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It's an okay online store

4.0/ 5

I can’t decide if I like this company. On the one hand, everything is good: quality, price, delivery. On the other hand, men’s rings have a clear priority. So many materials, so many ideas, men’s rings are much better than women’s! Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s my opinion. For example, women’s diamond rings are very beautiful and elegant, but their selection is not as large as many competitor sites. But on the positive side – undoubtedly watches are incredibly high-quality models at incredibly low prices. I have already made purchases on this site more than once and have always been satisfied with the quality. Therefore, despite some negative aspects, I am ready to recommend this company to my friends.

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1 Reviews

Good company, terrible support

4.0/ 5

.I don’t like to write comments, but I decided to do it for the first and last time. The fact is that I was struck by such a moment: how can there be such a terrible support service in such an incredibly good company? Such an incredible contrast! I am delighted with the ring models, delighted with the watches that are sold on the website, and delighted with the price and quality. How, with such a good business, with such popularity, can you hire such unprofessional employees? The girl I talked to on the phone spoke to me impatiently, did not even listen to me to the end, and sent me to read on the site’s frequently asked questions page. Then she offered to visit the store. She offered me everything fashionable except answering my questions about diamond certification. Good company, but poor support service.

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1 Reviews

The goods are of high quality

5.0/ 5

I am very happy with this site. I liked the diamond rings. I am well versed in diamonds, this is my second profession. As a poet, I can say with confidence that diamonds of very good quality are sold on this site. Besides, such affordable prices! I am very glad that my friends persuaded me to place an order on this site, but I hesitated for a long time. I used to trust only the world’s most famous brands, but later I realized that it was all about advertising. Who is more advertised is more popular. In addition, there are stereotypes and it is difficult for many to get rid of these stereotypes. I advise everyone who is not yet familiar with this company not to be afraid: the goods are of high quality.

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1 Reviews

Money wasted…

3.0/ 5

I think I wasted a hundred dollars buying a ring. Firstly, I received the goods at the wrong time. Even though I discussed in advance with the representatives of the support service the date on which I should receive the ring – the parcel was received 1 day late. Secondly, I didn’t like the ring. The ring looked as if it had been worn before. Thirdly, I did not like the communication with the representatives of the support service who almost aggressively took my call. Yes, I also spoke to them not very politely, but I was very disappointed with the goods I received. The stones on the ring that I received were not located at all like in the photo. I do not recommend this company to anyone.

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1 Reviews

Larson Jewelers Reviews

5.0/ 5

My brother bought an engagement ring on this website. He chose a non-standard design and material, but our whole family was delighted with this ring. A few months later, it was time for my engagement and I decided to follow my brother’s example: I advised the groom to order rings here. Even though I had previously heard a lot of comments on the topic “They have better men’s rings than women’s,” I still decided. So, we ordered magnificent rings on this site, after which I began to fear: what if in reality they would not be so beautiful? But all my fears were in vain. We received the rings on time, the quality and price of the goods satisfied us.

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What is Larson Jewelers?

Stylish. Nicely. Brightly. Fashionable. These words are most often used to describe jewelry sold by Larson Jewelers. Indeed, this company is very different from many of its competitors. The main differences are not only an acceptable price with high quality. The models and design of the product are very unusual.

In addition, the company has a very wide selection of materials. All materials are of high quality.

The main focus of the company is wedding rings. The main goal of the company is to sell the most unique original and memorable wedding rings in the world.

Many customers believe that the founders managed to implement the idea because the engagement rings of this store are known in almost all countries of the world. The choice is very large. On the website, you can find different models from tungsten rings to shiny palladium wedding rings, from platinum to white gold. Undoubtedly, few people can compete with this company in choosing wedding rings, this is recognized not only by buyers but also by experts.

The company has been operating for about 11 years and every year the popularity of the store is growing, this is a stable indicator, which is confirmed by analysts. The company manages to maintain a balance between price and quality, which is also a great advantage.

The site offers models of wedding rings for both men and women. From the very first models you will see the difference: each ring is unique, and each ring displays a certain style.

It is also important to note the fact that the company cares about the ethical side of its work. Diamonds or other materials from conflict zones are never used in the creation of the company’s products.

Also, when buying materials for a company, proper accountability is very important. The company increasingly prefers to use laboratory-grown diamonds, which is an advantage for many customers today. More and more buyers do not want to wear products with diamonds mined in mines for many reasons. Among these reasons is a concern for the environment.

Initially, the main focus of the company’s work was on men’s wedding rings but later interesting women’s collections appeared.

