goods by the customer.
  • The product must be unused and in its original packaging. This is a very important condition without which the return becomes impossible.
  • The return must necessarily be accompanied by a copy of the original invoice and be with the original Pandahall label and packaging.
  • If you received a defective product, you will be offered to refund its cost or exchange it.

In case of an exchange of defective goods, the company pays the cost of return shipping and the cost of delivery (from China to the client’s country). If the goods are returned for another reason, and not because of a defect, then the deadline for sending the return is a week from the moment the customer receives the goods and the shipment is paid directly by the customer.

If you are a wholesale buyer and return a large number of goods purchased at a certain discount, the company can recalculate the total amount of the refund and this is spelled out in the rules.

PandaHall Discount Policy for Customers

The company offers its customers a fairly flexible and profitable discount system. For example, there is a so-called Cumulative discount.

The company gives a discount to customers according to their previous purchases. That is, in other words, the discount is provided depending on the amount of the previous purchase and the product. The discount system is provided in a special table on the website.

There are also one-time discounts. For example, if a customer buys goods worth more than 2 thousand dollars, you will receive a 15 percent discount. The discount is introduced only if these products were sold not by the promotion, but in a standard format.

These are good deals and definitely, if you are thinking of trying their products without spending too much money, we recommend going for taking advantage of these discounts.

PandaHall Customer Service and Office Hours

The company’s support service is working very well. This is recognized by 90 percent of customers.

You can contact the support operators from 9:00 AM-5:00 PM, from Monday to Saturday.

Important! On the website, you can compare the time in China with the time in your country.

PandaHall Phone Customer Service Numbers

You can write an email to the support service using a special form that is offered on the website or you can call them.

  • China Phone number: +86-17708674305
    • Available time: 04: 30AM – 1: 45PM(GMT).
  • UK Phone Number: +44 (0)7788-957-874
    • Available time: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (GMT)
  • US Phone Number: (800) 810-3416
  • Email address: sales@pandahall.com

Representatives of the support service always answer questions promptly and professionally, and there are practically no complaints about the employees of this service.

This is respected by many competitors: after all, the company works in huge volumes, with many countries, nevertheless, it can help solve issues for all its customers.

Does PandaHall have other social media accounts?

PandaHall Jewelry Making can also be found on different social media platforms. This is where they post updates, and sometimes discounts for their products so try checking out their Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter) pages, as well as their website and YouTube channel.

Q Does PandaHall offer FREE Shipping?

No, the company does not provide a free delivery function unless it is a question of returning goods with a manufacturing defect.

Q How long does it usually take to process orders?

As a rule, this period ranges from five days to a week, but the specific number of days depends on the chosen delivery method and country. You can easily track the movement of your parcel on the website.

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