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1.0/ 5

I sent them a ring that I paid 2500 for, they offer me 165. I declined and asked for the ring back. I emailed them again about a month later asking about my shipment and they said that they would check with the return team. I emailed them again a day later with no response. I then called them and the guy who apparently is an owner offered me 500 for it and I just told them that I wanted it returned so he said he’d check with the return team. Didn’t hear back from them again so I called a couple days later and a lady told me that a supervisor would be in touch with me shortly or on the following Monday. That obviously didn’t happen so I called on Tuesday and spoke with some guy who said they’re owner was on vacation for the week and would get back to me the following Monday and he offered me 400 for my ring. I told him that the previous guy I talked to said they’d offer 500 so idk where the 400 came from but that’s besides the point I just want my ring back undamaged. I had to hang up on him because he was just talking nonsense and I was losing my patience. I call a bit later after I cool down and this time a customer service supervisor answer and was basically trying to tell me how cheap my ring was etc (all irrelevant information at this point since I just want my ring back) she tells me that I’ll get a call that Wednesday, so I’m being told two different things in the same day. I realized before this point that this is a shady company but I don’t understand why they tell the lies they do and beat around the bush. Now all these phone conversations happen more than a week ago, so even though I knew how they were I gave them some time to do their so called “Investigation”. Now here we are today 1/18/24 and I called today and a lady said that the security team lead was in a meeting and would get back to me after. I think they close in 10 mins so that was clearly another lie. Btw I already know DiamondsUsa will respond with some bs excuse about how they’re looking into it etc, don’t waste your time I know it’s another lie. I’m taking care of this and it will be taken care of, I’ll either get my ring back or they’ll refund me this is ridiculous and I just want anyone out there who reads this, even if it’s just one person that I can save from this bs. PLEEEEAAASSSE !!!! DO NOT SEND YOUR JEWELRY OR ANYTHING OF THAT MATTER TO THIS COMPANY, THEY’LL EITHER OFFER YOU PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR AND IF YOU WANT YOUR RING BACK THEY’LL DELAY THE SHIPPING ACTING LIKE THEY CAN’T FIND IT OR NOT SEND IT BACK AT ALL WHICH I’VE SEEN IN SOME OF THESE REVIEWS. ITS NOT WORTH IT AND THESE 5 STAR REVIEWS THAT YOU SEE ARE PROBABLY JUST BOTS OR SHEEP THAT WORK FOR THE COMPANY.

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Late delivery

4.0/ 5

My sister recommended this site to me. She said that you can buy beautiful rings here. This is how my first acquaintance with this company happened. I have ordered products on this site three times. Every time I was happy with the result. The goods were of high quality, I received the parcel on time, and the guys in the support service willingly answered all my questions. I was happy until I had to return the earrings. I don’t know the reason, but I had a wound on my earlobe, and I couldn’t wear them anymore. The goods were not accepted by me since a little more than 30 days have passed, or rather 33. In addition, I was told that the goods are already worn out and this is also the reason why you can not make a refund. This incident ruined my impression of the site.

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Reliable online shop

4.0/ 5

This site is good, but still, I can’t call this jewelry the word “luxury”. Wedding rings are beautiful and of high quality, but the impression of the company is spoiled by other jewelry. I didn’t like the necklaces and earrings that are sold on the site. Yes, high-quality diamonds are used in the products, but the models of these products are outdated. I believe that most of the necklaces that are presented on this site were fashionable about 10 or 15 years ago. I think this company does a great job of working on diamonds, cutting, and other functions. But they have a problem with designers. You need to change either the management or the designers, this is my advice. In principle, the company is reliable and I can recommend it.

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Reasonable price

5.0/ 5

I recently started buying jewelry on this site. I can say that I am a beginner and am still learning to be a professional online shopper. Since I’m not going to get married yet, I’m not buying wedding rings, but necklaces and earrings. I like that the price matches the quality. This is one of the few jewelry brands where prices are not inflated. Recently, almost all stores have raised prices incredibly, but here I can still buy products without spending a lot of money. I don’t know if this is true, but they say that prices are low because there are no intermediaries. I can also recommend this site to those who like rings in a minimalist style.

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Nice products good service

5.0/ 5

I like diamonds and always buy diamond jewelry twice a year. Unfortunately, I have recently become disillusioned with many jewelry companies. Some of them, having become popular, forgot about customers and began to work just for the sake of profit. I always appreciate an individual approach, that’s why I paid attention to Diamonds USA. I was advised of this site by a friend who now lives in Canada but orders everything from this site. I can say that this online store has become the only one that has not disappointed me lately. All areas of activity function as they should, from design and prices to delivery and how the support service works. I hope that in the future the company will work as well.

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I didn't see any normal jewelry for men on this site

3.0/ 5

I didn’t see any normal jewelry for men on this site. As a person who understands diamonds, I understand that I can buy good quality diamonds from this company. But at the same time, I can’t find a suitable ring model for myself. The design is either too intrusive or even childish. I am also disappointed that the support service cannot answer my questions. I asked a few questions about stone cutting, but I didn’t get the answers I wanted. And finally, the third reason why I can’t and don’t want to leave a good comment. I don’t like the interface of the site. Inconvenient search.