Nevertheless, today there are more men’s rings on the site than women’s.

Many experts say that the company has made revolutionary steps in the development of men’s jewelry fashion. Thanks to this online store, men’s wedding rings began to be perceived differently, and these products ceased to be banal and boring. The company was one of the first to pay attention to the opportunity to develop the fashion of men’s wedding rings. The company was one of the first to use many materials in the production of wedding rings, the collections also have unusual rings with different wooden inlays.

Undoubtedly, the products of this company will appeal to bright personalities who are not afraid to experiment.

The website on which the company’s products are presented is very convenient to use. Many clients write that the interface is very convenient.

You can filter products according to your taste, and also choose the material you need or the designer and manufacturer you need.

Undoubtedly, the company has collected on its website the most original and very high-quality models of wedding rings. On average, based on the comments, the site is rated 8 stars out of 10. Most customers are satisfied with their purchases and have no complaints about quality.

Larson Jewelers Pros and Cons


  • Original models
  • A new look at men’s jewelry fashion
  • Low prices and high quality
  • User-friendly website interface
  • Good work of the support service


  • Customers want to see more female models
  • Sometimes there are delays in delivery

Are Larson Jewelers Tungsten rings good?

A few years ago, the attitude towards tungsten rings was ambiguous. Some conservatives refused to accept this material as a serious alternative to classic wedding rings. However, over the years, fans of non-standard and original jewelry have realized how unusual and at the same time practical products of this material can be.

Today, tungsten is a very popular material. This material is very hard, in hardness it is second only to diamonds! Very practical: the chance of scratching tungsten jewelry is minimal, only a diamond can scratch it! The material is very durable, and today more and more men and women choose this material for wedding rings. Of course, at first, this fashion spread only to men’s jewelry, but later women also realized the advantages of such rings. All rings made of this material are sold with a lifetime warranty.

Tungsten is becoming more popular in some countries than gold because this material has a lot of advantages. For example, rings made of this material do not fade, and the material is also presented in a variety of colors and shades.

Rings made of this material are presented on the website in different styles. Some buyers mistakenly believe that tungsten rings are monotonous. It’s not like that! After all, rings made of this material are presented with different precious stones and in various directions! Therefore, a tungsten ring can perfectly match both a classic and an ultramodern image.

Of course, many shops today sell rings made of this material. But many buyers believe that Larson Jewelers has the most interesting and unusual collections. Yes, a few years ago, the company began to closely monitor the development of the fashion of tungsten rings and a special department of designers worked precisely to present the best models to customers.

Even though the number of women’s collections of tungsten rings is slightly inferior to men’s, buyers do not consider this a problem. Men’s and women’s rings differ only in width, size, and small details. Most tungsten rings can be quite attributed to the unisex category.

In general, both buyers and experts recognize that the collection of tungsten wedding rings from Larson Jewelers is very successful.

Is Larson Jewelers good for diamond engagement rings?

The collection of engagement rings with diamonds from this online store is becoming more popular every year.

The models of quiet rings are not concentrated in any one direction, they are very diverse.

The main emphasis in the company’s trade policy is placed on women’s engagement rings with diamonds.

The quality of the precious stones offered by the company is highly appreciated by buyers and experts. The stones are presented in different facets: from a classic round solitaire to a bright pear-shaped diamond. Square, oval hexagonal, and diamond-shaped diamonds are used in the creation of wedding rings. Each stone can be either central or framed by side stones.

To adjust the ring on the site there are special very convenient filters. The site has all the possibilities to supplement or minimize the already available ring model. To date, the website offers its customers models of wedding rings made of metals such as White, Yellow, and Rose gold.

The company’s analysts conducted a small study and found out that the most popular in the last 12 months were models of white gold rings. Gold has always been in fashion and will always remain relevant, everyone knows about it. Therefore, despite the new fashion trends, gold rings with diamonds remain unchanged classics. In other words, no matter what century we are in, gold rings with diamonds will always be in price.

The diamond models offered by this website are distinguished by sophistication. Also, a big advantage is that the models are versatile, they can suit both a modest young girl and a luxurious bright woman over 40.

In addition, the site offers Alternative diamond rings. This direction is also quite popular because not everyone prefers the classics. There are many silver and platinum diamond rings of unusual designs. There are also quite original models: rings made of titanium with a diamond in non-standard frames. There are also designs without teeth and frames: such diamond rings look very laconic and stylish. This segment has also become one of the most popular in recent times.

Diamond rings are presented not only for women but also for men. Male models are also quite interesting and diverse.

Is Larson Jewelers good for watches?