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What is Diamonds USA?

This company has quite a lot of experience in the jewelry business. This online store has a lot of loyal fans all over the world. The company sells high-quality diamond products.

The founder of the company, David Braverman, is a professional jeweler in the third generation. He began to study the jewelry business in childhood and his dream was to do something innovative in the jewelry field. He succeeded. After all, the site has become one of the world’s first online jewelry stores.

In 1997, the company’s history officially began. By the way, David often says in interviews that it is much more difficult to conduct an online business than to trade jewelry in ordinary stores. After all, the client cannot try on or touch the diamond, the client has more doubts and reasons not to trust. However, the company managed to gain the trust of customers due to the high quality of goods.

David tried to do everything possible to make his company different from the competition. That is why one of his goals was to get rid of intermediaries in his work. David believed that this would significantly optimize the process and allow customers to offer goods at more affordable prices. David was right and the scheme brought success to his company.

Now the company offers customers a wide range of products. These are rings, earrings, and necklaces.

The company has become the founder of many innovations in the Internet business. David was helped by real professionals – technicians. In other words, a great tandem of jewelry professionals and programming led to an excellent result.

The company values every customer and does everything possible to ensure that there are more and more customers every year. To do this, loyalty schemes, loan payment offers, other profitable ideas, and discounts are offered to customers every year.

Each ring that is sold on the site is checked by the owner of the company. Even though the sales volumes are quite large, David tries to do everything possible to control every piece of work and every ring. It is the rings that the founder and owner of the company pay maximum attention to.

All diamonds that are used in the company’s jewelry are subjected to a thorough and lengthy inspection by many specialists. Diamonds are delivered only from conflict-free zones, a lot of attention is paid to this.

A lot of attention is also paid to the individual approach. When David founded the company, he planned that his company would show the best approach to its customers. David almost managed to achieve what he wanted.

Over the years, the company has won many g certificates and certificates of distinction, all of which are presented on the website.

By the way, the company pays maximum attention to the transparency of diamonds and sells a lot of diamonds with improved transparency. Of course, these nuances can mainly be distinguished only by professionals, most customers will not see the difference.

Nevertheless, the owner of the company is a perfectionist and prefers that every stone used in the products be perfect.

The company buys rough diamonds only with a Kimberley certificate and all purchases are legal. The bulk of the diamonds that the company buys is mined in Canada, Africa, and Australia.

Experts often write that the owner of the company has chosen a very non-standard way of developing the company. That is, for example, instead of very active comprehensive advertising, the company uses a very individual system. Each client feels significant. You can read a lot of positive articles about this company.

In the future, the jewelry company plans to actively develop its activities in international directions, and increase sales of jewelry abroad.

Diamonds USA Pros and Cons


  • Individual approach to each client
  • High-quality diamonds
  • A great assortment of engagement rings
  • Financing programs and discounts
  • Extensive experience in the jewelry business


  • Sometimes there are delays with international delivery

Is Diamonds USA jewelry good?

The jewelry of this company is undoubtedly good. However, unfortunately, the designers of the company do not manage to pay equally much attention to each category. A clear preference is given to rings. The other categories are also on sale, but their design and assortment are slightly worse than in the “Rings” category. So, the company offers its customers Fine Jewelry Engagement rings and Loose diamonds, and also offers to create a product using special filters. The quality of this company’s jewelry is rated as good. Sometimes you can hear criticism from customers about the jewelry of this company, but the criticism is not related to quality, but design. Recently, according to some customers, the design is not very diverse and some models have become unfashionable. In general, the jewelry of this company is rated by most customers at 4 stars out of five. Most of the positive reviews are from residents of America.

Diamonds USA Fine Jewelry Categories

The direction of these products is not developing very actively compared to the category of wedding rings. However, even here you can find interesting jewelry models at affordable prices.

There are earrings, rings, pendants, and necklaces available.

Representatives of the company claim that their jewelry is unusual and can perfectly emphasize character and individuality. The main metal from which products in this category are created in gold. There are both white and yellow and rose gold 14 carats. However, some models are also available in other metals. If such a function is present, you will see a message about it next to the photo with the jewelry. Some models can be ordered from platinum and silver.

The company’s website offers a convenient filter with which you can choose a diamond and the shape of the stone. Experts advise starting the choice of jewelry with the shape of the stone.

The prices for Fine Jewelry of this company have a very large range, from $ 200 to $ 2,500.

There are many models with small diamonds, mostly youth models or as some call them “students”.

With the help of a filter, you can choose products on the site from the cheapest to the most expensive.

In general, prices for the jewelry of this brand are available to almost everyone.

Is Diamonds USA good for engagement rings?

Engagement rings are a direction that the founder of the company is proud of. Many people consider this site to be the best place to buy a ring. In this category, the company’s designers have shown excellent work: there are various models and stones are presented in many variations. For the convenience of buyers, the rings are divided into categories. The most popular and extensive category is Classical.