The company offers a very convenient category “Gifts” on its website. The category is convenient, but according to many buyers, it is not sufficiently developed. The fact is that today there is nothing in this category but watches. Today the site offers the following types of watches:

  • Special Watches
  • Citizen Watches
  • Bulova Watch

Watches have always been and remain a relevant product. Buyers have become very picky, and before buying a watch, they carefully analyze the product. The company offers quality watches at an affordable price. For example, men’s and women’s watches from Bulova. This is the most popular watch of the Larson jewelry house. These diamond watches have received a lot of positive feedback from customers all over the world.

The representative of the company claims that each diamond is set manually, so the radiance of the stone is as bright as possible.

Another watch that the company’s representatives call one of the most successful and well-selling is the men’s watch Nighthawk. This watch with a stylish black dial has become a bestseller. The watch is perfect for any style and image, as well as for every event. Nighthawk is a watch made by Citizen that is equipped with the famous Eco-Drive technology. The peculiarity of the watch is that they are powered by artificial and natural lighting and do not need to be charged with a battery.

For women, there are many interesting options with Swarovski stones. There is a choice of watches from the middle class to the VIP category.

Is Larson Jewelers good for wedding bands?

In this category, the direction of men’s wedding bands is maximally developed.

Bands are presented in different materials and styles.

Among the most popular and well-selling are cobalt cans. Cobalt is used in combination with rum, resulting in an incredibly bright white metal. These rings are very similar to white gold jewelry, but they are much cheaper. The models are available in different variations: matte, polished, with different types of carvings, or in combination with some types of gold.

Recently, many men have turned their attention to titanium. Previously, titanium rings were rarely bought for weddings, but now the trend has changed a lot.

The fact is that titanium impresses with an incredible combination of strength and weight.

Of course, a big role in the success of this category of products is played not only by the quality of metal but also by design work.

In general, today among men’s rings for weddings, such alternative metals are offered:

  • Tungsten
  • Ceramic
  • Titanium
  • Black Titanium
  • Cobalt
  • Palladium
  • Black Wedding Bands

As for precious metals, there are wedding bands made of different types of gold in 14 and 18 carats, also of silver and platinum.

Larson Jewelers Payments

The website is very convenient for making a payment. You can pay for the goods with any of the leading credit or debit cards such as Visa Mastercard and others. All transactions are carried out following the measures required by law. Customer information is not disclosed. Technically, all transactions go through without problems and customers do not complain about this branch of the site. Unfortunately, at the moment the company does not offer financing programs, but these programs are under development and will be presented to customers soon.

Larson Jewelers Delivery

Larson Jewelers makes a lot of efforts to ensure that the goods are delivered to customers on time. Yes, sometimes there are delays, but every year there are fewer of them. If there are delays, they are not related to the operation of the website but related to the delivery service. The company undoubtedly requires the recipient’s signature to avoid fraud.

So, free shipping within 5-8 days is available for residents of America. This delivery applies to any order, the quantity and cost of goods are unimportant.

If you need to receive your ring by a certain date, it is best to use the FedEx shipping method. This is a paid service, but delivery is faster.

With the help of FedEx, goods are also shipped to most countries at a price from 20, 00 to 55, 00 US dollars. The delivery time to most countries will be up to 3 working days. With the help of a special number, you can easily track the anticipation of your purchase.

Larson Jewelers Return Policy

Larson Jewelers, like most online jewelry stores, offers its customers conditions for returning goods. For example, you are entitled to a free ring size change if the reason for the refund is in size. You can return the product within 40 days from the date of receipt.

The company provides a money-back guarantee for any ring made of palladium, platinum, yellow and white gold.

The category of tungsten rings is singled out separately. These rings have a looser fit. You can return the ring for a longer period – 45 days. If you have any questions about the refund, the support representatives will answer you in detail. By the way, the company has recorded that very few refunds have been made in recent years and there is an explanation for this. The fact is that the online store allowed you to order up to 5 rings to try on products at home and make a choice. Since this system was introduced, customers have always stayed with one of the selected products. In general, buyers have no complaints about how the return policy of this website functions.

Larson Jewelers customer service

To contact support representatives, you can call 888 602-6862 or write an email to service@larsonjewelers.com. You can also book a meeting with a jeweler in the company’s showroom.

Q Where are Larson Jewelers jewelry products made?

Jewelry is created in America using the latest technologies.

Q Is shopping on this site secure?

Company LarsonJewelers.com is constantly tested by Trust Guard, the company also has a security department and an anti-fraud department, so it is safe to make purchases on the site.

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