Very elegant models are presented in this category. These models combine the sophistication of the classics and some modern trends. The most popular models are with one central stone. Analysts say that it is these models that are currently being sold most actively.

Another category is a ring with accent diamonds. Analysts say that these rings are very popular among young brides, besides, such models with side diamonds are often ordered from foreign countries.

In addition, the company offers a good selection of rings in a minimalist style. By the way, not all companies can offer popular minimalist rings. According to the brand representatives, the designers worked especially hard in this direction. Because the minimalistic style only at first glance seems simple and easy. It is quite difficult to make a high-quality ring in minimalistic styles.

Also, the designers of the company pay a lot of attention to the central stone.

The most popular stones in engagement rings today are sapphire and diamond. With these stones, buyers are offered a lot of variations of models. Recently, the company’s designers have started experimenting and offering their customers bolder styles. It is not yet clear how old customers will react to the experiments, but the sales level remains very good. Vintage-style rings stand out strongly from the bulk. It’s no secret that this is a very bright style, and unfortunately, not all designers manage to fully display the beauty of this direction. Nevertheless, the jewelers of this brand managed to create a successful vintage collection.

Recently, the so-called Low Profile Engagement Rings have been very actively sold. As a rule, such rings are chosen by people of certain professions, for example, doctors. Some women need the ring not to cling to and not interfere with work.

These rings are very smooth and very different from standard models.

As for the male ring models that this site offers, not everyone likes them. It is often fashionable to read contradictory reviews and even disputes about these rings on the Internet.

According to the majority, women’s engagement rings from this brand are much better than men’s.

Diamonds USA Loose Diamonds

Often Loose diamonds are called a product that is very difficult to choose. This is true. You need to know some nuances and characteristics of the stones to make the right choice. Not everyone knows that the main quality parameter is 4C. Professionals know that this is the final indicator of the quality of a gemstone. Recall that 4C is color, clarity, cut, and carat. It is from these four positions that you need to evaluate the stone before you purchase it On the site there are all possibilities to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the stone. It can be said that it is much easier to choose such a stone on the Internet site than in a store. On the Diamonds-USA website, you can choose a boring diamond using just a couple of steps.

First, on the website, you are offered to choose a form,

In the search box, you will see many options. After that, experts advise buyers to decide on the price, so it will be much easier to find the right stone for you.

Next, pay attention to the cut.

The cut, of loose diamonds on the website, is set to “Very good” and “Perfect”. You can trust these two parameters because that’s where some of the brightest diamonds are.

Also on the website, you can choose diamonds by color.

The scale offered by this company starts with D and ends with P, D is colorless, and P is noticeably colored. If you are looking for that intermediate link where stones seem colorless, but not very expensive, study the F, G, and H ranges, according to experts, these color ranges offer the optimal ratio of quality and price.

The range of purity of loose diamonds begins with FL or and ends with I1-I2- I3. If you want to get a fairly clean stone, but not pay a very high price for it, then you can pay attention to the brands from VS2 to SI1. In general, experts highly appreciate the loose stones that this site sells.

Diamonds USA Payments

The payment system offered by the company is simple and standard. Cards of all countries to which delivery is carried out are accepted. With bank transfers, customers receive a 2 percent discount from the price indicated on the website. Customers write in the comments that they do not encounter problems when making transactions. The company accepts all leading debit and credit cards for payment, and you can also use Paypal for payment. In addition, the company offers its customers convenient and profitable financing systems. All financial transactions that are carried out on the website are legal and safe. The company takes great care of its customers’ data and has never had problems with illegal data dissemination.

Diamonds USA Delivery

It is known that at the moment the company ships via FedEx or DHL free insured shipping. Delivery in America is free, as for other countries, you need to check with the support service because the rules may change. On average, delivery takes from 7 to 14 days, depending on your order. If you bought a product ready for shipment, and not one that will be made to order, then of course the jewelry will be delivered faster. In Australia and New Zealand, the terms are also up to 2 weeks. At the moment, the company does not deliver goods to Africa, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, and the Middle East. Sometimes there are delays with delivery, but this does not happen very often.

Diamonds USA Return Policy

You have the right to return the goods within 30 days and get your money back. Before making a return of the goods, you must contact the support service. Representatives of the company explain the correct scheme for making a refund. The product must be in its original condition, in its original packaging, and with certificates.

Diamonds USA customer service

Special attention is paid to the support service in the company. The company’s management is confident that an individual approach to each client is the key to success. Therefore, the support service works great, so about 90 percent of users think. Representatives of the support service quickly answer questions, solve problems, and give good advice. So, to contact customer support, you can call 1-877-300-2394 from 7 to 17 from Monday to Thursday. On Friday and Saturday, the support service starts working at 10 am. You can also write messages in an interactive hour on a web page, where you will also receive a quick response.

Q Does Diamonds USA have any kind of financing?

Yes, you can pay for the purchase in installments or under a preferential scheme. But you get your stone only after all the payments are made.

Q Will I pay taxes or duties?

Within the USA, the buyer does not pay tax. For the rest of the countries, you need to specify individually in the support service.